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love over blood episode 33


© Sir Zach


Yes! Rio is right. Bounty hunters were a pain for such a long time now. they won’t stop unless the client say so. @[email protected] has been their livelihood. They never choose who to kill. They were trained to be merciless. They do not know mercy at all whether it is a child or an , they don’t care. They don’t fear death at all.

“You’re right Rio. Should we begin to investigate internally?” Arch asked. Rio nodded as an @ssurance.

It’s beyond doubt. They need to start looking into it within their organization. Complaints and factions started to grow in their organization since the day he announced that Aisha will be the next heir.

“Mr. Katana. We will do our best to meet your expectations. I’ll make sure you won’t regret your decision to support our company.” Aisha bowed in respect before her meeting with Mr. Katana ended. They shook hands to seal their agreement.

“It’s nice doing business with you Miss Stacy. Your husband Mr. Williams is definitely lucky to have such a smart wife with him.” Mr. Katana of Japan praised her.

“Thanks for the compliment.” She uttered then they separated.

Aisha’s appointment with Mr. Katana was successful. Thanks to Lisa who planned the meeting. After their meeting, Aisha asked Lisa to go to the hospital to watch over Caleb for the meantime since she needs to see someone in the afternoon.

“Then I’ll be going then.” Lisa bid goodbye as she drove to the hospital where Caleb was confined.

“Take care Lisa. I’ll see you later.” Aisha hugged her then she left.

Aisha was about to go back to the company when she remembered that she needs to buy a tea since she already finished the last pack yesterday.

Unknown to anyone, Angel resurfaced after her silence from the day that Ethan humiliated her in front of Stacy.

She was having a conversation over a cup of coffee with Johnny.

“You’re not planning to harm Stacy, right?” Johnny was a little bit worried. He knew Angel very well.

“Don’t ever get in my way Johnny if you do not want to hurt yourself. That Stacy is not the Stacy you knew anymore. She is somewhat possessed by an evil spirit!” Angel became delusional.

“No! I do not agree with what you want!” Johnny exclaimed then he exited the coffee shop with anger.

“Damn! That woman became crazy! I can’t let her hurt my Stacy! Never!” Johnny reflected deeply. “I need to see her.” he thought.

“Tsk! what a stupid guy!” Angel scoffed at Johnny’s retreating figure. Angel picked up her phone and dialed a number.

“Have you spotted her?” She asked.

“Yes Miss. We’ve been following her since.” The man answered.

“Beat all the crap out of her! Teach her a lesson she won’t forget so she will know not to mess with a Lockwood!” Angel ordered in annoyance.

She really hates Stacy since the day she came. She’s about to marry Ethan with the help of Master Omni but Ethan accidentally met Stacy during one of his business trip. She acted in understanding at first since she thought that they won’t last long and that she can actually dispatch Stacy anytime. She only needs to bath herself with positive reviews for the meantime. But she didn’t expect to experience a strong willed Stacy at the moment.

When Aisha was in her favorite Tea store, five big men also entered. They wore the expression of someone who came there to fight. Aisha ignored them. Some of the customers were frightened as they silently sit on their tables. The store was a combination of a café and Herbal store so it’s quite wide. Aisha was about to pay the tea in her hands when they suddenly surrounded her.

“Are you perhaps Stacy?” The leader of the men asked in a threatening voice..

“Do we have a problem?” Aisha raised her brow; she was not showing any sign of fear. This irritates the men even more.

The customers and even the owner was afraid. The Leader was about to grab her hands but she slapped the man’s hands away.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” She was aggravated. The guy was annoyed. He was about to grab her by force but Aisha kicked him [email protected] in the stomach. He growled in pain. The other men saw what happened so they started to attack her. however, the men fell one by one on the floor. they didn’t even scratch her nor laid a hand on her.

“Whoever s£nt you, tell that person not to s£nd dummy fighters!” She said with a scorn face.

“Mister,” Aisha faced the owner, “Call the police and let these people pay for all the damage in your store.” She spoke in an authoritative pitch. Aisha exited the store then she started to walk down the alley, suddenly a car stopped in front of her then a familiar face got out of the car.

“Johnny?” Aisha creased her brow.

“Stacy! Stacy!” Johnny rushed towards her and held her shoulders. He inspected her from head to toe. “Ahh! Good thing you’re okay!” he heaves a heavy sigh. Worry was painted all over his face. He quickly embraced her unconsciously.

“You’re okay, you’re okay…” he laughed hysterically when he released her. Aisha’s face was full of many questions.

“Johnny, would you mind telling me something?” Aisha asked, then suddenly she remembered the men who attacked her so she pulled Johnny in one of the restaurant downside. Johnny followed obediently. They sat in a corner where no one can hear them.

“Stacy, I’m sorry. I tried to prevent Angel from hurting you but, but she’s gone crazy!” He explained.

“So you are saying that Angel s£nt those dummies?” Aisha can’t believe it. Of course! Angel is capable of doing that. That vixen! She was annoyed.

“Yes. You already know how obsessed she is to Ethan right? So she will do anything to get him even if it means hurting you.” Johnny looked at her. “But don’t worry Stacy, I’m here to protect you, just like before.” Johnny tried to hold Aisha’s hands but she avoided him.

Aisha was thinking when she heard him say “Just like before.” Would that mean that——— No! It’s impossible! She shrugs her thoughts. But she won’t know the truth unless she asked this man.

