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June 18, 2021


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Lucifer’s bride episode 25

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Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 25

(She’s mine)

A story by Faith Lucky


Roxanne’s POV

I laid in the bathtub, taking a warm bath.

I spent like forever there, thinking about the whole thing that’s happened.

Damon and I were able to get home safely, but I still had so many fears.

Where could Nicklaus be there? He had made mention of going to face Damon. Could he be dead.

And Shantel…where could she be as well? She had managed to escape.

And…why had she acted strangely when she touched my tummy? What happened to her?

I closed my eyes and kept thinking about the whole thing.

I felt so much pains – all over my body. And the place where I had been stabbed, it was beginning to hurt a bit.

I think it must have been a result of the stress Nicklaus and Shantel made me go through.

And Zara…where was she? She started all these by helping them abduct me. But where was she?

After a long time, I finally came out of the water.

I tied a white towel round my body and walked out, going into the bedroom.

Surprisingly, I found Damon there.

Oh, no!

He stood at a spot, facing the window with his hands crossed behind his back.

I gulped nervously and closed the door behind me, walking fully into the room.

I didn’t even know what to do as he

stood backing me.

But suddenly, he turned around and faced me.

I felt my heart leap.

I swallowed hard and took my gaze to the floor.

Then, I quickly walked over to the wardrobe so I could get something to wear. I couldn’t remain in this state.

I opened the wardrobe and was about bringing out a cloth when I felt him hold me from behind.

He wrapped his hands around my waist and it sent shivers down my spine.

Mercies, please.

Don’t tell me.

He sent his hands into the towel and touched my tummy.

Then, he brought his lips to my neck and planted a kiss there.

“Roxanne” he called softly and touched the tip of the towel.

He was so close and I could feel his breath on my ear.

He got hold of the tip and untied it, making towel fall freely from my body.

Oh, goodness; no.

I released a light gasp as he now gained access to my body.

I was standing stark na*ed in front of him – again.

He touched my b**bs and gave them a light squeeze. I pressed my lips and tried not to moan.

“Can I ask you a question?” He asked as he played with my tilts.

I just stared blankly at the wardrobe, not able to

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control my anxiety.

He kissed my ear lobe and pressed my b**bs real hard like he wanted them to produce something.

“When Nicklaus had given you an opportunity to kill me, why didn’t you do it?” He finally spilled the beans and I flinched.


For a moment; he stopped moving his hands around

me and my nervousness Increased. How did he get to know about it?

Did Nicklaus tell him?

Oh, Roxanne!

What do I say? How do I explained the fact that I couldn’t kill him? I turned down a once in a life time opportunity for him?

Oh, my!

What if he’s reading my thoughts??

What if…


I shut my eyes and wavered. I couldn’t control it – the thoughts.

I’m pretty sure he must be reading them like a book.

The same thoughts of how I couldn’t kill him because I couldn’t bear to see him dead.

The same thoughts of how I sacrificed my freedom and happiness just for him – something Miss Margaret called ‘true love’.

He moved his hands down my tummy until they got to my thighs and my fears increased.

I felt him touch my v, rolling the clit but I tried not to moan.

Then, he inserted two fingers into my honeypot and for this time around, I couldn’t help it.

I had to moan.

He moved the fingers in and out, slowly, making me feel a little displeasure.

But the pains was nothing compared to what I had to feel the first time. It came with a little pleasure this time around.

I shut my eyes and moaned lightly as I felt his fingers moving inside me, forcing it’s way into my tight p***ycat.

The feeling…It was unexplainable.

But suddenly, I couldn’t feel him anymore.

His touch – his presence – I couldn’t feel them anymore.

I opened my eyes immediately and turned around to notice I was now the only one in the room.

Damon was no longer there.

But how…?

He was here not long ago. How did he just vanish?

How possible?

I looked down at my body and discovered the mark on my tummy was no longer there. And the pains…They were gone as well.

Wait! all the pains were gone. I couldn’t feel a thing anymore.

My whole body was sound and strong;

Like I hadn’t been hurt before.

I felt relieved.

How did it happen?

Could it be Damon?



Shantel’s POV

I trudged into the throne room and stood before the elders with my head bowed. I felt so much pains.

“Shantel” the first elder called strictly, but I still kept my head bowed.

“It’s obvious Lucifer’s too powerful for you to handle. It’s been weeks now. I’m afraid we might have to find someone else for the job”.

“I found her” I said coldly without looking at them.

“Gerlad’s daughter…she’s there on earth”.

“Gerlad’s daughter???” They all exclaimed at once.

“Yes. And Lucifer’s in possession of her. According to my source, he’s waiting for her powers to surface so he could steal them” I replied.

“She doesn’t have her powers yet?”

“Yes – for now.

“But there’s something more important you need to know about her” I said and lifted my eyes to look at them.

Curiosity was eating them up.

“Gerlad’s daughter…” I started.


To be continued…

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