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Love in a coat of hate Episode 23 & 24

🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
©Gift Okorie💃
😘👄CHAPTER 23👄😘
“that girl is so funny” Ciara commented.
“”that’s Vanilla” Goldie whispered to her.
“oh Vanilla, the one who told you……”
“yea, she’s the one” Goldie interrupted.
“well I’m not surprised” Ciara whispered.
“who the hell am I seeing, Goldie Anderson” they heard a male voice ask as he entered the room. The man was tall and slightly built, fair in complexion, and in his late thirties.
“daddy” Summer screamed and ran into the man’s arms.
Goldie turned to the man and [email protected] “Dr Harper, oh my goodness, what an unexpected coincidence, what are you doing here?” she asked in total awe as she hvgged the man.
“this is my in-laws’ place, so I should be the one asking you that” Dr harper replied as he set summer down while she ran to her mother.
“wait a minute…” Goldie said and turned to Belinda. “Belinda Harper…. That is mrs Harper” she asked Belinda while pointing at Dr Harper, Belinda nodded with a broad smile.
“no way, OMG. I’m so happy, I’m sure you two are a perfect couple” she cooed excitedly.
“well we are fighting to get to the perfect gate” Dr Harper said and pe-cked Belinda on the right cheek.
“awwww, and you will get there” Goldie prayed.
“how did you guys meet Steve?” Jason asked.
“well my father used to be her mentor” Dr Harper answered. Goldie’s smile faded away and was replaced by confusion.
“he was supposed to be your best friend, where did the ‘father’ come from” she asked
“did he tell you that, hahaha, did he tell you that I’m his best friend?” Steve asked.
“well, no, but neither did any of you tell me you were father and son, so I @ssumed that you were just best friends”
“well, now, I’ve told you. So tell me, what are you doing here.” He asked, Goldie twisted her brows and twirled her hair with her f!ngers.
“darling she’s Jason’s wife to be, she’s the Goldie I told you about and you told me you once had a friend named Goldie who behaves the exact way my own Goldie does” Belinda explained.
“really, she’s the same Goldie I was talking about, you mean she’s the one Jason is getting married to” Steve asked.
“unfortunately” Jason breathed out.
“what do you mean ‘unfortunately’, Jason you are very lucky, not that I’m praising her but dude you are more than lucky. Goldie is every man’s dream kind of wife, do you know how many men who visit my dad in Canada just to see Goldie thinking he is her father, and sometimes I had to drive her home just so she won’t be [email protected] or something like that” Steve retorted.
“well congrats to her, but I’m not as stupid as they are” Jason said with an eye roll, Goldie’s once shyful smile faded away and was replaced with a dagger glare directed at Jason while he rolled his eyes at her.
“Jason you don’t know what you ha….”
“he doesn’t know what he has, you are right honey, but you just [email protected]£ back, so go and rest, leave Jason alone, he will un-derstand as time goes on” Belinda stated as she gently dragged her husband upstairs.
“so jay….” Goldie tried to say but Jason interrupted.
“goodbye” he gestured for the door for her to leave but Goldie got angry and fired at him.
“listen to Mr, this is my parents’ in-laws’ house, so you can’t chase me away”
“good for you, you can also eat it if you want, excuse me” he retorted and walked outside.
“arrgh, God knows that the only reason why I I’m marrying that arrogant prince is because I lo….li….l…. arrgh, fv¢k it, why is it so [email protected] to say” she muttered.
“Ciara, let’s go somewhere and have fun, I need to clear my head”
“yepeeee” Ciara jumped up and Goldie chuckled.
“can you plea-se drop me off” betty asked.
“of course, come on” she replied and they left.
Five day to the Wedding and three days to the traditional wedding.
Everything was almost re-ady except the drinks which has alre-ady been ordered and was on the way.
It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, Jason was relaxing by the pool when he heard his phone ringing. He chuckled and picked the call immediately he saw the caller’s ID.
“hello” he said with a broad smile.
“Siera Leon cow, Ghana cocoanut” [email protected] his bosom friend as he usually refers him as replied from the receiver.
“if I get that your head that looks like flying boat, I go knock am down to a canoe” Jason replied and [email protected] bur-st into laughter.
“crazy guy, how you dey” [email protected] asked.
“you don forget me na”
“see this ode, who forget who, you wey dey talk, how many times you don call me. If not that your father called me, and told me that you are getting married, I wouldn’t have known. It’s not fair, I thought we are paddies”
“did he tell you that I proposed to any woman?” Jason asked as he sipped his wine.
