Lucifer’s bride episode 33

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 33 (pre finale)
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Roxanne’s POV
I looked at mum and she was staring weakly at me. But she looked surprised.
Ryan. I had to get him.
“I’ll be back, mum; I promise” I told her as I la-id her head properly on the floor and stood up.
I ran back to where Ryan was and I was shocked at what I saw. He was surrounded by the evil creatures and was trying to fight them off with his powers.
I looked into my both palms. I could feel it – the powers – that strange feeling; it was there.
My breath bec@m£ still.
They were over whelming me.
It was just too much.
Some of the creatures saw me and charged at me and I stretched out my both hands to them. I didn’t even know how it worked. I just did it and a light c@m£ out from my palm and struck at the creatures, ma-king the yelp and vanish.
It frightened me.
I was scared.
Noticing the light, Damon turned to look at me and surprise was large writ on his face.
He was lost staring at me and didn’t know he was being targeted by some of the creatures.
I saw it and stretched my hand towards them and they all growled and vanished.
The rest of the creatures looked at themselves in surprise.
Then, Damon c@m£ towards me and held my hands. My heart was racing so fast.
He stared into my eyes with our hands joined and suddenly, I felt a different feeling around me.
A heavy f0rç£ started hitting at me – like it wanted to explode me.
I looked at our hands and noticed a white light coming from it.
What was he doing?
Immediately, the rest of the creatures started skrie-king.
A fierce wind started howling in the dark, b!owing everything around.
I could ha-rd ly see properly.
The demons were all growling and then I noticed something;
Damon was merging our powers so he could kill them.
The strong wind increa-sed and so did the cries of the creatures.
It persisted for a long time and finally, it all st©pped.
The wind, the darkness, the cries of the creatures.
They all st©pped.
Everything went back to normal.
I looked around and confirmed it.
The place had really become so calm and quiet.
There was no trace of the creatures.
I looked at Damon and he was staring back at me, breathing Heavily.
I felt so weak.
And immediately, I pas-sed out.
I opened my eyes blearily and the first gaze i caught was the ceiling.
I gro-an ed and sat up on the be-d I was and looked around the room. It was Damon’s room.
Where am I?
I racked my head and tried recalling what had happened. The memories c@m£ flashing in.
Oh, my!
I was about leaving the be-d when the door opened with Damon coming in.
I sprang on my feet immediately.
“Roxanne” he called, sounding surprised.
“My mum! Where’s she? I nee-d to find her.” I said restlessly and tried rushing out of the room but he st©pped me.
“She’s fine. You don’t nee-d to worry about her” he said as he held me by the wrist.
“She…She was sh0t…”
“I know. She’s being taken Care of” he cut me off and I sighed, still feeling restless.
Oh goodness, plea-se. I really hope she’s fine.
He brushed his f!ngersinto my hair and made me sit on the be-d.
“How’re you feeling?” He asked as he sat next to me.
I t©uçhed my tummy.
Oh, my baby. I hope its fine.
“I…I think I’m fine” I replied, batting my lashes.
That strange feeling – the powers – I could feel them.
Were my powers really back?
Wasn’t this what…he’s been waiting for?
I looked at him and he sighed and stared away.
“I’m sorry you almost got hurt yesterday” he started palely, staring into space.
“All these are happening because I’m yet to return to my kingdom. They will keep coming after me.
“I guess I was scared to leave…leave you behind. But now, I don’t think I have much of an option. I nee-d to go back”.
I g@sped and looked at him.
“You…You’re leaving?” I asked, bemused and he nodded.
Then, he held my cheeks and k!$$£d me.
“I love you Roxanne” he said.
“And I wouldn’t want to be away from you…and my baby. But I have a kingdom to rule. Will you come with me?” He asked and my eyes dimmed.
I stared blankly at him, gibsma-cked.
He wants me to go to hell with him?
“You…want me to come with you?” I asked and he nodded.
“But…there are enemies there right? There are people who are trying to kill you” I said.
“They only wanted me back. But, I’m definitely gonna handle them when I return.”
I exhaled and stared at the floor.
Going to hell…
I never thought of it.
But…I heard it was a terrible place.
“You’re wrong” he said with a scoff.
“Hell isn’t as terrible as you all think”.
He paused and turned to look at me, holding my hand.
“Come with me” he said.
“Just for a short time. Let me show you a glimpse of hell. And when I’m done, you decide if you wanna stay or return here to earth.
“Whatever you decide on, I’ll be okay with it”.
I furrowed my brows in surprise and stared into his face.
“Do you wanna give it a try?” He asked with his palm stretched out.
I looked at the open palm and cogitated.
Then I heaved and placed mine on his.
“Yes” I replied and he almost smiled.
He stared Directly into my eyes and immediately, his eyes turned pure red and within the twi-nkle of an eye, I couldn’t feel myself anymore.
To be continued…