Love in a coat of hate final Episode

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😘👄CHAPTER 25👄😘
*and I don’t fv¢king care how disrespectful you rendered the apology, I’m just happy that that you at least apologized, I hope you re-ad my own note* Goldie thought to herself.
“so how do you see the list?” Mrs. Anderson asked.
“we…. I mean I will go throu-gh it later” Goldie replied with a broad smile.
“hmmm, it seems like your headache has subsided my dear, you are now talking like your usual self.” Chief Anderson asked.
“yes dad, I’m fine now” Goldie replied as she glanced at Jason with the corner of her eyes and when he wanted to look her direction, she quic-kly looked away.
“that’s good, and if there is something we didn’t write in the lists, you can tell each other” Dr Jackson said, Goldie nodded, while Jason didn’t move.
“so my dear, are you gonna go with us now or will you come later?” Mrs. Jackson asked.
“what will she be doing here after you leave, of course she will come with you now” Mrs. Anderson answered.
“mum, you are not my mouth piece. Ma let me get some stuff” Goldie stated and ran upstairs.
“I still don’t know why you want her to sleep in our house” Jason whispered to his mother.
“as tradition demands, a woman will have to…. In fact no nee-d to tell you, you will soon know, ok?” his mother whispered back.
2 minutes later Goldie c@m£ down with a little back pack, she k!$$£d her parents and they left.
When they got home, Vanilla collected Goldie’s bag and took it to the guest room.
“is Betty gone?” Goldie asked.
“yes, few minutes ago” Belinda replied.
“and Ciara?” Goldie asked again.
“do you really think she’ll leave as early as she said, when her husband is here, she’s at the pool with Richa-rd .” Belinda answered with a wi-nk and they giggled.
“I thought as much” Goldie replied.
“I told you they are back” they heard Ciara say from behind, they turned to her direction and saw her walk in with Richa-rd right behind her.
“high Goldie” she greeted.
“someone told me she’ll leave by 4 pm, this is 5:48 pm, I wonder what that person is still doing here” Goldie asked.
“don’t be sarcastic Gold, I was waiting for you” Ciara replied.
“really, why” Goldie twist her brows at her.
“just to say goodbye”
“and you were waiting with him?”
“is there anything wrong with that bestie?” Ciara asked with her hands akimbo.
“I didn’t say it’s wrong oo, it’s not wrong at all, is just that the Ciara I know don’t usually stay in someone’s house until 5:30 pm unless she’s sure she’s slee-ping over or it’s my house. But in this case, let’s just say there’s a charming prince that held her back and……” before Goldie could finish, Ciara pinched her elbow and she gro-an ed in pain.
“ouch, that hurts”
“that’s for talking ru-bbish, by the way I’m leaving before you say something crazy” Ciara said and picked up her bag”
“you know that I’m not talking ru-bbish, I was just trying to……” Goldie followed her as she talked.
“ehe, C.J, I wait” Goldie st©pped her when they got outside, Ciara turned to her.
“I want you to organize a shower night for me”
“really?” Ciara squeaked excitedly.
“yea, I’m getting married in 2 and 4 days to an arrogant prince that I still can’t explain how I fell in-love with, so I want my last day as a single woman to be a memorable one” Goldie said emotionally.
“and it will be, don’t worry, you can count on me, should it be tomorrow or friday?” Ciara asked.
“Friday is my last day, so you can organize it on Friday”
“ok, um, I’ll come to your house tomorrow, what of the bride’s maids?”
“Betty will bring them to my house tomorrow, while I’ll go home with Andora and Vanilla tomorrow, lady B is my make up artist, so she might also join us tomorrow” Goldie replied.
“ok, I’ll see you tomorrow then” Ciara said and wanted to leave.
“wait, let me reverse my car” Richa-rd said as he walked past Goldie, she and Ciara stared at him in surprise.
“for how long have you been standing there?” Goldie asked, afraid that he might have heard what she doesn’t want him to hear.
“if ‘I’m getting married in 2 and 4 days to an arrogant prince that I still can’t explain how I fell in-love with, so I want my last day as a single woman to be a memorable one’ sounds like long enough, then I’ll say long enough.” He replied. Goldie bent her head in embarras-sment, Richa-rd turned to her.
