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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love on fire Episode 23 & 24

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

♥️ Episode 23🔥




👫World pov 👫

😧I feel bad for her, I wonder the pains she is going through now, Tasha you are stupid, spoiling your fellow girl status like that

👨‍🦰She is really pretending,can’t believe this.


😊Guess what, everyone left Charlotte all alone to their room except for the boss

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🤭 Exactly,I wish we could see his face

😶Isn’t this cute, he also allowed her to rest oh him as he calms her down

😊I might not know his face but I feel both of them are a match

😉Isn’t this so r©mantic

😭I feel for her, I never knew the crazy girl will cry like this been sad

😶 team Charlotte forever,she got this and she will definitely come out from it and that stupid Tasha will pay for this

🌚Where is Quan ? I thought he loves her,while leave when she needs her the most.

😶Oliver 😶

I tried calming her down,she was crying seriously ,I hate seeing her tears, I couldn’t do even do anything, I feel so useless right now.

Charlotte it’s okay,
” Am not a wh©re, am not,I never knew I said those things out of the state I was when hard d.rug was infused in my system, I was r@ped at the end by the four of them, I almost died, they didn’t play the part,I don’t know Tasha, why is she doing this to me ? She just showed the part I said nonsense,why did she not play the part when they forced drugs on me and r@ped me,I woked up in a strange place ,the hospital”

I had pity on her.

Charlotte come to your room and sleep a little,I promise to trace how the video got to our media okay, now let’s go.

I got to her room and place her on the bed to sleep then she held my hands, please boss stay alittle till I fall asleep.

Then I know she needs me as Bryan,but unknown to her am Bryan and Oliver,I stayed with her till she slept off and I placed a letter close to her and left.

I left to my room only to find out the world saw everything I did , oh mother!!!!

Ava started calling me on the phone ?


Ava please not now

📱Bro thank you for been their for my Charlotte,team Charlotte for ever, bro make it possible Tasha is evicted from the house please

I was shocked at Ava response, she still likes Charlotte

And why will I do that ?

📱 Bro stop been so hard, I watched everything, you have never been this caring to any lady ,maybe she is your soft spot

Are you sure Ava is just 9 years old,she acts and think like an adult.

I just did the right thing okay and there is nothing attached

📱 Please do everything to send Tasha out of the show

Will think about it ?


Definitely I am sending her out of the show without been asked,she hurts the woman I love so much.

I called my trusted workers and told them to do a background check on Tasha and also on the four boys that raped Charlotte.

My phone beep, it’s a sign Charlotte is waiting for me at the usual place,she needs me now.

I got there and discovered the sadness in her face,her eyes were swollen and she cried on me.

She was expecting me to leave as well but I can’t .

😧 Charlotte😭

I couldn’t believe everyone left to their room, the least person I never expected came to me ,the mask guy, he made me calm a little and I felt so comfortable around him,just like I felt with Bryan.

He brought me to the room and I begged him to stay a little till I fall asleep, he accepted.

I kept having nightmares, I couldn’t sleep, I woke up, I checked my phone, Ethan, Dylan has been calling, mom and dad texted me to make me feel special.

Only then it occurred to me, the world has watched the video, I will be the gossip of the world now, I fell on my knees and started crying.

I saw a letter from Bryan, “finding it hard to sleep, press on this little device , I will get a beep on my phone and I will meet you at our spot”

This is exactly what I need, Bryan.

I know he has shut the camera’s, so I will be able to leave without been seen, I got to the spot and my tears increased.

I thought his going to leave, instead he brought me close to comfort me and rubbed my back, I noticed something,he has same scent with The mask guy, the way the mask guy comfort me rubbing my back is same as Bryan.

I need to recover from this mess first of all. “Charlotte don’t worry, am sure they are still some of your fans out there that will never leave you, okay ”

Thank you Bryan, he kssed me again, I felt okay and told him in details.

On a fateful day, I closed from school and my boyfriend Joe called me to attend his party later at night,he wanted me to visit him before the birthday. I got to his apartment, he hugged me and kssed me, he told me to give myself to him as a birthday present but no, am not ready to have sx , he pleaded I said no, I wished I knew his plans was to r@pe me, I shouldn’t have come that night.

I got to the place with a wrist watch as a birthday gift, I noticed it was just him and his friends, I asked if his no longer celebrating it, he said he his, he made me drink just to make him happy, then he started t©uching me but I stopped him, only then his friends held me and forced me taking the hard d.rugs, I was so high that I wasn’t myself,I couldn’t do any thing, I started talking nonsense from my mouth, they r@ped me.

I opened my eyes the next day at the hospital saying I was lucky to be alive, that the drugs would have damaged my system and I had bruises around my v and was bl.eeding. The next day I saw him with another girl and he said he’s done with me. I cried and gave up on love, no one knew this, I became crazy.

Why did she have to do it to me? What did she gain in ruining my life, I kept on crying.
” Am here for you okay,you will be fine, I love you no what how ugly the past was or what’s happening presently, I love you endlessly and I will be here for you always

😭Oliver 😭

Hearing this from her, I feel like killing those boys , I played with her to make her smile and happy.

