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June 23, 2021


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Love on fire Episode 25 & 26

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

♥️ Episode 25🔥



🤪 Charlotte😜

I was told to go in to the waiting room, I know I will be addressed but that serve her right, I would have broken her legs, stupid girl.

I really appreciate Bryan for been there for me and also the least person I never expected was that arrogant j.erk been there for me as well, if only I could see his face,he might be cute but not up to my Bryan.

I hate Quan, I will just continue to be partner with him till the end of the show, it’s not a must I win the game, have found love already and I can’t wait for us to explore together outside here.

They told me to be careful next time that I would have been evicted but the fans voting is higher than any housemate,but I lost just 10 points because of the action I took earlier today…

I love the waiting room, no camera in here, they started leaving one after the other and I was left with the boss, he was about leaving then I held his hands, thank you so much sir, ” it’s nothing, I need to go”

G©sh I hate him, his so rude and arrogant

but am happy I told him thank you.

I want to be here a little while to have camera free minutes

The door opened again and it was Bryan, he locked the door and I hug him so tight and he reached for my lips and we started kssing, he carried me up and my legs was crossing at his back to support my self, he has the perfect structure.

Hold on Bryan, what if someone sees us ?

“I don’t care Charlotte, I just want to be by your side always”

He increase his tempo and placed me on the table,we started r©mancing then he reached for my top to take it off then my past came to hunt me instantly. ” I beg you for sx for months and you refused, am going to r@pe you and my friends will also have a taste of you”, he ripped off my shirt and I pushed him only to discover it was just my love Bryan.

Am sorry Bryan, I can’t forget the day I was r@ped, I thought it was him, I cried and he consoled me saying, ” I love you and am willing to wait till you are ready okay, I just couldn’t

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control my urge but I promise to be your comfort okay”

Thanks Bryan.

” I will be taking my leave now, they might be wondering why you are not out, once I leave ,take you leave back the the sitting room where the housemates are okay”



I want Bryan in my life fully,

I will need to face my fear.

M©nster, she bowed her face and walked passed me,I can’t help but laugh, other Housemates where happy I taught her a lesson for trying to spoil my name to the world of been a harl©t.

A thought came to me, Bryan and the boss, they behave same way, or is Bryan the boss brother, no, he works for them, this is so complicated.

Quan walked to me,”please let’s talk”

Am not in the mood to have any conversation with you okay.

“Am your partner for God sake”

Oh what did you just say !!

When I needed you the most, what did you do?

Just get lost, when am ready to talk to you we talk okay.

I hate him

👫👬👭World pov 👭👬👫

😍Team Charlotte for life

😉my crazy girl is back on her feet, I love her morale

😉 People are wicked,how can someone r@pe and the m©nster went to manipulate it making it look she is a wh©re

👫Now she is a victim, I love what my Charlotte did to her

☺️ exactly,that serves her right

😍Now whenever she hears the name Charlotte,she will keep on running for her dear life

😉Tasha looks like a man on the skin cut.

👭I hate Quan but still on still, they should work things out between themselves

😍They will definitely in this 3days outing with just partners in different building without the camera

😉I wish we could watch it but I just hope it result to real love at the end of the show

😍 Definitely

☺️Oliver 😍

I was happy I could help my love, we got so many team Charlotte, she lost some points for the action she carried out.

After the meeting at the waiting room, everyone left, I was about leaving when she stopped me saying “thank you so much sir”, it’s nothing I need to go.

Immediately I exit the waiting room , I know they are no cameras here so I entered another room only I can access and I changed the shirt I was putting on with the trouser and rush back to the room, I was happy she was still there,I locked the door.

She called my name and hugged me tight, I don’t know what came over me but I started kssing her passionately, she is the only lady that I feel deep emotions for, it’s been weeks have not had sx,this is unlike me, I carried her and she gained her balance, she asked what if someone comes in but I don’t care, I just want her. I was about taking off her top when she pushed me and screamed but the door is bullet proof no one can hear the scream.

She apologized,she is still going through the trauma when she was rped, I told her I will be willing to wait till she is ready.

Did I just say that.


I thought about the letter I read,who could be so use to this place to drop a letter without been seen, I need to watch Charlotte always and make sure she is safe.

I really needed sx, I wasn’t thinking straight that I had to request my guard to bring in my btch, he understood what I meant by that.

She came in. I just asked her to str1p… then the door got opened, it was Charlotte.😮😮😮😮👀👀👀

I was shirtless,the girl was half nked, Charlotte I can explain

“Am sorry for disturbing,it was the search game today, so I decided to come here when the light was off”

Tears filled her eyes as she left.

