Lucifer’s bride episode 29

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 29
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated ���
Roxanne’s POV
“Damon!” I yelped in fear as I saw the blood gushing out of his b©dy.
Oh, mercies!
What has she done?
I looked up at her in fear and she started walking towards us.
Immediately, Damon held my hand and I couldn’t feel myself anymore. We suddenly vanished.
I g@sped in fear as we landed on a different place – a quiet strange place filled with trees and bushes.
I looked beside me and found Damon lying on the floor, his hand on the arrow.
“Damon!” I cried and knelt beside him.
Tears c@m£ dripping down my cheeks.
His eyes fluttered as he gro-an ed in pains. Could it be possible the arrow was poisoned?
Of course;
else, it wouldn’t have such impact on him.
“Damon” I whimpered.
“What should I do? plea-se tell me”.
He didn’t say anything and blood started flowing from his mouth.
It increa-sed my fears.
I looked around, wondering if I could get some help. But the place was quiet and bushy. Where did he bring us to?
He probably just wanted to get away from Shantel and didn’t take notice.
I looked at the arrow and thought of pu-lling it out. Maybe it’d ease the pains.
I held the arrow and placed my other hand on his tummy.
I suddenly felt scared.
I shut my eyes and pu-ll-ed out the arrow and he gro-an ed wildly.
“I’m sorry; I’m sorry” I said amidst tears as I threw the arrow on the floor.
“Roxanne’ he finally called, faintly.
Pains could clearly be heard from his voice.
“I can’t make it” he said and my eyes dimmed.
I scoffed and looked directly into his face.
“D…Damon?” I floun-dered helplessly.
What was he saying?
He suddenly bec@m£ still and relaxed. His eyes were now closed.
“Damon?” I called with my eyes wi-de open.
He didn’t move.
I shook my head and juddered him, but he still didn’t move.
What’s happening???
No; this isn’t possible. It can’t be.
“Damon!” I screamed and hit him.
Why isn’t he moving? I can’t let this happen.
What’s this supposed to mean?
He can’t just…die?
Tears dr!pp£ddown my eyes like rainfall and poured on him.
“Damon” I cried and lifted his b©dy to hvg me.
“Damon, you can’t do this to me plea-se. You can’t just leave me. I nee-d you. My baby nee-ds you. Damon plea-se, I know you’ve been a terrible person to me, but I can’t do without you. I’m sorry I kept it away from you; but I’m pregnant, Damon; I’m pregnant.
“How do you expect me to survive this without you? plea-se, don’t do this to me. Open your eyes, Damon; plea-se”. I cried bitterly.
I buried my face in his che-st and wept.
I felt so much pains; so much fear.
He can’t possibly do this to me. He can’t just die.
No; goodness, plea-se. Don’t allow this to happen.
“He’s never coming back” I heard a farmiliar voice say and I turned in shock to see Shantel standing behind me.
I g@sped in trepidation and moved away from Damon.
What’s she doing here?
How did she find us?
Did she follow us?
She sm-irked and started coming towards me with a dagger in her hand.
“So, Nicklaus was right after all” she said.
“You do love him. But now that I’ve succeeded in taking him away, I think it’s time I took that little thing of his right in your tummy”.
I stood on my feet immediately, my legs wobbling.
She increa-sed her pace and c@m£ towards me with a full f0rç£ and I tried to run but tr!pp£dand fell on the floor.
She laughed as she stood close to my feet.
“Poor Roxanne” she sniggered.
“Your life has always been a mess right from birth. Perhaps, I’m doing you a favor by trying to bring an end to it.”
I winced in fear and started crawling backwards.
“plea-se don’t” I whimpered as she pointed the knife at me.
I held my tummy ti-ght and shut my eyes. I can’t afford to loose this baby now.
I can’t just go.
My eyes were still shut when I heard her scream and I quic-kly flung them open to see what was going on.
At first, I was blinded by the tears on my eyes, but I wiped them off and the view bec@m£ clear to me.
A bright light was shining on her and looked properly and saw Damon standing behind her with his hand stretched towards her.
The light was coming from him.
I opened my mouth in shock and bewilderment.
What was going on?
Wasn’t he…lying lifeless a while ago?
Shantel screamed in pains and fell on the floor and the light st©pped.
I watched in awe as Damon walked towards her, slowly, and stood in front of her.
“First, you tried to kill me” he started.
“And second, you tried to kill the mother of my unborn baby. What treason could be greater than that?
” you deserve the death penalty”.
He paused and formed a light with his hands.
Shantel was alre-ady shaking and tried crawling backwards.
“Therfore, with the powers vested in me as the King of hell, I hereby s£ntence you to death and an eternity in the flames of fire”
“Lucifer plea-se…” she cried, but it was alre-ady too late as Damon threw the light at her and she vanished immediately, like nothing had been there before.
My eyes glistened.
Myl-ips were shaking.
What just…
What just happened?
I remained stuck to the floor, unable move.
I’ve never been this stunned in my entire life.
He started coming towards me and I just watched helplessly.
He had a vacuous expression on.
He got to where I was and stretched out his hand to me, but I was too enfeebled to even take it.
I just kept staring, foxed.
Then, he dropped to a crouch In front of me and helped me up; his hands on my shoulders.
He stared into my eyes without saying a word and my anxiety multi-plied.
“Were you hurt?” He asked but I still kept mute.
He took his hands from my shoulders and cu-mpped my cheeks and for the first time, he k!$$£d me.
To be continued…