Loving my best friend’s fiancee Episode 1 & 2

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*8:30pm, Val’s Ap@rtMENT*
*Queen narrates her side of the story*
‘’If only I had met you first’’ I heard him mutter as we shared an unplanned hvg. I quic-kly pu-ll-ed away from him, staring into his eyes as I composed myself, pretending to be uncomfortable with the hvg we just shared. I could feel my n!ppl!s itch.
‘’Val we shouldn’t be getting too close. It’s getting unhealthy” I heard myself breathe. de-ep down I wanted more than just that hvg from him.
Val was a neighbor who moved into the compound the previous year. He was my girlfriend’s fiancé and I helped him secure the ap@rtment which kind of made us close. He was a nice gentleman, charming and a good listener. Whenever I had problems with my computer, or any research stuff in the internet he had his way of helping out with a smile. Slowly and unintentionally I found myself getting too close to him that was necessary to the extent that I felt comfortable sharing most of my inti-mate secrets with him and he always kept them safe for me, a quality that’s lacking these days.
I enjoyed the evenings I spent with him. The stories, the pla-ys, and care he showed me. Slowly and unexpectedly the affection started developing much more than it should which was so very wrong because he was engaged to a very nice lady who I valued like a sister.
I knew Val equally felt the same way I felt throu-gh his actions and with the way he looked at me most times and I knew if not for his fiancée we would have started a booming relationsh!p. His hvg that very evening was so unexpected, even though I liked the feeling, it proved all my suspicions.
‘’why did you make that comment?, are you having doubts about Clara?’’ I curiously asked.
‘’no not at all, just that sometimes I get confused. I love Clara. She hasn’t offended me in any way, but I’m beginning to feel something strong as well for you, which shouldn’t be. You are just her best friend. I don’t know. I’m sorry for what I just did’’ he confessed and apologized.
‘’I think distance is affecting your relationsh!pwith her. You guys should find a way to be closer’’ I softly advised.
‘’Queen you know she has a good job in UNTH Enugu as a nurse. We can’t afford her losing the job for my own selfishness. I can’t join her in Enugu either, because of the small job I’m managing here in Owerri’’ he explained.
‘’well I think it’s better we st©p seeing each other frequently. Maybe once in a week should be better, so we don’t end up ma-king a mistake’’ I suggested while he held me strongly. I felt his t©uçh, the heat of pas-sion between us, and the fire in our eyes, the burning de-sire between us was so much intense. I loved this guy, I wanted him for myself but I couldn’t betray my friend, I couldn’t betray myself. I was better than that but I just couldn’t explain what was happening inside of me. I quic-kly tried to free myself from his grasp but he held ti-ghter. This time my un-derwear was we-t with my fluid.
‘’I have to go. Goodnight’’ I breathed without moving an inch; he closed in one more time and k!$$£d me h0tly. I had never felt how I felt that moment all my life. I wanted him but it was wrong, this wasn’t supposed to happen.
All hell soon broke loose.
I found myself on the floor as he k!$$£d and undressed me; I managed to beg him to st©p without struggling with him or pushing him away. I was only we-t with de-sire. I nee-ded him just as much as he nee-ded me. My whole b©dy was on fire.
‘’why are you doing this Val?’’ I asked as I felt him gently pene-trateme, s£nding a surge of current inside me. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I m0@n ed out loud, encouraging him with my outbur-st. That moment the consequence of what we were doing was so far from our heads. It was as if we were the only two people in the world. It was so sweet, so heavenly, so wondrous.
It was a long ride throu-gh Sodom and Gomorrah , finally everywhere soon bec@m£ quiet as we la-id exhausted beside each other.
‘’I guess you are happy now?’’ I managed to ask him as I gathered my strength. I pretended to be hurt with what he just did, trying to l@ythey whole blame on him.
‘’I’m so sorry Queen. I just couldn’t help myself’’ I heard him apologize while I sat up to dress.
‘’so what happens from now onwards huh?. You pretend like nothing happened and continue your relationsh!pwith your fiancée?’’ I asked. He looked genuinely worried.
‘’plea-se it’s better we stay away from each other. You have finally gotten what you always wanted. Good night’’ I uttered with a slightly raised voice as I walked out of his ap@rtment, expecting him to come after me but he didn’t.
Yes I enjoyed the pas-sionate moment we shared but at the same time de-eply hurt and displea-sed with myself. I felt so cheap, so hurt and so ashamed of myself. I couldn’t imagine how I would face him the next day. I couldn’t imagine how I would look my friend in the face when she shows up. My soul was lost but my b©dy totally satisfied.
*Queen’s side of the story continues*
I managed to avoid Val the next day and the rest of the week. He too didn’t bother checking up on me and I couldn’t help but wonder if all he wanted from me was the S-x he just got or if he actually cared about me like he said. Of course I was greatly surprised he never bothered to check up on me, not even a single call or message from him showed up on my phone.
It’s pointless describing the state of my mind that moment. I just wasn’t reasoning well and it was best I stayed away from him even though it was hurting to know that he wasn’t ma-king any effort to get in t©uçh with me.
