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love me not episode 6 & 7

(Ageless [email protected]ç£)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

💖💖💖EPISODE 6💖💖💖


Ruby eyes were still locked in Ashley’s eyes. Ruby also tried to keep her calm.

“Old lady?…She is your teacher! Such disrespect!” Mr Tyson angrily said.

“Oh no… plea-se, Don’t you know me… Old lady?” Ashely asked.

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“Look… She keeps calling me old lady! How do you expect me to keep her in my [email protected]… And hell no! I don’t know you or even What you are!” Ruby shouted angrily.
Ruby was however pretending, She did remember Ashley but was quite [email protected] to open up.

“Miss Ashley Brian, I think you need to apologize” Mr Tyson said quite annoyed.

Ashley stared at Ruby and scoffed angrily.

“I’m sorry sém” She finally said.

“Alright then… plea-se do take her to her [email protected], Ruby” Mr Tyson said

“Excuse me.. I never said I accepted her apology” Ruby retorted

“Ruby… There is no need to drag this matter, She apologized alre-ady… Just let it slide this once, Okay?” Mr Tyson said.

“Alright then… But I’m doing this because it’s you” Ruby replied.

“Alright ruby… You will forever remain in my heart” Mr Tyson chuckled saying that childishly while Ruby laughed.

“Come on… Let’s go” Ruby said to Ashley as they moved outside.

“Wow!! So you weren’t lying that day… You are really a teacher” Ashley said but ruby pretended not to hear that.

“But are you sure you don’t know me?” Ashley asked.
Ruby st©pped immediately and turned to glare at Ashley who alre-ady seemed frightened.

“I’m just letting this slide because of the provost so pretend you don’t know me or else I will take you out of my [email protected]” Ruby yelled.

“Geez! You scared me… Alright then, But you don’t have to glare at me that way or even yell at me… Well, I’m sorry sém” Ashley said.
Ruby sighed de-eply and returned back in walking,Ashley also continued walking but she was at ruby’s back.

“Sém?” Ashley called.

“What is it?” Ruby asked

“I want to sit beside Ryan plea-se…Huh?” Ashley begged.

Ruby looked at her angrily again and quic-kly stared at her shoes.

“Do you find those comfortable?” Ruby asked pointing at her high heels.
Ashley just stared at her.

“You keep ma-king awful sounds with those… So it’s preferable not to wear them every again… And don’t talk to me about Ryan… He is just a student to me Nothing else, Nothing more… Just do what you wish” Ruby said as walked fas-ter.
Ashley sighed and tried catching up with her.

Later, Ruby opened the [email protected] door and went in front of the [email protected] with Ashley.
The [email protected] Rep, Martha saw this and said with her shy tiny introverted voice.

“All stand”.
The students all stood up.

“Bow” she added.
They all bowed.

“Sit” she finally said as the students all sat.

“Okay guys… We have a new student in our midst” Ruby said.

“New student? We are alre-ady 20 sém” Peter said.

“I know right but the provost insisted” Ruby explained.

“Who does she think she is?” Barbara asked chewing gum and looking at the mirror she held while adjusting her make up on her face.

“Just introduce yourself” Ruby said.

Ashley [email protected]£ forward,smiled immediately she saw Ryan and quic-kly adjusted her Sk-irt up to her che-st and brushing her hair against her ear.

Barbara looked at her irritated with her arms akimbo.

“Who is this bit-ch?” She asked to no one in [email protected]

“Hey… Be mindful of your words!” Peter said.

“Just keep shut” Babara said raising her eye brows.

“I’m Ashley Brian, A new student in this [email protected] and I hope you treat me well like you do to all the pretty girls” Ashley introduced

Barbara scoffed loudly with the gum still busy in her mouth.

“I said it… She is a bit-ch” Barbara whispered.

Barbara left her seat and faced Ashley.

“As if?… Pretty?…Ha ha ha 😂😂… Pretty my @ss” Barbara said with laughter raising her eyebrows and flashing her eyelashes up and down.

