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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Living with the trio Episode 4 to 7

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🎷Living With The Trio🍢
🌺🌺[They owns us]🌺🌺

Chapter 4 🎻🎻🎻




🎯 Jett’s pov 🎯

I stood at the doorstep waiting for her to come out. I have to apologize for the kiss,, she must be upset now

The door opened

” Where is she?? “I asked when I saw one of the maids coming out of her room

” she’s dressing up,should I call her for you “she asked and I wanted to open the door when I stopped her

” no,you can go “I said, she bowed and left. Why am I feeling this way?? Though we’ve bought her and can do whatever we want with them but I still feel it isn’t right,,, maybe I should just forget it

I started walking, just few steps away when the door opened,,,, I turned to look at her

” you?? “She gasped as she stared at me,she looked pretty in the gown. My eyes went to her pink lips,,,, is it the same lips I kissed ??

” Hi “I said and Walked closer but she closer the door

Is she running away from me?? Oh God. I decided to go to my room.

🌸🌸🌸Ryan’s pov🌸🌸🌸

” mam “the driver greeted as he stopped at her front

” get thr black car “mom said and he left,,, turned to Tyler who was bush

operating his phone

” Where did you think we are going? “I asked him and he looked at me

” No clue “he answered,,,

” where are the girls ? “Mom asked as she came to us,wait!! Are they also coming with us,,, shit!

” I don’t know “I replied and looked at Tyler who kept his phone

” call them,I don’t want us to arrive there late “I nodded and made to move when Tyler stopped me

” I will go “he said and I gave him ‘what the f**k look’,,and still feeling mom’s stare on us,I let him go

I faced mom,,,

Thr driver parked the car before us and stepper out

“So where are you taking us? “I asked her taking her hands in mine,she smirked

” you’ll know when we get there “she looked at my hand,and patted it gently

🍀 Tyler’s pov🍀

The maid came back to me,I told her to tell them to meet me in the living room.
” Where are they? “I asked impatiently
” Here “she pointed and I looked up to see them coming down the stairs,, in the same purple-cloth
” You can go “I told her,she bowed and left. I faced them when they stopped at my front,,,

” We are going out with mom that’s why she choosed same clothes for you,and don’t forget the deal. Do what you can to make sure she doesn’t suspect this our plan,,, I hope you understand?? Let’s go “I said but couldn’t help but notice Macy.

She kept on adjusting her dress,I need to

find out who she really is.

😍Ma’am Selena’s pov😍

Tyler and the other two used the other car but I and the three girls are in one,,, now we are racing and of course, am the one driving the car

” Wow!! You’re really good at racing “Harper said and I smiled

” I was once good at racing and up till now,, I still love racing”I told them

” they are hear us “Avery alerted and I I increased the speed.

“Hurray!! We left them behind “they jumped up immediately we came out of the car

Soon, their car screened to a halt beside us and they came out,,I smiled

” I can’t believe you won”Jett said and came to kiss my forehead

” so now let’s go”

” I love this building “Avery said and we stopped walking

” this is one if our companies “I informed them and they wowed except Macy,, she haven’t said a word since

” we still have to go somewhere else “I said

” Anywhere you take us “Ryan replied and we head to thr car

” Are we going for a tour “Tyler rolled his eyes

🔫Daisy’s POV🔫

I watched as their car zoomed off, so this is where Macy is hiding.I have to tell the boss

I climbed the scooter and zoomed away

” where have you been?”Franco; the leader of the gang asked as u stepped in

” sorry boss “I bowed a little, my hands crosser behind my back.

” I found one of the pest “I finally said, still looking down

” really?? Which of them? “He asked as he took his seat,,he took his cocaine and sniff it in,,,

‘ Macy, just give me the permission. I’ll follow her and be her shadow ”

” I give you the permission. Don’t let her get away from you again “he said and I looked up

” never,, thanks boss “I bowed again and walked out of the house.


Chapter 6


😍Macy’s pov😍

I watched as she dropped the food on the table,I don’t even know what else to do,,,

” Come,just a minute please “I stopped her when she turned to go

” Okay mam”she came closer

” What do you know about the trio or maybe there is something that will be better if I know about it “I asked curiously and she lowered her gaze,sad or what??