“Goldie you are a wonderful woman, and Jason is lucky to have you, and let me clear your doubt, Jason is not the type of man you think he is. This Jason you are seeing right now behaving like this because he is confused but he doesn’t want you to notice, so he covers it up with arrogance. I tell you, when Jason realizes what he wants, you will never regret this union. Do not step into this union with fear or else you will slump, ok” Richa-rd concluded.
“thank you so much Richa-rd ” Goldie smiled at him. “I’m so relieved” she added.
“you are welcome” he replied and turned to Ciara. “let’s go love” he said to her and walked to the car to reverse it.
“when did you buy a car, you just c@m£ in today” Ciara asked when Richa-rd drove to her.
“it’s one of Jason’s cars, hop in” He replied.
“you will be ok, right?” Ciara asked Goldie and she nodded. She entered the car and Richa-rd drove off.
During dinner, Jason sat opposite Goldie who was sitting beside Belinda and her husband, he fixed his eyes on her during dinner prayer. *she looks so beautiful and natural tonight, what am I saying, she always look beautiful and natural, what? What is wrong with me. They are praying and I’m admiring someone I don’t fv¢king care about…… why does it always hurt whenever I say I don’t care about her? Whatever I still don’t care…. Ouch, that hurts” he thought to himself.
“Jason are you ok, why aren’t you eating?” Richa-rd who was sitting beside him asked.
“huh, when did they finish praying?” jason asked in confucion.
“not quite long, dude what’s on your mind?”
“you heard that”
“that’s because you thought aloud” Richa-rd replied. “and what were you thinking about” he asked.
“nothing serious” jason replied.
“then eat your food, it’s getting cold, plus it’s your favorite”
“yam and egg sauce with smoked fish and grilled beef” jason smiled as he sniffed the food. “mmmmh, smells delish” he commented. He picked up his cutlery, he cut his yams into smaller pieces, he picked one slice and di-pped it into the egg sauce, he cut some fish p@rt and placed it on the yam and into his mouth it went. “mmmm, this is so delicious.” He commented.
“really?” Mrs. Jackson asked.
“are you serious?” Belinda asked and he nodded.
“do you like it” Andora asked. Jason bec@m£ confused but he still nodded.
“for real, you really like it” Dr Jackson asked. Jason twisted his brows but he nodded again.
“yes!!!” Vanilla exclaimed. Richa-rd sm-irked. While Goldie was beaming with smile.
“ok, I don’t get this, why are you guys so concerned on if I like the food or not?” Jason asked.
“because…..” Vanilla tried to say but Belinda interrupted her.
“no reason, you are our only brother and we care so much about you, so we just wanted to know if you like the food, but if you don’t, just tell me and I’ll get you something else”
“are you kidding me, I’m enjoying this” Jason smiled as he devour his food.
“after they finished eating, they all commented on how delicious the food was including jason who has been commenting from the beginning.
“mum you are such a good cook, in fact you are the best” he commented.
“you even finished the food Jay” Dr Harper stated with an amused smile.
“why won’t I” Jason asked rhetorically.
“well that means you are gonna be l!çk!ng your plate up each time Goldie cooks” Belinda stated.
“including the pot” Andora added.
“me? I’ll never eat her food” jason scoffed out.
“you just did” everyone chorused.
Jason dropped the napkin in his hands, his eyes popped out and he screamed “what!”
Everyone bur-st into laughter.
😘👄CHAPTER 26👄😘
Jason dropped the napkin in his hands, his eyes popped out and he screamed “what!”
Everyone bur-st into laughter.
“it was Goldie who prepared the food” Mrs. Jackson stated.
“and no one helped her” Belinda added.
“I still don’t know how she get to know that yam and sauce is your favorite… Goldie my dear, how did you know?” Dr jackson asked.
“I saw it in the list you gave me” Goldie replied with a smile.
“wow, that’s nice of you” Mrs. Jackson commented.
“ok, let me process this, are you guys telling me that you allowed a total stranger [re[are food for me?” jason asked.
“she’s not a stranger, she’s your wife” Dr Jackson corrected.
“why do you think mummy invited her to sleep over?” Vanilla asked.
“it was actually for her to cook for the family as tradition demands that a woman should cook a meal for her husband’s family before the wedding” Belinda said.
