Lucifer’s Bride episode 3

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 3
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated 18+ SNVL
Roxanne’s POV
I la-id on the be-d in my room, going throu-gh a book when the door suddenly opened and mum c@m£ in, holding a glas-s of whatever it is.
“Baby” she called sweetly as she c@m£ close and sat next to me on the be-d.
“Hi mum” I greeted perfunctorily, covering my book on my l@p.
She handed the glas-s to me and I stared at it without drinking.
It was a greenish bitter liquid and mum always gives it to me every night before I.I go to be-d.
“Mum, what’s this and why do you always make me take it?” I asked inquisitively and she sighed and placed her hand on mine.
“It’s just an herbal drink, Roxanne that’s very nourishing for the b©dy” she replied and I nodded and gulped it down.
It was so bitter and I crumpled my face up after taking it.
She smiled and collected the glas-s from me, keeping it on the table beside her.
“Let me tell you a story Roxanne” she said and my eyes beamed.
I love it when she tells me stories. They’re always interesting.
“Okay mum” I replied happily and la-id properly on the be-d, ma-king sure i had clear view of her face.
She smiled and ru-bbe-d her palm on my hair.
“it all happened a long time ago” she started.
“In a different world from ours, called hell. Hell was lovely and peaceful as it was being ruled by the just King – Lucifer. The king of hell is always called Lucifer.
“The whole place was peaceful and calm and everything went on fine, but not until jealousy stepped in.
One of the King’s subjects – Gerald – bec@m£ envious and de-sired the throne for himself. As a result, he betrayed the king and turned the hearts of the people against him as well.
“Gerald had the king and his family locked up and tortured them. Because of his background, he was the most powerful being in hell at that time and that was why he was able to achieve all that.
He tortured the King’s wife and R@p£d her severally in front of her son”
“He did?” I interpolated, taking abacked.
It was so horrible.
“Yes. And her son was just a little boy. But he’s the pres£nt Lucifer in hell now” she replied.
“Lucifer? What happened to Gerald?” I asked again.
“Well, he lost in his battle. He couldn’t take over the throne. Some other powerful people in hell stood up and fought against him and he lost. But he had alre-ady killed the king and his wife. Luckily, their little boy was able to escape him
“But this lucky boy grew up with so much hatred and darkness and since then, he’s been after Gerald’s only child”
“Gerald had a child?” I asked curiously.
“Yes. He was married to a young innocent lady who never knew the evil side of him until he betrayed the king.” She replied and sighed sadly.
“Gerald loved his daughter so much, probably because she took after him by possessing his powers. She was precious to him and he died, risking his life to protect her when war was being waged against him after he betrayed the king. She was just a toddler.
“The mother of the baby had to run away with her, far away to a different planet. But the late King’s son kept searching for them for revenge”
“Revenge?” I asked surprised.
“Yes. He’s after Gerald’s daughter so he can revenge everything her father did to him”.
“But that’s absurd. I mean, Gerald’s daughter has nothing to do with what happened to him”.
“You’re right. But he doesn’t think that way. In hell, it is believed if a person dies and his loved one is being hurt, he’ll be able to feel it and sometimes, see It. And that’s exactly what Lucifer wants. He wants to hurt Gerald’s daughter so Gerlad can see it and know he’s getting his revenge”.
I scoffed and shook my head. Sounds really crazy. Thank God it’s just a story.
“So…was he able to find her?” I asked after a little pause.
“Well,,her mother’s trying to make sure she keeps her away from him. Running to another planet took all her powers away from her and now, she’s defenceless and just prays she’ll be able to protect her daughter from Lucifer” she replied.
“Well, that’s the end of the story”.
“Huh? But you didn’t tell me what happened between Lucifer and…”
“That’s just where the story ends. I also never got to hear the end of it” she replied and I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
“Fine. Well, I hope Gerald’s daughter is safe” I said and laughed, cause it sounded funny.
Mum just smiled and ru-bbe-d my hair again.
“Good night love. I love you” she said tenderly.
“Love you too mum” I replied and she pe-cked my cheek and left the room.
I smiled and stared at the closed door for some time. Mum’s story repla-yed in my head.
Then, I stood up and went to standby the window.
That same ugly bushy view welcomed me again.
When will I ever get out of here, know what the world looks like and explore it? When?
I sighed and leaned on it. Suddenly, a crazy thought niggled at me.
To be continued…