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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love on fire Episode 27 & 28

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

♥️ Episode 27🔥


👹 Unknown pov👺

When do we strike brother, it’s clear he loves that crazy girl so much, he did everything to clear her name, definitely he will get so hurt when we kill her . ” Time Time,my source told me his changing the last game because of her, let him have just one more time with her before we kill her in his own show and he will be so helpless”.
True we strike Immediately they are back from the last stage of the game,I can’t wait to see him in pains, just the way I went through pains when he murdered her.

😟 Charlotte 😟

His such a ba$tard, I hate him in as much as I love him

It pains me I can’t tell Vanessa the details for her to advice me better,what if I tell her and she tells on him and he losses his job!!!

Why did I even fall so deeply for him,I keep getting the beep from him to see him but it’s best I avoid him and move on with my life, though am happy he send those letters, it makes me still feel so special.

Today by 12pm we will be giving a box

,it contains the map to the building we will be staying with our partners to know ourselves and also to know if our love is true,maybe I should just learn to love Quan, morever we are going to be staying together for a week, I thought it will be three days , I hate it here, I was loving it because of him but he hurts my feelings,I just want to get disqualified and go home and continue my life.

I can’t believe the show actually changed me so well, I remembered when we did the game Outfit challenge, Bryan helped my sending a perfect outfit again and I won, my dressing sense changed and I started acting the way my parents always wanted me to do,guess they will be happy when I get home.

I decided to see Vanessa in her room,” Charlotte come in, am already missing you “, come on it’s just a week and we will be back again.

” Am not good at making friends but this show helped me on that and I was happy I met someone like you here and also privellge to have you as my friend”

Vanessa is such a drama queen but am happy as well she is my friend.

You know what Vanessa, let’s play the scrabble game, ” wow I love it let’s play”

We started playing the game and I must say she is so good with the game,she is leading already with points and I just have to give up on

the game.

It’s time to go get our boxes, then I thought about Bryan,am missing him helpless, why can’t he be the one I will stay with for a week, I was giving my box same with other housemates.

” Handsome and beautiful Housemates, congratulations for making it to this very stage, I hope we pass the love test, a lot of changes have been made, so don’t you get shocked at who you see when you get to the various building and remember we will be asking you all questions privately on how you spend the week with him or her, good luck and I can’t wait to know the winner of love on fire show”

I doubt if I will win.

No need for us to take any outfit cause the house already has everything we needed, I got to the building on my map,I entered and started dancing cause no camera to see me. Wait a second, just a room, does it mean me and Quan will sleep together,no way, I hate this show.

I didn’t notice someone was in the house with me already not until the nice aroma I perceive, I helded to the kitchen and to my greatest surprise it’s Bryan. ” Hi gorgeous”, I must be dreaming I fainted.

I woke up and saw myself on the couch then I remembered I saw Bryan, now his on knees talking to me, ” am sorry Charlotte please hear me out”

How dare him, I gave him a hot slap have been wanting to do this, get out of here before Quan comes,I don’t want to see you.

” How long do you intend to avoid me, please listen to me,I never cheated,I was about to do it but I stopped and ask her to leave but she refused”

You are a bloody cheat and a liar, ” it was my past life Charlotte,I don’t keep relationship, I can’t even kss a girl but you were the first girl I kssed without having bad motive, I just sx them and go but all these changed when I met you, I couldn’t see myself doing it believe me please”

I don’t want to believe you cause you hurt me,leave

” Please I did my possible best to end here with you for a week cause I miss you and I want us to work things out”

I felt special again, i was happy it wasn’t Quan that’s here but him but am going to been hard for him to get me back.

You know what, even if we are staying together,we are not dating, we are not sharing same bed or anything,we can talk casually mostly about food to prepare, i love food ,I can’t get angry and forget about food and I stated other rules and he nodded.

☹️Oliver ☹️

I never knew her hands hurt so much not untill she slapped me,her hands are small but deadly.

She listed out so many rules but I will comply in other to win her heart back .

I changed the rule cause I want her back, once she forgive me, am going to tell her my real identity,I just hope she will still accept me, I know you must be wondering how I did it.

Well, I gave my points to the executive and they accepted, if the housemate truly love themselves they will keep and wait to see their love after a week but if they don’t, they will definitely flirt with the person they staying with, a box will be dropped very early in the morning at each houses where you can stay in touch with your love if you truly love him or her and ignore if you don’t, then the boy allocated to Charlotte, I had a one on one deal with him and he accepted and that’s settled .