“Huh? Excuse me?” Ashley asked.

“Watch this!” Barbara said moving close to Peter.
Ruby just had to watch their drama but Ryan kept on looking at Ruby.

“Peter?” Barbara called.

“What?” Peter asked di-pping a cookie in his mouth

“Who is more prettier? Me or her?” Barbara asked acting cute while pointing at Ashley.

Peter couldn’t contain his laughter and coughed loudly which made the cookies on his mouth spill on Barbara.

“Hey?? What is this?” Barbara yelled irritated trying to clean the messed up cookie on her face.

Peter laughed [email protected]

“Why ask me? Who will I ask now?…But that should be her” Peter said holding the remaining laughter he had in him.

Barbara looked at him angrily.

“It’s my fault for asking you… Annoying j£rk!” Barbara said.

“Hey… Barbara, I think that’s enough alre-ady” Ruby said.

“Nope! It’s isn’t!” Barbara replied [email protected] moving close to Ryan this time around.

“Oppa?” Barbara called cutely

“Oppa?… Did she just call him oppa?” Ashley asked angrily to no one in [email protected]

“Who is prettier?Me or her?” Barbara asked brushing her hair to her ear with her hands while still acting cute.

Ryan looked at Ruby who also looked at him, Noticing the weird and awkward eye contact, Ruby looked away.
Ryan smiled and finally answered.


“What? Sém? She is more prettier?” Barbara asked angrily as the others faced Ruby.

Ashley glared at her [email protected]

“What is this?” Ashley asked.

Ruby was quite [email protected] and faced Ryan angrily.

“I called you Sém” Ryan said immediately after thinking [email protected]

“Oh Yh… Yh… What’s that? See… The kid was just calling me, Don’t take it personal…Kids of nowadays!” Ruby laughed awkwardly with an [email protected] face.

“I actually have a problem with a math problem, Can you help?” Ryan asked

“Huh? Uhmm… You see I’m quite busy so plea-se just ask Uhmm… Martha, The [email protected] Rep” Ruby muttered looking at the 21 eyes facing her.
She could die of [email protected] if care wasn’t taken.

“You know what guys?… I should go alre-ady, See you” Ruby said as she started leaving.

“But I don’t have a seat…

[email protected] Rep, find her a seat” Ruby said as she finally left.

Martha shyly went to Ashley.

“plea-se,Do come with me” Martha said with her face down.

“And you are?” Ashley asked.

“I’m the [email protected] rep” Martha replied still looking down.

“Well, Sit elsewhere… I’m taking yours” Ashley said.

“Huh? Why? You can’t just take my seat… It’s unfair” Martha slowly said.

“Blah blah blah!Whatever! Shuuu!” Ashley said as she moved to Martha’s seat. She wanted the seat because it was close to Ryan.

She saw Martha’s bag there, Picked it up from the seat and was about throwing it down when a manly strong hand held her.

“She said you shouldn’t take her seat… So move!” She heard Ryan voice say.

She faced Ryan and of course, He looked more handsome up close. She faced the hand he had used in gr-abbing her hand to avoid her from throwing the bag.

“Your hands are quite strong… That why you are s£xy of course” She said sweetly with a slight chuckle as Ryan left his hand from her arm.

“Aren’t you happy?” Ashley asked.

“Why would I ever be?” Ryan asked back.

“Well.. You should be happy that a beautiful face is here for you, Unlike this ugly…

“I think you are the ugly one here, I might really vomit if I keep seeing you here” Ryan interrupted.
He [email protected]£ close to Martha who was still scared and still staring at them not knowing what to even do.

Ryan [email protected]£d Martha’s arm and took her to her seat.

“Sit here… Okay?” Ryan said as Martha nodded without facing him.
Her face was quite red due to excessive blu-shing. She couldn’t even stare at Ryan.

Ashley looked at Ryan angrily and went to another seat.


