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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love on fire Episode 29 & 30

10 min read
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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

♥️ Episode 29🔥



👫👬👭 World pov 👫👬👭

😱 Can someone please explain what is happening on the show

😶Am so confused, did she just call the boss on mask Bryan, cause I heard his real name is Oliver

😰Have they been seeing each other

😰That’s not the problem now, the problem is Charlotte is in danger and the show went off after the announcement

😱Did the boss hurt someone and trying to use her to avenge

😶Am really dumb here, let this be over soon cause they both have an explanation to do

😟 Please lord protect them all, this has never happened before

🌺Charlotte be safe

😟 Charlotte 😟

I opened my eyes, I tried standing up when i noticed I couldn’t as I felt pains all over then I remembered seeing the boss masked removed and it was Bryan, he lied to me again, I ran to one of the sitting room when someone covered my nose,does it mean that ?

Oh , have been kidnapped, I screamed for help but no one came in, am in trouble, please am sorry if I offend you let me go please, I started calculating if I offended any one but I don’t think so.

Bryan please come save me,I forgive you please.

After screaming out my

life, I felt weak,tired and hungry when a guy walked in with a mask, ” shouting on your voice won’t bring help to you because the walls are soundsproof”

Please who are you ?

Why am I kidnapped in a show?

Please make me understand

” Well you just happened to be the right tool to get back at someone”

Tool !!!

What’s wrong with him, calling me tool, I tried to hit him when he gripped me and other hefty guys came in and seized me, then I received a slap from him and I fell down and bl©©d gushed out from my lips, he hits me so bad that I started crying, ” tie her up ”

I was been tied up and he told me, ” you think you are tough, wake up girl, the show is over, I don’t wish to kill you but I just have to kill you right in his presence and he won’t be able to do anything and call for help. I will make sure he goes through pains all his life and wishing for death to take him, your Oliver or Bryan will go through h.ell in my hands”.

Please don’t hurt him, whatever might have happened, just let it go please, I don’t know what actually Bryan did but I don’t want my love to be hurt in any way.

He grabbed me and pointed his kn1fe on my neck and I don’t know how he did it , connecting us live for Bryan to see us and

I saw how worried Bryan was.

” Lover boy, you can’t save your love now”

” Please don’t hurt her, let her go, you want me and not her”

” You don’t tell me what to do,do you remember Jessica, the only girl I truly love with my heart and everything, left me for you cause you are handsome, what did you do to her, you just fk her and paid her off and then what, you never wanted her in your life,that night I was there when you killed her, her bl©©d filled your hands and you ran off, the question is, Why her ?

I don’t really understand anything these two are saying, don’t tell me am dating a killer!

Can someone wake me up if this is a bad dream please, tears gathered in my eyes again as he brought the kn1fe closer.

😟 Oliver 😶

I can’t even find any guard or security, what the hell is happening, I came back to the sitting room, the housemates has been taken too.

Where can I find her, this place is so big, have searched different room but I can’t find Charlotte.

I don’t know who that ba$tard his but he should not lay a finger on my love.

It seems they have been planning this attack cause no one can exit here and no one can come in, the password has been hacked .

Then a live broadcast appeared on the TV in the house, oh no Charlotte, I got scared seeing him holding a kn1fe close to her thr©at.

” Lover boy, you can’t save your love now”

Please don’t hurt her, let her go, you want me and not her

I was so helpless, I don’t know what to do, why his he hurting her, what have I done to him ?

Then he replied saying, ” You don’t tell me what to do,do you remember Jessica, the only girl I truly love with my heart and everything, left me for you cause you are handsome, what did you do to her, you just fk her and paid her off and then what, you never wanted her in your life,that night I was there when you killed her, her bl©©d filled your hands and you ran off, the question is, Why her ?

I remembered Jessica, why is my past haunting me now have found true love.

Please I did not kill her, you got it all wrong, please listen to my own story please, Jessica truly liked me but I don’t believe in love back then, I just fk her and paid her off, I throw her out severally from my house and company cause she kept coming.

Then on a particular night I got so mad at my dad, that night confirmed he has been a cheat and it increased my anger and ruined the chances of me loving someone cause he hurt mom, I feel ladies do that cause of money that’s why I just fk no love attached. I left the house that night angrily without using my car, before then I called Jessica severally cause I wanted her that night in an hotel, then I sighted a lady in pool of her own bl©©d, I ran to her only to discover it was Jessica, I held her cause I actually felt something for her,I wondered what actually happened, it looked like she was robbed and stabbed, fear gripped me when she was no longer talking, what will I tell the police seeing me alone with a lifeless being, I was so stupid that I ran off without helping her please, have left with that guilt for a long time, I never killed her, I was too scared to help, I never thought twice.