The main goal is to make my love come back to me, after dinner she refused talking to me, all she said was thanks for the food and she left, I got to the room she shouted at me that she wants to change to her sleeping outfit and bath,that if I want to see her nked,I apologise and went out,she is really crazy,when she was done,she opened the door and I entered,she went straight to the bed without saying goodnight, I took my blanket and a pillow and slept on the floor, have never done this in my life, sleeping on the floor because of a woman,she didn’t even say a word to me.

What can I know to win her heart back ?


♥️ Episode 28🔥


😍 Charlotte 😍

“It’s another beautiful today”I said to myself when I woke up, I stretched my body and then I saw Bryan sleeping on the floor, I actually wanted to let him sleep on the bed but that serves him right .

Wow he looks so handsome when sleeping, Bryan is so handsome, I can watch him all day and be happy cause he brighten my world. I was carried away with my thought that I didn’t even notice he was awake and sat close to the bed saying ” how long have you been staring at me ? ”

What !!!
I wasn’t staring I said, he got me

” But you spend more time staring, well I know am handsome”

G©sh, I never noticed it, but you are ugly to me I said and he frowned and smiled again.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brushed my teeth.

” Charlotte for how long do you tend to keep me this way , I miss you and you know that ”

For as long I don’t want to see you ,just let me be

” I won’t give up on you and I promise to make things to work out between us again”

In your dreams!! I really want things to work out between us but am very stubborn so I must make him go through h.ell firstly before letting him in again..

I want you out of the room now,I want to bath.

” Sure”

He was about leaving when I saw cockroach walking towards the bathroom and I screamed and ran to him.

Don’t go , help me kill it

” Kill what ??”

That !! I pointed at it and he started laughing

” You just asked me out of the room some seconds back and you now you are asking me to help you, no way, moreover you are bigger than it so kill it yourself”

You mean I should kill it ?

” Yes kill it,prove to the cockroach you are crazy as well”

I hate him, I feel like giving him a punch now,he walked to the direction the cockroach was and said,

“Hi Cockroach, this lady standing there is very crazy and she don’t take bullshit from any one, she even scrapped a lady’s hair and beat her up seriously, she slapped me yesterday and it was really painful”

What’s wrong with him, is he normal at all talking to a cockroach!!

” Now have told you few things about her won’t you run for your dear life, no need to run, am happy she is scared of you and not scared of you, am leaving you to your fate now”

No way, you’re not leaving not until you kill it ,I hit him

” You can hit me and can’t kill it”


I received a letter at my door step from Vanessa, she told me everything, she really love Donald that’s the more reason she won’t cheat on him ,am happy for her, should I write a letter to Quan asking him how his fairing?

Bryan has been begging me day and night, he even asked me to swim with him in the pool but I said no, I heard scream that I dashed to the pool, he was drowning, I quickly took of my clothes leaving my swimming trunks and dive in to rescue him.

He’s not responding, I hit him, God please save him . Bryan don’t tell die, I still love you please, sorry how I have been treating you for the past three days, I want you to live please, I kept on talking but no response.

I started pumping his chest and trying to give him a mouth respiration that was when he kssed me and held him then I stopped and hit him, are you pranking me ?

” Stop all your acting Charlotte, I know you always want me.”

We looked at ourselves and started laughing again, I just need to leggo of my anger and pride.

He came closer and placed his wet l1ps on me and this time around I won’t lie am ready to be his alone, am ready for everything.


We created quality time together and two days to leave the house, the other house mate was brought back so I can know him a little incase am asked questions and him too.


We got back to love on fire back ,I quickly ran to hug Vanessa, I was really happy, someone of us where asked questions alone unknown to us the world saw this to vote.

I can’t wait for night to come to see Bryan, the Mr mask came in then mistakenly Quan took off his mask, it fell and everyone watched to see the face as Quan apologies.


😍😍 Wow his so handsome

” Charlotte I can explain”

Don’t touch me you liar, everyone watched in amazement and surprise,only both of us understood ourselves.

I left to another place in the house with tears when the light went off and someone covered my nose and I passed out.

😍Oliver ☺️

I hate him, he mistakenly off my mask now Charlotte is angry at me.

All of a sudden the light went off and on then I heard someone talking making use of the announcement saying,” I told you am going to hurt the one person you love so much”

Oh my God Charlotte!!!!




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