“is that a way to cover up your sins and besides, whether na you proposed or she proposed or no one proposed, e no matter, the fact still remains that you are getting married in three days time and you no tell me”
“well, so now that you know, are you coming?”
“see this guy, e be like say you don craze finish, na me be your best man, you dey there ask me nons-en-se question”
“wait who told you that you are my best man, it’s not like I don’t want you to be but who t….”
“na the wedding planner wey call me yesterday, she say na your papa tell am make she call me”
“my dad? He didn’t even tell me” Jason complained.
“whether he told you or not, no be my concern, my own be say, you go come pick me for airport tomorrow morning”
I don hear. But you sef [email protected], you will never change, you’ve been in Canada for years and you still speak broken English fluently” Jason laughed.
“you can take a man out of Naija but you can never take Naija out of the man.” [email protected] scoffed out. “but if you wan make I change, I don change”
“you’re still speaking broken” Jason laughed.
“crazy guy, I’ve changed ooo, satisfied?”
“oya bye bye, no forget to come pick m…. wait.. I meant to say, goodbye, don’t forget to come and pick me up from the airport” [email protected] stated and Jason bur-st into laughter.
The next day.
Around 9:00am, Jason went to the airport to pick up [email protected] From the airport, they went to meet some friends, and finally went home around lunch time. [email protected] greeted everyone as soon as they arrived, he had his bath, and went down with Jason to have lunch.
“what a great meal.” [email protected] commented after eating. “who prepared it?” he asked Jason.
“Belinda, she took after my mum in that [email protected], Andora and Vanilla can only boil water” Jason replied and they both laughed.
“I heard that” they j£rked when they heard Vanilla’s cold voice from the stairs.
“uncle [email protected], he’s lying, I can cook very well” she added as she joined them at the dinning.
“Jason that reminds me…” [email protected] tried to speak but Vanilla interrupted.
“we now call him Jay, uncle [email protected]
“of course, Jay is his short name” [email protected] replied.
“but he doesn’t want to be called Jay because the first person that called him that is his wife” Vanilla stated with a teasing smile.
“I don’t know whether to laugh to that or to get angry with him for thinking like a child. And speaking of wife, when am I gonna meet the almighty woman that Jason or Jay wants to run away from” [email protected] asked.
“such a beautiful and kind woman, if not that she will soon be my brother’s wife, I would have said you will fall in-love with her at first sight” Vanilla said.
“plea-se if by any chance you fall in-love with her Richy, take her far away from me” Jason whined.
“I’ll consider it, and then I’ll watch you cry like a baby when you come back to your s-en-ses.” [email protected] replied. “besides I asked when am I meeting her?”
“right now, cause just pu-ll-ed over at the parking lot” Vanilla replied and ran to open the door.
“Betty bring the n£¢klace, she’s here” Belinda said as she entered the living room, she signaled Betty to come over from the other living room. Betty entered with Andora right behind her.
“where’s she” Betty asked while dropping a small box on the table.
“she’s coming” Belinda answered. Goldie entered with Ciara, Vanilla hvgged the both of them.
[email protected] Lyord” Ciara called in surprise as soon as she saw [email protected], Goldie looked up immediately.
[email protected]…” she called in surprise.
“Goldie Anderson! Ciara Johnson…” [email protected] called softly in total shock.
😘👄CHAPTER 24👄😘
“Goldie Anderson! Ciara Johnson…” [email protected] called softly in total shock.
[email protected]…. What is happening in this house, how come I know everyone before i even meet them… [email protected] how did you get here…. Well first I’m happy to see you” Goldie stated as she hvgged [email protected] Ciara still stood there frozen, [email protected] has always been her crush, though he gives her the impression that he likes her but she still do find it difficult to behave normally around him, especially when he calls her ro-mantic names. Like sweetie, my love. She will feel like jumping out of her skin and hvg him so ti-ghtly and even k!sshim but she won’t dare do that cause she’s not sure if he really likes her or he just calls her those sweet names for the sake of it.. after she [email protected]£ back to Nigeria, she thought she has ran away from him and her love for him will die, so she decided to forget him and [email protected]£ zack, but now he’s standing in front of her, looking so handsome and breathtaking. *if not that I’ll [email protected] myself, I’d have k!$$£d his cutel-ips* she thought to herself. Goldie after hvgging [email protected] turned to Ciara, seeing her facial expression she knew at once what was going on although no one else noticed, including [email protected] So she went closer to her and pinched her arm, Ciara jumped out of her thought and greeted. “[email protected]” she stammered a little.
