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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love on fire Episode 3 & 4

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

♥️ Episode 3



🎇Oliver Pov🎆

When I say the show was boring

I meant it

The two shows have witnessed is totally out of it

My phone rang, oh mother

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Hello mom

Oliver how you doing

Am fine mom,how about you

Am ok,how are you coping with the show

So boring mom, nothing interest me in the house

Totally sick of the love stuff

Mom why are you laughing,is not funny

Sorry son, remember the rules I told you

Falling in love with anyone there is like breaking the rules

You know I can’t fall in love with anyone there

Good one son,talk later bye for now

Alright mom

Fall in love,mtchee mom is totally out of her mind

She knows that can never and will not happen

Where is the btch I called in

I hate delay, I just want to fk right now

Hi handsome,she came in with a light cloth revealing everything

She wanted to start kssing

I don’t do that, I just open the l.egs and thrust in

I don’t have time for r©mance

I just push her to the bed, took off my cl©thes and I asked her to open her l.egs for me

After some minutes I was done

I gave her the money

Told her to have her bath and get lost

She wanted to say something but I silence her

You are a hole, I just finish digging it so you leave ok

But I want to spend the night with you

Is she even listening

I don’t let btches like you sleep in my house

Like I said

You came here to fk now we are done

What are you supposed to do

You get your a$$ and leave

If I need you again will place a call

That’s why we have a cell phone btch

So get lost

I hate wasting my time talking to $lut

I watched her get in to the bathroom and the urge to have sx came again

I went to meet her in the bathroom and told her to bend,that I will double the money

She didn’t hesitate to collect the dk

Guess why because of the money

😜 Charlotte🤪

I was enjoying my beautiful sleep when my dev1l brother came in to my room and disturbed me

Oh Ethan am gonna kill you

Good morning my pretty sis

Good morning,now you may leave

Am not leaving

I forced myself to open my eyes, I saw him smiling

I manage to sit and said Ethan did you take my chocolate

Not at all he replied

Hmmm then tell me why are you smiling like this
Did you win a jack pot

Yes sis I did, are you not happy for me

Oh finally, someone is going to take the troublesome brother out of my life

Sis do you hate me that much that you want me to leave you

Yes I hate you

Sorry to disappoint you sis,am not leaving

Then why are you smiling

I have some good news to tell you

Which is

You got qualified for the love on fire

I started laughing, did you see that in your dreams hum

How will I qualify when I did not even register for the show

I can see you are up with your silly jokes this morning

Sis am not joking, it’s real

Then who the fk signed me up for that fake show


Then I touched my cheek and a thought came to me


Ethan it was you

He smiled and nodded

Am so killing you right now

I chased him as he ran out the room

I wasn’t aware my parents were are the living room

Charlotte, father called me

I stopped and still threatened Ethan to just stay away from me or am going to kill him

Good morning dad

Why are you looking like a crazy lady this morning

Do you want to kill your brother

No dad, but his annoying

He signed me up for the love on fire show without my consent

You need to deal with him

Mom said,are you not supposed to be happy that your brother want the best for you

Mom you too

Well am not going

Charlotte you do no such thing

You are going for a show, you need someone in your life

Daddy going for a fake show won’t bring someone in to my life

Why concluding when you have not given it a trial

But dad

I don’t want to be in the show

Charlotte you have 2 days to prepare and you dare not get me angry by not going

Mother say something

It’s for your own good Charlotte

Why is everyone so worried about my love life,it’s my life mom

I ran in to my room with anger

Why can’t they let me be, I can’t disobey them both

I need to come up with a plan

It will make them disqualify me on time

I laughed

This will work but I hate the show

How wish I can get another means to change my parents mind.



Welcome everyone to another new season of love on fire

Sorry to disappoint you housemate, our boss won’t be given the speech today but don’t worry he will still address you as the show continues

Now let’s welcome our housemate in to the house and the the first mission in the house will be starting tomorrow

How did I end up here, I saw different people looking happy to be among the show

Some work in pairs, am just the only one different from the rest including my dressing

I was called in

Everyone was gossiping,some said I look like a tom boy but none of my business

I just can’t wait to get disqualified

I came in and I was asked to state my name,country age and my reason for participating.

What kind of question is this by the way

Am I writing an exam.

