Lucifer’s bride episode 20

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 20
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated 18+
Damon’s eyes turned pure red as he held Roxanne in his hand, watching her bleed.
He could feel the anger building up in him, like one he’s never felt in a long time.
Roxanne kept staring into his eyes until her lids bec@m£ too heavy for her to open and they finally shut down.
Like a flash, he pu-ll-ed out the knife from her tummy and turned swiftly, throwing it in the direction of the strange lady.
It happened too fast; the lady didn’t expect it and it and it pierced directly into her tummy; ma-king her gr0@nand fall on the floor.
It was Shantel; the house help.
Damon’s irascibility was much that he didn’t realise when he let Roxanne fall from his hands.
His eyes were still glooming red and he Super-sped to where she was on the floor and held her by the n£¢k.
“Lucifer!” Nicklaus called from behind.
“Don’t…call…my name” Damon said in between his teeth and fisted his hand and that alone was able to affect Nicklaus.
“Argh!” Nicklaus screamed and fell on his knees, holding his head.
Damon’s anger alone was frying his br@in.
“…” Shantel tried to call, choking.
No matter how powerful she was, she knew she couldn’t face him at that moment.
“St©p it!!!” Nicklaus yelled from behind and Damon lifted Shantel up by the n£¢k and turned to look at him, his eyes still burning red.
“If there’s one thing that should st©p here, it’s your heartbeat” he said raucously and stretched out his hand towards him, still holding
Shantel by the n£¢k.
Her legs weren’t tou-ching the floor.
She was alre-ady choking.
“Are you doing these all because of her?” Nicklaus asked just before Damon would reach for his heart.
“What? I thought she was the daughter of your enemy? What does she even see in you, huh? I should’ve killed her long before now – the very moment she refused to aid me kill you”
Damon paused as the words ni-bbled at him.
What was he talking about?
He looked throu-gh his heart and was able to re-ad throu-gh his thoughts – how It all happened.
He had produced the steamed portion which was one of the most powerful portions that could be used in killing a god – indirectly.
He had given It to Roxanne to drink right before s3x but she had refused – refused killing him – for no reason.
His hold on Shantel grew weak and she fell from his hand to the floor.
He scanned throu-gh Nicklaus’ mind and re-ad the dirty thoughts and as he did, his eyes suddenly changed to normal – from red to the pretty sparkling white.
The rage in him died off; he suddenly bec@m£ weak.
Shantel was coughing on the floor and immediately, Nicklaus ran to her and carried her up in his arms and he Super-sped away with her at once.
Damon’s POV
My head bec@m£ muzzy. Nicklaus and the maid didn’t mean a thing to me at that moment. The only thing I could think about was Roxanne.
I ambled to where she was on the floor and stared into her face as she sle-pt.
I remained standing.
What just happened?
Nicklaus thoughts.
Did she really turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity for me?
She risked her chances of escaping because she couldn’t kill me?
And now…she also risked her life for mine?
I scoffed and dropped to a crouch in front of her.
I nee-ded answers; there were things I nee-ded to know about.
There had to be an explanation.
I lifted her from the floor, carrying her in my arms.
She was still bleeding.
The dagger wasn’t meant for her and it definitely wouldn’t kill her. It’d be easy getting her healed.
I looked into her face as she sle-pt in my arms.
Why would she refuse to kill me?
What were her reasons?
What could’ve possibly happened?
Shantel’s POV
“Arghh” I yelped in pain as I pu-ll-ed the dagger out of my skin.
It was hurting like hell.
“Hey” Nicklaus called and squ-atted in front of me.
“Are you okay?” He asked and I glared at him.
I was trying to recover from the pains. It was so terrible.
It’s a good thing it wasn’t meant for me. I should be able to heal from it.
I gro-an ed and tried standing on my feet, but couldn’t and I fell back on the floor.
“St©p it, Shantel. You nee-d to rest” Nicklaus said and I stared at him.
“Why thefu-ck did you bring me here?” I asked and he chuckled.
“Really? I saved and this is what I get in return?” He asked.
“Cut the cra-p Nicklaus. You’re a wanted traitor in hell…
“Yeah. Traitor to the same man you’re trying to kill” he cut me off with a scoff.
I shook my head and placed my palm on my wounded tummy.
“Well, thank you. But just so you know, I don’t wanna have anything to do with you” I blurted.
“Come on, Shantel. We’re after the same thing – killing Lucifer. Can’t you see how difficult it was getting to kill him out there? We can’t face him individually. But perhaps…If we work together as a team, it just might work out” he enthused and I scoffed.
“Really, Nicklaus? You expect me to trust you?”
“I don’t expect you to trust me; I only expect you to use a helping hand”.
I looked at him, daze. It sounded inane, but tempting.
“First, we nee-d to get a hold of Gerald’s daughter” he said and my eyes beamed.
I quic-kly lifted them to look at him in shock.
“Gerald’s daughter??” I asked in bewilderment and he smiled.
“You didn’t have any idea, did you? The lady you threw the dagger at, she’s Gerald’s daughter”. He replied.
What thefu-ck??
“Roxanne? She’s Gerald’s daughter???” I asked and he nodded.
“And as it seems, he’s alre-ady in love with her”. He added.
“Of course. Didn’t you see what happened out there when you threw the dagger at her? If not for the little distraction I was able to bring up, we’d both been dead by now”.
I shook my head, confused.
“No; it’s not possible. Lucifer can’t fall in love” I muttered, trying to fix the puzzle.
“He can’t, but he did. Don’t worry, Shantel; I’m gonna prove it to you. But first, we nee-d to get a hold of her. She’s going to be our weapon against Lucifer.”
To be continued…