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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love on fire Episode 15 & 16

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

♥️ Episode 15🔥



😌Oliver 😌

I got inside my room with full excitement, I don’t know why but am happy talking with her today and getting to know her as well.

I can’t wait for tomorrow party to see her rock and I hope she twerk as well.

My phone rang and it was Ava, what does she want this time around?


“Hi bro”

Ava are you not sleeping,it’s late already

” I can’t sleep”

Where is your nanny ?


What ?

I paid her to make you ok and sleep on time,instead she is the one sleeping, I think her time in that house is over ..

” No brother ,don’t sack her, I like her, I just don’t feel like sleeping ”

Ok please get some sleep now okay

” So bro I can’t stop laughing, I love the part that crazy girl told you she is going to spank you!!”

Oh how can I forget the world saw that

What’s so funny

” It is bro, if not that you had a mask on, the world would have seen your look that I know”

So annoying

” I can’t wait for tomorrow party,I hope you gives you hot tomorrow,maybe spank your bum again”

Just get away

I hate my sister for this, laughing at me,only if she

knew the crazy girl and I are friends but I can’t tell her about it

Get some sleep little one

“Okay bro, bye ”

I started laughing, Charlotte is really crazy.

Can’t wait for tomorrow


I woke up so jobless in my mini office, watching everything, I was actually waiting for Charlotte to be awake.

Then I saw her partner for tonight walking towards her room,what’s he trying to do,he is inviting her for breakfast,say no Charlotte, I feel like punching his face so hard now, but she is not my girlfriend so it’s none of your business Oliver.

What has she done to me!!!


Time for the party, I put on my mask and decided to just see Charlotte on her outfit.

She is finally here, wow she looks very beautiful in the dress, I almost complemented her when I realized that am a different person to her on mask,guess what?

She hissed at me and I told her she is lucky am in a good mood.

I was so angry when Donald asked her for dance, can’t she ever say no, look the way she is whining her waist for him, his even holding her.

I decided to keep my self busy when I hate scream, seriously a fight.

The crazy girl was on top Jane, designing her with slap and everyone watched this, Jane pushed her, she was never ready to stop the fight, then I held her.

For seconds we froze, then I gained my senses again and I shouted, Stop this nonsense, you two, the awaiting room now, all

judges will meet you there.

I had to be strict, I can’t let my soft spot for her to reflect.

Everybody please continue your party please, we will sort out both issues okay, no panic, just have fun I said.

Cants Charlotte ever control her self, she fight like an animal released from a cage .

I know definitely her points are going to drop down.

I decided to join the judges of the show at the meeting room.

😊 Charlotte☺️

Why did mr mask stop me from tearing that girl apart.

Why did I even freeze when he held me ?

His lucky I did not transfer my anger on him as well.

But Charlotte you would have been patient a little, now am in the awaiting room and tomorrow is eviction night, I hope what happened today won’t disqualify me from the show.

I really wanted to leave the show from the start but I don’t want anymore.

Look at her, I feel like beating her again in this room.

Then the judges came in, the mask guy also,I hate him, arrogant j.erk.

” We don’t have much to say but violence is not tolerated in this show, no matter what you two have,you can sort it outside the show”

But she started everything,I couldn’t bear it,I just needed to put some senses in her

” Like I said, we don’t care to know what happened okay. Now both of you,15 points will be deducted from your present point”


15 !!!! No way

” Tomorrow is eviction night, if you are lucky enough, you will pass to the next stage,then if you are not,you will be evicted from the show, now please get back to your party and have fun while you still can”

Gosh they are so rude,then the arrogant jerk said

” I can’t believe a crazy animal will sign up in the show to devour the housemate”

I almost punch him but I don’t want to loose another point.

I got back to the party but I lost my interest of dancing.

Then Quan sat with me

” Guess someone is still moody, cheer up Charlotte, I know fully well you will proceed to the next stage”

Thank you Quan, I should have controlled my self but that girl needs someone to give her some senses

” I understand crazy girl”

I blushed alittle as he pat my hair.

” So dance with ?”

I felt butterflies in my belly when he asked me to dance with him.

Am going to rock with my demi god….

I accepted it and my dancing mood came back again…


Party was over,time to sleep,Quan walked me to my room and left a kss on my cheek saying goodnight.

I was frozen then he tap me and I said good night.

He kssed my cheek, oh wow, I fell on my bed, I think am becoming a lady because of him.


😊Eviction Time☺️

My heart is already pounding very fast.

Donald passed to the next stage, Jane was evicted,then the speed of my heartbeat increased again..