Aisha looked at Johnny’s defeated face. Well maybe he could keep a secret. She doesn’t know but she’ll try to trust this person. He seemed to be a good person anyway.

“Johnny,” She catches his attention.

“Yes?” he sadly answered while looking outside the [email protected] wall.

“What’s your relationship with Stacy?” She asked in a stern tone. Johnny raised a brow as he looked at her questioningly. Aisha saw his puzzled expression.

“Look, I know it sounds silly, but I am not Stacy!” She appealed. Johnny’s eyes widened as he held his breath. “I am not Stacy and I need your help.” She continued and told him the relationship between her and Stacy

Aisha was waiting for Johnny to calm down. she unquestionably understood the shock that he was experiencing when she told him that she is not Stacy. She tried to explain everything to him one at a time but she can see that Johnny was trying to absorb everything. She can’t tell what he was thinking right now with his mixed emotion resurfacing on his face.

“Wait. Let me understand this in a simple way. You are saying that you and Stacy are twin sisters, correct?” Johnny was clarifying his thoughts.

“Yes, that’s right.

“And you are not Stacy? You are just pretending to be her. correct?”

“Yes!” Aisha sipped her mixed berry shake.

“You’re not Stacy. You’re Aisha! ha-ha, no wonder you didn’t recognize me before which is impossible to happen of course…” Johnny mockingly laughed at himself.

“And I’m sorry that I hit you, before. You know what I mean.”

“Forgiven.” He smiled at her.

“So Johnny, can you tell me what’s your relationship with my sister?” she was serious. Johnny sighed..

“We’ve been together for almost five years’ now. we’re supposed to get married when Stacy’s foster parents asked her to marry Ethan. She chooses Ethan over me.” Johnny explained, “But we continued to see each other even when she’s married. She asked me to wait for two years then we can finally be together. But two years become four years. It’s not because he loves Ethan but her father extended the contract.” He continued.

“Yes. her father entered a five-year business contract with the Williams. They can’t possibly breach the contract since it will incur them a big loss.” Aisha was pondering on Johnny’s statements. If he is speaking the truth, then the Hertiz forced her sister into a marriage she never wanted then. And approaching her to pretend as Stacy is also for their gains not for her sister!

Then she remembered what she heard at the Hertiz residence. But that mysterious man spoke of Stacy as an accomplice. Is Stacy a victim or an accomplice? She can’t tell. How about her being in a comma? Aisha doesn’t know what to believe anymore. She never thought that she’s been living a life full of lies. In this sea of lies, is there even a one percent truth that she can hold on to? She’s lost.

“Aisha, I forgot to ask you, if you’ve been living her life for some time now then where is she then?” Johnny asked.

“That I do not know also. That’s why I told you that I need your help.” Aisha looked at him intently.

“What do you mean? What do you want me to do?”

“Find Stacy.” She said in a serious tone.

“But I don’t know where she is right now. she just left like a whirlwind! Oregon is a big continent with seven states!” His doubts resurfaced.

“She’s in Paris!” Johnny dropped his jaw upon hearing her.

“Paris! It’s even more complicated!” his eyes widened in disbelief.

“Johnny you have to! I didn’t get the chance to know her exact location but I was told that she is currently in Paris. Robert told me that she was in a comma and is being treated in Paris right now but I don’t know if they are telling the truth.” all of a sudden, Johnny contemplated on what Aisha just said. He also wanted to see her badly. Maybe with Aisha here pretending to be Stacy instead can solve his problem. They can live peacefully now! he just got an idea so he agreed to find Stacy.

“But you have to call me once you found her. Also, don’t b!0w my cover to anyone else.” She threatened.

“I will. So when can I go?”

“As soon as possible. Find Stacy, find my sister in Paris, please.” She begged.

After Aisha revealed her identity, she also implored him not to tell anyone about her and her sister. No one must know that he will go to Paris to look for Stacy, not specially the Hertiz.

Unknown to Aisha, someone took a video of her while fighting the five men earlier at the Tea store. A shadow was lurking around the café too, watching her every move.

“Sir! I got a big story!” the man with a feminine voice was talking to someone over the phone. He was looking at the woman exiting the café, “I’m sure it will rock the whole city, or should I say the whole nation!” The man exclaimed triumphantly.

“Rio, she’s in danger. The bounty hunters were after her. my son was attacked by Bones. They are definitely luring her out.” General Archedeus relayed the news to Demetrius.

Demetrius stood up and walk towards the Lily flower planted in the middle of the greenhouse. He was having a tea time at the greenhouse when Archedeus came to him in a hurry. Demetrius took the water jar and started watering the Lily.

“We have to see her as soon as possible. If the bones knew you are here, they might lay low for now.” Archedeus continued.

“Did she knew that I am here? In the Central City?” Rio asked.

“No. I didn’t tell her.”

“Good. Don’t tell her that I am here, for now.” Archedeus didn’t understand. But why? Isn’t this the best time to show up? To help his daughter? Rio absolutely understood Archedeus puzzled look when he faces him.

“Archedeus, I understand your worries for our children. Don’t misunderstand my intentions because I consider them my children as well. But we trained them properly for such situation as these. They won’t break easily. You know them as much as I do, they will call for help if they can’t handle it.” Rio explained his thoughts to his friend. He knew he would understand his intention.

“Yeah. I guess I misjudge them.” Archedeus lowered his head in shame.

“Let’s observe them for now. but as for us, we should know who those clients who dare to hunt my daughter.” Rio’s voice held a murderous tone.


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