Ruby was however furious with what happened.
She could have gotten into trouble.

She was all alone in the staff room,all the teachers were busy in their different [email protected]
Later, The door opened wi-dely and Mr. Mike a Male teacher in the school [email protected]£ in.

“Oh… Mr Mike, I see you are throu-gh with your lessons” Ruby said smiling.

“Yes… You?” Mike asked.

“Well… Same” Ruby replied.

Mike smiled and asked;

“Is anyone here?”

“Not sure? Seems we are the only ones here” Ruby replied.

“Good!” He retorted.

“Good?” Ruby asked surprised.

Mike [email protected]£ fast to her and sat down on her table facing her.

“Mr Mike? What is it… Is there anything you want?” Ruby asked but Mr Mike didn’t reply.

He t©uçhed her [email protected] without ruby’s knowledge.
Ruby stood up fast to [email protected] him but was interrupted by the other teachers who began to flood in.

Mike smiled and win-ked at her,and quic-kly left to his seat while Ruby breathed heavily and almost had tears sl!pout from her eyes.

(Ageless [email protected]ç£)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

💖💖💖EPISODE 7💖💖💖


Ruby was in de-ep thoughts when she walked home. She couldn’t st©p thinking about how Mike s-xually [email protected] her.
“If its happens next time,I will report him to the cops” She thought while walking slowly.

Ryan kept watching her from behind and noticed was wrong. He started walking slowly behind her and Ashley ran and [email protected]£d him by his arm.

“Oppa” She called holding him.

“Where you following me?” He whispered trying to unlink his arm from Ashley arm but she wouldn’t budge.

Ruby seemed not to noticed anything behind her because she was in de-ep thoughts.

“Sém!” Ashley called loudly.
Ruby turned and met them with linked arms walking together. She simply smiled and faced her front still walking.

“Why did you call her?” Ryan asked angrily still trying to unlink their arms.

“Oppa… Just give up alre-ady, I did that to make her think we are [email protected]!ng… That how we should also behave to other people especially that girl called Barbara, I think she likes you but you know, I like you more” Ashley said with a smile.

“I like someone else so you should leave me now!” Ryan said

Ashley chuckled.

“Is she your girlfriend or your side crush, If it’s still a side crush… Sorry, but I can’t give up just yet”

Ryan stared at her and sighed.

“Wait? Seriously, is it a side crush? Wow! How would a girl never like you back…Who is she?” Ashley asked.

“If you are so curious, Why don’t you find it out yourself” Ryan said

“Urrgh! You don’t have to be so serious but I guess you have confessed your feelings to her, Thank Goodness she rejected you, She just gave me a chance, I promise not to misuse it” Ashley chuckled.

“Hey…” Beckey called them from behind.
They both faced back and saw her running towards them with her hand bag dancing along with the wind.

They both bowed in greeting and Beckey smiled

“Seems you guys are [email protected]!ng” Beckey said seeing their links arms

“No.. Actually…

“Goodness, Sém… How could you guess so right, We just recently started [email protected]!ng” Ashley interrupted

“Wow… Nice, Good luck with your relationsh!p” Beckey said as she kept walking fas-ter.

“Thank you sém” Ashley smiled bowing a bit.

“By the way, Have you seen Ruby?” Beckey asked st©pping for a while.

“Just walk down a bit, She shouldn’t be far… I just recently saw her” Ryan answered.

“Okay… Thanks, See you guys tomorrow!” Beckey said waving

They waved back with a smile.

“Don’t you think you want too far?” Ryan asked angrily.

“I can go to far for you” Ashley laughed as Ryan glared at her angrily. They both walked away from the scene with their linked arms.


“Hey? Ruby? Ruby? Ruby? Wait up” Beckey said running towards her.

Ruby didn’t even hear Beckey calls till she tapped her slightly by the shoulder.

“Hey? Ruby… What were you thinking about? Is everything alright cause I called your name several times but you didn’t even hear me” Beckey said.

