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loving again episode 38



🌻A nanny for Mia 🌻

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful ✍️

©️ Spark’s libary 🌹

🌹 Episode 38🌹

” Against the lovers”

❤️ Emma’s POV ❤️

” Mia that’s not the way you write the alphabet Q ” I said and she frowned cutely. ” But nanny that’s how my teacher writes it ” Mia said clerverly trying to put the blame on her teacher and I chuckled . She’s way too smart for a age .

” Baby when you do something wrong, always accept your mistakes so you can do better next time” I said and she looked guilty. ” Sorry nanny , alphabet Q is just so [email protected] to write ” she said and just then I heard the clicking of heels .

I looked up and saw constancia catwalking in like she owned the mansion. She was dressed in a white big shirt and black heels . She looks like she came for war .

” Good morning ma’am constancia ” I said and she glared at me . She looked at me from head to toe like I was some piece of trash .

” What the hell are you doing in this mansion ? ” She asked and I frowned .

I took a deep breath and decided to answer her camly because I know she’s obviously here for war .

” I’m Mia’s nanny ,I thought Alex told you that the other day” I said and her eyes burned in anger

” He’s your boss and you call him by his name ? How unprofessional you little slut . How dare you even think of fu-cking my man ” she snapped and I felt anger at the pit of my stomach.

” Constancia with all due respect , there’s a kid here , plus Alex is not around ,cause I’m sure you came here to shout at him” I said and she lost it.

” Stay away from Alexander if you know what’s good for you or I’ll fu-cking kill you ” she threatened and Mia’s eyes widened in fear as she moved closer to me .

” Baby go upstairs I’ll come after you” I said and she shook her head.

” No mom I’m not living you aunty constancia she’s a very bad lady ” Mia said and constancia’s jaw dropped .

” Go upstairs Mia ” I said strictly and she ran up.

I decided to avoid constancia and leave ,but as I picked Mia’s text books to leave ,she grabbed me by the hair from behind.

” Aaahr ” I yelped in pain as I saw red . I turned and grabbed her too by the hair .

” Aahr you slut ,let go of me ” she said and I removed my hands from her. She still attacked me and Alex came home right that minute.

” Constancia what the hell ” he snapped and pushed her from me . ” I’ll fu-cking kill you” she yelled and I just ignored her.

” Love are you okay ” Alex asked worriedly and I didn’t bother to answer him because I was filled with rage .

” Lexy baby what did you just call this slave ? Constancia asked panicking.

” Constancia she’s my girlfriend and I would love it if you stay in your limits I won’t appreciate you doing this next time ” he snapped at her and she burst into tears as she angrily ran to attack me, she slapped and Alex stopped me from hitting her back.

” Love calm down” he said but I kept struggling in his arms.

” Alex let go of me ,I need to hit her back ” I said as I struggled with him . I realized myself from his grip and attacked her .

” Emerson ” he yelled immediately I hit her back and grabbed my hands.

” Go upstairs ” he orders and I felt angry tears in my eyes. I don’t get angry easily,but when I do , I’m so out of control .

I glared at constancia as she pointed at me. ” Stay away from Alexander if you know what’s good for you ” she threatened.

” Constancia stop this madness for God’s sake. Emma is my girlfriend , your just my sister in-law. Get it into your tick skull ” Alex said as he held me in his arms and she cried.

” Lexy you choose this girl over me ? What does she have that I don’t ? Why can’t you just love me ” she cried hysterically.

” Please leave constancia ” he said and she glared at me before turning to him.

” I swear alex if I can’t have you,no one will ” she said and left angrily.

” Love ….” Alex tried to stop me but I went upstairs angrily.

👩‍🦰 Stephanie’s POV 👠

” I told you she’ll try to bully you , constancia is such a bitch . ” I said to Emma over the phone. I can’t believe constancia stoop so lows to do that , it’s not even up to a month Alex and Emma started dating and they already have a velian on their love story ,this is just so fu-cked up.

” Emma calm down , I’m quiet suprised you have an angry side , I can feel your anger right now ” I said with a Chuckle and she laughed .

I heard someone walk in and turn . I looked at the person in shock. ” I’ll call you back Emma ” I said and looked at him with a frown.

” What are you doing here Charles”
I snapped at my boyfriend and his jaw dropped.

” Love I’m sorry okay, I didn’t mean to stay this long before coming to apologise , I tried to call several times but you wouldn’t pick up, I was outta the country” he said and I looked away.

” Didn’t you say we needed a break ? I asked smirking and rubbed his back hair nervously.

” I’m sorry, okay I just wanted you to learn that everyone is equal ,be it poor or rich ” he said and I smiled.

” I’m sorry for my attitude that day at the brunch , I should have tried to know Emma that time before concluding . But don’t worry I’ve sought things out with her and it won’t happen again” I said and he klzzed my forehead with a smile on his face.

I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life , and Charles has made me a better version of myself .

🖤 Erik’s POV 🖤

I stood outside Alexander’s mansion viewing around . The guy sure has taste and standard of security but I’m going to find a means to attack on him . Just then I saw a lady walk out of the mansion crying bitterly she walked over to her car and kicked while hitting hear it with her bag.

” I hate you Alexander ” she screamed crying bitterly and I smirked.

I walked over to her and I must say she looked beautiful and se-xy .

” Hey ” I said and she cried . ” I’ll kill them , I won’t let them stay happily while I Roth in pain ” she said and I smiled.

