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Love in a coat of hate Episode 1 & 2

🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🥀🌹
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Jason woke up as a result of the fresh coffee he perceived.
“mmmh, mum is the only one who can make such coffee this early morning, I’ve really missed her coffee, I can’t wait to taste” he said to himself. He stood from the be-d and ran off to the kitchen.
“Morning mum” he greeted and k!$$£d her on the cheeck.
“Morning darling, how was your night?” she asked.
“It was splendid”
I hope it was better than your nights in L.A”
“not even close, but it was cool, don’t worry mum, I won’t be travelling more often like I used to, L.A is my last trip for now, since I’m back to stay for good, I’ll get used to it”
“I hope so” his mother answered. She poured some coffee into a mug and gave it him, he took a sip and closed his eyes in s-en-sation.
“mmh, yummy as always, mum you are the best in coffee brewing”
“I would like to see a woman that would prove you wrong”
“how do you mean”
“at your age, you shouldn’t be commenting on your mother’s coffee, rather you should be commenting on that of your wife” she stated with a straight face.
“oh, plea-se mum, don’t start, allow me to enjoy this coffee, besides I’m still very young, I’m just 27, I’ll get married anytime I’m re-ady and also when I see the right woman”
“you call 27 ‘just’, do you think you are still a baby? You are not getting any younger son, and not just that, your father and I are almost near our graves, we want to see our grandchildren before we die”
“but mum, Belinda is married with a daughter, isn’t that one a grandchild?”
“are you listening to yourself, you count your sister’s child as a [email protected] of this family, even your sister is no longer a strong member of this family, she’s married which means her husband’s family is now her real family, this family can’t clam her child even if her family dies, so don’t even count that one or your other two sisters because they will soon leave this house one day. You are my only son Jason and the future of this family lies in your hands, only you can bring forth a new generation into this house, and it is my dream to be alive when it will happen son, plea-se try and un-derstand” she stated as she cleaned the coffee table. Jason sighed gently before replying.
“mum I un-derstand, is just that I’m not re-ady to…”
“you are re-ady my son”
“even if I’m re-ady, I’ve not seen the right woman, how about that”
“is that your new excuse, by the way, are you saying all the time you travel around the world you haven’t seen someone you can settle down with” his mother asked in disbelief.
“mum, you know how daddy frowns at his children marrying foreigners, and also, no I’ve not seen anyone” he answered. *after Kira* he added in his mind.
“well thank God you are back in Nigeria, now go get dressed and go look for one out there” she said as she pla-yfully pushed him.
“mum, seriously! plea-se I want to go to my company and see how it been doing without me for months”
“it’s doing fine and great, now go get dressed” she said and pushed him out of the kitchen and shut the door.
He walked into the extremely large sitting room and found his youngest sister Vanilla watching a movie. “hey” he called.
“good morning bro, xup”
“cool, watching movie this earl morning, won’t you go to school” he asked.
“today is children’s day”
“are you a child?”
“plea-se help me ask her” his immediate younger sister Andora said as she climbe-d down the stairs. When she [email protected]£ down completely, she turned to Vanilla and said.
“my dear sister, that you are the youngest in this house or the fact that mum and dad pampers you so much doesn’t make you a little baby”
“of course I know that you silly people, I didn’t go to school today not because I’m a child but because since today is children’s day, it makes a public holiday for all schools in Nigeria and every other country in the world except universities, why are you two talking like illiterates” Vanilla argued.
“sorry miss literate, I forgot that today is public holiday” Jason stated but Andora simply rolled her eyes at her before asking.
“where’s mummy”
“kitchen” Jason answered. “you are so dressed up, are you going out” he asked.
“yes, I have lectures this morning”
“good luck”
“I said lecture not quiz, you don’t wish good luck in just lecture” Andora snapped.
“sorry ma” Jason apologized, Andora patted his shoulder and walked past him to the kitchen.
“so, when are you getting woman as mum asked” Vanilla asked Jason.
“crazy girl, so you were eavesdropping” he asked her with a smile.
“yea, yea”
“well I don’t know; I don’t have any woman in mind right now”
“should I help you” Vanilla asked as she fli-pped from TV channel to channel.
“hey, watch your damn movie as you mind your business, let me go prepare for work”
“yes sir” she replied and concentrated on a cartoon channel while Jason ran upstairs to prepare for work.
