Love or lvst episode 1 & 2

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(A collaboration story brou-ght to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)
💗Episode 1💗

Phoenix’s pov

“Sister, where are you going again?” My little sister pouted as she held my go-wn ti-ghtly.

“Elena, am coming okay? Just stay with Michelle. I nee-d to work ha-rd for your surgery.
And you see, your getting thinner day by day. Do you wanna die?” I asked and she shook her head negatively.

“No sister, I don’t wanna die.” She sniffed.
“Do you have to work at night? Can’t I follow you just for today? I don’t even know the job you’re doing.”

“Elena, you don’t have to worry about me or the job am doing. Just pray I get the money for your surgery. I nee-d to go or you want me to get there late? Nope.” I k!$$£d her hair and handed her over to Michelle.

Michelle has been the one taking care of Elena whenever am out to do my dirty job.

Am an ecdysiast. A str!pper.
I just got that job last two weeks and it has been awesome. Ap@rt from my monthly salary, I collect money from the viewers who come to watch us str!ptease.

I hope I will be able to make enough money for my sister’s surgery. I don’t want her to die. She’s all I have now in this world.

I will do everything for her, just to make sure she stay alive.

The cold breeze blew my hair and had it scattered to my face.

“$h!t!” I mumbled and did my best to arrange it.

I boarded a cab and told him, “Cephar’s club”
He nodded and drove quietly.

Few minutes, we got to the most popular club.
I heard it was owned by a Mafia king but he ha-rd ly come here.

I paid the driver and entered into the club. The music was so loud and everyone was dancing.

“Hey phoenix! Madam cashie is asking for you!
You’re two minutes late. Didn’t I tell you the owner of this place will be coming? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten. I wish he would chose me to dance for him.” Natasha rushed her words and dragged me among the crowd.

I almost forgot, Madam cashie had selected some girls to str!ptease for the Mafia king who’s coming today. And I was one of them.

I might be a str!pper but am still innocent. You know what I mean. A vir-gin. Conditions just placed me here.

I got to Madam cashie and greeted her. She ignored my greetings and asked me to get to work fast.

I still have to str!ptease for one hour before the Mafia comes. I re-moved my clothes, remaining my navy-blue p@n-t and br@.

I and Natasha has been friends since I c@m£ here and we are pretty close. She knows about the reason why am being here.

I, Natasha and three other girls with just p@n-t and br@ walked majestically to the center which was high enough for everyone to see us.

The music changed into a not so fast and not so slow song. We started dancing our talent out.

I held the iron rod in front of me and bent down, threw my hair back and I slowly began to stand up in a s£dûçt!veway.

Seriously, I never wish for this.
Sometimes being a str!pper is fun and sometimes it isn’t.

People get to t©uçh you. In a disgusting way.
Once I str!ptease, I take my bag and go home.

While still dancing, the girls in the club began to squeal like a baby.

“He’s so fv¢king h0t!”

“Nana, plea-se catch me, am dreaming.”

“See those biceps. I wish he would carry me.”
The girls screamed.

I think he’s here. Mafia king Cephar Bridox Clint?

I was beginning to get nervous as hell. My heart was beating fast that I missed a step and nearly fall down.

“What’s wrong with Phoenix? Are you afraid of him or you’re drooling to have miss a step.” Natasha tea-sed and I rolled my eyes at her.

The girls who had gathered round the him p@rted ways and I saw him. Yes, I saw him.

Oh my God! He’s so handsome.
Handsome is even an un-derstatement.

I st©pped dancing and gave him a full look. Our eyes met and I quic-kly looked away and dance slowly.

He walked to the VIP with some girls giggling behind him. He sat down and stared at me as I dance.

I was beginning to feel nervous. I walked to him with about two other girls.

One stood at his right and the other, at his left. R0m-ncing him.
While I stayed in his front and danced my best out. Trying all my best.

“Come here!” He ordered in his cold voice, his eyes not leaving my b©dy.

I gulped and walked towards him. He drew my hand and made me sat on his l@ps. He fondled my br£@st with my br@ and I g@sp removing his hand quic-kly.

“Sir! We are only asked to dance for you and not this.” I whispered.

He sm-irked. A devilish one at that.
His eyes were really cold and they darkened immediately I said those words.

“You don’t tell me what to do girl. I owned this place. I can fire you at anytime!” He fired and I flin-ched.

The two girls giggled and he ordered them out.
He held my w@!st closer. Till now, his eyes didn’t leave my b©dy. He was staring at me lvstfully.

God save me from me. I only c@m£ here to make money.

“Sir, I don’t want to be fired. I really nee-d this money for my sister’s surgery. plea-se don’t fire me.” I pleaded and wanted to stand up but he pinned me down.

“You nee-d money right? For your sister’s surgery? How is it?” He asked with a worried face but quic-kly replaced it with a frown.

Is he going to give me the money?

“$100,000 sir.” I responded.

“You’re gonna strike a deal with me.” He said.
“25 days on my be-d and you get $200,000 from me” He concluded.