” You can sit “I said pointing to the chair behind her,she sat down.

” Ma’am, the three are cool. Trust me but there was never a time when a girl come to visit them,and mam Selena always disturbs them about having girlfriends,,, child,that’s all I know ”

” Did you by any chances think I dress like an old woman?? “I asked, making her laugh

” it kinda cool,do you like anyone of them? “She asked and my eyes widened,,, why is she asking that question

” Yes,why??”

” I want to tell you something “she said,I nodded moved closer to her,she whispered it in my ear

” Really?? I’ll try that “I said and smiled

” Yes ma’am, so?? “She asked

” You can go,no more questions “I said,she bowed and I went out.

I laid on my back,feeling much better.I think now I have a chance with cause it’s like,,, am starting to love him.


💜Harper’s pov💜

I walked into the kitchen, today is our last day with the trio and I don’t want to leave,,, I took a knife and then put some vegetables in the tray.

” Good morning mam “a maid bowed,coming in.I looked at her,,

” Hi “I replied

” What did you want to eat,let me cook it “she said and I sighed,I guessed no one is allowed to work here.

” No,I’ll do that myself. Thanks “I said and she left while I go on with the slicing.

” Hey! “I heard his voice as he came in,I know it Tyler.

” Hi “I replied

” Don’t tell me you’re cooking,can’t the maids do it?? ”

” I can,cause it won’t be delicious like mine “I said. He sat on the cabinet.

” OK, we are eating it together. I want to know if you’re really good at cooking “he said

” Okay ”

He went to the fridge and poured himself a drink,I put the pot on fire and started the cooking.

” When is she leaving?? “I asked and that’s when he came back to his position

” In the next few hours,you can’t wait to go right? ”

🍢 Tyler’s pov🍢

” Not really,it amazing living with you guys,,but it’s just a day deal. What about Jett ? “She asked and u coughed, a fake one actually.

” What?? “She covered the pot and faced me.

” Nothing, do you like him?? “I asked and she nodded

” Yes ”

” like,you love him??”I asked again,,

” Tyler!!,,I don’t live him. I just like him cause it he’s cool and handsome ”

” What about me?? ”

” you’re also cool and cute “she said

” Really?? Nothing more??? “I asked anxiously,,,my gaze on her.

” Sure “she simply said.

” Ok,call me when the food is ready “I said,and dropped the cup.

” I will “she smiled, I walked out. Seriously,,, I acted like I was really expecting her to say something but isn’t it too early,,,

” Hey dude “Jett snapped

” Hey “I said and went to sit on the couch, next to him.

” Where is Ryan? We need to talk “he said

” I saw him upstairs a while ago “I replied

” I will go and call him “he stood up and I took the stairs. It like there is something I need to remember,, oh Macy!!

I brought out my phone from my pocket and dailed a number,,



📲I have a work for you

📲Really? What’s that??

📲i need you to find out someone’s identity

📲That’s simple,,,, just send me the details

📲I will do that now,make it snappy

📲Sure boss

I hanged up,,, I starter texting him all I know about her,,,

👑 Jett’s pov👑

I searched the living room but couldn’t find Ryan,, where could he be?? I decided to check the balcony, he might be there.

About a step to the open space,I heard a voice. Isn’t that Avery?? I peeped a little.

What?? It really her,,but who is she speaking with.

” I can’t do that, what if they find out “she said silently.

” No,no one must know about it “I heard her say again,I peeped in fully. She’s backing me but I just couldn’t see who she’s talking to,,,she suddenly looked back and I quickly leaned my back at the wall,,,

” Avery!!! “Ryan called,what???. What’s Ryan doing with her???.


Chapter 7💜💜💜


💞Avery’s pov💞

” Avery!! “Ryan called coming out,I quickly walked to him at the entrance

” Hi “I smiled

” You have to come downstairs, mom is ready to go “he said and I nodded,,

” You can go,,I will meet you guys there now “I said
” Okay “he said and left, I hurried to the balcony,,thank goodness,, she left already.