Weekend soon approached with the event I so much dre-aded. Clara arrived town in her usual lively spirit, trying to involve me in all her plans. I managed to avoid her on Friday she arrived town but on Saturday morning, she showed up at my ap@rtment. I had no choice but to reluctantly let her in after allowing her to ban-g on my door for several minutes.
‘’don’t tell me you are still slee-ping by this time’’ she asked as she walked in. I f0rç£d out a smile.
‘’you look somehow, is it stress or sleep?’’ She asked inquisitively as I shook my head.
‘’anyway Val told me you took good care of him as usual. Thanks dearie, at least knowing you are close by settles my mind even when I don’t show up for weeks. I know he can never misbehave or carry any woman un-der your watchful eyes’’ she joked. I f0rç£d out a smile.
‘’guess what? We are going to see Mercy Johnson’s latest movie and yes you are coming along with us. So if you have any plans for today better cancel them for me’’ she poured out happily. I just didn’t know what to say at that moment. My conscience was hurting, the idea of staying close to Val again was frightening, my composure was so in disarray.
‘’I hope all is well?’’ I heard her ask one more time. I nodded with a f0rç£d smile.
‘’yes of course there is something else I wish to seek your advise on?’’ she suddenly added, drawing up my curiosity.
‘’is it wise getting pregnant for Val before white wedding?. He’s insisting I get pregnant before any other thing is done since he has alre-ady done the introduction but you know I have always been against getting pregnant before wedlock. I have always preached against it and now I’m facing a similar situation’’ she opened up.
‘’well if he’s re-ady to go ahead with the wedding plans as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. As in he’s re-ady to get married within one month of confirmation. I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Nob©dy will notice’’ I managed to advice.
‘’I don’t know. I’m not comfortable with the condition’’ she shrugged.
Seeing a movie with Val and Clara by my side was one of the most uncomfortable experience I had ever been in. the movie was an interesting one but my heart kept pounding all throu-gh that I regretted accepting to go out with them. I just had to because of my friend. I just had to behave like I used to in order for her not to notice the tension between her fiancée and i. Clara was a very s-en-sitive lady and I knew any mistake from my p@rt could s£nd her curiosity high. Val in his own p@rt acted as if all was well. He managed to even compliment my outfit and with his behavior, no one would ever suspect we had S-x a couple of days ago. Men could be deceptive no matter how innocent they looked. I felt sorry for Clara, a p@rt of me wanted to open up to her but I nee-ded no telling that it was suicidal. What I did was an unforgivable sin no lady would ever take. Notwithstanding the situation, I still secretly yearned for him, much to my disgust I wanted to experience the feeling I had days back one more time.
In summary I felt disgusted over the sin I committed but couldn’t help but want the feeling once again, just like an add!çt. If only I had a b©yfri£ndat that stage perhaps I wouldn’t be feeling how I felt but my last relationsh!pleft a terrible taste in my mouth, I never knew I was d@t!nga married man till three months into the relationsh!pand since then had kept all my male friends and admirers at arm’s length till Val’s temptation.
After the movie as we left the cinema, Clara excused us to go to the ladies room, leaving Val and I together. I tried my best to keep cool.
‘’I hope you feel better now?. I just had to stay away so you could have your moment, cool down and let what happened between us settle’’ I heard him say softly. I looked away, saying nothing to him.
‘’am I still free to call, text and check up on you occasionally?’’ he asked. I said nothing.
‘’I know I did wrong and I’m so sorry. Just say the word and I will never bother you anymore unless Clara is around’’ he pleaded. I still said nothing. He smiled.
‘’your silence means I’m free to check up on you’’ he added after some seconds of silence between us. I still said nothing. Perhaps it would have been the right moment to shut him out of my life, to tell him to keep his distance but I didn’t.
‘’Clara is leaving tomorrow, I will come over to your place as soon as she leaves. I really want us to sort this thing out’’ he added. I still said no word.
The next day, *just like he promised, at exactly 3pm the next day, *I heard a knock on *my door and it was no other person but VAL and I let him in.
The feeling was growing, the pas-sion*** getting higher and the fire inside of my pri-vates getting h0tter. Who else to be blamed but Val. He was taking advantage of my urges and getting careless with everything.
We both deserved each other and Clara deserved someone better. I soon started having ideas.
How do I expo-se Val to save my friend while appearing innocent and finally cornering him for myself afterwards??
I thought of how best to expo-se my affair with Val without implicating myself and couldn’t find any reasonable way. I was in love with Val, I wasn’t reasoning appropriately but then I equally realized he wasn’t ma-king any future plans for me. It was all about the S-x and nothing else. He was still very much strongly committed to Clara and the more their commitment to each other grew I couldn’t help but develop a strange kind of res£ntment for my friend.
Days soon grew into weeks and our illicit affair continued with Val slee-ping with me every other night. I soon got used to his pres£nce, his care-sses, hisl-ips and his forepla-y. He was go good at everything. Every night by night he took me throu-gh the current of great o—-m most especially when he worked on my pvzzywith hisl-ips. It was always a screaming session for me as he li-cked, s—-d and bit down there while I sang his praises over and over.
Which woman would want to leave such guy? Definitely not an emotional woman like me.

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