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June 20, 2021


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Love on fire 2 Episode 9 & 10

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(💘💕Another Challenge💔)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

💔 Season 2 💔

♥️ Episode 9🔥



*Some weeks later*

❣️ Charlotte ❣️

It’s been weeks already, I think I like Dylan though not as I once love Oliver.

He called me to go for shopping,I love the sound of that, I got my things ready

I don’t feel like using my car today,so let me take a walk before stopping a taxi.

There I saw Oliver,” Are you Stalking me”, I asked

” Not at all, I came to see someone at neighborhood”

I know exactly his lying.

” So where are you heading to,you seem excited”

“Of cause I am, am on my way to see Dylan at the shopping mall”

” Charlotte please have been begging you for weeks to stay away from him, his not who you think he his please”

I got annoyed at this,” Oliver can’t you move on with your life, I can never be yours,go away”

He felt bad,” I have a question to ask you Charlotte,are you cool with the fact that my mom Introduce a girl to be my wife”


” Why that response,are you angry ”

Oh shit, why will I be angry,of cause I am,his your brother Charlotte, oh damn it, his going to see another person. ” Wow am happy to hear that, she will make a

good girl friend,so we cool now brother”

I said this and walked away.



I got to the shopping mall, I saw Dylan already,he hugged me as we went in to start our shopping, gosh he bought things I never expected but remembering the fact Oliver with another girl spoilt my mood, have move on, I can’t marry my brother.

At Dylan apartment, we ate the food we bought after the shopping and he confessed his love to me this time around.

” Charlotte am truly in love with you, give it a try please,I love you”

Gosh why will he say such a thing now,but I can say no, apart from Oliver ,his someone who has been there for me from the start,well love can develop right….

“Mmm I like you Dylan”

” Is that a yes”

I nodded and he got excited and planted a kiss on my lips but I missed Oliver lips.

I quickly withdraw from the kiss and headed to the kitchen.

😟 Oliver 😟

She called me brother…

I took another shot of gin again, “hey more drink” I requested.

Is it because I was a womanizer that’s why am paying for the sins of hurting girls in the past..

Why did she choose to move on with Dylan

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of all people.

Why is she reminding me that she can’t be mine because we are related.

What’s wrong with you Oliver,just give up the race and start again, maybe I should go back my old ways,that will be perfect.

I got so high of alcohol that I needed a bitch badly..

I just

hope I don’t end up like my dad in the future and I pray I don’t marry a lady like my mom.

I got so drank that driving the car to my house wasn’t an easy task..

I came down from the car and headed to my room but it seems someone is in, who could be in my room at this time of the night when people are to sleep.

Oh it’s Stephanie, she looks damn hot with her ass, immediately she turned, her boobs are wow, seems like she is here to satisfy me dresses like this.

” Am sorry for bugging in to you privacy, I got worried you haven’t returned,now you home,I can take my leave”.

She was about leaving then I held her hands,” you need anything”

” You mean you refuse to sleep because you wanted me home”

She bent her head..

I tried getting closer to her,she kept moving backward till the wall stopped her..

” Why are you running,I thought you wanted me”

I reached for her lips and started kissing her,she responded instantly, I continued kissing her as I romance her breast,I raised her legs crossing my waist,then I feel her ass.

She raised the left leg crossing my waist then I pulled up by carrying her,as we continued kissing, gosh I need to f**k this hole so rough,I might even tear her apart, I can’t believe am actually kissing her,does it mean am having something for her or because am drunk.

I dropped her on my bed as I tore her clothes and she screamed, I suck the hell out of her boobs as she kept on moaning, well the house is sound proof so no sounds can come out.

I turned her around and she gave me doggy style making me thrusting in so fast, whenever am drunk, I sex like a sex god,she cried out but I just kept digging fast and fast.

I finally got my cum but I did it in her mouth, guess she is a bitch herself.

Then I slept off.



In the morning, I woke up so tired then I remembered what transpired last night,seems I might end up going back my old ways, she opened the door, smiling uncontrollable, ” good morning, breakfast is ready”

She looks beautiful,maybe I can get to know her

I whisper in her ears,” love the way you sound when I touched”

She blushed,I informed her to get ready later in the evening that we both we will be going to see a movie.

After some weeks,my mom noticed the closeness and got happy, I must say she is cool to be with but I miss my crazy girlfriend that turns my sister but I just had to move on with life.

Stephanie is falling in love with me that she got jealous when females are around me.

😌 Charlotte 😌

I couldn’t see my self having sex with Dylan but am happy he understands.

Guess what,he engaged me yesterday and am so happy.

Maybe I made the right choice.

Mom kept on saying I should go and have a talk with my bilogical father but hell no..

😟 Unknown pov 😟

I regret everything I did to her in the past.

I can’t continue to leave with this sin anymore, I wanted to tell her but she shut me out.

Even when I got married and had kids my conscience never stopped judging me.

My wife asked me to look for Margaret and tell her the truth, who knows she might be having a child for me,will she ever forgive me,if I tell her the truth.



💔 Season 2 💔

♥️ Episode 10


😌 Dylan 😌

My plans is working out so perfectly, she will be mine soon, but sometimes I wonder if she worth the wait or not.

Let me say because I got occupied with other victims.

I was at my private building which no one knows about, I came to clean up some things.

One of the boys came to me saying,” we got her boss”

I want her unhurt now.