Jason Jackson is the only son of Dr and Mrs. Raymond Jackson, a very wealthy doctor who base in Lagos with his family. Dr and Mrs. Jackson has only four children. 3 girls and a boy. Their first daughter is married to a doctor and they were blessed with a beautiful daughter. Jason happens to be the second child, extremely handsome, every woman’s dream man, slightly built, thick sp©tless che-st, 6’6 tall, looks like a trained model, a popular gallery artist (a painter), though not too popular but after he lost his girlfriend 2 years back, he decided to st©p painting cause he felt guilty, he believed she died cause of his selfishness, although he tried to [email protected]£ again to know if he can be able to forget her but the girl cheated on him, he shut down completely and started mourning her all over again. The only person he told this was Vanilla his youngest sister, she’s the only one he can open up to at any time, even though she’s just a teenager but she believes that she knows stuff even more than he does, and also she can keep secrets unlike his immediate sister who would run her mouth and mock him for the rest of his life, Vanilla is the best sister in the world as long as Jason is concerned. Jason was Born and brou-ght up in Nigeria but travels a lot, school in Harvard University.
Andora on the other hand is a very beautiful stubborn, crazy girl who doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone, she doesn’t like to be ordered around, instead she like to be in charge. She hates being un-der a man, as far as she’s concerned, men are meant to be used and dumped, she has her reason but refused to open up to anyone, she says whatever she wants and doesn’t fear a soul, for Andora clubs are her second home, she’s 21 and in her second year in university.
Last is Vanilla, the princess of the house, Vanilla is a 17-year-old high school girl, and just like Andora, she doesn’t give a damn about anything, she says whatever she wants and to whomever she wants and doesn’t fear a soul. Though she’s a pampered, spoilt last born but she’s trustworthy, respectful, secret saver, keeps record of things, hates clubbing yet she knows what those who swim club houses like pool doesn’t know, she has a listening ear and un-derstands easily, and above all, she’s an epitome of beauty.
🏘The Andersons mansion 🏘
Goldie Anderson ran down the stairs like a flying plane, holding her designer’s shoes and handbag in her both hands. She got to the living room, sat on a chair and started buckling her shoes.
“Goldie, come and eat your breakfast” her mother called from the dining, Goldie went to her and k!$$£d her on the cheek.
“good morning mum” she greeted.
“good morning my dear, sit and eat your breakfast”
“mum I wish I can, but I can’t, I’m late alre-ady, I have a case this morning, I really have to go” she protested
“Goldie, I hope you know that at your age, I shouldn’t be the one telling you to come and eat your breakfast, rather you…”
“I should be the one telling my husband to come and eat before leaving the house, mum you’ve said that a thousand times” Goldie interrupted.
“but you are not doing anything about it” her mother complained.
“mum what do you want me to do, I’m an African woman, I can’t go outside and start screaming *hey men, I’m ripe for marriage*, neither will I tag *wife for sale* at my back, besides mum, I’m still very young, I’m just 25 years old…”
“you won’t always be my angel, and I’m getting old and you are my only child, don’t you want me to do omugo before I die”
“of course, mummy I do, but that is when the time comes, when I find the right man, plea-se mum can I go now” she pleaded.
“yes, you can go” her mother breathed out. Goldie went back to the living room to carry her bag.
“by the way where is daddy” she asked
“he went out with his friend Dr Jackson; it’s been two years since they had fun together” her mother answered.
“who is Dr Jackson” Goldie asked.
“you know him, you just have forgotten him, he… oh my God, you and his son were…”
“bye mum, see you later” Goldie shouted as she shut the door.
“hey, I haven’t finished talking… and she can’t hear me anymore, maybe when she comes back. Wow, how come I forgot such an important good news, this mean that I will carry my grandchild soon” she said excitedly as she sipped her tea.
Goldie Anderson is a very cute, intelligent, [email protected], humble girl, an epitome of beauty. Despite the fact that she is a barrister, she’s so down to earth. She’s the only child of Chief and Mrs. Anderson, the owners of Anderson petroleum company. Goldie, though she has many male friends and love them, but she has no time for them when it comes to ro-mantic relationsh!p, she only [email protected]£d a guy once when she was a teenager, and the relationsh!phit the rock sooner than she expected, since then she has decided to mind her own business until she finds her Mr. right.
