love within episode 13 & 14

(can we ever be together?)

Episode 13&14



the class was over . as the teacher went out ,the class was suddenly so noisy.

Riley was about going out of the class ,when Karen walked up to her .

“hey ” he called

she didn’t even answer him ,but instead walked out .

“did I do something wrong ? or Maybe she didn’t see it was me ??” Karen thought

Kim came to him with a smile playing on her lips

“hey Karen ” she called sexily

he looked at her but ignore her by running after Riley

“what the heck did he Just do ? “Kim said furiously and stumbled back to her seat .

“what happened?” Anna asked

“he just ignored me and ran after that witch”she replied

“let’s go after them”Amy suggested

“yeah let’s go “Kim said and they walked out

“hey what wrong ? he asked when he caught up with her ,but still he was ignored

*are you going to the library?” he asked again,still no reply

“did I do anything wrong? he asked again, no answer

“are you okay ? ” he asked trying to hold her hands but she moved away .

” I feel so bad for doing this right now ” she thought and looked at him

“it’s fine if you don’t wanna talk to me , I will leave ” he said with a fake smile and turned around

“wait ” Riley said and he stopped

“I’m sorry that I ignored you , but can you stop talking to me . I don’t wanna be your friend, I just don’t wanna talk to you ” she muttered

“do you mind if you tell me why ?? ” he asked

“no.. I’m sorry” she muttered and left

“I wonder why you will want to be friends with a trash ” Kim said after Riley left

” that none of your business” he replied and walked away .

“that bi#ch “she cursed and they all Head towards the library

“hey what happened? why is your face like that?” Carl asked

“nothing” Karen replied and face Jay

“what ? why are you looking at me ?” he asked

“do you know why she’s angry?” Karen asked

“who?” Carl asked

“I wasn’t talking to you ” Karen shut him up

“is she angry?” Jay asked

” yeah . I tried to talk to her and followed her to the library,but she refused 4″ Karen replied

“did anyone followed her to the library?” he asked seeing that Kim ,Anna and Amy are not in class

“I think your sisters are also going to the library” Karen replied

“F*CK ! i Will be back ” he replied and rushed out of the class

“I’m also going there to see why he’s rushing there “Carl said and stood up and Karen also followed him .

“hey b*tch ” Anna called and smile

“I didn’t talk to him ” Riley replied knowing the reason why they are here

“did we ask her anything?” Kim asked mockingly

“no you didn’t” they replied and laughed

Riley tried to ignore them by bringing out her notes but Ann snapped it away from her.

” what are you trying to do ? ignore us ?” Kim asked and pushed her head with her finger

everyone in the library turned their attention towards them , as some of them laughed.

“can I have this ?” Kim asked a boy sexily and he willingly gave out his coffee

she empty the cup of coffee on Riley. they all laughed.

“why are you doing This? I obeyed what you said , you want me to stay away from the only person who wanna be my friend and yeah I did . what else do you want from me !!! ” she yelled trying to fight back her tears .

kim held her hair tightly and pulled it hare while she scream.

Jay ran in and quickly rushed to them . he pushed Kimberly away from her gave her a resounding slap across the face .

she held her face tightly while everyone was still trying to recover from the shock

Karen and Carl stood at the door step dumbfounded.

“why did you do that !?” Anna yelled

“If you tell at me one more time ,I will make yours double” he replied angrily and looked at Riley who just lowered her head .

“stand up and follow me ” he said but she didn’t make any move

he arranged her books in her bag and carried her in a bridal style out of the library.

“get the bag” he said to Karen before walking out with her .

“are you okay ?” Anna asked trying to touch Kim

“don’t touch me !” she yelled and ran out and they immediately ran after her .

“Jay have never hit a girl before, I wonder why he did it now ” Carl said

“I think he was really pissed of about their attitudes” Karen replied and took the bag .
👥 oh my.. that was a hard one
👥I have never seen him like that before
👥He did the right thing
👥How can he hit a female”

murmuring filled the room as they kept on and on laughing about the situation.

he dropped her down when the got to the front of the female restroom.

“stay here and give me your locker key. I will go get you your other uniform” he said

“my bag ” she muttered

“I will be back ” he said and left .

“he just put me in a bigger mess ” she said and fell on her knees , crying really hard .