“Oh dear, Don’t mind me… I’m sorry” Ruby apologized

“It’s happy but hope everything is okay?”

“Yeah.. Sure”

“Well… That’s nice, By the way Ryan is [email protected]!ngsomeone right?.. She is such a lucky girl” Beckey said.

“Who? Is Ryan [email protected]!ngsomeb©dy?” Ruby asked surprised.

“Why? You didn’t know? He is [email protected]!ng-ashley of course” Beckey said

“Ashley?” Ruby scoffed.

“Yes, I just saw them” Beckey said pointing at the back.

“Don’t let Ashley deceive you, Ryan isn’t [email protected]!ng.. He likes someone instead” Ruby chuckled.

“Who?…Gist me!!” Beckey yelled in excitement.

“Goodness, Beckey… Lower your voice, I don’t know her either too you know” Ruby answered

“Hey? Wait a minute… It looks suspicious… How did you know they aren’t [email protected]!ng… I mean Ashley and Ryan, and how did you know Ryan likes someone else… Who told you this” Ruby asked squee-zing her eyes.

“Oh my! Geez… Uhm.. You… Uhmm.. Know, I’m their teacher and I… Uhmm.. Even.. Know some of… Their… You.. Know,pri-vate lives” Ruby replied chuckling awkwardly

“Oh I see… Well, I’m home, See ya” Beckey said waving though it still sounded suspicious to her

“See ya too… Tomorrow” Ruby smiled.
Ruby faced the direction to head home but she st©pped and faced back.

“Beckey… plea-se wait” Ruby shouted and Beckey st©pped.

Ruby moved to her and looked into Beckey’s eyes.

“I want you to tutor him on only Saturdays atleast for about an hour and half… Any amount of money you need to this for me, I promise I will give you… Can you?” He asked.

“Well… As far you can provide any amount… Then it a yes, But i need a closer [email protected] because it isn’t quite easy from over there to my place” Ruby explained

“I’m glad you agreed and as for an [email protected], I will look into it myself” Mr Scott said.

“Oh…No need sir, I can stay over at a friend’s place”

“Okay then… That’s good to hear, It’s settled then”

“Yes sir, It’s settled” Ruby said with a smile.


Ruby rushed to school though she was quite late. She met Mike on the hallway which made her scared. She felt like running away but she gathered her courage and walked.
Mike and Ruby were the only ones in the hallway which made her extra scared.

Immediately they [email protected] each other, He t©uçhed her [email protected]
Ruby turned to him but couldn’t say anything. Instead, She was [email protected] for breath while holding her tears in her eyes.

“He must pay for this!! But who would believe me?” She asked herself and found her self crying.

Mike didn’t even bother to face her but rather walked fas-ter as if he never did anything.

Ryan [email protected]£ into the hallway afterwards and met Ruby in tears.
He took her to the old dark room to ensure nob©dy saw her crying.

He waited till she was done with crying.

When she was finally done, He moved closer to her.

“Sém?… What is it? Tell me what happened?” He asked looking quite angry.

“Nothing happened” Ruby replied coldly leaving.

Ryan quic-kly [email protected]£d her arm.

“Tell me… plea-se” He said.

“And so? If I tell you? What would you do? You would quic-kly call your rich dad to settle everything right?!Ryan, plea-se stay away from me… For God’s sake!! plea-se, I’m begging you… If you see me crying next time, Pretend I wasn’t there and leave me alone” She yelled and pushed his arm away.

Ryan felt like crying but pu-ll-ed himself together. He couldn’t even utter a single word to her.
Ruby [email protected]£ in again and looked at him.

“The reason I [email protected]£ back is to tell you that I would be your new tutor teacher… So get re-ady tomorrow, As you know it’s Saturday…. And I’m coming by 2pm” She said.

Ryan looked at her and nodded.

“Well.. Huh? Ryan?” Ruby called

Ryan looked up and faced her.

