Lucifer’s bride episode 12

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 12
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated ���
Roxanne’s POV
I turned to see who was calling me and surprisingly, it was…
“Naomi!” I g@sped.
“Roxanne” she called again, sounding surprised and we ran into each other’s arms.
Oh, my! I couldn”t believe it. The same lady that had been kind to me the first day I ran away from mum.
I never expected to see her here.
Oh! I forgot. She had told me she schooled here.
“Look at you, Roxanne. I mean…” she paused and scoffed, staring at me from head to toe.
“First of all, what happened? I couldn’t find you when we were done offloading the…”
“Yeah, I’m sorry. I…I had to leave” I cut in immediately,not wanting to talk about it.
“O…kay. but what happened? What are you doing here? I mean, you told me you didn’t school here” she asked.
“Yeah. Um…when I returned home, I convinced mum about it and she had me enrolled” I lied, feeling guilty.
I couldn’t possibly tell her about Damon.
“Oh! Your mum; Is she still giving you a ha-rd time? How’s she?” She asked and I sighed
“She’s fine” I bent my head and replied, beginning to feel the acrimony again.
“Alright then. So…This is your first day, right?” She asked.
“Yes. I’m…can you direct me to the principal’s office plea-se?”
“Sure. Of course. Come with me” she said with a smile and I nodded and walked along with her.
She kept bringing up little stories – mostly about the school – as she led me to the principal’s office and finally, we got there.
Luckily, she agreed to wait outside while I went into the face the principal who was a chubby looking man.
“Um…good morning sir” I said in obeisance as I stood in front of him.
He seemed busy as he rummaged some files on the table.
“Yeah, good morning” he replied simply, without looking at me.
I cleared my throat slightly.
“Um…I’m Roxanne…”
“Roxanne Myers?” He suddenly interpolated, giving me a quic-k look.
I pondered and nodded.
“Oh! Forgive my manners. Sir Damon told me about you alre-ady”.
He paused and brou-ght out a pink pretty bag.
“Everything you nee-d is alre-ady in it – mathematical instruments, books, your writing materials…just go throu-gh it and if there’s any other thing you nee-d, plea-se feel free to let me know and don’t get me into trouble with Damon” he said and I scoffed.
Is that how scared people are of him?
“Uh…Thank you sir” I said as I took the bag from the table.
“You’re welcome, pretty. You’re in grade 4. Um…You can ask that lady over there to lead you to it” he said, referring to Naomi.
I smiled and left the office.
“Hey, how did it go?” Naomi asked as soon as I stepped out.
“Yeah. It was fine. He um…said I should ask you for directions to grade 4” I replied.
“Grade 4? Is that really your grade? Oh, my! Roxanne, we share the same grade.” She said excitedly.
“Come on; you’ll love it”.
She was so happy as she took me to my new clas-sroom where I met lots of pretty and clas-sic looking students.
“Good thing there’s a vacant seat next to mine” she said ecstatically as she showed me to a place I could sit.
It was next to hers.
“Welcome to Glamour High, Roxanne. I’m so happy you are” she said and I just smiled.
If only she knew the pains I was going throu-gh. It was taking me a lot of efforts to act normal.
The school wasn’t that boring with Naomi by my side. She really kept me busy, telling me a lot of stories as well as the do’s and don’ts in the school.
She also talked about Damon and how dreamy he was. She was crushing so ha-rd on him and at some point, I thought to myself; was this the same guy that made me cry at home? Acting so heartless?
She insisted on showing me round the school, but as a result of my condition, I couldn’t walk that much so I had to decline.
She was kind of surprised and attested to the fact that I was acting strangely, but I just shrugged It off and told her I’d be fine.
I sat at the backseat as the driver drove into the estate. I bent my head as the fears returned again.
I was going back to Damon. Considering everything he’s done to me lately, I feel so scared being around him.
Although he’s undoubtedly charming and still be-dazzled me each time I saw him, I couldn’t help but think about the dangerous side of him.
The driver parked in the lot and I opened the door and c@m£ out of the car.
I hung my school bag on one arm and walked towards the house at a slow pace.
I got to the door and pushed it open and just as I stepped in, I accidentally bu-mped into someone who was trying to walk out the door.
Oh, my!
She was holding a glas-s of drink and it spilled on the floor.
“Hah” she g@sped.
“Oh, my! I’m so sorry. it wasn’t intentional. plea-se” I said immediately as she fixed her eyes on the content on the floor.
“Are you blind?” She asked blatantly, ma-king me gobsma-cked.
“Why weren’t you careful?” She added.
“But I…just apologised”
“Well, your apology isn’t gonna clean this mess, will it?” She asked angrily and walked away.
Geez! What the heck is that? Who’s she?
“Were you hurt?” I heard someone ask and Sally showed up immediately.
“Uh…” I paused and looked at the broken piece of glas-s on the floor.
“Who’s she?” I asked instead and she sighed.
“Heard her name is Shantel. She’s a new maid” she replied.
“New maid?” I asked.
“Yeah. Just c@m£ in this morning and is alre-ady being a pain in the as-s. I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with her” Sally replied, looking at the direction she had taken.
“Anyway, how’s school today?” She turned back to me and asked.
“it was fine” I replied perfunctorily
“Okay. You should probably go in and freshen up. I’ll just take care of this and join you later” she said and I nodded and left.
I walked into *my* room and plonked myself on the be-d with my bag beside me.
While I had been in school today, the idea of running away niggled at me. I was tem-pted to.
But I thought of mum.
I couldn’t leave her behind. Damon might kill her if I did.
And besides, he’s capable of tracing me easily. So, it was possible he might get me even if I ran away.
I sighed sadly. My life was a mess – right from day one.
I’ve been locked up for nineteen years and even when I finally had an opportunity to explore the world, I ran into the hands of the cruel King of hell.
Why does this have to happen to me?
I la-id upwards on the be-d and stared at the pretty ceiling and in a short while, I dozed off.
I was awoken by a hand tapping me and when I finally opened my eyes, I saw an unfamiliar lady standing in front of me.
“Sorry to disturb you, miss. But sir Damon wants you in his room immediately” the young lady said and left and my heart skipped.
Oh, mercies!.Damon?
I weakly sat up and felt tears building up in my eyes but tried not to let it out.
Is this going to happen again?
What does he want with me this time around?
I slowly stood on my feet and ambled to the door, trepidation gripping me. I felt so scared.
I Wouldn’t be able to bear beingfu-cked right now. I might just give up.
I opened the door and walked out of the room, headed for his.
I walked really slowly, feeling scared to get to his room. His t©uçh on me the previous night and this morning s£nt new shivers down my spine and I couldn’t help but act paranoid over it.
Suddenly, on my way there, I saw someone that gr!pp£dmy attention. It was the new maid – Shantel.
She was holding a tray containing a cu-p and suddenly, she st©pped.
I st©pped walking as I stood behind her. She was one pretty lady, but too rude for my liking.
She doesn’t even act like a maid.
I mean, she couldn’t clean off the drink when it spilled on the floor.
I kept watching her from behind and kind of wondered why she st©pped walking.
Immediately, she brou-ght out something from beneath her dress and sprinkled it into the cu-p she was holding.
What was that?
I quic-kly ran and stood behind a corner and just as if my stars had shun on me, she turned around to have a look but couldn’t see anyone since I was alre-ady hiding.
Then, she continued walking.
I c@m£ out from my hiding place and pondered over it. What could that be?
I started following her to know where she was headed and surprisingly, it was Damon’s room!
Yes, I saw her go into Damon’s room with it.
It’s obvious the drink was for him. But what did she put into it?
What’s going on?
To be continued…