Lucifer’s bride episode 21

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 21
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated 18+
Zara’s POV
I walked into the room with the cu-p of coffee and as expected, I found him sitting and staring at her.
For a moment, I paused by the door and looked at him – Damon.
I don’t know what the hell happened. He just returned home last night with the Roxanne lady wounded and unconscious and since then, he hasn’t left her sight.
He’s just be sitting in front of the be-d, staring into her face.
I gulped down nothing and walked fully into the room.
“Um…Sir, I’ve gotten your coffee re-ady” I said with a slight bow and he sighed.
“You can leave it there on the table” he said without looking at me and I bowed and reached for the table.
What is it about this lady, huh? Why does she want to ruin my plans?
I mean, Damon has been paying much attention to her. He never uses a lady more than once, but with this Roxanne, it’s different.
I had so many dreams;
I’ve been praying for the day he’d finally get to like me, but this Roxanne of a lady is trying to make all my efforts go down the drain.
I angrily kept the coffee on the table and turned around to have a look at them.
What happened to her, anyway? I wish it just brings an end to her life.
I sniffed and was about walking out of the room when Damon called me back.
“Zara” he called and I st©pped to look at him – nervously.
He didn’t say anything for a while and slowly, he turned his chair and faced me.
“I want you to erase such thoughts from your mind, Zara; they’re pointless” he said and I flin-ched.
What’s he talking about?
“What you want – you and I – it’s never gonna happen. So, it’d be best if you st©pped thinking so cheaply” he added and my heart skipped.
I looked at him in shock. Did he really say that to me?
He turned back to facing Roxanne and slowly, I left the room,,trying not to shed a tear in front of him.
Damon’s POV
I stared into Roxanne’s face as she sle-pt. When will she ever wake up?
I had alre-ady gotten her wound treated and she’s supposed to be awake any moment from now. But what’s delaying her?
I sighed and t©uçhed my hair.
I just nee-ded answers. I wanted to confirm all what I heard.
Why would she risk her life for mine? Did she really do it?
I’m her greatest enemy – I had her mother locked up, f0rç£d myself on her – what reason would she have for saving my life?
I’m not feeling sympathy for her.
I mean, I’m not supposed to feel sympathy for people.
I just want to know the truth.
I stood up and went to the table where my coffee was kept.
I took it up and drank from it.
For the first time ever, I felt tired.
What happened to me when Roxanne was hit by the dagger? I mean, it’s normal for me to get that angry; but why did it happen because of her?
I placed my both hands on the table and tilted my head.
The thought tried hitting at me, but I didn’t give it a chance.
I really nee-ded answers.
Suddenly, I felt her come awake.
Yes! I could feel her.
I quic-kly turned to look at her and there I found her eyes weakly opened on the be-d, staring at the ceiling.
She’s awake!
Zara’s POV
I entered into my car and took off immediately and as I did, h0t tears rolled down my cheeks.
Damon’s words created a scar on my che-st and at that moment, I just nee-ded to be away.
“What you want – you and I – it’s never gonna happen. So, it’d be best if you st©pped thinking so cheaply”.
I bent my head and wept. So, he’s trying to say there’s no hope for the both of us? But I really liked him a lot.
Is it because of that Roxanne witch? I thought she was someone he hated?
So, what happened?
The words kept repla-ying in my head and left me really hurt and heartbroken. Why would he say that to me?
I was still driving when suddenly, I saw something strange that made me screech to a st©p.
No; not something strange. It was a car that was parked carelessly on the middle of the road and that way, mine couldn’t pas-s.
What the heck?
I wiped my face to have a proper look and saw a young boy leaning on the car blocking the road.
I hunned at him but he didn’t move. Instead, he just kept his hands crossed and stared at me.
Then, I opened the door of my car and c@m£ out.
“Hey! what’s the meaning of this? Have you lost it?” I asked angrily and he smiled.
“Good day, beautiful miss” he said and started walking towards me.
“You can sto-re your greeting and get your car off the road first” I snapped.
“Come on, Zara. A little patience, okay?” He said and I flin-ched.
How did he know my name?
I bec@m£ mute and just stared at him.
Then, he walked up to where I was and st©p In front of me, putting on a charming smile.
“First” he said and inser-ted his hands into his trou-ser pockets.
“You can call me Nicklaus. And secondly…there’s something important you’re gonna do for me”.
To be continued…