“oh come on darling, don’t call me [email protected] Lyord, it sounds so formal” [email protected] sm-irked at her.
“I’ll call you whatever I want, and don’t call me darling again, I’m not your darling” Ciara blurted out. *what! Why will I even say that, am I stupid? If he ever st©p calling me darling, I’ll kill myself* she thought.
“of course you are my darling” [email protected] said, still sm-irking.
“I am not your darling” she fired. *seriously Ciara Johnson, you need to st©p talking*
“you are my love” [email protected] whispered behind her.
“how did you even get here” Ciara asked, she moved away from him, knowing the effect of his clos£ness to her, she’s always tem-pted to do what she doesn’t want to do.
“it seems like you guys have met before?” Belinda asked.
“of course we have met before, Goldie here is my best friend. Right Ciara?” [email protected] asked Ciara with a sm-irk.
“fv¢k off, Goldie is my best friend, not yours” Ciara fired and dragged Goldie to her side.
“well who did she give her last valentine gift in Canada… oh wait…. It’s me my love” [email protected] breathed out.
“that’s because I was not there” Ciara argued.
“you guys met in Canada?” Andora asked.
“yes, we lived in the same [email protected] building and they were my neighbors” [email protected] answered.
“really” Belinda asked in awe.
“yes, and Jason, Goldie was the girl I told you about who drove my bit-chy girlfriend away” [email protected] said to Jason.
“thank God you know she’s a bit-ch” Ciara blurted abs£nt mindedly.
“is that jealousy I hear, don’t worry honey, I’m all yours” [email protected] smiled at her.
“you wish” Ciara replied with an eye roll.
“what do you mean she drove your girl friend away, how, why?” Jason asked him.
“I s-en-se jealousy in your voice too Jason, but don’t worry she belongs to you and you alone.” [email protected] replied.
“fv¢k off, and that did not answered my question”
“cause your question doesn’t need to be answered. The only thing you need to know is that she drove the bit-ch away, and I’ll forever be grateful to her, and let me use your phrase, ‘take it or leave it’” [email protected] answered.
“whatever boys, Goldie dear, I called you to check out this gold n£¢klace for your traditional wedding” Belinda said and fixed the n£¢klace on Goldie’s n£¢k.
“how does it look Jay” she asked Jason.
“don’t know, don’t care” he replied without even looking.
“it’s beautiful, don’t mind Jason” Andora replied.
“it’s so fabulous” [email protected] commented.
“thanks guys, I love it as well” Goldie replied.
“mum said you will sleep here tonight” Belinda informed.
“why” Jason asked.
“I’m not sure” Belinda replied.
Goldie’s phone rang and she picked. “hello dad, yes.. ok… ok we’ll be there in 20 said and hung up.
“who’s that?” Belinda asked.
“my dad, he asked Jay and I to come over”
“over to where” Jason asked.
“just come with me” Goldie said but Jason did not move.
“I’ll come in my car”
“and how will you know where I’m going to?”
“just text me the address”
“oops, my battery died after the call”
“then tell me where”
“I can’t pronounce it, it’s French” Goldie replied with a sm-irk.
“if your dad could pronounce it……”
“just go Jason” Belinda interrupted.
He sighed and stood up “fine, let me go and change” he said and ran upstairs.
“C.J I’ll be back soon ok” Goldie @ssured Ciara
“Ok, but I’ll be going by 4:pm, incase you come back and didn’t see me” Ciara replied.
“but you didn’t come in your car, and I’m going with mine, will you take public transport?” Goldie asked in concern.
“why will my angel take public transport when I’m here, I’ll take her home” [email protected] said and win-ked at Ciara who rolled her eyes at him.
Jason [email protected]£ down stairs and walked straight out. Goldie waved at [email protected] “thanks Richy, see you when I get back or later C.J” she walked out.
“so my love, let me show you around the house” [email protected] offered.
“get away from me” Ciara said and brushed past him, she walked to the back door, heading to the pool side.
“is that an invitation” [email protected] asked as he ran after her.
“fv¢k off” Ciara replied.
“it seem like we have another couple who can’t open up to each other” Vanilla stated and giggled.