He brought one of my victim and untied her,she started begging for mercy,” am sorry, please let me go” she pleaded..

Oh I hate this, am not evil you know, I wanted to show a taste of love but what did you do, you ran to another man’s arm.

” Am sorry, I love him thats why”


Any one that I want don’t dare end it with me,and you crossed the line

” Please Dylan pity me, am carrying his child in my womb”

Does she think hearing this will definitely change my plans, am not soft hearted and who cares if she is carry a baby in her womb, she just increased her punishment now.

I requested for my favorite knife and it was given to me.

Seize her I said, my boys obeyed, I took the knife singing and I stabbed her then my phone rang, while will Charlotte be calling at this time, since you are lucky, dumb on her on the street.


📲” Hi Dylan, came to your apartment and you are not home,where are you?”

📲” Oh well, will be with you shortly,just had to finish some business,but guess am done now”

📲” Alright, will prepare food for you to eat”

Am glad she is mine now but I hope she never quits or else,she see the other side of me

😌 Olivia 😌

Ava came to my room moody, I thought she will disturb me as usual but I guessed wrong this time around.

“What’s troubling you Ava?”

” Bro tell me you are not seeing her”

Gosh,what kind of smart sis do I even have,how did she notice it so fast that am seeing her.

Well we are just friends that’s all

She hits my head, ” aaah” Ava that hurts

” I hate you brother, I hate you”

She left my room angry, am sorry Ava.

What will I do now?



Stephanie and I went to get some things at a shop, then I came across Charlotte, am happy Stephanie is carried away with what she was doing so I could talk to her.

” Hi” she said,

“Hi” I replied, both of us looking dumb now.

I decided to break the silence,”how are you ,it’s been a while”

” Sure it is,is that your girlfriend?”

Yes, I stammered,I got shocked seeing a ring on her finger.

” What’s up with the ring”, I asked

” Oh Dylan asked me to be his wife, so am engaged now”


Why him, gosh, I have a bad feeling about This

” Wow am happy for you”

” Will take my leave now”

She left,my mood has been spoilt already.

😟 Charlotte 😟

So seriously he has moved on, so this is our we ended our love right, gosh, I hate everything going on with my life now.

I can’t believe I keep denying Dylan for sex cause I feel am cheating on Oliver who is my brother, maybe when we married I can let him but am glad he understands me.

A gentlemanman walked to me, and I opened my mouth wide, confuse looking at him, he looks like me or should I say I look like him.

I was around mom working premises when I saw him.

” Hi Miss, please I wish to see Margaret”

“Oh, what for, did my mom do something bad?”

“Not at all, I came to confess to her ”


We entered mom office and she screamed, ” Booker wow, I can’t believe it’s you”

” Am glad you could still recognize me,but I must confess,you still got the pretty look”

” Please don’t flatter me, have your seat, seems you meet Charlotte my daughter”

I just looked at the drama playing before me

He went on his knees as he begged for forgiveness.

Mom couldn’t understand why, even my step dad came to the office with Ethan as usual, and we were curious to hear the confession.

Then he started

✍️ Flashback ⏰⏰⏰ years back”

☹️ Booker ☹️

I really like Margaret, but what if she doesn’t like me in return,maybe I just have to wait a little,I know that’s impossible cause I will be leaving again.

I just wish to spend time with her, why is she not back yet,it’s late already.

I kept on checking if she was back,I got so scared already,did something bad happen to her.

I sat outside then I heard her footsteps, she fell on the ground, gosh she must have been in the club,why will she consume so much alcohol,she looks so bright before leaving to work this morning.

I helped her up,” oh Booker thank you, you know how handsome you are”

Is she serious or drunk.

Let’s go in,you are drunk, ” am not drunk don’t tell me that, she yells”

Oops am sorry,” you know after thinking about everything that has happened,I think it’s time I loosen up, I like you Booker”

Hey stop saying that, you make me want to believe you,i manage to take her Inside, then I placed the blanket on the floor for her to sleep on it.

I was about taking my leave when she held my hands,” don’t leave me, or don’t you like me,am I not your type”

She kissed me,I stopped her but I love her as well, she gave me the puppy eyes,” If you love me,then make me a woman, it’s long I felt the touch of a man”

This is crazy but I can’t resist her.

She brought her self to me and I kissed her so passionately as I took of her clothes,I made passionate love with her and she insisted I cum in her that she loves the warmth.

After everything she passed out, I just cleaned her up and wore her another cloth, seems she will forget it easily that’s if she is drunk.

I decided to meet her the next day to confess my feelings to her.

It never turned out well,instead she shouted at me than I got scared, I assumed have ruined our friendship because of what I did that’s why she don’t want to talk to me,I couldn’t take it so I decided to leave on time.

🌆Reality ⏰

Ever since then have left with that guilt, tears filled my eyes as I begged for her forgiveness, but everyone in the office were mute,like shocked at what they heard.

Looking at Margaret,she is shaking,tears rolling from her eyes then she fainted,and we rushed to her…




are you thinking what am thinking, I bet this is hard for Margaret.

If you were Margaret will you forgive him ?

Ladies please if u ever want to be drunk go with a friend that won’t drink o, so that one night stand won’t happen with a stranger,have heard true life stories of what drunkenness has done to some ladies oh, drink wisely and responsibiliy ….

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