I told her to face her fear tomorrow m, she is crazy show that to Tasha,let her know you are not weak.


I got a text on my phone..”One of the boys that r@ped her is in our custody, only him can clear Tasha wrong accusations…


♥️ Episode 24🔥



😍 Oliver ☺️

I was about heading to the place in the building they kept the guy when mom called, why will this woman call at this hour ?

Hey mom

📞Son what’s the meaning of what I watched ?

Mom I don’t understand

📞Been close with that housemate, taking her to her room and watch her fall asleep

Mom are you now that heartless,she needed a friend,you saw what happened to her right ?

📞So ?


📞 Fine, you are the boss there, that should be the last time, no son of mine will date a whore like her, I just hope you don’t develop a thing for her cause I know you, you don’t show care to a lady , showing care to her means you are liking her

Mom enough please, am feeling headache with this conversation, I ended the call.

I can’t believe my mom, well when the truth is out about us,I hope she accepts it cause am not leaving her,no matter the person,I love her and that’s final.

I know you must be surprised,well the house mates are not aware that this place is like an estate,but the connection of each building is through some doors and walls most times but it’s our secret.

I placed my hand on the wall to capture my fingerprints and it opened to another building entirely,I entered the room the boy was kept and they left me with him.

I came with my face this time around without mask.

Hey young man, how dare you and your friends r@ped her ?

” Am sorry, it’s an evil act am regretting up till now please”

Tell me how the video got to the house else I will skin you alive, no one messes with my woman,incase you don’t know me, my name is Oliver Smith, I guess you know what the Smiths are capable of doing ?

“My act has landed me in a big trouble, I told him never to give them the video, I told him not to hurt her but he refuse, because of the money”

Hey young man,am not here for jokes.

” Am sorry sir, please don’t harm my family, I will tell you everything. What we do in the past, we $leep with our girlfriend and make a video of them to blackmail them to get money, Charlotte was a r@pe case planned by her boyfriend,I never wanted to do it but I did it and we included the video and we never blackmail her. On a particular day, a man came to us, we never saw his face, he threatened us to give him the video and he will give us big amount of money for us to keep quiet about it, I refused telling him ,it’s been school days this stuff happened, why are we going to hurt her now but he said”,

He paused, he said what I slapped him hard on the face .

“He said he didn’t mean to hurt her that she was just a victim, he wanted to hurt you by hurting her. Please I can confess in a live broadcast so the guilt can be taken off me.”

That can actually take away the bad name she has but who wants to hurt me by hurting her ?

I informed all the securities and medias on what to do..

Then had a meeting with the love on fire executive, Tasha must be evicted for creating such a name for her fellow housemate.

Now my Charlotte will be happy again, I wish I can tell her the truth of me been Oliver not Bryan.

😧 Charlotte 😉

Bryan is right, I need to put myself together again. Am crazy and she made me long like a crying puppy but enough of that, no one’s dares me and go freely.

Am going to show her how a crazy slut behaves.

My phone rang , Ethan

📞Sis what are you waiting for ?

I don’t get it Ethan

📞The Charlotte I know is not weak,guess what despite everything, you still have a lot of fans that are with you saying team Charlotte for life, mom and dad wants you to get back your feet.

Mom and dad talked to me as well.

Thanks so much for everything I said.

Now I have Bryan,my family and also my fans out there,will give her a taste of my craziness.

I figured out a plan and yes.

I came out of the house,Quan better keep his distance from me, he tried talking to me but I ignore him.

I was sitting waiting for the btch to show herself which she did, she has entered the lion trap.

” Hey btch, no friends, are you picking on the boss now”

Hey psych©, how much did you get in your account, p©verty sticking pe.rvert, let me tell you, your body odor can never has a cure, no surgeon on this earth can increase you height $lut!!!

” Oh wow she can still nag, crazy btch”

Oh am crazy oh, are you just finding out sweetheart, I barked like a dog and he scared her, are you afraid already. I will show you how a crazy btch behaves, I bounced on her and gave her hot slap on her face, her face became red, no one dares stop me I said,they all looked at what I was doing to her but scared to separate us, so you are just an empty can,you can blab very well, running tap and you are as lazy as a log of wood, remember I said I will draw you again, I sprayed hair shaving cream on her hair and all her hair pulled off and I left her there looking like a born again m©nster, now she will know no hospital can treat my madness. Btch.

😆Writer pov😆

Tasha lost all her hair, the guy came live on video and said the video was manipulated that he and his friends raped Charlotte after drugging her,now Charlotte name has been cleared the latest talk of the town is the born again m©nster Tasha.

Oliver saw a letter on the ground close to his room and he picked it.

” Super hero,you saved your love this time around but this is just the beginning, am going to make sure I kill her in your presence and you won’t be able to do anything but just watch, I will be back for her,enjoy her while you still have the time”



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