Lucifer’s bride episode 10

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 10
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Roxanne’s POV
“Take off your clothes” his words resounded in my head and I felt my heart skip.
I stared at him blankly, not knowing what to say or do.
What does he mean by that? He wants me go nak3d…In front of him?
Conniption gr!pp£dme as I moved backwards.
How can I do such a thing? Take off my clothes in front of a guy? Why?
What does he plan on doing to me?
I looked at him as he sat relaxed, his gaze on the floor.
Immediately, I ran for the door. I had to.
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, but when I got to it and tried opening it, it wouldn’t open up. It was locked.
Oh, mercies!
But I has seen him walk in throu-gh it. He wasn’t with any key. So, how come it’s locked?
I turned and looked back at him, my heart beating heavily.
He wasn’t staring at me.
Immediately, I felt a heavy choking in my throat.
I held my n£¢k as I fell on my knee, coughing uncontrollably. What’s happening to me?
“Do you really think you can run away from me?” He asked and the choking st©pped, but I still continued coughing.
I coughed for some time until it finally seized, but my head had become very h0t.
I lifted my eyes and looked at him – Damon – and he still maintained his still position.
“Get up” he said and I weakly stood on my feet, fear eating every p@rt of me.
“Don’t ever make me repeat myself else, I’ll feed you with your mother’s eyes.
Now, for the last time, take off your clothes” he said icily and tears c@m£ running down my cheeks.
I looked at myself down to my toes and imagined being nak3d in front of him.
What does he want to do to me?
Could it be possible he…
No; it can’t be true.
I looked at him in the face but couldn’t find a single remorse on It. I was scared of what might happen if he gets to repeat himself.
What do I do?
I slowly reached for the ti-p of my shi-t and felt so scared pu-lling it off.
Am I really doing this?
What’s gonna happen next? Why does he want to make me feel this humiliated?
I whimpered as finally lifted the shi-t, taking it above my head and pu-lling it off.
I still had my br@ on.
Then, I reached for the Zi-pper of my trou-ser and slowly Zi-pped it down, but couldn’t bring down the trou-ser.
I felt so scared. I can’t do this. I can’t.
“You can’t?” I heard him ask and lifted my eyes to look at him in shock.
How…How did he hear me?
Was I thinking out loud?
He gave me a stare that s£nt new scares down my blood and I didn’t realise when I took off the trou-ser.
I g@sped when I noticed I was almost standing stark nak3d in front of him.
My p*nt and br@ were the only things covering me.
Oh, goodness!
I couldn’t take them off.
There’s no way I could.
Immediately, I felt a sudden f0rç£ push me to the wall and i gro-an ed as I got pinned to it. I couldn’t move.
What’s happening?
I was now backing Damon as I was made to hvg the wall and I felt him stood up and c@m£ close to me.
He st©pped right behind me and un-hooked my br@.
Oh, mercies!
He un-hooked all the sides and it fell freely from my che-st.
Then, he s£nt his hand from my ba-re and traced them slowly to my che-st, pressing my b00bs lightly.
I couldn’t even move away from it.
“Your father” he whispered into my ears as he pressed my b00bs again.
“Hefu-cked my mother right in front of my eyes.
“I watched as she begged him to st©p, but he didn’t care. He’dfu-ck her till she pas-sed out.”
He moved his f!ngersfrom my b00bs and trailed them down to my abd0m£n. His ba-re t©uçh there made me shiver and I didn’t realise I was still shedding tears.
He kept moving his hands downward until they got to my p*nt and I didn’t realise when a “no” escaped myl-ips.
I felt him t©uçh my pu-ssy from outside and I closed my eyes and wept.
But, there was this new feelings – an unexpected feeling I got from it.
“You’re so ti-ght” he spoke softly.
“it’s gotta hurt”.
Next, he pushed me to the be-d and i fell,,laying upwards.
I winced and tried to leave the be-d but noticed I couldn’t move.
No; not again.
I tried but to no avail as I just felt stuck to the be-d. The only thing I could move was my face.
I turned to look at Damon and saw him taking off his jacket.
That was when trepidation really gr!pp£dme.
He took of his jacket and belt and c@m£ to me on the be-d.
