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love me not episode 4

(Ageless [email protected]ç£)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

💖💖💖EPISODE 4💖💖💖

***So guys, You now Ruby was pregnant in episode 1 and someone curiously asked of the baby in the previous comments, We still have lots of episodes so your unanswered questions will be answered gradually, No stones will be left unturned. We still get there…. Maybe soon because we still have a lot of episodes to re-ad***

Ruby looked at Ryan nervously as she blinked her eyes numerous times.

“Hey Sém, I wouldn’t want those pretty lashes to fall… Anyways, I didn’t introduce myself to you…. I’m Ryan Scott” Ryan said bowing his head low.

“Huhmmm…I’m Miss Ruby Marlene, And of course, your new form teacher”

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Ryan giggled loudly.

“Hey… What was that for?” Ruby asked quite [email protected] thinking she had made a mistake.

“It’s a Miss Right, Not Mrs” He asked childishly while covering his mouth from his excessive. giggles.

“Yeah… Why?”

“Well… It simply means you aren’t married” He said and giggled more

Ruby confusedly looked at him and shaked her head.

“When I’m I expecting you?” She finally asked

“Tomorrow” He answered quic-kly.

“Okay… That’s nice, Don’t be late then… Tomorrow!” Ruby said as she waved.

She was about leaving when Ryan called her again.

“What kind of a guy is this?..I’m in de-ep trouble when he finally comes to my [email protected]” She thought angrily and finally faced him.

She pretended to smile and asked:

“What is it?”

“Well… I don’t know if this is rude but I’m 19….What about you?”

Ruby looked at him and cli-cked her ton-gue loudly

Instead of replying him, She turned to leave

“Sém? You haven’t replied?”

“Well… It’s rude for you to ask, So I’m not gonna reply” She said and finally went out.

Ruby was finally outside and smelt the soft warm breeze of nature.

“Finally…. I’m free” She thought

She looked at the time and it was alre-ady 5:46pm

“Urrgh!!… He really wasted one hell of my time!” She furiously shouted angrily rou-gh handling her hair by using her hand to scatter it.

People looked at her and she smiled to cover her awkwardness.

“Should I just head home?… I hope Mr Tyson won’t be angry, Especially Mrs Jones…Oh my, I’m in de-ep trouble, Anyways, Is it my fault?… Nope! It’s that Ryan guy’s fault… Anyways, I will be blamed….That’s for sure” Her thoughts ran like wheel as she left the scene.

She arrived home late since her house was very far from School, She was alre-ady exhausted.

“Should I find a place closer to school, and of course… Less cheaper?…It’s really stressing from work to school and vice versa” She thought taking off her shoes.

She finally went to the living room and bounced on the old couch. She looked at her room and remembered Ryan’s room.

His room alone was even far better than the whole of her house, What did she ever expect?…He was freaking rich.

She left to take a shower and quic-kly went to the kitchen and made noodles for herself for dinner.

After cooking, She moved to the sitting room and switched on the TV, Sat down on the couch and began to eat.

The next day, Ruby was seen running once again to the bus station.
She was lucky,The bus was still there. She went in, paid and sat down.

Some of the students in her school which was in the bus saw her and bowed in greeting.
Ruby smiled and waved.

Finally, They were in school. Ruby got down and went to the Staff room.

“Oh my!! You scared me!” Ruby yelled as soon she entered the staff room.

The teachers had sprayed some shiny and coloured [email protected], Blew some kind of childish trumpet that made funny sounds.

“What all this?” She asked puzzled.

Mrs Jones, Mr Tyson and the other Teachers just smiled and [email protected]

“Wow… I’m so happy for you… You have finally become a full teacher here” Mrs Jones smiled and Ruby stood surprised.

“Oh my? Really? Mr Tyson?” Ruby asked.

Mr Tyson nodded.

“Wow… Thank you!” Ruby said happily.

“No… You did it yourself… Ryan Scott is here now in school” Mr Tyson said as he [email protected] The others joined him in [email protected] too.

“But you know… I’m quite surprised… How did you convince him to come to this school, Many teachers, students,friends and even his own parents convinced him to go to school but he didn’t bulge… But you only did it once and he gave in… Did you use some kind of magic?” Mrs Jones asked as the others laughed.

Ruby laughed too

“I’m serious… If you did use magic, you had better teach me” Mrs Jones laughed

“Firstly Mrs Jones… You should put down some weight and then take off your [email protected], Those things on your eyes could scare the poor kids away” A teacher named Beckey said as others laughed.

Ruby laughed and quic-kly covered her mouth.

“Hey… Come over here, You [email protected]ûghty girl” Mrs Jones said pla-yfully as Beckey childishly ran.


Mean while, Ryan was in [email protected] and was quite uncomfortable that many eyes were on him especially the girls. Some comments went thus;

😍He is so handsome😍

😍Why is he h0t😍

😍I like him!😍

😍I wish he could ask me out😍

While still on their dreamy thoughts, Ruby [email protected]£ in.
Ryan smiled when his eyes caught her.

