Lucifer’s bride episode 34 – finale

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 34 (Grand Finale)
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Note: This story is based on fiction.
Roxanne’s POV
I was finally able to feel myself again and when I looked around, I discovered I was in a strange place. A strange place with a different atmosphere.
Luckily, Damon was beside me, still holding my hand and that was the only thing that st©pped me from panicking.
He started walking with me and we approached a tall hvge building with a big black door.
They were some armed guards by the door and the moment they sp©tted us, shock crept into their faces.
I looked at each other in surprise and looked back at us.
“My Lord” they finally called and went on their knees immediately, keeping their heads bowed.
Damon maintained a straight face as we walked pas-s them and surprisingly, the big door in front of us opened on it’s own.
We entered the gigantic room and my jaws dropped.
It was a throne room.
Yes, obviously.
There were some people in it who seemed to be having some sort of discussion and immediately they saw us, they all g@sped in fright.
Unknown POV
The members of the council were all in a meeting when the door suddenly opened with Damon coming in with a lady.
“What?” The first elder exclaimed unconsciously.
Lucifer was back in hell?
They were aware he had been able to defeat the black Angels that were s£nt after him. But they never expected he’d return at that moment.
Kaylan was overwhelmed.
She left where she stood and walked to where he was.
“Lu…Lucifer?” She called with a little quiver in her voice.
She had been so scared he wouldn’t be able to survive the black angels.
For the first time, she hvgged him.
Although it wasn’t something she was supposed to do, but she had to. She felt so relieved seeing him there. She had never been in support of the elders trying to kill him.
Roxanne stared at the floor and they dis£ntangled from the hvg.
Then Damon left her and walked closer to the elders.
He left Roxanne behind as well.
“My…My Lord” the elders greeted immediately with their heads bowed.
Damon stood in front of them and crossed his hands behind his back.
“You shouldn’t be sitting when talking to me” he said and cli-cked his f!ngersand it f0rç£d them to their knees immediately.
“You’re surprised to see me, huh?” He asked.
“You thought I was dead”.
Then, the first elder stood up.
“You wouldn’t blame us, Lucifer. What did you expect? You left the kingdom hanging for years” she faciled.
“And that was enough reason to want to kill me and the mother of my unborn baby?” He asked and all eyes darted to Roxanne who felt her feet wo-bble at the sp©t.
“Since you were meant to be dead, we didn’t want any offspring of yours alive” the first elder replied.
The rest of the people in the room were surprised at how boldy she could speak to him.
Despite the fact they were all older than him, they dare not speak to him in that manner.
“You’ve grown so much wings huh?” He asked.
“Maybe you don’t nee-d your ton-gue anymore”.
And immediately, she lost her ton-gue.
It just left her mouth and she couldn’t speak anymore.
“MNM” was all she could mumble when she tried to speak.
“Have a nice time in Oblivion” he added and stretched his hand towards her and a light struck her from his palm.
She cried out and got lost immediately – vanished like she’s never been there before.
The rest of the elders were drenched in fear and conniption as they kept their heads bowed.
“plea-se Lucifer, we’re sorry. We were only acting on her orders” the third elder said.
Damon took in a de-ep breath and kept his hands crossed behind his back again.
“What do you Call a set of people that tries to kill me when I’m away?” He asked but no reply c@m£ from them.
“You’re not worthy to be called my subjects. Leave” he said and without a second thought, they sprang on their feet and ran out of the room.
All they nee-ded was their life.
Now, the throne room was empty, leaving just Damon, Kaylan and Roxanne.
Well, it’d be very easy having them all replaced.
“Hey” Kaylan called as she stood to face Roxanne.
“You’re Gerald’s daughter right?” She asked and Roxanne nodded with a light smile.
She kind of felt nervous.
Then Kaylan hvgged her.
“I thought you’d be dead the moment Lucifer sets his eyes on you. Funny to know you’re actually pregnant for him” she said and Roxanne just chuckled.
Yeah, funny indeed.
“Nice to meet you anyway” she added.
“Thanks” Roxanne replied and looked at Damon.
He was staring at both of them.
“Kaylan” he called when they were done.
“My Lord” she replied immediately with a bow.
“I want you to call for a meeting with all the members of the cabinet. I want everyone pres£nt and I want that done as soon as possible. I’ll be back” he said and took Roxanne’s hand.
“Come on” he stated and they left the throne room together.
Roxanne was stunned at the appearance of *hell*
She had expected to see flames of fire everywhere, but it turned out to be something different.
There were houses there – just that they looked different from the ones on earth. Even the atmosphere was different.
Iooked foggy.
So many people were around, busy with activities and it amazed Roxanne that they were behaving just like humans.
All the people bowed in obeisance as Damon walked pas-s them.
That was actually the first time the King of hell was taking such a walk and they couldn’t help but be nonplussed.
A little kid ran up to Roxanne with a tiny flower.
The mother of the kid was scared to the teeth and tried calling her back, but the kid ignored.
“This is for you, pretty miss” she said with a smile as she held out the flower to Roxanne.
Roxanne looked at Damon and back at the kid.
“Thanks” she replied and took the flower from the kid who went scuttling Back to her mother.
“What do you think?” She asked as she showed the flower to Damon.
“That’s what happens when people like you. You can open with your powers” he said and she furrowed her brows.
“Huh? How?” She inquired.
“Just use your heart. Imagine it opening in your heart and it will be done in reality” he replied and she chuckled and looked at the flower.
It sounded interesting to her.
She stared at it and just like he said, pictured it opening in her heart. And it did.
She g@sped and giggled. It was magic. She did it?
