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loving again episode 36



🌻a nanny for Mia 🌻

✍️by authoress lenity Faithful ✍️

©️ Spark’libary ✨

🌹 Episode 36🌹

” ruin her life ”

👴papa phill!pe’s POV 👴

” good morning Papa ,phill!pe mama Ingrid” Alexander greeted Ingrid and I as he joined us in the kitchen I was having my morning coffee and Ingrid was making pancakes whilst waiting for Lola ,and Dan was having breakfast already since he would be driving Alex to work. ” good morning Alexander how was your night ? Ingrid asked naughtily and he smiled brightly. ” it was wonderful . guys I wanted to tell you something important ..” he said and we gave him our attention while Daniel continued his meal. ” well Emma and I are dating ” he said and Ingrid screamed in excitement while I chuckled Dan turned his attention to us. and smiled happily.

” Dan why are you more excited than I am ? are you the one dating me ? Alex asked naughtily and he shook his head immediately Making all of us laugh out loud. we heard chuckles from behind the door and all of us turned. ” Loli Lola I know you’re eavesdropping you can come out now” Alex said strictly and they both walked out in shame , blushing in [email protected] ” you girls can never change ” he teased Making everyone Burst out laughing.

🔥 Brandon’s POV 🧡

Mildred has been avoiding me more seriously now after the stunt Lauren pulled the other day . buh the the thing is how is it my fault that my ex showed up ? she likes me but she keeps pretending she feels nothing for me it’s fu-cking driving me insane. I saw her walking towards the store room and followed her .

” Mildred ” I said and cornered her as she turns to leave and I placed both my hands on the wall cadging her in between. ” Brandon let go of me this instant ” she said buh I could hear her heart beating crazily in her chest . ” and if I don’t ? I said with a smirk on my face .

” Brandon I’m not in the mood for this ” she said angrily. ” why because you get turned on each time I get so close to you ? I asked and her eyes widened . ” Because your scared of your bodies reaction to my touch ? or the fact that you have feelings for me ? your a pretender Mildred , a coward ” I said and she slapped me [email protected] on the cheek . ” don’t you dare call me a pretender brand because your the biggest pretender a lier a fu-ck boy …” she was saying but I caught her shut by slamming my l!ps on hers . she immediately responds to my klzz and I lift her up in my arms placing her on the desk . ” b…” she m-oaned as klzzed my way down her neck . ” you have feelings for me Mildred ,why do you keep fighting it ? what I feel for you is genuine I swear just give me a chance ,you can kill me if I mess up ” I said and she smiled .

” I’ll cut of your balls if you even think of some one else” she said and I gave a nod .

” so are you my girlfriend now ? I asked and she placed her l!ps on mine sealing the deal.

👩‍🦰 NADINE’S POV 👩‍🦰

I walked outta my room and towards my daughter constancia’s room , I was about to knock on the door when I heard sounds of m-oans ” aaah yes r…ght…there … it like you…mean it aahhhh” I rubbed my forehead in frustration at the thought that she’s currently having se-x when I’m in the mansion no ounce of respect for me as her mother .

Constancia is nothing like my late eldest daughter Diana . Diana was the bright loving kind beautiful daughter the caring one who was ready to the anything to help those who are in need . I still remember how I got both my daughters , I lived a rough life as a teenager , things where so [email protected] for me and my mother after my father dumped her , we where barely eating our three square meals . things got worse when I had to drop out of school immediately mom found out she has cancer . at the age of 17 I got into prostitution to feed my mom and myself mom died three years later and that’s when I met Diana’s father , a rich politician who just wanted a young woman to warm his bed , I slept with him as his mistress for 6 months and at the end of the contract , I realized I was pregnant with Diana , I went back but he wouldn’t hear of it , he said he had a family and public image to keep . I left in silence and tried to start life over a year later a met constancia’s father while working as a stripper he lured me with money and made me sell drugs , when I found out I had constancia and he was a leader of a human trafficking syndicate I ran for my dear life .

I brought up my two girls on my own , I met Mr Steven pierce some years later my kids where already in highschool when we got married . he likes constancia buh never really liked Diana , I don’t understand his bond with constancia but he doesn’t even treat me with that much love maybe it’s because I could never bear him children, he beats me up whenever he wants rap-e s me on his own accord to his satisfaction . I miss my Diana so much ,she was the only good thing that ever happened to me , I thought as I wiped my tears.

I was still thinking of my predicament when constancia strolled out of her room with a cigarette in her hand wearing almost nothing . the guy in her room walked out belting his jeans and I looked at both of them in disgust . ” I’ll see you later Jax ” she said to her se-x toy and he klzzed her neck before leaving .

” constancia you are one hell of a disgusting woman , you smoke like hell and act like a fu-cking whore ” I said angrily and she burst out laughing like a maniac . I shook my head in disgust . ” you think I’m a whore mom ? what would I think you are then ? she asked walking close to me and I glared daggers at her . ” you are the biggest shameless whore in the universe so mind your damn business” she said .

” I feel so ashamed that I bare a daughter like you ” I yelled.

” do I look like I care ? I don’t care mom , I don’t !! Diana was your favorite daughter everything Diana Diana Diana , best student Diana , best daughter Diana best wife Diana ….she’s finally dead and I can’t still he happy 😭 you still fu-cking compare me to her ghost . the man I love still loves that useless bitch Diana ” she yelled crying in frustration and I smirk.

” what a pity constancia , because Alexander will never be yours , he’ll fall in love with someone else and you’ll wrath in your wicked ways ” I said and she grabs my neck so tight I could feel tears rolling outta my eyes as I struggled to breath . ” Alex is…mine mine mine mine …. I’ll kill who ever tried to take him from me ” she said gritting her teeth whilst acting like a psychopath. she left me and I coughed as blood dropped from my nose , she smoked like a dragon and poured the flames on my face . I cried in pain .

❤️ EMMA’S POV ❤️

I helped Lola caught the onions and she was giving me teasing looks alongside Loli . ” wait why are the both of you staring at me with such creepy smiles on your faces ? I asked and they chuckled. ” so when where you planning on telling us ? Loli asked and I looked at both of them in shock . ” ooh I..i.i was not ready to hear your teasing okay ..buh I would have told you eventually ‘ I said and they squiled. ” you guys look so good together … I’m so happy for the both of you ” Lola said pouring I blushed red.

” hey love ” Alex said and walked into the kitchen and I blushed red . seriously when did he get back from the office ? he was already dressed in his night wear of plain white shirt and black track [email protected] . with black diamond laid fancy sl!ppers. ” he peked my cheeks and the girls where giving me teasing looks .

😮Alex is such a tease 😮

he hugged me from behind while I continued cutting tomatoes for Lola . ” Alex they’re watching us ..” I whispered shyly and he chuckled ” so ? he said smiling. ” love I’ll klzz you if you continue tempting me with that blush of yours ” he said and I blushed redder.

” sir we’ll just escuse you guys ” Loli said with a naug-hty smile and they both left chuckling. ” Alex that was so [email protected] do you know how badly they’ll tease me now ” I said and he burst out laughing .

” o c’mon I’m sure they know we won’t do anything other than klzzing of cause ” he said and I raised my eyebrows .

” oh really ? and who told you we would be klzzing anyways ? I asked and he frowned .

” what you can’t do this to me , we have to klzz at every giving moment ” he said convincing me and I burst out laughing at his cuteness .

my boyfriend’s is something else , I just pray nothing ever comes between us , because I’ll go insane if Alex and I ever even think of breaking up and it scares the shit outta me .


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