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June 23, 2021


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Love on fire final Episode

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

♥️ Episode 31🔥

🔥🔥 Finale 🔥🔥



👭 World Pov 👭

😰Wow this is really love on fire, the only true love have watched this year

🤦 Exactly, I know it’s against the rule for the boss dating the housemate but this is real love

😩I feel hurt now, he took the bullet for her, who can do that

😭 Please someone come and save them please, I want them alive to continue the love

😠 Who could believe Quan can do this to our Charlotte

😠He’s a m©nster and I hate him so much,am no longer team Quan

😭 Please Oliver should not die, my heart will be broken forever.

😭 Charlotte 😭

Immediately he cracked the gun facing me, I felt my heart jump out from my body then I closed my eyes thinking am gone in a second , when I heard the gunshot Oliver pushed me and I fell on the floor, when I opened my eyes ,I saw Oliver bleeding,he took a shot for me, his arm is bl.eeding so seriously, I rushed to him and held him, Bryan, are you okay, I cried.

The monster Quan said, ” wow this is true love , he took a bullet for you, this is amazing,but am sorry, am still going to kill her, you just wasted your time to save her”

He was about pulling the trigger when Bryan

kicked the gun off his hands and I looked for something to hit Quan continuously till the police came in at the right time, I was happy when Quan was arrested.

Bryan we are safe, thank you ” am sorry for lying to you”, shhhhh.
I forgive you, let’s talk about your health, you are bl.eeding seriously.

” I will be fine okay, kss me again”, you are so silly, you thinking of kssing now. ” Do you know if this is the thing last time I will ever see you, what if it’s my last breath,I love you so much Charlotte”

Don’t you say that, I cried seriously, you are with me, I kssed him as Vanessa ran in, ” Charlotte, how is he ,the doctor will be here soon, he will make it,I watch all that happened”

Thank you dear, thank you so much


” Some Hours later, the tension died down”

❤️Oliver ❤️

I opened my eyes and saw Charlotte beside me, I didn’t wait for her to ask me how I was feeling that I rushed to start kssing her then my sister came in Ava. Ava!!

” Bro, am glad you are alive, Charlotte am your fan as well”

” Thanks little one”

Come here

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and hug your brother, she hugged me and I was so happy

” Bro is it true you two are a couple”

Yes I plan on telling you after the show, I never knew it will be out like this

” Better expect mom scolding”

“I started laughing, the announcement of the winner of

love on fire will be commencing now, are you fit to go ”

Yes I am, won’t miss it for a day, am glad we all are alive and I have the crazy girl by my side.

A little boy walked in and hugged Charlotte.

” Ethan you came”

” Am sorry sis, it’s all my fault,I wish I never registered you for the show, your life won’t have been in danger”

” It’s okay, am not angry at you ,at least I met him, meet my little brother Ethan”

Wow such a cute boy like your sister.

♥️❣️🔥🔥 Announcement Of The Winner ❣️🔥❣️🔥

My mom is so angry at me and she will put me to my shoes after the announcement.

” The winner of the love on fire show of this year season goes to Vanessa and Donald”

Every one cheered and Celebrated, Charlotte ran to hug her, truly they deserve it.

I hugged Charlotte when my mom came to create a scene.

” You cannot date my son, anything you have to do with him, now the show is over end it”

Mother I will not allow you talk to the woman I love in that manner

” Shut up your mouth son, do you know what love is, simple instruction I have to you, what did you do, you broke it and had an affair with a housemate, you are a disgrace”

Mother love can hit you in any way

” End it”

I rather stop being your son than stop loving her

I wasn’t aware some bloggers are putting the scenario live

Charlotte ran to hug her mother in dears, she felt hurt with words my mother used.

“Two of you can’t date period”

Why mother ,why, do you think I will end up like dad, I love her sincerely, give her a chance mother please

” You don’t understand”

Understand what

She shouted and said ,” She is your sister”

What , no way

Charlotte in shock as her mother nodded to what my mom said and replied, ” he is your brother”, with tears in her eyes

No way no, no no,I ran off….

👭World pov👭

😰What the fk , I thought the love story is going to end well

😩His what , sister, no way

😰This is getting interest, I want to know how it’s going to end

😭Oh poor Charlotte, she will be badly hurt

😰This is another Challenge in love on fire.


Love on fire season two

THe End of season 1

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