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August 1, 2021


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Love on fire 2 Episode 1 & 2

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♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥

(💘💕Another Challenge💔)


Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)

©️do not copy without permission❎

💔 Season 2 💔




💔 Charlotte ❣️

Love we say it’s happiness, I call it my comfort, his love understood my craziness, I never see myself loving or someone falling for me, at first , it wasn’t in my chapter but what happens when my ink just have to fill the empty chapter to make a book, I was the empty chapter,he was my ink that made me realize,I am no more empty with him always there for me.

The first day we met, we argued and never knew we will meet again, it seems fate has something in stock for us, we meet again In a show I never dreamt of going, I remembered how my towel fell off and I quickly covered back, i kept meeting him no matter how hard I try to stay far from him, he was my knight in shining armor.

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Even when my image was at stake, he never left me, he was there when I was lonely and sad, I got heartbroken when I saw a lady with him but got my trust back when I heard the truth and the one week stay together was awesome.

I can’t say everything out but those memories was my best gift given to me not until an attack came and he was still there and took a bullet for me, i guess our love doesn’t have limit, cause we love ourselves endlessly and unconditionally. When everything was ok, I expected we are going to create more memories together as our love grow deeper but my worst night mare happened when I was told the one person that makes my heart beat, that makes me wet anything he touches me turns out to be my brother.

How painful it is, how can I live with this hurt all my life, why did this have to happen now, I want to go far away from him cause am hurting.

🧬 Years back 🧬

” Sweetheart I will be leaving with Oliver,you know I need to attend the meeting at Canada and my mother misses him and wishes to see him as well, I know you will be fine in the house all by yourself, beside you should be use to it” Susan said.

Jason already used to being alone whenever his wife travels out for business, anytime he talks her out,she nag and to avoid problem,he doesn’t talk anything about it and gradually he became a flirt, Susan deny him of sex most of the time.

The maid came in, her name Margaret, she was looking so hot and sexy in her maid uniform, he called her to his room at night, she came thinking he wants to send her on a errand.

He tried touching her but she stopped him, ” please stop this, you are married with a little kid”, he was already in lust, he forced her, tore her panties and thrusted in at once, ” gosh your pu** y it’s so sweet, I want to be having a taste always” He continued thrusting and banging her hard, she wasn’t a virgin but she cried in pains”

The gate opened,his wife was back.

Are we ready to ride with me as will reveal some mysteries out and to know the fate of Oliver and Charlotte, this is indeed another Challenge….


💔 Season 2 💔

♥️ Episode 1🔥



😋 Jason 😋

I started banging the bitch so hard that she couldn’t stop screaming out my name. it actually feels so good when she moan out my name, it makes me wanna go faster and harder.

I bend her over, she got a big damn ass, I started thrusting in so fast, I don’t even want to let go of her cause I was enjoying every bit and taste of her pu**y.

I was about getting my cum when Susan called me, oh shit.

📲 “Hi baby ”

Am good and you, the bitch was trying to get me but I just gave her signs to keep it low.

📲”Am done with my business and am on my way home”

Wow I miss you, can’t wait to see you and my son

📲 ” See you soon, love you ”

I need to go back home, hey bitch, take your money and I don’t want to see you again, am going to pay for the hotel bills so get ready to leave.

My name is Jason Smith, am very rich and also I love sex so much, maybe because I started digging ladies at early age. I was told when I get married, I will definitely leggo of that part of my life but hell no!! my wife keeps complaining that I sex too much, she also denies me sex, well to avoid her nagging, I went back to my old ways, pay bitch and f**k as I want.

I can’t believe she is back so soon from her business trip, one thing I hate about Susan, she values her work more than us, sometimes I feel we just married to have children or maybe we got married so early.


She came with in with the maids taking in luggages to her room, my son Oliver ran towards my direction in excitement written over his face as he shouted ” daddy daddy!!”