😘👄Chapter 2😘👄
🏘The Jacksons’ Mansion🏘
“so, you do re-ad” Jason asked Vanilla who was studying at the dining table when he [email protected]£ in from work.
“how will I [email protected] if I don’t re-ad” she asked.
“there are so many things you teenagers do these days just to [email protected] your exams” he stated. Vanilla stared at him for some seconds and screamed.
“mum, Jason is advising me to do examination malpractice”
“what” Mrs. Anderson shouted from her room. Jason ran to vanilla and covered her mouth.
“relax mum, we were just pla-ying” he shouted back.
“you better be” his mother replied. He uncovered Vanilla mouth and asked.
“what is wrong with you, that wasn’t what I meant”
“but that was what you said, I judge people by their words” she replied.
“miss justice. Here, take, I bought some ice-cream for you, your favorite flavor” he handed her a bowl of ice-cream.
“mmh, vanilla, smells delish. Don’t worry mum, we are cool, he just bribe-d me with ice cream” she shouted.
“Vanilla if ice-cream doesn’t kill you, you will never die” her mother replied from her room.
“mum” Vanilla whined and Jason laughed.
“st©p laughing. So how was work” she asked him
“it was wonderful”
“how many friends did you make today” she asked again.
“not that much, the ones I know before and a few others”
“how many are woman” she asked as she stole a glance at him with the corner of her eye.
“none” he replied.
“liar! A whole Jackson Jay of all people went to his own company for the first time in ages and women did not hover around you, dude have you met you, come on be serious and tell me the truth”
“fine, my secretary is a woman”
“I’m sure she’s not the only woman you met”
“were you there? Alright, I also met her friend, her name is rose” he confessed with a light smile.
“is she beautiful” Vanilla asked.
“does she work in your company”
“do you like her”
“well she’s a nice girl and I like her as a person”
“but you are not sure if you love her” she asked with a wi-nk.
“hey, we just met, and plea-se, I’m very tired, st©p the query, I need to go and rest” Jason complained while standing up.
“kk, we will continue later, thanks for the ice-cream by the way” Vanilla said.
“oh my goodness, I didn’t even know that it’s alre-ady 6:pm” Mrs. Jackson exclaimed while climbing down the stairs.
“good evening mum” Jason greeted.
“welcome darling, how was today at the office” she asked.
“great mum”
“mum, what were you planning to do by 6:pm” Vanilla asked
“will you go to be-d with empty stomach tonight” Mrs. Jackson asked her.
“you and I know that’s not gonna happen” Vanilla answered.
“well, then you better come and help me prepare dinner” her mother stated.
“me” she whined.
“no, my dead mother”
“but mum I’m busy” Vanilla complained.
“Vanilla you are a woman, you are no longer a baby, your mates cook for their families, go help mum in the kitchen ok?” Jason said to her.
“alright, let me pack my books, I’ll meet you in the kitchen mum” she replied, Mrs. Jackson entered the kitchen, Vanilla carried her books and went upstairs chatting with Jason.
Around 7:30pm, Jason and Vanilla were sitting in front of the house discussing when their father Dr Jackson drove in. Vanilla stood up and ran to him as soon as he alighted from the car.
“welcome daddy” she greeted as she hvgged him.
“my angel” Dr Jackson replied.
“good evening dad” Jason greeted.
“evening son, how was your day” he asked.
“wonderful dad” Jason replied.
“I can see you best friends are chilling out here” he asked the both of them.
“best friends? This one is not old enough to be my best friend” Jason replied and Vanilla glared childishly at him.
“dad you bought a new car” Jason asked as he stared at the [email protected] new bantly 2018 model his father [email protected]£ back with.
“no my dear, my in-law bought it for me” Dr Jackson replied.
“Belinda’s husband?” Jason asked.
“no son, your father in-law”
“excuse me?” Jason asked in confusion.
“let’s go inside son, I’ll explain everything to you but not today, I’m really tired, all I need right now is food and enough rest, my in-law said I’ve weighed down cause of stress” Dr Jackson stated while Jason and Vanilla stared at him as if he was going crazy. When he entered inside, they looked at each other and bur-st into laughter.
“what was that” Vanilla asked
“I have no idea, anyway just bring his bag and let’s go inside, maybe the stress entered his [email protected]” Jason said and walked into the house while Vanilla admired the car as she carried her father’s brief case.