What? No I didn’t hear that well.

“Hmm, 25 days on your be-d and I get $200,000 in return?” I Frained and he nodded.

His eyes left me and took a big gulp of wine and dropped the glas-s on the table.

“Think about the offer. The deadline is 6pm.
I know you really nee-d the money just the way I nee-d your damn b©dy. Accept this to save your sister.” He grinned with a cold face and stood up which I wasn’t expecting and that made me fall to the ground.

My bu-ttocks hurting.

Ap@rt from that cold face of his. I feel something different about him. Something dark.

Will I agree to this offer? My sister is dying for goodness sake.

This money can cover the surgery fee and could even find myself a self employment job to do.


I have to be in that mafia’s be-d for good 25 days. Somehow, I feel like am in trouble. With that cold face and heart, I don’t think am gonna survive from his hands.

He’s cold and arrogant. Am going to lose my vir-ginity to him. I really nee-d to do this for my sister.

Am gonna be a who-re for 25 days. I gotta do this for my sister. I want her alive.

Am doing this.

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💧💋[Craving for her b©dy]💧💋

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(A collaboration story brou-ght to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)

💗Episode Two💗

Phoenix’s pov
I’m doing it, anything for my little sister. I got up from the ground and ru-bbe-d my bu-ms at the sp©t that I fell down earlier

And left to go get my clothes, I can’t wait for the damn 6pm but I really nee-d to get home to go check up on my little sis

Finished dressing, I took my handbag which I didn’t carry for not longer than a minute before my phone started vibr@ting inside

What could be wrong? I thought as I helped the phone out of the bag
The caller ID was just there infront of the screen

I swiped it to green icon and brou-ght the phone close to my ear
“What is it Miche”
“Come to the hospital right now, your sister just coll@psed”

What! Oh no!
“Where I’m confused Miche which hospital? ”
“I will s£nd you the address now”she said in a hurry and hung up

My sister! Not yet
I ran all the way home

I ran to my room ap@rtment to see my door unlocked I mean ajar
They were in a hurry not to have remembered to lock the door

I thought she said she’s s£nding me the address
What’s taking her so long? I brou-ght out my phone and the message popped into my phone screen

LAWSON Hospital
Lawson hospital?? Only that?? Not even an additional address or something?

Lawson hospital? I know the hospital… I used to take my sister there for her check ups

I rushed to my saving box opened it and shuffled in some money into my bag
Sister plea-se wait up.. You can’t leave me just yet

Few minutes later💦

I was standing infront of the hospital, I rushed only to meet the receptionist there
She knows me pretty well, so she didn’t bother for a compliment
“My sister! Which ward”
She eyed me that kinda pity eyed look and muttered
“Ward 301 by the left”
Oh! Thanks
She can’t die she’s too young to die..

She can’t die, not just yet, not when the money is so close to me
Soon I was standing in front of the ward door with 301 template scribbled at the t©pmost p@rt of the door
I opened it and rushed in

What I saw made me g@sp for breath
My sister on a life supporting machine!
She has a life left and I know it
“Phoenix you’re here”niche said as she rushed to me

“Where are the doctors ”
“They left few minutes ago”
They? Not even a singular but a plural
“How is she”
I rushed to my sis side tou-ching her forehead, she was breathing throu-gh an oxygen

Staring at her made a tear drop from my eyes
She’s too young for all this
She can’t be suffering at her age
“The doctor didn’t tell me, one of them said you see them in their office when you come”

I nodded and at the same ran out of the room

Locating the doctor’s office wasn’t really a big deal
I know every bit and p@rt of this hospital
I didn’t even knock, I just bur-sted in to the office p@n-ting heavily
“What happened”
“Calm down Phoenix and sit down”
Sit down? How can I sit down when my only sister is dying
“Just spill it, I can take everything ”
He heaved and dropped his pen on his table

He stared at me rather lvstily and sma-cked hisl-ips
Why that? Aren’t I properly dressed
“You see Phoenix your sister nee-ds a surgery, and you know it
I can give her the surgery for free cuz I see she really nee-ds it” he c@m£ to my side and guidede to sit down on a chair

“Yes I don’t think she can live up to the next four months darling”he pressed my shoulder softly
What is he doing
“I can do it for you for you right now with no payment ”

I turned to look at him wi-de eyed
“You can do it”
“Yes! But on a condition”

Condition again
His gaze at me was now more intense as if he’s gonna str!p me off now and fuvk me
“What condition”I swallowed ha-rd
Let it be an easy condition
“You see Phoenix you’re such a beautiful, S-xy, h0t girl that every man would crave for… So am saying that if you sleep with me now… Your sister is healed alre-ady! ”
He sm-irked

Goddammit! S-x? Why is S-x before everything is done for me?
“Doctor I… I… ”
He placed his first f!nger across myl-ips
“Shush! Just one night are you in or not? ”

Who will she choose?
25 days with Mafia King to get the money for her sister’s surgery or a night with That S-x doctor?

Me am confused oo


She has to choose one😑😑