Lucifer’s bride episode 18

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 18
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated ���
Roxanne’s POV
“Nicklaus” I called tearfully.
“You’re hurting me”.
He grinned his teeth and finally let go of my arms.
“You’ll regret this” he said angrily and left.
I breathed heavily as I watched in bewilderment. Tears c@m£ running down my cheeks and I quic-kly wiped them off.
What just happened to Nicklaus? I never knew this side of him existed.
Why’s he so eager to kill Damon?
Shantel’s POV
I stood before the elders in the throne room, feeling so ashamed that I couldn’t even look at them in the face.
“Shantel” the first elder called coldly, but I still kept my head bowed.
“It’s been days now since you left for earth with the mission to kill Lucifer. But, we haven’t heard from you since then”
“Yeah. I thought you were br@gging with the fact that you could kill him” Kaylan said with a streak of sadism in her voice and I lifted my eyes to glare at her.
“Well, I can!” I snapped.
“I just nee-d more time” I added calmly and bent my head again.
“And how much time do you nee-d, Shantel? We don’t have ages!” The second elder said
“I know, wise one and I’m sorry. The truth is, Lucifer has become more powerful than I thought he’d be. My first plan failed. But not to worry, I have…”
“I made mention of it, didn’t I?” Kaylan cut me off.
“I told you he was very powerful, but you didn’t listen. What do you expect from the King of Hell?”
“Right. Maybe, I should just kill you instead” I growled and she laughed and stood up.
“Really, Shantel? You’re no match for me”.
“Shut up! Both of you!” The first elder snapped in and I fisted my hand.
“Sit down, Kaylan. Now!” She added and Kaylan scoffed and returned to her seat.
I swear, I’ll kill this b***h.
“Wise ones” I bent my head and said.
“I’m sorry my first plan failed. But I’ve been working on something else for the past few days, something more important and trustworthy. I’ve been able to form the phalanx dagger in Lucifer’s name.” I said and one of them g@sped.
“You have?” She asked in surprise and I smiled.
“Yes wise one. And with that dagger, you can be sure it’s never gonna fail.
“He’ll be attending a p@rty tonight downtown and there, I’ll stab him with it. Of course, he’ll be dead within the twi-nkle of an eye”. I replied and looked at Kaylan who was fuming.
“Wow! Nice one Shantel. That’s impressive” the third elder said.
“And this time around, make sure nothing st©ps it”.
“Of course” I replied with a sm-irk.
Roxanne’s POV
I returned home from school, feeling very tired and broken. So many confused thoughts kept running throu-gh my mind.
I didn’t get to see Nicklaus throu-ghout the rest of the day in school and it really got me puzzled.
Who was that guy?
And the way he had acted angry…I never expected that from him. Why is he so desperate to kill Damon?
I walked carewornly pas-s the sitting room and went straight for my room and surprisingly, when I got there, I found about four people in my room, sitting on the long couch.
They all sprang on their feet the moment they saw me.
“Good day, ma’am” they greeted with a bow.
They were three young girls and one woman.
I paused by the door and looked at them, being confused.
“Who…are you?” I asked, wondering why they were in my room.
“We’re from P-glam makeover, ma’am and we’ve been ordered by Sir Damon to primp you up” the woman among them said and I couldn’t help but be more surprised.
“Primp…me up?” I asked.
“Yes ma’am. And we’re running out of time. So, if you wouldn’t mind, we’d love to get started at once. We’ve alre-ady prepared your bath water plea-se” the woman said again.
I scoffed and looked around.r
this wasn’t a joke, was it? Why would Damon want them to dress me up? What does he have In mind?
“Ma’am Roxanne, plea-se. Sir Damon gave us a fixed time” the woman said and slowly, I walked into the room and dropped my bag on the be-d.
“Um…okay” I replied and she smiled and took me to the bathroom.
The water in the bathtub wasn’t what I had expected as I saw something different from the normal water I use.
According to the woman, she said it was treated and that was the reason it was having a different color together with some fruits in it.
I took off my clothes and was about entering into the bathtub when the woman flin-ched at the marks on my hand.
“Ma’am, what happened to you?” She asked,, trying to t©uçh the arm, but I drew backwards.
“Um…its…its just a scratch. I’m fine. plea-se, I don’t want Damon to know about this” I said pitifully and she nodded after a little reluctance.
Gosh! I really hope Damon doesn’t get to see these marks.
She covered my hair with a shower cap and I entered the bathtub afterwards.
After a while, I c@m£ out of it and the woman dried my b©dy and gave me a white towel.
Then, we returned to the be-droom where the main work began.
They made me sit in front of the big mirror and started applying different things on my face which I had no idea of.
They worked on my brows, my eyes,l-ips and even nose and it took them a long time before they were done.
I looked into the mirror and couldn’t believe my own image.
Wow! I looked stunning and different – more beautiful than I’ve ever thought I’d be.
What did they do to my face?
“Now, you nee-d to put on your dress, ma’am” the woman said and I stood up and collected the long red go-wn they gave to me.
They looked away while I put it on and when I was done, wow! The go-wn was breathtaking.
It was very long and swept the floor and oops! It expo-sed my che-st all round. It was an off shoulder go-wn.
Then, I was given a set of clas-sic red heels which were beautiful, but I feared if I’d be able to walk with them.
“You’re looking beautiful, ma’am” one of the ladies said and my cheeks flu-shed immediately.
I smiled and looked into the mirror.
Indeed, they made my appearance extraordinary.
“Thanks” I said, still looking into the mirror.
But, why do I have to appear this way?
Immediately, the door opened and I turned to see it was Damon.
Oh, damn!
That feeling I always get when he’s around me…
The make up artistes quic-kly bent their heads.
“Good evening sir” they greeted in obeisance.
He didn’t speak up immediately as he just leaned by the door.
“You can leave” he finally said icily and they all left the room, ma-king sure they didn’t t©uçh him while pas-sing throu-gh the door.
I bent my head nervously, not knowing what to say.
It’s a good thing the go-wn was able to cover the marks on my arm.
I really hope he doesn’t find out.
I didn’t hear anything from him for a long time and it got me curious.
Then, slowly, I decided to look at him and my eyes met with his icy gaze.
He was staring directly into my face.
I quic-kly took my eyes back to the floor; I could feel my heart beating like a p@rty drum.
Why’s he staring at me that way?
“Let’s go” he finally said and I lifted my eyes again to see him alre-ady walking out the door.
I took in a de-ep breath and clasping my palms together, I slowly followed him behind.
I trailed behind him and that was when I could have time to admire him.
He was dressed in all black – from head to toe.
Wow! But he looked extremely handsome.
We got to the parking lot and he entered a black jeep which I also did, sitting next to him at the back seat.
I felt so nervous – sitting this close to him. That cold aura surrounded him.
The driver got in and started the car and one other car followed behind.
But, where exactly are we going? What’s going on?
“We’re going for a p@rty” Damon suddenly said, re-ading my thoughts and I turned to look at him.
A p@rty? I thought.
To be continued…