Lucifer’s bride episode 11

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 11
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated 16+
Roxanne’s POV
I opened my eyes weakly and found myself lying on a be-d.
The ceiling was the first thing I could see and I could tell it looked different from the previous night’s own.
“You’re awake” I heard someone say and I lifted my head to see a young lady in the room, dusting some items.
I shut my eyes and opened them again and gro-an ed as I struggled to sit up.
Where was I?
I noticed terrible pains in my va**na and recalled the previous night incidence with Damon. Just thinking about it brou-ght tears to my eyes.
“Good morning, miss” the young girl in the room said as she took a tray of food from a big table close to her and c@m£ up to me on the be-d.
I looked around the room and noticed it was big and beautiful. But how did I get here?
“I’ve been waiting for you to come out of your pretty de-ep sleep. Here. You nee-d to eat. Sir Damon wants you to” shexh said and I stared at her.
“Damon?” I repeated.
Suddenly; hearing his name just makes me scared.
“Yeah. This will be your room…For now” she replied and I bent my head, sadly.
I recalled the horrible experience he made me pas-s throu-gh the previous night. I had pas-sed out during the process.
I couldn’t believe I was no longer a v**gin. He took my dignity without a second thought.
“It hurts right?” The lady beside me asked and I lifted my eyes to see her wearing a pathetic look.
“H-huh?” I possum, wiping the tear that escaped my eye.
“Having s3x for the first time” she replied and I lowered my gaze again.
“Don’t worry, I un-derstand. You’ll get used to it. Besides, you should be happy it’s someone like Damon. That’s most ladies dream – to be down there with him”.
I shut her a surprised stare. Is she for real?
I just lost my dignity f0rç£fully and she’s trying to make me feel lucky about it?
“Anyway, you should start eating immediately – Damon’s orders” she added and I looked down at the food.
It was bagel and cream cheese together with a separate plate of beef and it looked really delectable.
Why’s he giving this to me? I thought he was going to starve me.
The lady looked at me and gave me a prodding look and slowly, I started eating.
“So…I’m Sally and I work as a maid here” she said with a broad smile and I just nodded.
“And…you’re Roxanne, right?” She further asked.
She seems to be a talkative.
Too bad I’m not in the mood right now.
“Yeah” I simply said.
“Well…Welcome to Damon’s estate. You’re the first lady he’s ever given this special treatment – I mean, still keeping you even when he’s s3xed you alre-ady. Normally, he just uses and dumps. Doesn’tfu-ck a lady twice. It seems he has a special plan for you” she said while smiling and I shook my head.
Special plan indeed.
I started rushing the meal and that was because I was terribly hungry.
“Um…If I must say; you’re very pretty” she complimented and I flu-shed.
“T…Thanks” I replied a little bashfully and continued eating.
Suddenly, the door opened and a lady walked in, standing by the door.
The Sally girl immediately sprang on her feet.
“You’re not being paid to gossip around, Sally” the lady said churlishly, placing one of her hands at akimbo.
“I’m sorry” Sally replied and scuttled out of the room.
Huh? Whys she scared of her?
Hold on; I know this lady.
Yes! She was the same lady that had scolded me when I was admiring Damon’s frame yesterday – before he abducted me.
She had been so rude to me.
She finally left the door and walked in and another lady followed her behind, holding something that looked like clothes.
“Didn’t you learn manners from your mum? You should know how to greet” she said with a derogatory stare as she stood in front of me.
What exactly is her problem?
“Good morning” I looked down at my food and said and she heaved.
The lady that followed her into the room kept the clothes on the be-d and left.
“Hurry up with your meal. Take your bath and put these on. You’ll be going to school today” the rude lady said and I furrowed my brows at her.
Hold on; what did she just say?
“Don’t even think of asking me any dumb questions. It’s Damon’s idea. So, when you see him, feel free to ask” she said with an eye roll.
“Now hurry up and get your as-s re-ady cause you wouldn’t wanna get Damon angry” she added and started towards the door , but suddenly st©pped and turned back to me.
“If I were you, I’d just run away” she added and left.
I stared at the blank door for a while and didn’t know what to think.
*If I were you, I’d just run away*
I took my eyes to the clothes on the be-d and couldn’t comprehend what was going on.
Am I really going to school? B…But how?
I mean, why?
I nee-ded answers to my questions but decided to do as I was instructed.
I finished up my meal and went into the bathroom which was there in the room.
I had great difficulty walking and had to trudge along as a result of the pains I felt in between my legs.
I spent a long time in the bathroom because I nee-ded enough warm water to t©uçh my va**na as I la-id in the bathtub.
After a long while, I c@m£ out, dried my b©dy and wore the uniform I was asked to wear.
I was surprised to find a p*nt and br@ beneath it and I wore them on as well.
I wore the purple stocking and sneakers and went to stand in front of the mirror, staring at my reflective sombre image.
I let out a sad sigh. Where could mother be? What has Damon done to her? But…he told me if I followed his instructions, it’d guarantee her safety. That means she was still alive.
But where was she?
Oh, mother! I’m so sorry for putting you in trouble. If only you had explained things to me, I’d have stayed hidden with you.
But why did I have to be the daughter of such an evil man? According to mum’s story, she had no idea he was that evil before she got married to him.
If only she knew.
I bent my head and sighed again, wistfully.