“All stand!” The [email protected] rep shouted.
The [email protected] rep was a young shy and brilliant girl who had no friends and preferred to be alone. Her name was Martha.

The [email protected] stood immediately.

“Bow” Her tiny introverted voice said as all the students bowed.

“Sit” Martha said as they all obeyed.

“Okay… [email protected], As you can see… We have a new student in our midst…So plea-se, Kindly come out and introduce yourself” Ruby said as the girls in the [email protected] [email protected]

Martha looked at him without raising her head since she was the quiet type, Even though she was the [email protected] Rep, No one noticed her.

He [email protected]£ out and stayed close to Ruby. While he was so close to her, His hand kept tou-ching Ruby’s hand which made her feel nervous.

She swallowed her saliva [email protected] and put her arms akimbo to avoid the t©uçh.

“Huh… So, Introduce yourself” Ruby said

“Well… Hmm, I’m Ryan Scott.. I hope you will treat me nicely here” He said as he bowed his head.

They kept [email protected] and cheering him at the same time.

“Ryan?…. Can we call you oppa?” A female student asked cutely as the other girls cheered and agreed.

(Oppa means older male and calling a guy “Oppa” simply means you are close to the guy)

Ryan chuckled

“Yeah” He replied

“Me too, I wanna call you oppa, You are 19 right? I’m 18” A girl from the other side commented. “I’m Barbara! plea-sed to meet you, Ryan” She added.
Ryan nodded in affirmative. He threw a quic-k smile at her.

“No problem” He replied

“Who do you think you are?! Why should the girls be calling you Oppa? Most of the girlfriends here hasn’t started even calling their own b©yfri£nds oppa, so just shut it” A boy said almost yelling.

“And who are you?” Ryan asked laughing staring at him while he raised his eyebrows.

“I’m Peter.. So don’t think of getting along” The boy sm-irked sitting down. Ryan smiled and scoffed smartly.

“It’s enough with your chit chats…Uhmm, Okay. Ryan, Do you have a seat?” Ruby asked turning to look up at him.

“Yeah…Over there” Ryan answered pointing at his chair and desk.

“Oh… That’s nice” Ruby retorted.

Ryan giggled softly.

“Why do you keep giggling?” Ruby asked.

In front of the [email protected], He placed hisl-ips close to ruby’s ears and said ;
“I was kind of happy you cared for me enough to ask me where my seat was”

“You are just being childish, That’s how I would behave to any one new” She whispered back.

“Well, I think mine is different cause my heart kind of fluttered” He whispered back.

“You… I should just….

“What do you think you guys are doing?” Barbara interrupted as Ruby and Ryan [email protected]£ back to life since their talks had taken them far from the world.

“Huh?… Just…

“What do you mean “just”?… You guys kept whispering to each other ears” Barbara said.

“Well, It really nothing… Hey, Ryan… Go to your seat” Ruby said as Ryan took off.

“But Babara?…That isn’t your business, Just face your business” Peter said to Barbara

Barbara looked at him feeling bossy.

“What’s this?…Then what’s my business if you know?” Barbara asked sharply with irritation written on her face.

“Well… It’s me!” Peter chuckled pointing at his face.

“Uurggh!” Barbara said irritated throwing a book to his face.

Peter caught it and laughed.

“Oh Goodness,Face here guys… Let start with [email protected] now, If we keep on talking… We won’t get anywhere and you know our examinations is right at the corner” Ruby said.

“Urrgh! Exams…!! Not again” Everyone complained.

“Who cleans the board here?” Ruby asked adjusting her shi-t long sleeves to her elbow.

“That’s me!” A tall guy who was ugly said. His name was Marco.

“No… I will do it” Ryan shouted as he rushed out.

He moved close to Ruby’s face which made her more nervous.

“What are you doing?… We are in [email protected]” Ruby said moving backwards as Ryan still [email protected]£ forward.

Ryan simply smiled and stretched his hand over her shoulders. Ruby was out of the student’s sight since Ryan broad back had hidden her and she was very short too.

Ruby closed her eyes ti-ghtly waiting for the unknown.

“Sém?” Ryan called.

“Huh?” She replied opening one eye.

“I wanted to collect this” Ryan said showing her the duster

“Oh….I. see” Ruby said opening her eyes. She was alre-ady so [email protected]

Ryan smiled and began to clean the board. On the other hand, Ruby stayed there still looking at his che-st which had occupied her face while he cleaned. She bit herl-ips not knowing what to say or do and she could’nt look elsewhere.

“What is this?…What are they doing?” Barbara asked Peter who sat beside her.

Peter simply shaked his head with the mind of : How would I know? And who would know?”

Ryan was done with the cleaning and this made Ruby to finally calm down.

She breathed de-eply as Ryan moved to his seat.

She took the Chalk and began to write in the green board while still in de-ep unknown thoughts


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