” Oh don’t be childish. I want Emma and you want Alexander , I can make that happen . ” I said and she stopped crying immediately.

” How ? She asked and I smiled.

” Are you in or not ? I asked and extend my hand for a shake .

” I’m in ” she said and shook my hand with a smirk on her l!ps.

Alexander won’t know what hit him .

❤️ Emma’s POV ❤️

I talked Mia to bed and walked over to my room to see Alex on my bed dressed in red shirt and jeans with white Converse he looked hell se-xy .

” What are you doing in my room ” I said and he stood up.

” Love are you still mad at me ? I’m sorry okay , I didn’t know constancia would come and act like that ” he said and I frowned.

” That’s not why I’m mad at you , you should have let me beat her up , that constancia thinks she’s all high and mighty , she doesn’t know everyone has a bad side ” I said and he chuckled.

” But baby I you didn’t tell me you are a chief kungfu mistress ” he said laughing and I ignored him .

” Okay I’m sorry , baby my sweet heart ,my only girlfriend ” he said and tried to pull me close but I glared at him.

” Don’t try to act sweet it’s not working ” I snapped and his jaw dropped .

” Okay come let’s go out ” he said and I looked at my outfit. I’m just in a red short jumpsuit and white fl!p-flops.

” Alex I’m so not going out in this outfit” I said and he chuckled. ” C’mon it’s not that short , and if any guy tries to look at you , I’ll finish him ” he said dramatically and I burst out laughing.


” Where exactly are we going ? I asked and he smiled. ” A bike ride trust me it’s gonna be fun ” he said and I chuckled.

” You have a bike ? I thought you only kept cars as your babies ” I said and he gave a nod .

” So you’re trying to make up for the fact that your didn’t let me beat up constancia” I said and he blushed.

” Oh my God, did you just blush ? I teased.

” No” he denied Making me laugh.

We walked over to the car and he sat down on it . Gosh he so looks like a bad boy right now . I sat down and put my hands around him .

” Get ready princess ,for you are about to go on a ride of your life ” he said and I laughed as he drove of.

” Woah……this is amazing ” I screamed happily Making him chuckle .

We drove for a while before , we decided to just roam around. ” Did you enjoy the ride ” Alex asked as he joined our hands together.

” Ya it was fun and..omg..” I screamed in excitement.

“What is it love ? Alex asked panicking and I flashed him a grin .

” Ooops sorry for screaming like that , I just got really excited seeing that ” I said pointing at a road side shade ,where a man was roasting beef sticks.

😋😋” I can already imagine how delicious it’ll be.. my mouth is watering” I screamed and tried running towards it and he pulled me back .

” Then dry that mouth of yours because we aren’t eating on a random road side stall. Don’t start your craziness Emma ” he said and I frowned.

” C’mon Alex you can’t do this to me , I have to eat that ,or so help you God ” I said annoyed.

” Baby look , that meat is so unhygienic , we don’t even know where it has been” he explained.

” More of a reason why I should eat it” I said smiling and his jaw dropped.

” Baby look at me , please don’t eat it if you want meat , we can go to a five star restaurant I promise I’ll get a professional clean chef get it for you” he explained softly like he was talking to a three years old.

” I’ll still eat the meat love ” I said and he gave up arguing as I pulled him with me to the stall .

” Good evening Mr , can I have two sticks pls ? I said and he made a face .

” There’s no way on Earth I’m eating street food Emma ” he said and I rolled my eyes.

” Leave my boyfriend sir , he’s acting posh , he’s a spoilt rich kid . Just give me ” I said and took the food .

” Oh this is heaven ” I m-oaned as I ate , purposely m-oaning .

” This is delicious ” I said and the vendor gave a smile.

” Is it really delicious ” Alex asked curiously and I bit my l!ps to stop myself from smiling.

” You can try it out ” I said and gave him a stick .

Before I could tell him it was hot , he already place it on his tongue. ” Ahhh ” he hissed and I chuckled . He’s so cute.

” Wait baby ” I said and blew on it before giving it to him . I and the vendor looked at him curiously as he ate from the stick.


” Wow … it’s nice ,can I have two more ? He asked as he opened his wallet and I looked at him in shock.

🤔Am I dreaming ?

He ate from the second stick and bought two more ?

What has possessed my boyfriend ?

I watched him lick his hands and my jaw dropped . Alex never does that , he finds it irritating to lick hands 🙆🙆🙆

My boyfriend has gone crazy .

” Can I have five more sticks ? He asked and Walked to his bench to wait.

” Sir what ingridient did you add in the beef ? I asked and the man burst out laughing.

” Nothing ma’am ” he said and I watched in shock as Alex came back with his plate.

” Sir this is so delicious , I could probably klzz your f!ng£rs for this , give me 3 more ” he said

” WHAT” I and the vendor screamed together and he frowned.

” Baby you can’t too much like this ” I said and he frowned.

” Why ? what’s wrong ” he asked and I glanced at the vendor who gave me a helpless look.

He handed some notes to him and smiled. ” You can keep the balance” he said.

I have just initiated my boyfriend to the brotherhood of street food earters😭

How can I tell him he might visit the toilet the whole night 🤷

😊This is the first time I’m seeing him so carefree and happy .

” I’m so filled” he said patting his stomach. He walked over to the vendor and handed him more notes.

” Thank you” he said and the man looked shocked at his humbleness.

” C’mon love let’s go home ” I said and he gave a nod .

He kept talking about the meat on our way home , Making me laugh happily.


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