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June 18, 2021


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Love on fire 2 Episode 11 & 12

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(💘💕Another Challenge💔)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

💔 Season 2 💔

♥️ Episode 11🔥



😳😳 Charlotte 😫😫

Am happy mom is awake, but I just can’t face them yet, I need to digest what Mr Booker just said to us,the confession,the way he said it, could it be me and Oliver are not related in any way?

Could Mr Booker be my real Father?

He slept with mom before she got raped by Oliver dad!!!

Am truly confuse, or maybe she did not take it when he slept with her but took in when she got raped.

I need to call someone now.

The first person that rang in my head was Oliver, maybe because I still love him.

What about his new girlfriend, will he even leave her and come to me,well I may never know let me just give it a try.

I was in an hotel room, I don’t wish to go home yet,cause they might still be more conversation going on,it’s too hard for me to take.

I brought out my phone and texted Oliver to meet me up that am down and needed someone to talk to.

I didn’t get any response from him,so maybe I guessed right, he has someone else to give attention to,I don’t just feel like calling Dylan at all.

I just jump on the

bed, thinking when I heard a knock at the door,but who could that be?

I know it can’t be the hotel server or maintainer, beside it’s only Oliver I gave the details to but am not sure his coming either.

I opened the door and it’s Oliver,I wanted to hug him but I just couldn’t.

I allowed him to sit on the bed.

” Charlotte I came here immediately I got your texts, what’s eating you up”

He still as sweet as ever.

Oliver it’s too much for me to talk,I started crying.

He held me close and comforted me,” stop crying,talk to me, what happened?”

A man came today and said he has a confession.

” Okay so how did it affected you that made you so down or should I beat him up for you if he said something terrible to you”

I laugh out,his good at comforting me

” I love it when you are getting happy and laughing as well”

The night my mom was drunk,he made love to her, it was weeks later your dad raped my mom.

” Wait a minute. Does it mean we are not related in any way”

That’s what eating me up presently, I don’t know if mom took in when he slept with

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her or did not but took in after your dad raped her.

The thing is,when I first saw him,he looks exactly just like me,am praying he turns out to be my dad,so I know we are not related or could it be the too late by then.

” Charlotte nothing is too

late for our love, do you know I will be so happy that we stand a chance after the challenges”

What about your girlfriend

” I will tell her me and the love of my heart is back but my fear is you, you are engaged to him already”

I can always refuse a proposal by giving him back the ring.

” I will protect you with my life”

I don’t know what happened,have never felt like this with Dylan,he placed a kiss on my lips,I miss this.

We kissed so passionately that he won’t just let go,then a text pop up on my phone that was when we stopped.

Mom told me a dna test wants to be carried out to find out if Mr Booker is truly my father and I should come as well to get my blood tested too.

Then I got scared again, what if am kissing my brother..

I told him about what mom said, ” I will go with you okay,don’t over stress yourself”

😟🤔 Oliver 😟😟

I was in my room still thinking of Charlotte,why can’t I move on and start thinking of Stephanie, she always beg me to kiss her but I don’t always want to,I can’t sleep with her except am drunk.

She came to my room in a sexy outfit,” hi baby”

She came to the bed with me, trying to kiss me but I didn’t respond back,am trying to like her but Charlotte keeps coming.

” Oliver I need you now please”

Don’t you get it Stephanie, am not in the mood for all these.

” Am I not your girlfriend anymore, can’t you kiss or f**k, come on I need your touch right now,I might go crazy”

You know what Stephanie, when am in the mood you get all these.

I got a message on me phone, immediately i saw it was from Charlotte,I rushed to it checking the content,she is down,she gave me the details of her room and everything.

I need to go now,I put on my clothes.

” Why are you leaving,I thought you said you will spend time with me”

Am sorry my world needs me now and I need to meet her

“Do you realize you just hurted my feelings”

Am hurt than you, how will you feel when the one you love turns out to be your relative.

I left her and zoomed off with my car.

I arrived at the hotel, I went to the receptionist telling her am here to see Charlotte,the lady that check in,in doom 671.

She directed me and I breathed in and out before knocking on the door,she opened and she still looking beautiful as ever.

She told me to sit on the bed.

Charlotte I came here immediately I got your texts, what’s eating you up.

Then she told me everything,my heart got excited cause she might actually not be my relative.

I looked at her wet lips and I want to kiss them so badly that I made the move and she didn’t push me but kiss me so deep as lovers we used to be.

Then a text pop in her phone,she told me her mother wants then to do a dna test.

She asked if we still have a chance, I love her and I can quit Stephanie but when I asked about her engagement with Dylan,she said she can give him back the ring.

She don’t know she is already in danger,no one tells him no,but am going to protect her from him with my life.

😳😳 Charlotte 😫😫

At the hospital, the doctor took our blood samples.

Mr Booker kept asking mom for forgiveness but she just ignore and walk away.

I know how sad she is but she will definitely forgive him and move on from it, it has happened already,we cannot go back to the past and clean up our mistakes.