Suddenly, the door opened and I looked throu-gh the mirror to see him coming in – Damon.
I g@sped as unhelpful conniption gr!pp£dme. You wouldn’t blame me.
I couldn’t even turn to look at him but just kept staring throu-gh the mirror.
He was putting on a black trou-ser and red T-shi-t that had the t©p bu-ttons opened, ex-posing his che-st.
His dark curly hair flopped across his left eye, giving him the perfect killing look. How could someone be this cute be so heartless?
The king of hell.
He walked levelly to where I was and stood behind me in front of the mirror.
I shivered as I felt his pres£nce and wished he’d just vanish.
He held me from behind and rested his head on my shoulder.
“What do you have to say about your new uniforms?” He asked in his normal gentle tone but I couldn’t even think of replying.
He used his left hand to t©uçh my tummy while he used the other to move my hair backwards.
“Don’t worry; you’re gonna like it there. My school’s the best in the country” he whispered into my ears and my eyes gleamed.
His school? I was going to his school?
He left my hair and planted a k!sson my n£¢k.
“I want you to explore the world. Feel free to run” he said and that was when It dawned on me.
Hold on; is he doing this because he wants to tempt me? He wants me to feel tem-pted to run away…so he could have enough reasons to punish me?
But. Mum…
I stared at him in disarray as he batted his long pretty eye lashes at me.
He gr@bb£d my b00bs and squee-zed them ti-ghtly In his hands.
I shut my eyes and tried not to m0@n .
I opened them after a while and found him staring at me.
He stared down at my b©dy and moved his hand down to my tummy again, giving me those uncanny feelings.
“Does it still hurt?” He asked in a whispered and our eyes got locked, staring into each other’s.
Slowly; he lifted my short flair Sk-irt and I g@sped and dilated my eyes in surprise.
What’s he doing?
I felt his hand on my ba-re bu**ocks as he reached for my p*nt and I flin-ched and tried to push him away, but noticed I couldn’t even turn around.
Oh, goodness! Not again;
My hands were stuck to the table and I gro-an ed as I tried to turn around, but to no avail. I couldn’t move.
I felt him pu-ll my p*nt down and busted into tears.
“plea-se don’t” I winced and he paused.
Oh, mercies! plea-se.
I watched him from the mirror as he looked down at my bu-tt then back at my face.
“I wasn’t gonna do it, but I told you; you don’t beg me” he said and pu-ll-ed down the p*nt and I whimpered.
No, no.
This cannot happen; not again.
I won’t be able to bear the pains.
I could only see his face from the mirror as he stood directly behind me but felt him un-hook his belt and pu-ll down his trou-ser.
He made me bend over on the table and there I felt him come into me from behind.
I screamed as the terrible pains c@m£ back again.
He gr!pp£dmy hair and thrû-sted into me and more tears kept streaming down my cheeks.
I could tell he was staring at me throu-gh the mirror, but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him as well.
I just bent my head and wept as hefu-cked me from behind and after some time, I felt a liquid pour inside of me before he pu-ll-ed out.
I g@sped when he did and he wore back his trou-sers and fixed my p*nt for me, bringing down my Sk-irt as well.
That was when I could finally move.
I turned immediately and looked at him but quic-kly took my eyes to the floor, re-leasing more tears.
I couldn’t believe he did it again.
For how long will I suffer this?
“Get that liquid off your face and come with me” he said and started walking out the door.
I slowly dried my face and followed him out, still sniffling.
The pains had become worst. But I was too shy and didn’t want it to be noticed by anyone. So, I tried all I could to walk properly.
I kept my head low as I followed him out of the house to the parking lot where numerous cars were parked.
“When you get there, head for the principal’s office and tell him who you are” he said coldly and one of the cars were opened for me by one of the boys there.
I didn’t say a word and just quietly walked into the car with my head bowed. I didn’t want him to see the tears forcing their ways down my face.
The door was locked as soon as I got in and the boy who had opened the door got into the driver’s seat and took off.
Immediately we set out on the road, I busted into tears, allowing the tears fall freely.
The driver kept staring at me from the car’s mirror, but I didn’t care. I just nee-ded to let out the tears.
I hated what I was going throu-gh. I hated what my life had become. Why did such fate have to be fall me?
I bent my head and wept throu-gh out the drive until the car c@m£ to a st©p and I lifted my head to see myself in a breathtaking place with young boys and girls like me moving around.
Is this the school?
I sniffed and wiped my face to have a proper look around.
In front of the mas-sive building was boldly written:
“We’re here ma’am” the driver said but I still remained in the car.
I felt scared and nervous going In.
There were lots of people, putting on the same uniform as mine.
How do I cope among them?
“Ma’am” the driver turned and looked at me and I sniffed and wiped my face properly.
Oh, goodness! There was no way out. But I don’t even have a single book; no bag.
Or is the principal expected to give them to me?
But how do I even locate his office? The place was so big.
I finally took In a de-ep breath and opened the door, coming out of the car.
I stood still and looked around; the entire place was so breathtaking. How could someone as young as Damon own such a place?
Is it as a result of his powers or what?
I looked left and right. Where do I go from here? How do I locate the principal’s office?
I folded my hands and taking in another de-ep breath, I started walking.
“Roxanne?” I heard someone call behind me and flin-ched.
Who could possibly know my name over here?
To be continued…