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Lucifer’s bride episode 22

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 22
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated 18+
Roxanne’s POV
My head felt so heavy.
I slowly opened my eyes and the ceiling was the first sight I caught.
I stared blankly at it and tried recalling what had happened.
Wait; the dagger!
I [email protected] and t©uçhed the place I had been stabbe-d, but surprisingly, I couldn’t feel anymore pains.
I moved my eyes and caught him standing and staring at me.
Oh, my!
What happened?
What happened last night?
I struggled and sat up on the be-d. I was so confused – and nervous.
Who was the lady that tried to kill Damon last night? And how come the dagger didn’t have any effect on me?
I looked at Damon and his silence got me stunned and more confused.
I gulped nervously and lowered my gaze.
“Um…good morning” I stuttered but didn’t hear anything from him.
Then, I lifted my eyes to look at him and still caught him staring at me.
Why’s he acting this way? Why isn’t he saying anything?
Oh, no! He must probably be wondering why I hook the dagger for him. Could that be the reason for his silence?
“How’re you feeling?” He finally asked in his usual calm voice.
I batted my lashes as I stared down at the be-d.
“I’m…I’m fine” I replied.
Then, he turned around and backed me, his hands crossed behind his back.
He stayed that way for a long time and it kept me in so much suspense.
Oh, no! What if he’s actually re-ading my thoughts?
Oh, Roxanne.
He took in a de-ep breath before turning around to face me again.
“Go on and take your bath. I’ll have the maids get you something to eat” he spoke coldly and walked out of the room.
I watched blankly as he walked out of the room and shut the door. I was confused.
For the first time, I could notice something I never thought I could notice in Damon – fear.
What’s going on?
Damon’s POV
I couldn’t stand her pres£nce in the room.
I badly wanted to talk to her; ask her what was going on; but as I stared into her eyes…I just couldn’t stand it.
This is wrong;
No one has ever made me feel this way before. It’s not even right.
I can’t let this happen to me.
These feelings…I need an explanation for it. It’s got to be an illusion.
I stayed in the wine bar and drank some alcohol. I just needed to clear my head.
For the first time in my life, I felt confused.
My phone suddenly beeped with a message and I checked to see it was from one of my staff.
I was needed at the office.
Roxanne’s POV
I Was so hungry and decided to eat before bathing.
I rushed my meal and ate yo my fill and when I was done, I went ahead to take my bath.
I spent a long time in the bathtub, thinking about the whole thing. I wish I could remember what happened after I was stabbe-d with the dagger.
How did Damon and I escape?
Gosh! I felt so troubled. What if Nicklaus returns?
Who’s he to Damon?
And why was he calling him Lucifer?
Does It mean he knows about his past?
After spending a long time in the bathroom, I finally [email protected]£ out, tying a towel round my b©dy.
I went into the room and took out something simple from the wardrobe, putting It on.
It was just a short and pink t©p.
I was about sitting on the be-d when the door to my room suddenly opened and surprisingly, it was Zara.
Well, not really surprisingly.
I stood and watched as she walked in, giving me a loathful look.
“G..Good morning” I bent my head and said and she scoffed.
“You can save your greeting. Come with me; Damon wants to see you” she said and turned around, about to head for the door.
“D…Damon?” I asked and she turned back to look at me.
“Do I really have to repeat myself? He wants me to bring you to his office. Now come with me before I change my mind” she replied rashly.
But…why would Damon want me to come over to his office? He just left home not long ago.
I watched as she got to the door and st©pped by it.
“Do you really wanna disobey Damon? Haven’t you learnt anything from him? You should know better not to disobey him. And do you also want to get me into trouble? Now, come with me before you complicate things” she said and walked out the door and this time around, I was compelled to go with her.
But why would Damon want me to meet him at the office? What could he possibly want to tell me?
Oh, plea-se;
I hope there isn’t any more trouble.
I followed Zara behind and she took me to the parking lot and got into a red car which I also entered with her, sitting at the front seat.
She didn’t say a word as she turned on the ignition and took off immediately.
I was really nervous. What was Damon up to? I really hoped there was no problem.
“You love him, don’t you?” Zara suddenly asked and I turned to look at her, surprised.
“Huh?” I possum.
Was she referring to Damon?
“St©p pla-ying dumb with me, Roxanne; you love him, don’t you? And…you actually feel lucky to be close to him”.
I bent my head In silence. Why was she bringing up such issue?
“Well, I wouldn’t entirely blame you; I mean, he’s handsome, wealthy, charming – just everything a lady would ask for. But, not every lady deserves him” she said and suddenly, st©pped the car.
I looked throu-gh the window but there was no sign of an office anywhere. Rather, it looked more like an express way.
“Why…Why did you st©p?” I asked her but she didn’t even look at me.
Immediately, I heard my door being opened from outside and I looked throu-gh the window and discovered it was…
Oh, mercies!
“Argh!” I screamed in trepidation as he opened the door and pu-ll-ed me out of the car, slamming my back against the car.
Oh, my!
What’s going on?
“Hello pretty Rox” he said with a sm-irk as he pinned me to the car.
plea-se; tell me this is a dream.
This cannot happen.
I looked at him, gobsma-cked.
“Let me go” I winced, but couldn’t even move my arm.
He smiled.
“Really? I should let you go? Well, I’m sorry Roxanne, but I need to prove something to Shantel.” He paused and brou-ght hisl-ips close to my ear, giving it a little bite.
“Let’s see how much Damon really loves you” he whispered into my ear and before I could scream, he brou-ght out a napkin from his pocket and covered it over my nose and I [email protected] out immediately.
To be continued…

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