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Love me not episode 1



GENRE – High school-Work place [email protected]ç£, Comedy.


How would you feel if a younger man asks you on a [email protected]£ 😁😁?

It’s pretty much the same for the female character in this story.
A 19 year old student who is from a wealthy home, and doesn’t bother about school or knows about love asks his 25 year old teacher out.

Ryan is A 19 year old student who changes entire by going back to school after noticing his crush, A teacher works there. He ends up asking her for a [email protected]£ which she angrily declines.

While Ruby is a 25 year old designated driver turned teacher,Trying to make ends meet after the death of her father.Due to her past She doesn’t want to fall inlove ever again.

However, These two ends up being in an awkward and uncomfortable position in a Tutor-Student relationsh!p.
Later and gradually finding comfort in each other, They get more closer and love is seen sparkling in their hearts.

But as well, Their dark pasts which are unknowingly linked together are brou-ght back.

“Will they finally find love despite their 6-year age gap, Background differences and Academic performances?”

“And even if they did, Will it last and what would be the consequences of their actions?”

“And how would their dark past affect and shake them?”

❤Love me not❌
(Ageless [email protected]ç£)

💖💖💖EPISODE 1💖💖💖

Ruby had bought a home pregnancy test that morning. She was quite happy when she saw the two red lines staring at her.
She was pregnant!.

“Oh Goodness, I can’t wait to tell Philli-p, But what about dad… I do hope he accepts him as my husband” Ruby thought.
Just the silly thoughts of hers made her heart flutter. She was just 22 and was seriously in love with her b©yfri£ndwho could also in the other hand, do anything for her.

Ruby looked at the time and it was 10:39 am. She yawned tiredly. She had nothing to do or no where to go and it was so boring for her.
“Phill!pwould be at work,I wish I could be with him right now … Should I call dad and ask him to come home early tonight.. We need to talk about what I have here” She childishly thought as she rubbe-d her stomach.

She called her dad at a go and he picked up immediately.

☎️ Hey princess, I was actually going to call you

☎️Why dad?… What’s up?

☎️Actually for getting the teaching job in the school, They want to take me for a drink, You know a welcome [email protected]… So I think I’m going to be late.

☎️Oh Goodness Dad, I was going to ask you to come early tonight.

☎️Alright… I will ,I promise…But I have to attend the welcome [email protected] too

☎️Well dad It’s no problem as long you have promised to come early because actually I have something to discuss with you

☎️Really? So… What’s that?

☎️Oh my gosh! I can’t tell you now dad, I will do so when you come back home

☎️My Princess, You are being too silly, You know! Anyways,I can’t wait to hear it because it seems like a good news

☎️Well if it isn’t good news, It nothing… Hang up dad

☎️Alright princess, Take care… Okay?

☎️Sure dad… Take care too

☎️Okay princess, Bye.

Ruby’s father cut the call then and Ruby ran to her be-d and fell like a hvge tree. She kept smiling while tou-ching her stomach.

“I hope it’s twins, A girl and a boy… A girl for Phill!pand a boy for me” She thought childishly as she felt sleep take over her eyes.
And in one minutes, She was de-eply asleep.

“Uurgh!” Ruby said as she woke up.
She checked the time and it was 2pm.

“What the….??!… For how long was she asleep for?” She thought
She glared at her phone and pressed some bu-ttons.

“Damn! I missed some customers due to my lazy action!!” She yelled.

Ruby was a designated driver (Someone you call to drive you to your designated place and pays whatever amount required) so missing her customers on a day like that really hurts her.

She sighed de-eply as she went to the kitchen.
She took a mug of water and was about to lift it up when it sli-pped from her hand and broke.It scratched her knee a bit and little blood escaped from the cut.

To Ruby, She thought of it of a bad day ahead.
For a mug of water to drop from her hands was rare and if it did, It simply means She was going to have a bad day. A bad sign!

“But what is going to happen then?” Ruby thought.

“Well… I’m having a bad day alre-ady, Missing about 3 customers isn’t a joke” She added as she cleaned the pieces of the broken mug on the floor.

Night [email protected]£ fast and once again, Ruby checked the time and the big clock showed 9:56 pm.

“Dad broke his promise!!…It’s getting late alre-ady” Ruby thought.

She decided to call him but a call dropped in almost immediately.

She picked it up and answered seeing it was a customer.

☎️ Hello, This is Ruby Whyte from “Wish Designated Drivers Limited” calling. How may I help you plea-se?

☎️Hello… There was a loud belch on the side of the customer’s call.

Ruby looked at the phone in disgust.

“Seems he is drun!k… Here we go again! I’m really having a bad night as well!” She thought.

☎️ Yes! hello sir?… I asked alre-ady but how may I help you.

☎️”I have a customer for you and he seems drun!kto drive his car, Come over and pick him up” The drun!kvoice muttered.

Ruby cli-cked her ton-gue out of pity.

“What a fool he is!… He is drun!kand wants his drun!kfriend to take a designated driver, Why can’t he call for himself first or maybe he has called?… Well, That’s his business” Ruby thought.

☎️So… Sir, Where are you now?

☎️I’m at Walmart Junction, Block 8b

☎️Alright sir, I will be right there

She cut the call, drank water, Packed her long hair into a pony tail, Wore a black thick jacket and sli-ppers and raced outside. She didn’t forget her car keys too.

She opened her car and started it and Zoom, She was off.

She finally reached there and looked around but couldn’t find the man and goodness, She was damn freezing and all she kept thinking about was how her baby could be feeling too in there.

She angrily brou-ght her phone from her jacket pocket and dialed the number which called earlier.
The caller picked instantly.

☎️ Hello sir? I’m here but I can’t seem to find you

☎️Oh pardon me… Just then a belching sound [email protected]£ once again.