“wait … Vanilla you are in the house, don’t you have exams today?” Belinda asked her.
“nope, I have exam on Monday” Vanilla replied.
“you are lucky you don’t have exam on Thursday” Andora stated with a light smile.
“like seriously like God be praised, I mean, how will I miss my brother’s traditional wedding because of WAEC” Vanilla asked rhetorically.
“I’m done lady B, I ordered five more of the n£¢klace online, it will arrive at my office tomorrow morning” Betty announced.
“ok, that’s wonderful. By the way, your lunch is re-ady, come and eat” Belinda showed her to the dinning.
“you didn’t have to…..”
“she had to, you’ve been working since morning and you haven’t tasted anything, plea-se come an eat” Andora said and dragged her to the dining.
As soon as Goldie brou-ght the car to a halt, Jason got angry that she has tricked him.
“your house? NERD, your house? Can you tell me what is so frenchious about ‘your house’, you tricked me” he barked.
“I’m sorry but that is the only way I could get you to come with me as dad instructed” Goldie apologized calmly.
“that doesn’t make any difference, are you so impatient that you couldn’t even wait to say ‘I do’ before ma-king me follow you wherever you go”
“that’s not the point Jay….”
“don’t you dare call me Jay, you are adding more wood to the furnace”
“I’m sorry but…..”
“fv¢king keep quiet, I am not yet married to you, but you are alre-ady tricking and lying to me, are you that shameless, I wonder how many times you will be lying to me in a day just to make me do something for you when we get married. But let me tell you, I’ll not fall for your stupid tricks again, shameless nerd” Jason fired, he alighted from the car and matched into the house.
Goldie felt like crying but she managed to hold her tears. She alighted as well and walked into the house.
“they are here” Mrs. Jackson announced as soon as she saw Jason. He greeted them and asked if he could sit.
“and where’s Goldie” Mrs. Anderson asked.
“she’s coming” he replied with mixed feeling. Goldie walked in even slower than a snail. Jason felt like choking himself, he didn’t know why.
“my baby are you ok?” Mrs. Anderson asked.
“I’m fine mum, just a slight headache” Goldie replied.
“come and sit down angel, let me get some medication” chief Anderson stated and wanted to stand up but Goldie cut in.
“no dad, don’t worry yourself, like I said, it’s just a slight headache, I’ll be fine, all I need is just rest”
“my dear you traditional wedding is in 2 days and your white wedding in 4 days, you need to be fit and healthy” Mrs. Jackson said.
“I’m very fine ma, maybe after petting and pampering me in your house tonight, I’ll feel better” Goldie smiled at her.
“I pray so” Dr Jackson said.
“so why did you call us?” Goldie asked calmly.
“well we know that you two might be getting on each other’s nerves since you don’t know much about each other” Dr Jackson began. Goldie and Jason exchanged glances concerning what happened earlier.
“so we decided to draft down, some of your do’s and don’ts” chief Anderson added.
“how, you don’t even know us” Goldie asked.
“speak for yourself” Jason said.
Goldie sighed “I meant to say, you don’t even know me, so how were you able to draft that?” she corrected.
*she didn’t argue, why didn’t she argue?* Jason asked himself.
“my dear, as your parents, we are sure that we know at least 75% about you” Mrs. Anderson stated.
“let me see the list, I mean my own list, I want to cross check it” Jason said, Mrs. Jackson gave them their lists. After re-ading, Jason asked for a pen, his mother gave him one and he wrote down something on t©p and gave it to Goldie. Goldie collected it, she also wrote down something in the third page of her own list and gave it to Jason, he looked at the front page but didn’t turn over, he dropped it on his th!gh. Goldie looked at his list and re-ad what he wrote. ‘I apologize for what I said in the car, I’m not apologizing because I care, but because your face looks like a monster and it so scaring the hell out of me, I don’t want to look at it twice, and you women too like apology, so, I apologize, I was just angry for the lie, and as you can see in the list, no 1 is he hate lies…” Goldie looked at the list and realized it’s not true, no 1 says he loves morning coffee, it was no 2 that says he hates lies, Goldie chuckled and shook her head.. She went back to the note. ‘you just realized it’s not true, see, that’s how annoying lying is. You are smiling too [email protected], get it together, lol. Again I don’t care’ the note ended.
*and I don’t fv¢king care how disrespectful you rendered the apology, I’m just happy that that you at least apologized, I hope you re-ad my own note” Goldie thought to herself.

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