Episode 4🔥


I replied sorry mr presenter, are we writing an exam here that you asking for all these

Not at all miss, that’s the normal procedure so your Fans will get to know you

Mmmm ok then

My name is Charlotte Anderson but feel free to call me the crazy girl,am from San Francisco, age 24 that’s all

Wow People all over watching this, I hope you like the crazy girl in the house

Now Charlotte can you tell us the reason for joining Love on Fire

Oh dmn it

I thought he has forgotten about that part,I tried escaping it but it seems it can’t be escape

My reason for joining, is it that necessary sir

Of cause, everyone needs to know the reason

Ok my parents thinks I will find true love here but I doubt it

Wow Charlotte is here to find true love

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I never said I came to find true love

My parents are the ones that forced me here

Everyone was quiet

Oh dmn it,I hate it when people stare at me

I started laughing,just joking with you presenter, am also funny

I displayed my set of teeth when faking the laugh

Everyone was laughing and he said guess your way of dressing is funny too

I faked the laugh again, his so lucky this is live

If not I would have beaten him up for laughing at my wears

Oh ladies and gentlemen, pick the envelope containing your names and locate your various room

The first game starts tomorrow

Oh I can’t wait to sleep

In the envelope giving to us, it contains the lead to our various room assigned to us

I finally saw my room, it’s beautiful but not beautiful than my own room at home

Then I fell on tbe bed and started sleeping

When my phone rang.

Who doesn’t want me to sleep a little , I should have known
The devil himself Ethan

I picked the call and shouted why are you calling me, I told you am gonna kill you when I return this weekend

Am sorry sis, did you just say return

Yes I did

But how sis

Definitely my characters here will disqualify me

He started laughing on phone

I hate it when you laugh, did I say something funny or am I funny too

I doubt if you can be disqualified

Or don’t you know the first thing in the house is to have fans that will support you

Good that’s the more reason I will definitely return

Dumb head, you are damn popular,alot of people are talking about

I will read some comments for you

I was so dump as he started reading it

I love that crazy girl

Charlotte we love you the way you are

I bet you are going to find love and win the show

Oh really

Ethan can you stop reading

You can’t say thank you

Thank you for what for bringing me in here
Sort yourself out sis, you really Crazy

You troublesome,he ends the call

I hate him, I don’t wants fans, you all should not mention my name i said to myself

Really, am actually talking to myself

Then my stomach started rumbling, oh I can’t believe have not eaten because of this show

They didn’t even talk about food,I decided to check the envelope giving to us to see if they mentioned food

Of cause there is but should be prepared by us, all stocks are available in the kitchen

Then I perceive food aroma, mmm who could be preparing such great meal

I decided to trace it to the kitchen when I saw different housemate there

Some even said she is really crazy, look at the way her hair is unkept

How on earth did she get in to Love on Fire

Then I said, I can hear you all, if you don’t want me to prove my craziness better mind your business

I got the things I needed to prepare the food I would like to eat

They are not even friendly here


I was actually enjoying my sleep when a loud voice says all house mate to the general sitting room

Oh Ethan is not the devil now ,it’s the love on fire gosh

I managed to stand up and just washed my face but the bathroom was locked

I decided to use from my bottle water to wash my face

What a stupid show

I never knew I was looking terrible till I got there and everyone started laughing but I don’t bloody care

Then he said, good morning handsome and Pretty housemates,trust we enjoyed our night, the first game we are going to be doing is to locate the keys to our various bathroom under an hour for us to have our bath

What ?

Does he mean am going to tie my towel around my chest looking for a key to the bathroom

What if I want to defecate

You see why I need to be disqualified

Everyone take your towel,go to your room and tie your towel, make sure you look hot who knows you might get your first crush today

Oh really, I will only crush the person head

Time start now

Most of them was saying it’s going to be fun

What stupid fun

I can’t believe am doing this ,I just can’t

I tied the towel, why did they give us a map and a touch light

Are we seeking for a missing treasure

I started tracing it when the light went off, I groan, really, to put off the light is part of the game

I don’t need a map, I will just locate it myself, just look for a green color and I get my keys

I started looking for it, I must confess, I don’t know where I am anymore

Hope am not missing or are they using this show to kidnap us

Oh g©sh,hello anyone there

I can’t even hear any sound of other housemate

What route did I even take before coming

Charlotte why will you use anger and throw the map away,now you are lost

I finally saw a door and I started dancing

I found it I found it ok ,oh yeah

I opened it so dark and I decided to put on the light when I saw a Mr with a towel around his waist

My towel fell off and I quickly tied it back and scream


Same with him he screamed

And I went in to hiding same with him



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