“plea-se, don’t do this. I beg of you” I whimpered as he got on t©p of me.
He sighed and brushed his f!ngersinto my hair.
“One secret, Roxanne” he said.
“Don’t ever beg me”.
He went for my p*nt and pu-ll-ed it freely from my legs.
I closed my eyes and wept.
He brou-ght his face close to mine and just breathed on it.
Then, I felt him ru-bbing my v***na and it made me shiver.
What’s he doing to me?
I wanted to st©p him – hold his hand – bur when I tried to, I remembered I couldn’t move. He just made me vulnerable.
Oh, goodness.
I wish he’d listen to me.
I wish he’d st©p this.
I suddenly felt a strange pain in my pu-ssy and realised he had sli-pped in two f!ngersat a time.
I screamed as the pain drove me wild, but I couldn’t even move.
“No! plea-se” I cried out, forgetting he had told me never to beg him.
He moved the f!ngersin and out and all I could do was cry.
It was so painful.
He watched my face as I cried, like he enjoyed it.
Then, he st©pped after a while and brou-ght hisl-ips to my n£¢k, planting a little k!sson it.
My heart leapt when he left me and took off his trou-ser.
I opened my mouth wi-de agape as more tears c@m£ running down my cheeks.
Is he really going to do this to me?
He c@m£ back to me and pressed my b00bs this time around.
“I hope your father’s watching this” he whispered into my ears and next, I felt him pushing his ha-rd c**k into me and I shut my eyes and screamed out my lungs.
“No!!!” I cried at the t©p of my voice as I felt extreme pains like I’ve never felt in my entire life.
My head was burning. The pains drove me crazy.
I nee-ded to hold on to something; but unfortunately, my hands were stuck. I couldn’t move.
This was worst than torment.
He moved ha-rder into me and more tears c@m£ streaming down.
I felt the cut- a sharp cut in my v that almost made me wish for death.
All I could see and feel were pains. Nothing but excruciating pains.
He held onto my hair and started thrû-sting fas-ter – doubling the pains.
“plea-se, st©p it” I cried, but it only got worst.
His c**k felt so big and it was obvious he was purposefully being ha-rd on me to make me scream.
I know he asked me not to beg him, but I couldn’t help it. There was nothing else I could do.
I shut my eyes and cried as he took my innocence away.
Kaylan’s POV
I walked angrily into the throne room and stood before the elders as they sat beside the empty throne.
“Kaylan Cypher” the eldest of them called my name in full, but I kept my head bowed.
“Did you say Lucifer s£nt you back from earth when you went to deliver our message to him?” She asked.
“Yes, wise one. I had gone in the disguise of someone else and tried to s£dûç£him before using the knife on him, but being the kind of person he is, he still figured I was the one and s£nt me back here. He said he’s never going to leave until he’s found Gerald’s daughter” I replied with my head still bowed.
“What insolence!” The second roared.
“Didn’t you tell him Nicklaus had escaped and was pres£ntly on earth, searching for Gerald’s daughter as well?”
“I told him, wise one. But he’s determined and wouldn’t listen”. I replied and everywhere went dead silence for a while.
“Lucifer has given us more than we can chew” the eldest said again.
“He’s ignored us and left the throne empty for years. He’s violated the laws in so many ways. We nee-d a new King”.
The rest of the elders turned and looked at her in surprise.
“But, Laura” one of them called.
“You know we can’t have a new king unless the current one is dead”.
“Exactly my point” the eldest replied and the place shook.
I was f0rç£d to look at her.
“You…You want us to kill Lucifer?” The third elder asked.
“Yes! That’s just what he deserves for being so arrogant. It’s obvious he doesn’t care about the kingdom. So, we nee-d to kill him and Crown a new King.” She replied with authority.
“But, wise one, are you thinking straight?” I asked, trying not to sound abusive.
“We can’t kill Lucifer. He’s too powerful”.
“I can” we heard someone say from behind and I turned to see who it was.
What the heck???
She walked in majestically with a smile and stood beside me in front of the elders.
“Wise ones” she bowed and said.
“s£nd me to earth, and I promise to kill Lucifer and return with his heart”.
To be continued…