love within episode 15 & 16


(can we ever be together?)

Episode 15&16



Jenni was still on the floor crying when Jay came back.

“have this, go in and change . I will wait for you here “he said

“why are you doing this ?” she asked

“just go in and change your clothes” he replied and stare at her

“I will be fine . just go the physics class must have started” she muttered

“are you going in or you just want the both of us to stay here ?” he asked and she stood up and went in .

he sigh and roughed his head leaning his back on the wall.

” I have never done that ” he thought

after sometime she finally came out and stood there without him noticing.

“I’m done ” she said nervously

“let’s go ” he said and held her hand as they both walked back to class

“why I’m I feeling this way whenever we are this close ” she thought and smile .

“why are you smiling” Jayden asked and she looked up surprisedly


“you suddenly stopped walking and then started smiling to yourself” he replied

“I’m so….sorry ” she muttered and they walked hand in hand into the class .

👥 they look good
👥she looks so ugly with those glasses
👥 I can’t hold hand with an animal tho
👥 how does he even manage to stay that close to her ?

Riley looked up at him while trying to removed her hand ,but he held it tight and walked her to her seat before going to his

” I hate her” Anna muttered angrily

“same here ” Amy replied and scoffed throwing daggers at Riley with her eyes

“can you two just stop talking” Kim yelled and they flinched.

the physics teacher came in and the class started as usual but the Atmosphere was a little bit off today .


after the last class , Kim walked out angrily while Anna rushed after her .

“see you tomorrow Amy” she waved and ran off

“what tommorow? oh yeah I almost forgot about it . I guess she’s really mad about what happened today ” Amy muttered and sigh before also leaving the class

” we are gonna see tommorow right?” Carl asked but got no response

“what are you gonna do about the whole drama?” Karen asked

“what drama ?” he asked

“stop acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about. of course you know I’m talking about you dad ” Karen said

“I don’t know ” he replied like he don’t care

” I don’t wanna imagine what he is going to do to you ” Carl said

” I will be fine ” he muttered and looked at Riley who was sleeping with her head on her desk .

“c’mon lets go ” Karen replied and stood up

“hey do you still wanna stay here ?” Carl asked Jay who wasn’t even making any attempt to go home

” oh Riley is still asleep? why don’t you wake her up ?” Carl said

“just go if you want to ,it not like we are going the same way ” he replied

“Karen let’s go” Carl said

“call me when you get home ” Karen said to Jay before leaving with Carl

he walked her and sat down close to her staring at her beautiful face

he continued staring at her . he moved the strands of hair away from her face and pat her hair.

” what is wrong with you ? why are showing your weak side to them ? why did you stop being the little Riley I knew ?” he thought.

he was so lost staring at her that he didn’t realize that she’s awake

“huh why is ….oh my we are in school? she asked and brought him back from the imaginary world

“now that you’re awake. let go home ” he replied

“what is the time ?” she asked taking her bag

“5:07pm ” he replied

“oh no ! why didn’t you wake me up ? ” she asked rushing out of the class

“why are you still standing? c’mon let go” she said but he still didn’t move

he pulled her closer and arranged her hair properly.

Riley stare at his eyes and then his lips before looking away

he held her hand after he was done and they both left together.


“what the heck did you do to her face ! Grace yelled when they got into the house

Jayden held Riley hand tightly and made to go upstairs, but Grace stood in the staircase.

“mom I just wanna go inside ” he muttered

“how could you do this to your sister? Grace asked

after waiting for sometime but no reply she diverted her attention to Riley who was already shivering in fear

” all this happened because of you ” she said and moved closer to her while she was trying to hide her self at Jay’s side

“do you really think he can save you huh? Grace said and laughed sarcastically.

she moved closer and was about to hit her but Jay move in and the slap landed on his cheek .

Riley opened her eyes when she held the sound but didn’t feel it . she looked at his red cheek

“why …why …” she didn’t complete it when he pulled her up stairs with him

“mom you see . this is what I have been talking about. he always step in ” Kim said

“didn’t worry this isn’t over . just wait for your dad to get back ” Grace replied angrily and sat down on the couch.

“I just want her out of this house” Anna said and got an angry glance from her mom.

Jay walked pass Riley room and went into his room

“My room ” she said nervously

“Do you really think I can leave you all alone now . Do you know know what they are gonna do to you ” he said and sat her down on his bed

“But I can’t be around you and kept on hiding forever” she said

“I know but for today ” he replied