“so you are telling me that you just purposely poisoned me. I better go and throw up before dying tonight” Jason said, he stood up and ran upstairs.
*if he did not appreciate my cooking in front of his parents just because he was told that I did the cooking, is it when we get married that he will start it, I bet he won’t even be eating my food* Goldie thought to herself.
“it’s ok, don’t worry, he can’t resist your food, he can’t even resist the aroma, plus he ha-rd ly eat out, he can only eat snacks, unless he’s on a business meeting, then he can eat a little. So don’t feel bad alright” Belinda whispered to her.
“did I think aloud” Goldie asked.
“no you didn’t, I just re-ad your thought from your facial expression, and as a married woman, I un-derstand how you feel” Belinda replied.
After some minutes discussion, everyone retired to their rooms, Richa-rd went to Jason’s room to have some time with him. Vanilla and Andora insisted that they will sleep in Goldie’s room.
The next morning, jason went down stairs for breakfast with Richa-rd .
“who fried the eggs” he asked, still standing, while Richa-rd sat on a chair and watched him in amusement. He heard footsteps from the stairs, he looked up and saw Goldie coming down, he decided to sit. “well that clears my suspicions” he said, he turned and looked at Goldie again. She wore a blue short casual go-wn that st©pped a little bit above her knee, the dress was a b©dy hvg, which made her beautiful feminine curves very visible, she wore a light makeup as usual that always make her look natural.
“she’s so pretty” Jason found himself saying. *stupid me, am I crazy or what, I don’t care how she looks, I just want to get this over and done with, so that this parents of mine will st©p pestering my life…. But to be sincere, she’s looking so attrac-tive, but I still don’t care, she should better get out of my way when we get to my house or else I’ll deal with her mercilessly. I’ll still warn her myself” he added.
“what again jason, your tea is getting cold” Richa-rd tapped him.
“I’m sorry, I was just a bit lost”
“thank your stars I found you, eat your food” Richa-rd tea-sed. Jason started eating.
“mum, dad, we should be going now” Goldie announced.
“why is she going this morning, she doesn’t even want to eat…. Jason st©p, you are talking as if you care* jason said to himself.
“my dear, are you sure you won’t have breakfast” Dr Jackson asked.
“Vanilla and Andora had breakfast” Dr Harper informed her.
“I know, but I don’t really eat in the morning” Goldie replied.
“at least, have a toast and a glas-s of jui-ce while you wait for Andora and Vanilla.” Belinda said, offering her a toast and a glas-s of orange jui-ce. Goldie collected the toast.
“thanks but I’ll take a can of apple jui-ce from the fridge” she stated, she opened the fridge that was behind Dr Jackson.
“oh sorry, I forgot you have the same taste with jason when t comes to jui-ce.” Belinda smiled at her.
“of course, like husband-like wife” Richa-rd tea-sed. Goldie and Jason exchanged glances but Goldie looked away immediately and ate her toast quietly.
“but Gold, why do you want to go now, why not in the afternoon” Dr Harper asked.
“her traditional wedding is tomorrow honey, she has to prepare” Belinda answered.
“and the bride’s maids will be coming in this morning, I have to prepare a place for them, and some of my distant aunts, and maternal uncles and cousins arrived yesterday, I have to greet them” Goldie added.
“”well some of our relatives live around town, so they will just come straight to the ceremony from their homes, while those who live far will come into town today, some will stay here while some will lodge in a h0tel” Mrs. Jackson announced.
“that’s nice” Goldie replied as she ate the last bite of her toast. She took a long sip of the apple jui-ce and threw the rest in the trash can.
3 minutes later, Andora and Vanilla c@m£ down stairs with two traveling bags each.
“are you guys going on a vacation?” Belinda asked bewildered.
“what’s all the bags for?” Mrs. Jackson added.
“our clothes, come on, don’t ask as if we packed too much clothes, this is not even enough, I might still come back for more clothes” Andora stated.
“you should have said you want to travel with them to their honeymoon” Dr Harper said humorously, everyone laughed.
“guys plea-se st©p ma-king this a big deal, these are just our weekend clothes” Andora stated.
“that means, you have a whole boutique in your closet” Richa-rd asked.
“maybe” Vanilla replied with a wi-nk. They turned to leave but Jason called Goldie.
“Goldie, let me talk to you outside” Goldie nodded and they walked out.