Only if Ruby was trouble some, Then she would have cursed the life of the crazy drun!kard.

☎️So, as I was saying… I will be with you in a minute, I’m coming outside now.

Ruby sighted him once at a distance and waved to signify him. The man also saw her and waved too. She rushed to him and bowed her head.

“Sir… You called?” Ruby said.

“Yes… Sure, It’s my friend… But he isn’t done, He said he wants to drink more… I’m regretting why I f0rç£d him to take any at the first place” The drun!kard said as he staggered.

Ruby didn’t care about his talks, She just wanted to leave there and go home…Goodness! If only this man knows what I need to discuss with my father is important than his trash.

“Sir… It quite late, This is 10:45pm as you can See, It’s quite late and I will charge you higher for that of course … And plea-se About your friend, Isn’t it better you call another designated driver for him, Let me pick you instead” Ruby said alre-ady losing her patience.

The man staggered once more before talking.

“Are you sure about that?” He asked in his drun!kvoice.

“Of course” She replied.
Just then, She felt something held her cloth. She looked and saw a young girl about 13 years holding her cloth and looking at her face de-eply while smiling with her teeth expo-sed.

“Goodness!! You scared me!” Ruby said shocked holding her che-st.

“I’m sorry but I just wanted to tell you that you are pretty!” The girl said.

Ruby smiled.
“Excuse me?” Ruby asked suprised.

“You are so pretty that I’m jealous” The girl said again.

“Oh thank you… So, What’s your….

“Hey… What are you doing there, Come over here” A man shouted at the girl interrupting ruby.

“Too bad, Well… I got to go, That’s my father” She said as she ran to him.
Ruby smiled, She wanted to know the girl’s name but Damn!! Time was running fast,Maybe her father would be angrily waiting at home and Goodness She remembered her Home pregnancy test which she carelessly dropped on the table.

“What if dad sees it?… I’ve been distracted alre-ady!!…Sir plea-se… There isn’t time on my side, Let’s go” She said opening the back door for him. He got inside and she did too in the front seat of course. She began to drive quic-kly

“My son actually wanted to pick me up, But yeah… This feels better” The drun!kard said with a thick smile.

Ruby chuckled as she watched him in the car mirror scratch his back with the car seat where he had comfortably la-id.

Just then, Gbam!!! There was a very sound at the back of the road they were.

Ruby [email protected]£ scared as her heart raced. There was an accident at the other junction but she was too scared to go take a look.

She gathered her courage and decided to see the accident that took place at the other junction.

“Wait here sir, I will be back, Let me check something” Ruby said as she left with her phone.
She was almost getting there when her phone rang. It was Philli-p. She st©pped immediately, smiled and only the corner of herl-ips reacted to this. She picked the call.

☎️Hello baby?

☎️”There isn’t time for that” Phill!preplied.

Ruby laughed thinking it was a joke.

☎️I almost believed that… Well, I have something to tell you but later.

☎️I’m not joking and you can tell me now because I don’t know when next I will talk or even see you again.

☎️Huh?? Phili-p… What are you talking about??

☎️I’m sorry I’m using a phone call but I can only say this on a phone call, Look… And plea-se Listen carefully Ruby, I alre-ady have a wife in my country side who has a 4 year old daughter for me, I’m sorry I used you… I just [email protected]£ to Korea to find a good job which I got, You were just [email protected] of my plea-sure… Nothing else, I’m sorry for all my pretences and lies but I don’t actually like you talk less of to love you, So forget about me… Let’s just end this stupid relationsh!pand plea-se and plea-se if you see me, Pretend you don’t know me because it would be better for my wife and daughter, Since they are all moving over to Korea to stay with me now, But you know, You are a fool for actually trusting me… Did I act so well for you to fall for me and ?… Wow… I guess I should be an actor too, I hope this will be our last call, I’m going to also block you from mess£nges and social media platforms…Goodnight, Ruby”

He cut the call immediately.
Ruby stood there not knowing what to do… Like what the hell did she just heard?? 3 years of relationsh!pends like this and with a phone call for that matter with even curses??! and on t©p of that, She was pregnant.

She couldn’t believe she was even speechless when they j£rk talked. She felt she lost her voice then.
She began to cry as she walked slowly to the car.
She entered but the man was alre-ady de-eply asleep.

She started hitting her hand on the steering wheel while cursing Philli-p.

Who ever knew he was like that? He was right after all, He should just go into the entertainment industry, Sign up with an agency and become an actor, I’m Sure he would be famous, The most awarded and Best actor of all time.

She cried and cried that rain seemed to hear her.
The rain fell heavily like it was crying for her.
She finally starting driving again.

“But what would she tell her dad about her so-called goodnews, Oops!! It’s now bad news!!”

She was angry at herself and turned to the man Since she never got to ask for his address. All those rushing made her forget.

She was about to ask but was interrupted by a call. She picked it up and after a short talk with the caller, and zoomed off to the hospital.

Her father got into a big accident and it was his fault, He was drun!kand still went ahead to drive.
The person he collided with in the accident was unconscious and injured both legs.

They also blamed to person who he collided with saying he was quite un-der aged to be alone at that time of the night.

Ruby looked at the doctor scared.

“So…What of my father How is he?” She asked.

The doctor shaked his head pitifully.

“I’m sorry but we tried our best but still lost him” was the Doctor’s response.

Ruby heart broke into pieces, She felt life sl!paway.
Two things had happened that really brou-ght out the crying spirit in her.

She slowly went to her car but couldn’t find the man there any longer. Such a bad day alre-ady! Talk less of a night?
She sat down and cried the more not knowing what to do. Her mind was blank.

“Maybe that mug was right after all” She whispered to herself breaking into more tears.


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