Love or lvst episode 20 & 21


💧💋[Craving for her b©dy]💧💋

💗Episode 20 💗


I woke up feeling relaxed,as I wanted to stand up but a hvge obstacle blocked me it was Cephar’s arm. Oh yes I remember after coming back home I and Cephar sle-pt together in his room cause we were both tired and we went to his room directly, now his arms are wra-pped around me and I can’t move or stand up.

I slowly got him off my b©dy and dragged myself into the bathroom,I ran a h0t bath for myself. I washed myself thor0ûghly and within few minutes I was done.
I walked back into the room and he was still slee-ping,I walked out of the room heading downstairs to make breakfast, I toasted some bre-ad and did scotch egg.

I only ate few if it because I am excited that Elena would come and live here,but Cephar won’t allow me to see her anytime I want to,maybe I would sneak into the penthouse whenever he is away.
I finished eating and went into my room to pick a dress from the ones Cephar got for me few days ago and I resulted in a blue dress.

I sat on the be-d thinking if what Cephar said yesterday,I clearly heard him he said he loves me but he denied it that instantly when I asked him.
why is it difficult for him to say that word and not deny it,maybe because he is a mafia or he was pushed into the ocean of love unintentionally but I love him.

If I tell him maybe he would confess his feelings for me too. I stood up to use the toilet when the urge to pee c@m£ and I sat on the closet then I noticed a red stain on my p@n-ts.
Oh no my monthly cycle,I have no sanitary pads at all and why would it come this time it c@m£ at the wrong time,yea the wrong time!! because when I still hated Cephar it didn’t come then so he won’t have his way with me but now that I love him it c@m£ and worst if it I don’t have anything not just a pad,this is unbelievable.

I sat on my be-d crying because my flow is always heavy it not light,I won’t be able to go out maybe I should talk to Cephar but he still slee-ping I cried more the more I think of it.

Cephar Pov 💋

I woke up ru-bbing my palm on my eyes and I used my other hand to check for phoenix on the be-d,I turned around and saw no one we sle-pt together yesterday and now she is nowhere to be found hope nothing happened to her wait hope she is not kidnapped,that mustn’t happen cause if it do,heads will roll 🔪.

A call c@m£ in and brou-ght me out if my thoughts,it was an unknown number as I picked it the voice of that silly idiot I hate c@m£ in.
“Hello Cephar hope you are good”

“well Casper as you can see I am very good”

“I know what I did is a shock to you but more awaits you”

” Well you can do anything but you can’t go beyond your limits”

“what if I do”

“you are gone”

“Well I just want you to know that you should keep watch on the ones you love else they are going down”

“What do you mean Casper”

“Well that what’s I want you to know” and he hung up.

well Casper has something up his sleeve but I would show him but what does mean by the ones i love? if he tries something foolish I will chop off his head,well I must get re-ady for any if his plans.
I called the chief security officer and I told him to recruit more men to my side.

Anywhere I go I must have up to 20 guards,Emily nee-ds to be safe too. I put a call to Emily and told her to be very careful and she un-derstood what I meant immediately. I don’t have any loved ones only Emily,what about Phoenix,😳I hurriedly had my bath and wore my clothes.

I walked into her room only to find her crying. What on earth could make her cry,I alre-ady told her that her sister could stay here.
I moved closer to her and bent down,I raised her head up and she looked at me.

“What happened Phoenix why the tears”

“it c@m£”

“what c@m£,who c@m£,when,how,why”I yelled out ma-king her flin-ch when I noticed the fear in her eyes,I calmed her down and when she was relaxed in my arms I asked her again,this time in a calm tone.

“it my monthly visitor,and this time I don’t have anything to use and it may disgrace me”

I tries to make s-en-se out I’d her words but it seemed I didn’t un-derstand.

Ohh it maybe be someone who comes threatening her every month and now she has nothing to defend herself.

“well I would make sure nothing disgrace you”

I dragged her into my training room where I train weekly,all types of weapons were there. I picked up a knife and I gave it to her,she looked at me strangely.

“isn’t this what you want,don’t worry I know you are scared I just want you to know some self-defense skills so when that you stupid monthly visitor comes you will know how to deal with it.

Phoenix Pov 💓

Hmm as I say Cephar I thought he would take me to but some stuff for myself.
when he took me to his training room I thought that was where the stuff for ladies are kept,it was his words that made me realize that he doesn’t have a clue of what the monthly visitor was.

“Cephar” I called out loudly in pain

“Yes phoenix don’t worry within thirty minutes we would be throu-gh”

“Don’t you have a clue when a lady tells you she is in her monthly cycle,that monthly visitor has come don’t you have a clue” I said angrily.

“Now I don’t have clue,wait don’t tell me am lost”

“I mean my menstruation is here” I said lowly

His jaw dropped immediately even the knife he was holding dropped everywhere went silent. He stared at me in the eyes,he was really surprised how could he not have a clue and he goes blabbing on some stupid self-defense skills


💧💋[Craving for her b©dy]💧💋

💗Episode 21 💗

“It’s fine you don’t have to worry about a thing I just thought I should let you in on it. ” I said trying ha-rd not to laugh. Are guys this clueless or he’s just dump? 😂

He scratch his eye brows rather in embarras-sment. “Still yet you nee-d to protect yourself. ” This time around I’m the one that scratch my eyebrows cause he’s starting to sound annoying.