I hugged him and carried him up, my cute son hope mom didn’t starve you over there , ” not really dad, just that she keep on forcing me to eat food I don’t like”, don’t worry dad is here to cover up everything your mom failed to do, we go get snacks towards evening time, just you and I , ” I would love that father”, now go in with your maid so you can freshen up, ” alright dad”.

My wife looking at us then she sigh saying, ” like father like son, you keep spoiling him this way”,

Of cause not, I love my son and I give him whatever he wants, so darling how did the business trip go, ” stressful as always, am starving already”, order some food

“What ?? You mean the maid didn’t cook?”

Oh you mean the maid you fired before traveling, I watched her as she itch her hair cause she knows I got her off guard

” Well, the other maids can’t they cook, you know what forget it”

Ok fine but you have not hug or kiss me, seems you didn’t miss me a bit

” Of cause I missed you so much”, she hugged me and kissed me so passionately, I grabbed her butt as we continued kissing, I carried her in bridal style to our room, locking the door, am so happy me and my wife will have a romantic day.

We continued kissing, when I was about pulling of her bra, her phone rang, she stopped and decided to pick up the call, I was damn hard already, if I don’t have her I might end up going out to get a bitch…

She finished her call, dropped her phone and started putting on her clothes, I tried touching her but she stopped me, what the hell is happening Susan, did I do something bad ?

” Not at all sweetheart, I need to attend to this urgent meeting, some issues I need to settle with my adminstrative in my show ‘LOVE ON FIRE'”

You mean you won’t let me touch you, okay what will you do about this, I pointed at my d**k

” Oh am sorry, if I come back okay, we are married you know and am not running am always here”

Susan for God sake ,you just got back from a business trip

” Am sorry”

I always tell you, you don’t need to over work yourself out, you know am more richer than you ten thousand fu**king times, I can give you anything you want,I can give you a palace now

” I know dear but the world is changing, I don’t want to be lazy,I want to support always so I need to work hard okay,bye”

She kissed me and left .

What happened to my Susan ?, She wasn’t like this from the beginning, she arouse my urge already and she is not here to calm me down, I can’t be remain like this, I need to f””k right now, maybe one of the maid, then I sack her immediately to avoid problem in my marriage by paying her off .

I asked about Oliver from one of the maid and she informed me he was actually sleeping then I told her to meet me at my personal chamber, well my house is like an estate, I have my personal building for business meeting and others but f**k there when necessary. I can ask anyone to vacate any building I choose to use cause I own them all.

Immediately she came in, I locked the door,strip naked I commanded her, she didn’t resist cause am handsome as well,girls always wants me even if is just a one night stand

She stripped naked and giggling, I told her to spread her legs wide open for me to have a free entrance in her pu**y, immediately I lubricated my d**k, I penetrated her at once and she moaned out loud, this feels so good, I made sure I f**ked the hell out of her to the extent she couldn’t get her balance.

Immediately I felt satisfied, I asked for her account number and I transferred a million to her account, then I told her to quit and face her life and never to come back to me and not a word to my wife.

She begged me to have a taste of me again but I made her know, I f**k a pu**y just once.

😶 Margaret 😶

I dreamt of a handsome boy spoiling me with gifts when water splashed on my body,I opened my eyes seeing my aunt looking at me with rage of anger in her eyes then I quickly jump off ,am in deep soup,I over slept.

” Do you think this is your father house that you can sleep anyhow you like? ”

Aunt am sorry I over slept but it wasn’t my fault, you over worked me yesterday with different chores in the house

” So you have the guts to talk back at me, you are so dead”?

The last time she used those words on me, I fainted,now she is using it again,I don’t know what will happen so I ran out of the house, hope I did not double by punishment ?



To be continued……

Margaret you don die be dat, better stop running before the death go worse 😁😁

Jason the bad guy

For those that are confused

Jason is the father of Oliver

Susan the mother of Oliver

Margaret the mother of Charlotte…

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