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love me not episode 3

❤Love Me Not❌
(Ageless [email protected]ç£)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

💖💖💖EPISODE 3💖💖💖


Before Ryan could say Jill, The lady had alre-ady pinned him to the ground.

Ryan looked at Ruby as the gentle and soft breeze blew her long hair to the air.

“She is WOW!” Ryan thought as he smiled to himself.

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“You still have the guts to smile, Aren’t you shameless?” Ruby asked holding his n£¢k ti-ghtly while he was still pinned in the floor.

Because of the act of pinning Ryan down to the ground, She had to sit on his b©dy.
Ruby also stared at Ryan. She wondered what kind of a nineteen year old would be so handsome and manly.
Since he had just recently took his bathe, His hair was all w€t which his face drip with water and it made him look S-xy.

His pure white bathe jacket made him look like every woman’s type.

“So you like it the [email protected] way… Huh?” Ryan asked as he wra-pped his arms slowly around ruby’s [email protected]!st.

Ruby who was meanwhile sitting on him was quite surprised by his act.

“He is insane!” She thought as she left him immediately.

“Wow… Ashley? You are quite different from your pictures on facebook, You look more beautiful and older…Are you sure you are 18?” Ryan asked standing up.

Ryan was much taller than Ruby who stretched her n£¢k upwards to take a look at his handsome face.

Ruby chuckled slightly by his statement.

“Ashley?… Oh Goodness, I guess you are more per-verted than I thought that you had to even guess of my name.. But you are wrong… I’m…. Ruby was interrupted by a knock.

“You know what…Babe, Let me go get that door.. I will be right back” Ryan said as he win-ked S-xily.

“Babeee??… Did he just call me babe?” Ruby asked angrily.

Ryan opened the door and met Ashley outside.

“Whoaa… Whoaa.. Wait a minute,You look like Ashley but who in sweet name is that beautiful lady inside in my house?” Ryan asked recognizing Ashley at once who seemed confused.

“Oh goodness Ryan,You are so h0t in real life, Well… Aren’t you going to let me in?” Ashley asked realizing she had been staying outside and the cold wind had no mercy on her. She even had to dress with so much b©dy ex-posure to make Ryan fall in love much de-eply in her.

“I’m sorry but you got to go, Ashley” Ryan said breaking the ice.

Ashley seemed shocked.

“Why? Aren’t I S-xy enough?” Ashley asked trying to raise her che-st high with her hands.

Before Ryan could answer, Ruby had alre-ady moved to the door.

“Excuse me young man but we got things to do” Ruby angrily said.

Ashley eyes caught with Ruby.

“Is this her?… The reason why you didn’t want me in?? You are being so stupid… Don’t you see she is older.. Hey… Old lady, Find your way out… Cause he is mine” Ashley said as she struggled to hold his arm.

“What?? Old… Ol…..Ol…. Old lady?…Me??…” Ruby asked quite angry.

“Yes… You!…You [email protected]£ to steal my boify” Ashley yelled.

“Listen little baby, I’m his teacher so don’t get the wrong idea” Ruby retorted.

“Whaat??Little baby?”

“Of course, Little baby… Or didn’t you call me an Old lady?”

“Wait… What do you mean… My teacher?” Ryan asked confused trying to get things straight.
He looked at Ruby and unlinked his arms from Ashley f0rç£ful arms.

“Yes… I [email protected]£ from…

“I guess my dad did s£nd you… Well,plea-se Leave, I don’t know what else to say” Ryan said slowly.

“What? Pardon?” Ruby asked adjusting her ear to his side

“He said you should leave or are you deaf?” Ashley yelled.

“You too… Leave” Ryan said.

“Me?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah… Both of you” He replied.


“Should I call the police?” He asked.

“Alright then,I’m off” Ashely said quite angry and [email protected]
She left immediately without looking back.
Ruby looked at him,Adjusted her bag properly on her shoulders and turned to leave.

“That Stupid mug is right again” She thought sadly.

“Hey” He called.

Ruby slowly turned back and Ryan looked into her eyes.

“Come on in” He said.