🏘In the Anderson’s mansion 🏘
The family were having dinner silently but chief Anderson broke the silence few minutes later.
“darling you won’t believe the gift I received from Raymond today” Chief Anderson said.
“he gave you a gift? What did he give you?” Mrs. Anderson asked
“he made me a gold medallion with my name 2 years ago, waiting for the day we would meet after so long before giving it to me” he stated.
“wow, that’s so nice of him, angel didn’t you hear what your father said” Mrs. Anderson asked Goldie who was busy with her phone and a spoonful of food was in her other hand on its way to her mouth, she looked up at her mother and asked.
“what did he say”
“and how many times have I told you not to operate your phone during dinner, now drop that phone” her mother fired at her. Goldie dropped her phone and apologized.
“sorry mum, so what were you guys talking about?” she asked. Her mother smiled and replied.
“your father said that our in-law gave him a precious gift”
“wow, that’s nice of him” Goldie said, she picked up her spoon to start eating again but then the *in-law* hit her [email protected] and all the alarms in her head started beeping.
“wait… did you just say in-law”
“yes” her mother replied looking straight into her eyes with a broad smile.
“ok, I know that my maternal grandparents are both dead, so is also my paternal grandparents, so plea-se can you tell me who this wonderful in-law of yours is” she beckoned “I also know that I don’t have siblings, and dad is not in good terms with his brother, and also his daughter Rosita is not married, so explain, unless you have kids elsewhere that I don’t know of” she added. Her parents laughed.
“my dear, we are talking Dr Jackson, remember that you and his son were…” Goldie phone started ringing, interrupting her mother’s speech.
“sorry mum, but I really need to take this call, it’s very important, excuse me” she said, she picked up the phone and answered the call.
“hello… Arc… yes… yes I have the file… wait, you mean that all the evidence is in that file… yes, I just told you that I have the file…ok… I will go check it right now… alright, thank you so much” she hung up.
“I’m so sorry mum but I really have work to do, excuse me” she carried her plate to the kitchen and ran upstairs.
“what is wrong with this girl, this was the same thing she did in the morning when I wanted to tell her” Mrs. Anderson complained.
“just let it be, we will still tell her” her husband @ssured her.
“so tell me, what and what did you two talk about” Mrs. Anderson asked.
“we talked about the children’s marriage preparations and so many other things” he replied.
“oh God, I can’t wait for the wedding, my baby is going to be the most beautiful bride and…” she continued talking.
The next morning, Jason got to the office and met his secretary searching his drawers.
“Natasha” he called. She j£rked up and stared at him transfixed.
“Sir, good morning sir” she greeted a little nervously.
“what ere you looking for” he asked her.
“umh, sir… umh I… I was, actually I was look for a file” she stammered.
“what file”
“uh… umh… the Harvey Brothers’ file I don’t know if I gave it to you or if I misplaced it, so I decided to look for it here, I’m so sorry sir, but did I give it to you” she asked.
“is that why you are fidgeting like a scared rat, of course you gave it to me yesterday, how come you’ve forgotten so soon?”
“I’m sorry sir” she apologized with a little bow.
“it’s ok, you can leave now” she turned to leave but he called her back.
“sir” she answered.
“I called for a meeting which will take place by 9:00 but I’m kinda busy, so I want you to repres£nt me, do you un-derstand” he asked.
“yes sir”
“and I want you to be [email protected]!ngme on every issue, do you get that, s£nd me the information throu-gh WhatsApp, ok?” he said, Natasha’s face brightened up immediately, as it was an opportunity to get his phone number which was what she was actually looking for before he [email protected]£ in.
“ok sir, but I don’t have your number sir” she informed him.
“I didn’t give you my number yesterday?” Jason asked and Natasha shook her head.
“alright, give me your phone” she gave him the phone, he typed his number in and gave the phone back to her.
“thank you, sir,” she said excitedly.
“for what” he asked in confusion.
“umh, nothing, I mean, I will go for the meeting, I mean it’s a privilege for me to repres£nt Jackson Jay, I’m lucky”
“plea-se don’t make me laugh Natasha, it’s not as if I’m God, you may leave now” he said to her and she ran out.
Rosita the pretty girl Jason met the previous day in his Natasha’s office was pacing up and down in the same office when Natasha ran in and shut the door, she leaned on the door [email protected] as if she just ran a marathon.
“did you get it” Rosita asked her, Natasha glared at her in anger.