Mom called me the results is out,which means I need to come to the hospital,my heart is beating fast,I called Oliver and he came and picked me up for us to go together.

Am so scared now.

💔 Season 2 💔

♥️ Episode 12🔥

😳😳 Charlotte 😫😫

I waited for Olivia, Dylan call came in but I refused to answer his call, I don’t really know what to tell him at the moment .

Then I saw Oliver car, he came down and complemented my outfit and I thanked, I notice I was blushing.

He opened the door of his car for me to go in,such a gentleman he his,I wondered while he was so arrogant from the beginning.

He closed the door and entered the driver sit, he put on the AC in the car. He kept on looking at me, I guess his trying to read whats going on in my thoughts.

” Charlotte what’s bothering you or are you scared about the results”

I know he knows me very well, really am scared of checking the results.

” Yes Oliver, what if at the end of the day we are brothers and sisters”

” Shhhh, don’t say that, we are meant to be together as a couple and not as relatives okay,just put yourself together”

I felt okay a little, then he started the car as he drove to the hospital.

We got to the hospital and entered the doctor office, my mom already have there same as Mr Booker.

The strange feelings I have seeing Mr Booker makes me wonder.

I hug mom and the doctor gave us the results.

I couldn’t open but mom did.

” Seems you and Oliver are not related, turns out Mr Booker is your father”

Tears of joy fell from my eyes, am happy for two things, I can be with Oliver forever and have seen my real father.

I hugged Oliver happily, Mr Booker still asking mom for forgiveness.

He was about leaving when mom called him ,” Booker,I forgive you, everything that happened was in the past, let’s move on with our lives. Charlotte will see you at home” she left.

Oliver told me to make a connection with my dad.

” Father ” I called, he started crying as I hug him, am so happy have seen my father.

He gave me his number,home address and the name of the company he works for me to see him often as I like. I decided to hang out with my father, Oliver was happy and he told me he needs to take care of somethings at home that we met at the hotel I lodge later to discuss things.

😯 Oliver ❣️

Right now am the happiest man on earth, we have overcome the Challenge of our love life.

I need to make Stephanie understand that we can’t be together.

I firstly went to see father,have never gone to see him before but seeing Charlotte and her father,I believe it’s best for me to make peace with my father.

I told him everything,we played golf together,am happy for the re union.

He told me he will talk to my mom,while I talk with Stephanie.

I took Stephanie out for lunch to tell her everything.

” Wow i love it here,thank you for this Oliver”

“Stephanie you are a nice person that every man will need in his life”

” You are scaring me”

” We can’t date Stephanie,the one person I loved that became my sister, I just found out today she is not my sister, I still love her and I can’t deceive you, I know love will found you soon”

” Am happy Oliver that you are honest with me,thanks so much,it hurts but I can’t force love, guess I will be leaving the country Tonight and start a new phase”

Thank God, she is so understanding.

I just hope mom do same as well.

I broke the news to Ava, she jumped in jubilation,she hugged me so tight, now I know how much she loves Charlotte,I promise her I will invite Charlotte to have dinner with us one of these days.



I headed straight to the hotel room, she got so excited to see me, she hugged me ,I entered and closed the door..

Stephanie understands me, I love you Charlotte

” I love you too”

I asked her if she has informed Dylan.

” His out of the country,will tell him when he gets back”

I fear for Charlotte,can Dylan be understanding in this case.

I brought out my phone, opening my instagram account, creating a live broadcast, she joined me.

” Remember us from love on fire,you all saw the other thing right”

About 30 thousand people started viewing it as more joined.

Charlotte added saying” we were told we are related meaning we can’t date,but my real father just showed up, the dna test proves that Mr Booker is my father, you know what that means”

I concluded saying,” we can be together now”

It became the talk of the town, Vanessa called so happy with Donald.

❣️ Charlotte ❣️

Everything seems so unreal.

He dropped his phone and reached for my lips, he kisses me all over and I moaned out so softly.

He continued kissing and I responded to every touch and move he made, he romance me so well and I wanted him to thrust me so badly.

He made passionate love to me and we slept off.




A week later, Dylan texted me his back.

I decided to go and see him but refuse telling Oliver,his always against just me going alone and I don’t know why, Dylan is not a thug or a devil that can harm me.

I dropped a letter for Oliver, he got his own apartment for privacy, when he gets back from work,he will see the letter on his bed and I will surprise him when am back from Dylan place.

I entered Dylan house, he hugged me as usual,” hope you are fine,you don’t call me or text me”

” We need to talk”, I said.

” You mean about you finding out Oliver is not your brother”

I got shocked,” yes part of it” I remove the ring he gave to me ,” I can’t marry you, I tried to love you but I just can’t, I love someone else, please try to understand”

” Let’s talk things over Charlotte,you are mine”

” Am not anymore, his eyes became cold. He tried making me to change my mind but I love Oliver.

I was about taking my leave when I got seriously hit on the head and I passed out.




Charlotte why you nor dey hear word now, chai this pikin will not give me BP OH

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