“I’m [email protected] to say this but… Uh… Just keep this a secret?” She said after gathering the remaining courage in her.

“What is that?” He asked.

“Like….Uh… When I cried?”

Ryan chuckled.

“Okay Sém… I will” He smiled as they both went out together.

Beckey caught them coming out together from the dark room.

“Huh? What were you guys doing in there?” She asked quite suspicious.

Both Ruby and Ryan looked at each other and laughed awkwardly to avoid [email protected]

“We just had to… Uhmm.. You know, get few things in there” Ruby lied.

“Oh really? What is it because you guys seem not to have anything on your hands” Beckey said

“Oh Goodness, Beckey….you talk and ask questions too much, Miss questionnaire!! Anyways, Ryan… Go to [email protected], I will join you guys later” Ruby said.

“Alright Sém” Ryan said as he ran off to [email protected]

Beckey looked at Ruby and wanted to ask more questions but Ruby interrupted her after noticing it.

“Shhhh! No more questions, Beckey”

“Alright… Goodness, It looked suspicious and I just felt curious”

They both laughed and began to walk together.

“You know curiousity once killed the cat” Ruby said.

“St©p talking in idioms 😂! Even though it killed the cat….It never killed Beckey!” Beckey said as they both laughed.

“So… Uhh… Beckey… I hope there is still vacancy for me in your house?” Ruby said with a smile.

“Yeah… Huh? Are you coming over?”

Ruby nodded.

“When are you coming over?”

“Tonight” Ruby replied.

“Wow! I’m glad! Thank you friend!” Beckey said as she hvgged ruby slightly.

They both laughed and discussed more on the way.


Ruby finally moved to Becky’s place later that night, They both had fun, Washing their hand, Doing each other manicures and pedicures, Taking pictures,Watching comedy shows,Cooking together and doing all sorts of things friends would do.

Infact, Ruby felt at home.

The next day, Ruby was alre-ady at Ryan’s house.
She waited for Ryan while he brou-ght out his necessary books.
Mrs Smith, The house help bought a cup of coffee for her.

“Thank you for the cup” Ruby chuckled.

“Not the coffee but the cup?” Mrs Smith asked laughing.

“You wouldn’t un-derstand” Ruby replied as Mrs Smith laughed and left.

Ryan [email protected]£ afterwards with his books and Ruby began to teach him but ruby noticed Ryan kept staring at her.

Ruby faced him and asked;

“Will you st©p staring at me and face your books here”

Ryan placed his right palm un-der his jaw relaxing his elbow on the table and watching her the more maintaining the eye contact he had with her. This made Ruby nervous.

“St©p looking at me that way… Goodness, Why is it so h0t?” She asked fanning herself with both hands noticing the h0t air.

“Sém?” He called in a sweet low voice.
Ruby faced him but couldn’t maintain eye contact with him.

“I’m still damn worried about you since you cried yesterday”

“I told you….

“No… I can’t forget about it because I’m talking about the woman I like, No….I mean the woman I love…I really hate seeing those pretty eyes get stained by tears, it really hurts me de-eply” Ryan interrupted

Ruby looked at him nervously as her heart started to beat fast.

“Let’s just learn….I told you to forget about your feelings towards me….Ryan….Just…

“No.. I can’t forget about the feelings I developed for you since day one…” He interrupted again as he kept looking at Ruby’s pink temptingl-ips.

Ruby noticed this and nervously looked at the books on the table.

“Sém?” He called with his low sweet manly voice again.

“Huh?” She whispered not bothering to look at him

“Look at me” He said.
Ruby sighed and slowly looked at him.
Her heart kept beating fas-ter and fas-ter.

“I really hate it when you cry” He said tou-ching her face.

Ruby blinked her eye still trying to maintain eye contact with him while Ryan kept looking at herl-ips.

“Sém?” He called again.

Ruby looked at him with her sweet angelic face.
She couldn’t reply but finally found the courage to do so.


“Can……..I k!ssyou?”


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