“oohh, Tasha plea-se tell me if you succeeded in getting his number and st©p glaring at me like that” she asked out of patience.
“you nearly got me fired today, I was looking for a way to get the number when he [email protected]£ in, if not that I thought of something to tell him, I would have been on my way home by now, while you the s£nder will still be working here, I won’t do such @ssignment for you again oo” Natasha fired.
“ok, I’m sorry, you won’t do it again, as long as you succeeded in this one, so tell me, did you get the number, plea-se let the answer be positive” Rosita demanded while Natasha glared at her.
“well I didn’t see the number anywhere in his office”
“you didn’t” Rosita asked disappointedly.
“no, but he gave it to me himself”
“Natasha how could you, are you that shameless, I told you to get his number for me, instead you collected the number for yourself, how could you betray me like this, listen to me girl, you better back off cause he’s mine and…”
“excuse me lady Rosita, why are you shouting, when did I tell you that I’m interested in him, I have a b©yfri£ndand I love him, not even the cute Jackson Jay can change that. And besides, I did not collect the number for myself, I’m repres£nting him in a meeting by 9:00, and he wants me to be [email protected]!nghim on WhatsApp and that’s why he gave me his number. And you are shouting at me, in fact, I won’t give you the number” Natasha fired back, she brushed past Rosita and went to her seat.
“Tasha I’m sorry now, plea-se forgive me, plea-se just give me the number, and I promise I will reward you when I marry him, plea-se now, I will make you the manager of this company, I promise” Rosita pleaded and Natasha laughed.
“Rose, you, will make me the manager of this company, you have not even been known as his friend, ordinary friend ooh, not to talk of girlfriend or wife and you are alre-ady promising… babe abeg, st©p day dreaming”
“don’t worry, I have my plans, before next year I will give you and your b©yfri£ndmy wedding card, *Rosita weds Jackson Jay*, sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Just give me the number, then wait and watch” Rosita said.
“Rosita, let me ask you, do you even love him or are just after his money, because this is a guy you met just yesterday and today you want to marry him” Natasha asked.
“come on babe, why are you talking like a fool? You and I know that money is love”
“I knew it, I knew you are just after his money” Natasha yelled.
“ehee, so? Is there anything wrong with that?” Rosita asked as she [email protected]£d a chair and sat down.
“I never said there’s anything wrong with it, just be very careful, so that you won’t rot in jail, I don’t have extra food for any prisoner oo”
“na you wey go go prison, my friend give me the number joor”
Natasha collected her phone and typed the number in, saved it and gave it back to her.
“thanks babe, you are one in a million, I will reward you I promise” Rosita said and ran back to her office.
Around 9:pm, Goldie called her mother on phone to inform her that she won’t be coming for the night.
“hey mum, good evening”. She greeted.
“evening my darling, but why aren’t you back yet?”
“mum, I won’t be coming home tonight, I’m spending the night at Ciara’s, she’s not feeling too well, she is a little sick, so I have to stay back and take of her” she answered.
“alright my darling, but make sure you stay indoor and lock all the doors and windows, do you get” her mother asked.
Goldie rolled her eyes before answering “yes mum”. She breathed out and hung up. “she won’t just let me be on my own for once” she said in frustration.
” mums I’m I right” Ciara asked.
“tell me about it”
“she has been pestering me to get married, seriously it’s getting out of hand” Goldie complained. Ciara laughed and Goldie glared at her.
“if that’s the case, then just buy a husband” Ciara advised.
“what! Buy a husband? Are you out of your mind, plea-se Ciara, I’m not that desperate, besides I’m still young, I’m just 25, I believe the right man will come and soon too, ok, so that’s not an option at all” Goldie argued.
The next day at the Jacksons’ mansion
After dinner, Jason went to his room and started working on his files, 10 minutes later his phone began to ring, he looked at the screen but didn’t recognize the number, so he ignored it, the ringing continued, he decided to pick at the fifth ring.
“hello” he said to the caller.
“hello, I guess I’m speaking with Jackson Jay” a female voice sounded from the receiver.
“yes, but who are you” he asked.
“oh my God, I can’t believe you don’t recognize my voice, this is Rosita McCurley, the Lady you met in your secretary’s office” Rosita answered.
“Rose, oh my God, the crazy Rose”
“what a plea-sant surprise, how did you get my number”
“as you said, it’s Rose the crazy girl, and crazy people get whatever they want any how and easily too” she answered calmly.