Of if Jane is evicted, do I stand a chance not to be evicted as well..

♥️ Episode 16🔥


☺️ Charlotte☺️

🌼 Earlier before the announcement🌼

I decided to meet up with Bryan at the beach.

” You such a good dancer, I wish I was at the show to dance with you”

Yea thanks but I ruined the show, I guess am truly crazy😔😔😔

” I understand you, she got you provoked,any other person would have done same thing okay ”

But am so nervous for tomorrow night, what if am evicted from the show 😔

” You won’t okay, have some fate girl, or do you want to leave me bored here, you know i can’t be seen with any housemate till both of us broke the rules 😁😁”

He made me laugh a little. Yeah we are the rule breakers and it became fun here with him actually. But I just need to be very careful so I won’t be seen talking to him so he won’t loose his job

” So cheer up, moreover you are popular already, I believe you have lots of fans that will vote for you so you won’t leave,now smile”

I think it’s actually wise for me coming here to see him, I feel more better than before already. Thank you Bryan

” You welcome, everyone knows once the crazy girl is gone,the game won’t be lively”.

We talked a little, I was laughing uncontrollable when I rested on his chest, then we stare at each other,but I quickly stood up and we both started talking out of point and then we started laughing at ourselves.

🌼🌼🌼 Presently 🌼🌼🌼🌼

I think I need to pray to God now,have not heard my name, what’s happening?

I hope the guy on mask won’t corrupt the judge mind to send me off, cause I know he hate seeing me here, I should have been nice to him from the beginning, oh am so nervous..

Calm down Charlotte, remember what Bryan told you.

Then I heard my name , oh my God am staying.

I jumped up in excitement and Quan hugged me tight.

And some say the crazy girl has finally gotten a crush in the house.

“Now let’s get ready for tomorrow game, you will need to make some level of closeness with the one you are gradually developing feelings for in the house and also to let the world know on coffession night. Once again congratulations housemates for making it to the next level”

Wow, I hope Quan comes to me tomorrow, I didn’t note the mask guy heard me.

“Oh really, you have a crush on him”🧐🧐

What’s his problem? Do you have an issue with that j.erk

” Of cause not, am happy the crazy girl now have feelings”

Whatever j.erk.

“Remember you got lucky this time around”

Just get lost.🤪🤪🤪

😔 Oliver 😔

I know she will definitely pass this stage, I told her ,now I get to know her more, she is really amazing.

I got very upset when I saw Quan hugging her so tight, would you let her go? But I can’t do anything but just to watch, am not an housemate, I hate this.

I heard her say, “Wow, I hope Quan comes to me tomorrow”

Don’t tell me she has a crush on him, I forgot that am not Bryan when I said Oh really, you have a crush on him!!

Then I remembered I had to cover up the mistake I just did, am not supposed to be concerned at all

“Do you have an issue with that j.erk”

I was smart enough to say Of cause not, am happy the crazy girl now have feelings. She looks crazy and annoying to Oliver but sweet to Bryan. She said whatever then I just responded she was lucky this time around.

I decided to go to the media room, then I watched Quan telling Vanessa,he likes my Charlotte, what!! I was happy he likes Vanessa but I just got to find out I was wrong, definitely his going to tell her tomorrow, how can I stop this from happening.

I got angry and headed to my room, this is not happening to me,I hit the wall hard.

🤪Oga chill joor, why you come dey para ni, na ur babe 🤪

She sneaked and met me at the beach, she rushed to me with much excitement and jump on me while hugging me.

I felt happy as well, now I get to hug her now.

Congratulations I said

” Thank you Bryan, you gave me the hopes that I won’t be disqualified”

Oh like i said she is calm to me as Bryan.

After the excitement was down, I tried asking her about Quan.

So tomorrow, you crush in the house will be known officially

“Oh yes,I can’t wait for Quan to tell me,am his crush”

She actually likes me, why am I getting so unhappy about this.

” Are you okay”

Sure I am, do you think Quan is a good guy

” Well no harm getting to know him, like at first I thought you were so arrogant not untill I get to know you better. So he can be a good guy actually.”

Would I be able to talk her out of this. Well am not supposed to be bothered anyway, Oliver stop getting angry.

So I guess your mom will be happy about this new development

” Yes and I guess my brother Ethan will call me soon”

We looked at each other for minutes, and her lips was so tempting, that I couldn’t control myself anymore, I noticed she felt same way as well when she closed her eyes expecting me to a plant a kss.

Should I kss her or not….




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