” You animal, m©nster you dare lie to my face, you think I will buy the story”

Please am saying the truth please, I never killed her, I don’t have the guts to kill

“Because you just lied, I will hurt your love gradually”

I watched helplessly as he used the kn1fe to cut her close to her neck and bl©©d rushed out

No please I screamed and knelt down with tears on my eyes

” 24 hours find us or I cut her piece by piece”


♥️ Episode 30🔥

🔥🔥 Semi Finale 🔥🔥


😭 Charlotte 😭

I was bl.eeding to the extent I fell on the floor, I was tied up and unable to do some treatment for myself, this guy is a monster, how can him be this heartless, does he wants me to die!!

I believe everything my love said, I think he mistook the whole situation, oh Oliver please find me soon, I don’t want to die this way, I have a lot of things to do with you please.

I was seriously starving cause the monster refuse to give me food, my parents will be so worried about me presently.

I overheard them talking about the other house mates, they are kidnapped as well, please God whatever this is let them not harm Vanessa and others please, they didn’t do anything at all. The fear of other housemate getting hurt makes me more worried.

No matter how hard Oliver searches for me, it will be so difficult to find me here.

😩Oliver 😶

Why my Charlotte ?

Why her ?

She didn’t do anything and I wonder why they have to involve her in this evil heart of his.

Am just like alone in here, calls are not connecting and I don’t know why!

How can I be so stupid at first , seeing that letter, am supposed to find out everything and how it was dropped at spot I saw it but I was just too carried away.

Have checked other secret places but I can’t find her.

😭 Ethan 😭

I know she is crazy but she has a heart of gold, she do say she hates me but I know she loves me so much and proud to have me as her kid brother.

I caused everything, I talked mom and dad in to it, I registered for her, I wish I never registered her for the show, this wouldn’t be happening right now.

But I still have some questions to ask her when she returns, I hope she comes back safe.. Does she really the know boss on mask ?

The expression and reaction in her face reads a particular meaning like she was shocked to see him as the boss on mask.

I pray the police reacts fast and look for means to penetrate the place.

Mom wouldn’t eat her food because she is so worried about Charlotte, she is scared.

😰Ava 😰

What exactly is happening to mom show, everyone knows the place is well secured and hard to hack in to the show.

Firstly it was the video, now my favorite Charlotte is in trouble and I have a feeling my brother been arrogant brought this upon her.

It seems they have been seeing each other cause my brother has never reacted this way, he even tried begging her.

I just want them to return safely. He might hate dad but dad is actually worried about him and mom I guess will be returning back to the country because of this.

😰 Charlotte 😭

I over heard him say to someone, time to broadcast her killing live and let everyone see how useless he is and he can’t save his true love .

Oh no I can’t die, I remembered the device Bryan gave to me whenever I wish to see him and I hope this shows him my location.

I saw a sharp objects and started cutting the rope and I reached for the device in my pocket, I clicked it and kept it back in my pocket incase they move me from here.. oh Bryan please use it to find me .

😩Oliver 😩

I got a beep on my phone, only Charlotte I gave it to, I can use my location on my phone to find her, I love you dear, you are so smart.

I don’t understand, the location kept on changing and a live broadcast started, I saw how wounded he made her be.

“I guess the world is watching this but guess what your boss called Oliver, most of us knows him but not aware his the son of the Smiths and owns the show because his mother gave it to him .

Well he killed my girlfriend?”

No I didn’t, I tried explaining again cause I know am seen by the world as well.

I kept talking trying to find them with the location.

” Guess what may amaze you all, he broke the rules to the show, falling in love with this crazy housemates, they have their hide out where the camera can’t pick them but I am good at what I do ”

Oh no, he played the video of how we met, kss and everything .

Am going to face mother wrath after this but who is him by the way

” Oliver you can’t save her now just the way I was unable to save jessica, what a perfect ending, we both lost the women we love so much”

He cuts her again in another place, she cried out, am swear am going to kill this dude, he cover her face for her not to breath and turned her upside down for the blood to drip, so she can die slowly.

He took of his mask and I got shocked , ‘Quan’

*l” I guess everyone is surprise, I did my face surgery to look more handsome for Jessica but I ended up seeing her dead because of you”

The camera went off and on, he wasn’t there, Charlotte blood was dripping on the floor, I feared, I got the location and I ran in, took up a knife and started cutting the rope very fast as I cried.

I carried her down and removed the stuff from her face, her eyes was closed .

Charlotte please say something, Don’t leave me please, you don’t deserve to die, I love you so much please

I never realized I will get to meet the woman that will steal my heart in this show, please I have alot of things to do with you.

You angry right, am sorry I lied to you am Bryan, telling you am Oliver the boss I thought it will be risky and the show, but I wanted to tell you am Oliver last night, please forgive me.

She coughed and I hold her tight to me and even in pains she was still crazy, ” am going to hit you after this”

I laughed and we kissed then I heard footsteps approaching, it was him and I took her to my hid behind my back.

He clapped, ” well well well, this is truly love on fire, what a nice performance, now you have kssed her the last time, let me just end her, I tried you know, I never got to hug Jessica the last time.

🔫 He cracked the gun and pull the trigger and made a loud sound 🔫




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