She giggled and looked at Damon with happiness.
He just smiled and took the flower from her, fixing it into her hair.
He smiled!
That was the like the first time he ever smiled.
Roxanne was gobsma-cked as she stared into his face. But she couldn’t ask him about it as he quic-kened his steps, probably trying to avoid the question.
They kept walking and finally got to a tall dazzling house.
“What’s this place?” Roxanne thought as Damon took her into the house.
Right there at entrance, they met some kids pla-ying.
“Hah!” The children g@sped the moment they saw them.
“Its Lucifer!” They Exclaimed and ran to embr@ce him.
Roxanne was surprised. So, people got to embr@ce him? She thought they were all scared of him.
He received their hvg and dropped to a crouch in front of them.
“How’ve you been?” He asked in that unruffled voice of his as he brushed his hands on their heads.
They were four of them.
“Mother! Lucifer’s back” one of them said while running into the house.
Who could there be to him?
Immediately, two women rushed out of the house and were started at the sight they beheld.
They placed their hands on their che-st and stared in bewilderment.
Damon stood up and took Roxanne’s hand, going closer to meet them.
“Hi aunt” he said breezily as he stood in front of them.
“Lu…Lucifer?” His aunt called, shock resounding in her voice.
Oh! So, she was his aunt? Roxanne thought.
“You’re back?” The second woman asked and he gave a slight nod.
His aunt sighed and embr@ced him, clutching him ti-ght.
She’d missed him. She never thought she could see him again – the only son of her late sister.
“Good day ma’am” Roxanne had to greet when they dis£ntangled from the hvg.
His aunt sniffed and looked at her.
“Who’s she?” She asked and Damon sighed.
“So, Gerald’s daughter wasn’t dead after all?” Damon’s aunt asked as they all sat and ate together in the dining.
“Well, it’s good to have you back, Roxanne.” The second woman said. “Although, your father did a lot of despicable things, but with the story so far, its obvious you’re different from him”.
“Thanks” Roxanne simply said with a smile.
It still pained her to be reminded of her father.
“What is earth like, aunt Roxanne?” One of the children asked and she smiled and looked at Damon.
“Uh…it’s beautiful and just a slight difference with this place” she replied.
“Really? So, you mean it’s fun staying there?” Another asked.
The children looked at each other and stood up.
“Come with us, aunt. We have a surprise for you” they said and took her hand, trying to make her stand.
“Hey! What are you doing? Let her be” their mother tried to st©p them but they giggled and succeeded in lifting her up.
Damon just smiled and looked down at his food as they took her out of the house.
They spent quite sometime over there and finally, Damon decided to leave.
The children who had been pla-ying with Roxanne in the garden grumbled and begged her to return soon.
She hvgged them ti-ght before leaving.
So, this was what hell was like?
“I have one more place to take you” Damon said and held her both hands.
It was just like a flash and they found themselves in an entirely different place.
Roxanne looked around and noticed this place looked strangely different from the previous place they’ve been. It looked…ugly.
Damon held her hand and walked further into it.
“Your friend Naomi” he suddenly said as they walked along.
Roxanne snapped her head to look at him immediately.
“She was threatened by Nicklaus to quit coming to school” he said without looking at her and she g@sped.
No wonder she strangely st©pped coming to school. So, it was Nicklaus all along?
He probably did it to get close to her.
But how did Damon get to know about it?
Suddenly, they got to a place which felt very h0t. It was so h0t that they had to st©p walking.
What was that place? Roxanne thought.
“We Can’t go any further” Damon said.
“Beyond here is the flames of fire; the horrible place of anguish and torment”.
Roxanne looked at him confused.
What was he talking about?
Flames of fire?
“Its a place created by Zeus to punish his followers who fail to keep his commandments” he further said.
“Zeus?” Roxanne repeated.
“Yes. He’s the immortal the humans refer to as God. He lives above – far up in the paradise – a place called Heaven” he enthused and Roxanne batted her lashes with a nod.
Oh! So, that was how it was? She’s never heard of it before.
Damon held her hands and within the twi-nkle of an eye, they were no longer there.
They appeared in the middle of a dazzling garden, filled with sparkling flowers. It was so beautiful – like something Roxanne’s never seen before.
“So, Roxanne” Damon Called and stood to face her.
“What do you think?”
She bent her head and bit herl-ips.
The choices niggled at her.
Was she to stay or return to earth?
But if Damon leaves earth, what about his wealth and properties?
“I can leave them to your mum” he said, re-ading her thoughts.
She sighed and looked at him. But she was Going to miss earth.
“You can always visit at anytime” he said, re-ading her thoughts again.
“Can you st©p re-ading my mind?” She asked with an eye roll and he laughed.
He laughed!
“I’m sorry, but I can’t. It’s not something I can control” he replied and she sighed again.
Well, with the few moments she’s spent there with him, it didn’t seem bad – not at all.
Perhaps, staying there with him would be fun.
Besides, she couldn’t think of staying away from him. There’s no way she’d be able to cope.
She nee-ded the father of her baby around.
“Then, be my Queen �” he said as he placed his hand on her tummy.
She smiled and looked at it – his hand on her tummy.
How could she give up such a moment?
“I will, Damon. I will be your queen” she said with a beaming smile and he Cracked.
He took his hand from her tummy and cu-mpped her cheeks.
“I never thought this could happen to me” he spoke softly.
“What you’ve made me feel for you; I never thought I could feel it for anyone. Thank you Roxanne”.
She felt her melting. She didn’t even know what to say. All she could do was smile.
And slowly, he k!$$£d her.
****The End****

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