I went out nervously, I watched from afad as the driver put her luggage in the booth,,, I really can’t do this,,I have to tell Macy…

👻Franco’s pov👻

A knock came on the door….

” Come in “I said,the door opened and she walked in,,,
” Boss “she bowed
” Any news?? “I asked and sat down,I took a cigarette and light it.

” Yes boss,,when she ran away,she happened to land in the hand of Alora;who runs a club where ladies are sold,,,and from what I gathered it was the trio who bought her “she said

” So when is she coming back ?? “I asked, sniffing it in,,
” Very soon boss,one of them is ready to help us “she replied, her two hands behind her back.
” Better,cause I can’t wait for my daughter to return to me “I said.

No matter what, she will always come back to me,,,she can’t turn her back in me,,cause I’m her father.

🎯Jett’s pov🎯

We walked mom over to the car,we stopped walking and she turned to face us,,,

” I’m going to miss you all “she said and hugged me
” Am going to miss you too,mom “I said,as we unlocked from the hug,,she hugged Tyler and Ryan.
” Take care of yourselves,,”she said to the three girls,, they were standing beside us

” Yes mam “they said
” Bye “she said,the driver opened the car door and she went in,,
” Bye “we all waved,I sighed as her car finally went out of sight.

” You guys should prepare to go “I said and they looked at me,, I started walking away,,a little disappointed.

🎤Macy’s pov🎤

I went into my room sadky,I wore his favourite colour of cloth but he just didn’t notice me,,, maybe he can’t wait for us to leave.

I unzipped my travelling bag and put it on the bed,,I opened the wardrobe and brought out the little clothes I brought here,,,

I started arranging it in the bag,someone knocked the door

” Come in “I said and the person walked in,,
” Ma’am, the car is ready. May I help you with your bag? “She asked
“No,,thanks “I said,I closed the bag and made to move,,I stopped and looked around the room.

” Let’s go “I told her,I walked out and she closed the door,,I walked,, dragging the bag with me.


💓Harper’s pov💓

I went to the kitchen, I uncovered the food I kept for him,,I sighted the dustbin and poured it inside,,,

I dropped the plate and was about to move, I looked up and saw Tyler standing at the door side ,,,

” Why did you do that?? “He questioned, when I got to where he stood.
” It of no use now “I said, I looked at him and he made way for me,,I walked past him and went straight to my room.

I closed the door with my back rested on it,,a tears dropped down to my cheek.I went to stand before the mirror,,,

” Have you fallen for him??? He won’t even love you back “my inner mind scolded.
” No!!,,just shut up!!! “I half yelled before realising I was only talking to myself.

I packed my bag already, I carries it and went out of the room.
I got to the car and met the two of them already at the backseat,,

” let’s go “I said after putting my bag in the booth,I also entered the backseat with them,,sitting next to Macy. The driver turned on the ignition,,, the car started moving…

” Stop the car!!! “Someone shouted,, we turned back as the driver stopped.
” F**k “I said inwardly,,
” Wait!! “Ryan said,it turned out to be Tyler and Ryan,,, what else did they want???
” Here,,the rest of your money “Tyler said,,stretching out a cheque for us,,

” We don’t need your money “I said and looked away
” What about you,Macy?? “Ryan asked her
” I don’t want the money “she said
” Neither do I,,just keep it “Avery also said,,
” So,am sure we can go now “I said

” Sure “Tyler said and they moved back,the driver started the car and drove out of the masion.

Now am feeling really sad,living with the trio is fun more than I thought,, but now,,we have to leave.

😍 Macy’s pov

I stared at the space, in the next few hours,we should be with ma’am Alora,,I don’t even feel like going back there,but what can I do?? Am helpless,I can’t go back to that wicked father🙅

” Macy “Avery called me and I looked at her
” Yes? ”
” Look at the back “she said and I did, I faced her back.
” There is nothing,,,just a car behind us “I said and she shook her head.

” No,,there is something I would like to tell you “she said
” It a Lady, she’s here to take you back to your dad “she added

” What?? How on earth!!! “I gasped,, and looked at the back again,, Damn!!



Is she going to succeed in taking her back home?

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