Lucifer’s bride episode 24

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 24
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated 18+
Roxanne’s POV
I felt so weak and scared. I was tied to the chair the whole time and kept wondering what Nicklaus and the maid was up to.
After a long while, I heard the door open and the lights in the room went on and I tried to adjust my eyes in the darkness.
I looked and discovered it was Shantel coming in.
She walked in stylishly without saying a word and stood in front of me.
“Roxanne” she called and squ-atted in front of me.
“Gerald’s daughter”.
I bent my head and tried to ignore her.
Although, her pres£nce made me really uncomfortable.
“Your father was very powerful, you know?” She continued.
“He c@m£ from the lineage of royalty and was actually more powerful than the Lucifer at that time. But he was just too selfish and felt he was the rightful king of hell. So, he betrayed the King.
“You know, I’m really curious. How did Lucifer get to love someone like you? You should be his greatest enemy – considering what your father did to him. Unless…Nicklaus is actually wrong and Lucifer’s not in love with you. Well…I guess we’re about to find out pretty soon”.
I lifted my eyes to look at her.
“Wh…What do you mean?” I asked nervously and she smiled.
“You’ll find out pretty soon, honey” she replied and my fears increa-sed.
Oh, mercies!
What are they up to?
Immediately, the door whacked open and we turned to see Nicklaus standing by the entrance, breathing heavily.
I was shocked.
“Nicklaus?” Shantel called and stood up, also surprised.
“Lucifer…he’s able to trace Roxanne’s footsteps” he said in de-ep breaths.
my eyes beamed.
“Huh? What…What are you talking about?” Shantel inquired.
“He’s here! He found us!” He almost yelled and I g@sped.
Oh, goodness!
He’s here?
Shantel flin-ched and looked at me, then back at Nicklaus.
“fuc-k! How the hell did it happen? Why didn’t you think about it?” She growled.
“Seriously? Are you trying to put the blame on me? Why didn’t you think about it either?” Nicklaus barked.
“Oh, Nicklaus! My plans will be ruined. Where’s he!” She asked and Nicklaus started walking towards me.
“He’s close. Come on; take Roxanne away. I’ll face him” he replied as he got to where I was.
“You…You want to face him?” Shantel asked, abacked, but he didn’t say a word as he got to where I was and loosed the ropes that bounded me.
“Nicklaus, you can’t face him. You…”
“I can, Shantel! It’s high time I stood up to him for once. its now or never!” He said angrily and looked at me.
“Take her away. We can’t let Lucifer have her. Do it now!” He rasped and hurried out of the room.
I remained on the chair and looked at Shantel in fear.
Oh, goodness!
What do I do?
“Come on” she said as she lifted me by the arm and started taking me out of the room.
Nicklaus’ POV
I went out to the balcony of the first floor and there he met Damon, about entering.
Damn! He actually c@m£ alone – without his guards.
He really got some nerves, huh
He st©pped when he saw me and we stood face to face with each other.
I should’ve know he’d be able to trace Roxanne’s footsteps. I just forgot his powers were upto that level.
“Decided to pay me a visit?” I asked as I stood in front of him but he didn’t even flin-ch.
His hands were crossed behind his back.
“You have 10 seconds to bring her out” he coldly said and I laughed.
Gosh! How I’ve always despised this guy. This time around, I’ll do everything possible to kill him.
“You’re trespas-sing, Lucifer; and you have the nerves to threaten me?” I asked, but he didn’t reply.
I smiled and tried to hit him. I threw a light at him, but he missed it.
“5 seconds left” he said and it angered me to the guts.
I threw another light at him from my palm, but he still missed.
What thefu-ck?
“3 more” he stated.
All the while, his hands remained crossed behind his back.
This time around, I went to him instead and tried punching him in the face, but he held my fist and twisted it in a way that made me gro-an .
“Time up” he said and pushed me backwards and I fell crashing to the floor.
He stretched his hand towards me and I felt my br@ins turning.
“No!!” I yelled angrily and in pains as I held my head, still on the floor.
Then, he got to where I was and that was when he st©pped.
“Oh, Nicklaus’ he called and squ-atted in front of me.
“You’ve always been a weakling. No matter how ha-rd you try, you’ll always be below my feet”.
I yelled in anger and tried hitting him again, but he threw the light back at me and I started bleeding immediately – from my nostrils.
“Just accept your fate, Nik; you’re nothing; Even the dust is better than you” he whispered into my ears as I la-id on the floor; bleeding.
“You know” he continued.
“You wanted me to cause my own death. But now, you’re gonna have to do same.”
He stood up and backed me.
I’m too busy to kill you. So, I want you to do it yourself” he added and turned to look at me again.
His eyes turned red in a flash and I felt myself choking immediately.
No; no.
This can’t be.
It was unbearable pains.
I’d only keep choking and the only way to st©p it was for me to die – for someone to kill me.
As long as it was done by him, there was no cure to it.
The only way was for someone to kill me; or I kill myself.
I just nee-ded to die.
“” I struggled to call, but ended up choking more.
I wanted to plead for mercy.
His eyes had turned back to normal and he stared at me for a little more while before walking away.
Roxanne’s POV
Shantel kept running with me and I felt so weak and tired.
My legs bec@m£ heavy.
“Shantel plea-se” I pleaded but she didn’t st©p.
She continued running until we got to the balcony of the t©p building.
There was nowhere else to go.
“You!” She growled and itched her head.
She looked like some or who was about running mad.
“Why should I even keep you alive? Huh? I can’t let Lucifer have you. He doesn’t deserve your powers”.she said angrily and my heart leapt.
Mercies, no.
Then, she tried coming close to me and I managed to kick her on the legs.
But for someone like her, it didn’t have any effect on her and she pushed me back with her powers; ma-king me fall on the floor.
“Aargh!” I skrie-ked as I crashed on the floor.
Goodness; no.
She c@m£ to me and pu-ll-ed me up and shockingly, slammed my back against the irons, almost ma-king me fall over.
“Shantel plea-se” I cried in fear and she held me by the n£¢k.
She looked into my eyes with so much anger ,but suddenly, her eyes dimmed.
Her brows furrowed and slowly; she took her hand to my tummy.
All I could do was whimper in fear.
She t©uçhed my tummy and a different look crept into her face.
Suddenly, she was drawn back by a mighty f0rç£ and she crashed to the floor, far from me.
I fell on the floor as well, coughing and felt someone hold me;
“Roxanne” he called as he lifted me from the floor.
Oh, mercies! He c@m£ for me!
“D…Damon?” I called in surprise and relive and he just stared into my face.
I was so scared and felt like hvgging him ti-ght.
And I did.
I clutched him ti-ght, forgetting how scared I was of him.
Tears c@m£ strolling down my cheeks.
I looked at Santel, but she was gone. She wasn’t there anymore.
I wavered and buried my face in Damon’s che-st.
I couldn’t let go of him.
To be continued…