Love to tears episode 4

-Episode 4
“Haba Hannah, don’t you see my baby is in haste, even without his pictures. He is always in my heart, his smile and his cute face always keeps me going” Angel replied and c@m£ closer to me, ourl-ips cli-cked and we shared our first public k!ss. It felt so good, but I had an awkward feeling, I haven’t done that openly before.
“I go love oohh” Hannah said and we all laughed, I left the girls after they said their goodbyes.
Things began to change, Angel ha-rd ly called me except a new Month wants to start, which simply means s£nd me money. Sometimes she won’t pick my calls or if she do, her mood will be very dull “Angel, I don’t un-derstand you anymore. What is going on?” I had to complain to her on the phone when the madness is too much “baby, am sorry. Is just school stress, and my room mates are complaining about our night calls” she replied.
I had no choice but to believe her, but one thing is certain our only communication is on calls. Am not really interested in social media like Facebook and others. Angel returned home for the section, I was very happy that I couldn’t help myself from singing all over the house. I was in love really intoxicated by Angel’s love.
Angel wears are more s£dûçt!vethan before, there is a day she wore a go-wn that I could clearly make out the outlines of her p@n-ties, I was really worried. Hannah c@m£ visiting with Angel and took special liking on Ada my kid sister, they were like twin. Ada normally used my phone to communicate with her, I suspected that Hannah liked me.
Hannah talks raw, one of those days she c@m£ visiting “Ada, you are a very beautiful girl, when your bu-tts gets bigger boys will start chasing you like mad” she said and everyone laughed except me I was worried on the kind of influence she had on Ada.
I sat Ada down that night when they have left “my heart, the only sister and family I have. Will you hide things from me?” I asked Ada, we both sat in a dark sitting room “no, brother why will I?” She replied me sharply with a question, I exhaled happily “so what is going on?” I pressed further to actually know if she has a b©yfri£nd. “Aunty Hannah told me that your girlfriend is cheating on you” Ada told me without knowing the question I asked of.
I was held at gun point that night, I was really unhappy. I kept on tossing on my be-d, but I let that thought go cause I suspected Hannah said that to Ada as an act of jealousy, Angel can never cheat on me. One thing that gave me joy is that my sister vowed not to have a b©yfri£ndwithout letting me know him.
Angel’s year 1 result was out and her grade was at 4.6, I was really proud of her. We went out a night like that just her and me, I was surprised when Angel took two bottles of beer without being drun!k. I couldn’t hold back my surprise that Christmas night “when do you start drinking alcohol?” I asked her, she smiled at me “our lecturer once told us is good for the b©dy shape, can’t you see how am adding up for you and you alone” she said and cu-mpped my cheeks, I giggled like a boy that was given ice cream.
That year ended, I paid Angel’s school fees and wanted to book an accommodation for her in the school hostel in the year that followed but she objected “baby, plea-se don’t oh. I really nee-d a place where we can spend time together. anytime I wants to call you my room mates will be talking and their are lots of lesbians there. I am scared oh, before someone will come and take my vir-ginity with her f!ngers” Angel told me the day I told her about my plans, I had no choice but to rent an ap@rtment closed to the school compound for her.
Angel ha-rd ly comes home on weekends unlike before, she doesn’t call and anytime I complained she will blame wicked lecturers and school stress. Hannah c@m£ to our house to spent several weekends with us, we bec@m£ good friends I and Hannah. She calls more “so Vic, if I don’t call you won’t bother to call your n@ûghty baby” she will say in a pla-yful sad tone “ah ah, why won’t I call my miss universe, my sweet potato” I tea-sed her. Hannah and I called each other everyday, Hannah was the other girl in my life that took away the pains and jealous Angel caused me.
I visited Angel in her ap@rtment and saw her cladded in bu-mshort and crop t©p, she wasn’t wearing any p@n-ties. I was so turned on that I couldn’t take my mind off her b©dy the day I c@m£ to drive her home for the end of the semester, I initiated a k!ssand Angel and I k!$$£d hungrily, I carried her to the be-d and k!$$£d from her face down to her stomach. She held me when I wanted to un-bu-tton her bu-mshort “what is it, baby. Am not re-ady yet” she told me, I didn’t take it kindly “Angel, what do you mean by that? You are not re-ady for me. Am dying to have you” I said with a high tone “if you are done barking like a dog, use the door” Angel replied me rudely.
I threatened never to call or do anything for her hoping that Angel will change her mind and beg, or calm me down. She didn’t even looked as if I existed right in front of life, I went home dejected. The moment I reached home, Hannah changed my mood. She spent the first semester break in my house, I was really easily turned on then ’cause of the excessive cold. We were left alone i and Hannah in the house, so she c@m£ to my room to gist with me.
Hannah is so beautiful, didn’t know what got into my head and we started k!ssing. Angel didn’t call or even bothered to come to the house so I was startled and panicked when a knock landed on the door “kpo! Kpo! Kpo!” We both tensed, “who is that?” I asked.