Funny me right? Few weeks ago, all I could think of is how not to get him annoyed at me but now I just don’t care and I guess it’s a mistake for telling him about my menstrual cycle but come to think of it, he doesn’t have the right to know.
“You know what, let’s skip that p@rt. I’m going to make breakfast. ” I said with a little change in my tune as I turn to leave but instead he gr-ab my arm preventing me from going further. It’s funny he has a different side. I never thought I’ll wake up one morning in this hell hole of a house and he happy.

“I… Want… To… Know! ” He stammer. I smile and turn to him.

“Do guys loose blood monthly like we do? Or maybe you do have cramps too? Wait, or maybe you do go around tying your as-s to some pad so you won’t embarras-s yourself in the public? ” Believe me I just explained what I’m going throu-gh right this moment with him but he looks like he doesn’t get a clue of whatever I just said. I exhale, walk closer to him and place my right hand on his left arm.
“Give it a rest okay. You’re not a lady so it’s fine. ” I said and wait for him to let go of my arm which he gently did and I smile before leaving the swords room.

He’s really funny😂😂😂😂
Cephar Pov💋

I just have the urge of knowing more about what she’s talking about but she doesn’t want to tell me or maybe it’s because she’s ashamed of herself.
She really don’t have to be ashamed, I mean I’m the one she’s talking to right? There’s nothing to be ashamed of anyway. I scratch my forehead and was about leaving the room when my phone start to ring again. This time, it’s my secretary. Like can’t I have a peaceful morning?
I answered the call at the second ring.

📱What’s the problem this time?
I just don’t have time for long conversation except with Phoenix 😋

📱There’s fire on the mountain sir.
He said and hung up.

Nice, I just got myself something to worry about and hey, it’s literally not fire on the mountain fire but rather, fire on the mountain. I don’t know if you un-derstand what I’m trying to say. Relax okay, you’ll know exactly what I mean soon.
I went back to my room to get changed before letting Phoenix know that I’m out of the house.

Phoenix Pov 💖

Im sitting on the kitchen counter thinking about the misery Cephar had made me endure and it looks to me like he’s trying to fix what has alre-ady been broken by him I mean he said he loves me even though he ended up denying it but I sure knew what I heard.
If it now happens that this supposed cold hearted bastard falls in love with me I’m I suppose to love him back? Don’t get my message wrong I do feel a thing for him but I don’t want to believe I’m in love with him. It’s just impossible to be in love with him.

I exhale remembering that Elena is coming home today. I had asked Ms. Emily to help me bring her home since I’m not allowed to see her but wait a second, do I really have to do everything he wants me to do? Elena is my baby sister and I haven’t set my eyes on her for weeks. When she was sick I didn’t even visit her because he ask me not to. I have to be the one to bring her home. I don’t care what happens but Emily is seeing me today.

I climb down the counter and made to the door only to be met by Cephar.
Oh my God! Can a demon be this handsome and breathtaking?!
Geez! He relaxed his grey colored hair and hisl-ips are we-t pink.
He’s wearing a black tuxedo and a white inner.
Is this the Cephar I saw earlier ago?

“How do I look? ”
Is he seriously asking me that?! God! You look like an Angel except you were a demon and it’s impossible for a demon to be an angel but hey you look beautifully handsome ❣
“Is it too much? ” He asked referring to the jell he applied on his hair.

“Its….. PERFECT. ” I said and didn’t realize when I made this hand 👌

“I’ll be rushing to the clubhouse. Do take care of things here. ” He said.

Wow that’s new! I never thought he had a job 😂

“Yeah! Sure! Do break a leg. ” I said smiling happy that he’s going to give me the opportunity to go see Emily and bring her home.

As he was rushing out he hit his leg on the stool by the door before dashing out.

“I didn’t mean literally break a leg. ” I said smiling.

Minutes after he left I began dancing knowing that I have at least 4hours with Emily and my sister Elena. This is so good!
Cephar Pov 💋
I parked my car at the office garage and the gate man opened the car door for me to step out and as I was rushing to the office I met with Casper.
Oh great! The least person I’m looking for.

“And what are you doing here? ” I asked him.

“That question should be me asking you cause the last time I checked you ha-rd ly come around. So, what are you doing here? ”
I laugh at his silly jokes. Honestly I don’t have time for this nons-en-se.

“Let me pas-s throu-gh. ” I said but he didn’t move an inch. Is he crazy now?

“Hasn’t the news gotten to you yet? ”

“What news? ”

“I bought the clubhouse. ”

“What did you say? ”

“I said I am the new owner of your clubhouse so it’s either you work for me or leave. ” He said and just immediately I couldn’t feel my legs and before I knew it I was on the ground.

Did I just lost my property?!!!!!!