“But you…

“Come on… I was just thinking of a way to s£nd her out and it worked, Don’t leave… Cone on in” Ryan said as he opened the door more wi-dely

Ruby was quite surprised that she slowly walked in.
“Could he be pla-ying some sort of games with me?… Well, He had better not” She thought and found her way inside

“Then would you give me a minute to change?” Ryan asked as Ruby nodded.

“Do you want anything?” He asked.

“No… I was alre-ady offered a drink” She replied.
He smiled and slowly moved towards her which kind of made Ruby feel kind of nervous.

He bent down facing her. She sat down and looked into his eyes which he also returned.

“But you know Sém (This also means Teacher)…You are so beautiful” He said slowly with a sweet low voice.

Ruby coughed awkwardly and Ryan laughed.
His smile was out of the world, It was so good!

He stood up and left.Minutes later, He was back with his new clothes which was a colored shi-t and a jean trou-ser.

“So… You wanted to discuss?” Ryan asked patting his dusted trou-ser by the knee

“Yeah… Seat plea-se, I’ve got no time to wait” Ruby said checking her phone.

Ryan was quic-k in snapping the phone out of her hands.

“Hey?… What was that for? Come in… Give it back” She said angrily.

Ryan chucked and entered a room… His be-d room.
Ruby followed him in order to collect her phone.

She met him close to the door and quic-kly went to him.
Wanting to collect the phone, Ryan quic-kly raised his hand up with it to avoid it.

Ruby who was alre-ady furious started jumping but it was useless… The guy was too tall.

She jumped higher than usual. Noticing she was about to fall, She [email protected]£d his n£¢k wra-pping her arms around it while he held her ti-ght on the backside to avoid a fall

Ruby felt [email protected] and wanted to come down but Ryan hands was stuck to her backside like glue.

“Hey!Let me go!” She yelled.

“On one condition” He quic-kly said

“Oh my…. And what is that?” She asked still struggling to come down but Ryan was super strong. She couldn’t even take off his arms from her backside, Though her hands was still on his n£¢k.

If she re-leased her hand from him, She knew she would fall off and she would be more [email protected] than she is now.

“Tell me alre-ady!” She shouted angrily but still [email protected]

“Sém (NB : Remember plea-se, This is another word for Teacher)…Will you give me your phone number” He asked.

“Huh?? Alright… I will,So plea-se,Let me go”

“Do you promise”

“Of course, I promise… But why do you need my number anyways?” She asked quite confused.

“Sém….. I think I like you”

Ruby looked at him and it seemed her mood had changed entirely. She looked furious.

“Let me go… Alre-ady!” She yelled and pushed him.

He quic-kly dropped her down and scratched his head.

“Seems you are problematic…. Well, Hand me my phone” She said stretching her hand forward to him.

He gently gave her the phone.

“Let pretend we didn’t have this conversation, It’s stupid for a male student to flir-t with his female teacher”

“I wasn’t flir-ting with….

“So what were you doing?… Is this some sort of joke, Cause I swear…It wasn’t funny but rather annoying” She interrupted.

Ryan de-eply sighed and stared at her.

“This never happened, I never [email protected]£ here… I’m leaving” She said as she made to the door.

Ryan was quic-k in gr-abbing her hand.

“Let go of me alre-ady, What in the world do you want from me?” Ruby asked

“Well… Uhmm? ….

“Yes?” Ruby interrupted

“Actually… You forgot to give me your number” He replied.

“Didn’t you hear me well?… I said I never [email protected]£ here, So pretend I didn’t… I never [email protected]£ here so how do you expect to take my number?” She asked angrily.

“But you promise” He lamented sadly.

“Not today, You spoit my mood” She said as she pushed his hand away from her arm

“Sém… I’m sorry” He apologized immediately

Ruby turned to him

“You’re sure?” She asked as he quic-kly nodded.

“Alright sit then, Let discuss” She said sitting down.

“No need… Just expect me in school tomorrow” He said almost immediately.

Ruby felt happy and quite surprised.

“Wow? Really?” She asked

“Yh…Sure” Ryan replied nodding with a smile.

“Well… Then, I guess my work is done” She said leaving.

She turned to leave but st©pped when Ryan finally said.

“Sém…. Do you want to know something?”

She faced him and asked;

“Huh? What?”

“You are beautiful….”

“Sém” He added slowly with a cute smile.


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