What have I done


♥️ Episode 26🔥


😜 Charlotte 😜

I know have been avoiding Dylan calls but I don’t want him to pity me at all, so I decided to call him on the phone.


📲wow Charlotte am happy you called

How have you being faring

📲Not really fine without you around, I really miss you Charlotte,or don’t you miss me as well

Sure I miss my number 1 friend so much

📲Am happy you got back to your feet again and I love the way things are going with you in the show, though am jealous most of the time

Stop it. Just wanted to know if you good

📲You are the best friend ever, can’t wait for the show to go to an end soon enough

Alright I got to go now, bye.

Hangs up

If the show ends the only person am going to miss so well it’s Bryan,will definitely miss us sneaking to see ourselves like children.

Vanessa came to my room and I ignored her

” Am sorry Charlotte please forgive me”.

Just go away

” Friends can have misunderstanding right and come back together again and be more stronger, please you are the only honest friend have made in the house”

Should I forgive or not ?

But I miss my friend

Sure have forgiven you but next time you leave me to myself in crisis,I will surely design your face

We started laughing, ” sure”

So I guess you and Donald are becoming a couple,am happy you guys are partners in the house

Her cheek turns red, wow it’s true , you are in love with him,awwww

So sweet

” You got me, I love him you know but I don’t know if he feels the same way for me,we just talk about the games,he don’t want me in”

Don’t worry, give him time okay,am sure he loves you too but too proud to say it, you know guys right

” What about Quan, won’t both of you settle your differences”

Don’t want to talk about him at the moment

” Just give him a chance okay”

I was thinking today will be eviction night

” Well I think they want us to play a game today tomorrow then eviction will be tomorrow tonight”

Am just happy for today,need to get some sleep now

” Alright baby girl sweet dreams”


That stupid presenter woke me up with his loud voice

“Good morning beautiful and handsome housemates, another searching game today but this time around without your partners. Everything is at your door entrance and you will know what you searching for, remember the first give to return will be given the points”

I hate youuuuuuuuu

I thought it was 7am , what!!!!!!!!

10 am

I must have overslept.

A thought came to me, the light will be turned off during the search, I will be able to go to Bryan room and he will be happy to see me , I dash in to the bathroom and put on a sxy outfit then let the game Begin…..

I took my game stuff at the entrance, my mission is to search for the golden eggs, I held my touch and found two, I was waiting for the light to go off then it did I quickly entered through the place I won’t be seen, I was super excited, I opened the door only to see Bryan and another girl ,he cheated ,I got hurt instantly

“Charlotte I can explain”

Am sorry for disturbing,it was the search game today, so I decided to come here when the light was off

I took my leave with tears in my house and came back to the game, I don’t want to go back to the room and start thinking,I just decided to look for the eggs but I cried within me, I was the first to return and I had 50 points.

I got so broken and cried in my room, I needed a friend, wanted to talk with Vanessa but she is occupied with her partner then I decided going to Quan room and I told him sorry I just, I don’t even know what to say ” am sorry Charlotte, if you don’t accept me as a lover, accept me as a friend, come in let’s talk”

😨 Oliver 😨

I put on my clothes and yelled at the $lut, I told you to stop but you couldn’t listen, you have ruined my life , get out, I called my guard to take her out….

I hated my father for been a cheat but am already one, I followed his stupid lifestyle

Am such a fool, I meant a lady I truly love but what did I do, I ruined it, will she ever believe I changed my mind and refuse sleeping with her, am still a cheat for bringing her at all to my room.

Am sorry Charlotte for hurting you, am so sorry

I couldn’t face her as Bryan, I entered my mini office, I saw the way she was serious with the search and her eyes were all filled with tears, she was the first to end it, I don’t get it, what is she doing in Quan room, that ba$tard…

I hate him, Charlotte you don’t need him, am here for you always.


Eviction night

Everyone is seated at the general sitting room, with each house mates card for those that will be evicted and those that will stay.

I just kept looking at Charlotte, I saw how sad she was but I hate the fact she was sitting with Quan, hate the mask idea by my mom.

Tasha got evicted and many others leaving just four partners in the house.

The game is gradually ending.

Everyone left to their various rooms.

I waited at our usual spot, she never came or beep the device with her.

This week was lonely without her cause she kept on giving me space and I hate that so much.

It has gotten to semi final stage whereby the partners will be made to stay together in a building with no camera to get to know about themselves truly.

No no, I won’t let her stay with Quan, am the boss here, I can change the game, let’s call this stage swap so I will be able to stay wit her and it will be increased to a week .




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