“well, that is not something you see everyday” Vanilla blurted out and they laughed.
“I wonder what he wants to tell her this time around” she added.
“he better not mess this up or say something that will Goldie change her mind or else I’ll kill him” Andora spat.
“guys relax, this is between them, and besides jason can’t call off the weddin at this last hour” Belinda said.
“you don’t know that guy sis, Vanilla will explain better”
“he will definitely do it if he wants to” Vanilla added.
“I hope there’s no problem” Goldie asked jason when they got outside.
“well since you have refused to adhere to my warnings to cancel this madness called marriage, I have decided to give you another warning. But first, I want to tell you that I hate you so much, and hate everything about you, do you get that” that statement hurt Goldie so much, but it equally gave her the strength to face whatever that comes to her in this marriage, and she promised him withing her heart to change his negative mindset about her.
“…..and back to my warning, I want you to stay off my p@rt when we get to my house, if you see me coming from the left, go throu-gh the right. Don’t talk to me but I might talk to you if necessary, mind your business to avoid my trouble.” He warned with a straight face.
*my goodness, is this why this my cute arrogant prince called me out here, just to talk ru-bbish, well my prince I’ve heard you, I’ll do exactly what you have said. Just in the opposite.* Goldie thought to herself. She looked up at jason and replied.
“I’ve heard you, can I go now”
*she didn’t argue again, why is she acting so weird since yesterday, it’s so unusual of her, well maybe she’s getting tired of me alre-ady….. what! Why will she get tired of me, but on the bright side, it’s a good thing, so maybe very soon she’ll leave my life alone, but I just like it when she argues…. Wait.. why do I like it.. well maybe it’s because I always win, no.. I think it’s because it makes her look beautiful and attrac-tive, argument fits her a lot, no wonder why she chose to be a lawyer. What the fv¢k is my business if she looks beautiful.. I hate her.. yes I do.. get out of my head* jason battled with himself.
“you didn’t say anything, why didn’t you say anything?” he asked her.
“when you called me, did you say ‘Goldie come outside let’s talk’ no, you said, ‘Goldie let me talk to you outside’, so since you are done talking to me, can I go now?” she asked, looking straight into his eyes. He didn’t reply, she walked past him back into the house, she helped Vanilla and Andora carry their bags to the car and they drove off.
The traditional wedding was a hvge ceremony which was attended by men of timber and caliber, even the blind would be able to note that it’s a ceremony for the rich. The traditional rights were completed. The couple were wearing cheerful faces, even though that de-ep down their heart, each of them were wishing for a different thing. Goldie was wishing that jason would get to love her as much as she does when they finally walk down the isle. While jason was wishing that all this was just a dream, even though it pained him to wish such a thing, but he wished it anyway.
“I can’t just wait for this nightmare to be over” he muttered. And that pierced Goldie’s heart like a burning sword.
“will he ever love me, am I ma-king a mistake? No.. I’m not, I can do this…. He’ll grow to love me, mum and dad promised me that… it will be ok Goldie.” She as-sured herself.
After the ceremony, everyone went home to prepare for the church wedding.
That night in the jackson’s house which was filled up with guests, after dinner Richa-rd went to jason’s room.
“hey man” he sat on the be-d.
“yes” jason answered.
“this house is so boring” Richa-rd complained.
“ok” jason replied without looking at him.
“I mean there are so many people here but it’s still boring, I guess it’s because your sisters are not here, I miss them”
“nice” Jason breathed out.
“what’s up with you man? Huh, I’ve been talking and all you could say is ‘yes, ok, nice’ what’s wrong” Richa-rd asked in concern.
“plea-se excuse me, I nee-d to talk to Steve” jason said and sprang up from the be-d.
“wait before you go… I just want to inform you that I have a surprise for you tomorrow night” Richa-rd said with a broad smile, he snapped his hands and danced a little bit.
“plea-se don’t tell me it’s a bachelor’s night” jason pleaded.
“don’t be like that, well it’s something like that but there will be a woman and plea-se don’t guess who”
“I don’t even want to, but why didn’t you tell me” jason asked as he opened the door.
“it was supposed to be a surprise but you just ruined it”
“whatever” jason said and walked out.
“Crazy guy” Richa-rd commented and la-id on the be-d.
*end of season 1*