“hahaha, you are very funny, so how are you doing” he asked.
“I’m so fine”
“I didn’t see you today, you didn’t come to work today, did you?
“what if I say I didn’t, what will be my punishment?” she asked with a flir-ty voice.
“I will fire you of course”
“noooo, plea-se oo, I went to work today, is just that you didn’t see me”
“ok, then I hope there is no problem, what can I do for you” he asked with a light smile.
“just simple thing, I need you to fire everyone working in your company, including yourself, and then employ only me” she flir-ted.
“really? But how will I employ you if I sack myself” he asked with an amused smile.
“no, you will employ me before sacking yourself”
“this girl you are very funny, so tell me…” they talked for about 1 hr. before hanging up
“such a funny girl” Jason commented after he ended the call.
“and who exactly was he talking to, or has he suddenly run mad” Vanilla asked. She’s been watching him from his door for few minutes.
“it is you that will run mad” Jason replied “what are you even doing in my room by this time of the night” he asked her.
Vanilla leaned her left shoulder on the wall. “umh, I need to use your car, plea-se don’t say no, it’s really important” she pleaded.
“the fact that you can drive does not mean you can drive out any time you want V, it’s really late. Or have you started clubbing as well, or have you started seeing men in h0tels, if that’s so, then I’m gonna kill Andora tonight, how dare she do this to my girl” Jason barked and wanted to stand up but Vanilla interrupted.
“no bro, Andora didn’t do anything to me, and besides, you can’t kill someone you don’t see, Andora has gone to 13 hours club, and I’m not going to see any man”
“then why do you want use my car”
“I want to go to a drug store and buy something” Vanilla mumbled, bowing her head a little.
“this late, which drug store would still be open by this time of the night”
“the one down town, it’s just about five streets from here, after first bank, before UBA”
“to be honest, I didn’t un-derstand what you just said right now, doesn’t that street have a name” Jason asked.
“it does, the McCurley estate” Vanilla answered.
“McCurley, sounds familiar, where have I heard that name before. Anyway, what exactly do you want to buy?”
“Just give me the car keys, I will be back soon, I promise” Vanilla pleaded.
“No, tell me what you want to buy and I will go and buy it for you” Jason insisted.
“I’m shy to say it” Vanilla mumbled shyly.
“I’m not buying that lie, the almighty Vanilla shy to say something, unless it’s abortion pills, if it’s abortion pill then I’m going to find Andora and bury three knives in her belly”
“again, this has nothing to do with Andora, and jeez it’s not abortion pills, and yes, there are some certain things I’m shy to say, things like, ‘I’m on my period, and I forgot that I’m out of sanitary Pad, which is why i need your car to go and buy some down town’, yea, I’ve said it out, happy now” Vanilla fired at Jason who was moping at her in shock.
“wow, that was too loud. I’m sorry, but you should have said it before, don’t worry, go back to your room, I’ll go and buy it for you, mum and dad will kill me if I let you go out by this time, let alone drive, so don’t worry, I’ll buy It for you” Jason said.
“you are one in a million, thanks, I love you” Vanilla said as she jumped and pe-cked his cheek.
“st©p ma-king it sound as if I’m going to buy S.P.D for my girlfriend” He complained.
“for now, I’m your girlfriend” Vanilla stated, they both laughed and left the room.
In Health is Power drug store, one of the biggest drug stores in town, located at McCurley estate, Goldie was looking for a malaria drug her mother usually takes every month but couldn’t find it. “oohh, where the hell is the drug, I’ve been here for 10 minutes looking for one drug” Goldie lamented. She went to another isle and searched for the drugs but still couldn’t find it.
“what kind of nons-en-se is this, in fact I won’t come here again”
“and where else do you think you can find original drugs if not here” she heard a familiar voice behind her.
“God, can this night get any worse” Goldie cursed un-der her breath. She turned to face her troublesome witch of a cousin sister Rose McCurley. She f0rç£d out a smile.
“Rosita, hi, good to see you, it’s been like ages” she pretended to be excited, but Rose knowing fully well that they were never friends and the only bond that held them together is blood which she wishes everyday she could break, saw the truth in her eyes, she replied.
“guess what, I don’t fv¢king care”
Goldie chuckled “you never cared bit-ch; I’m not surprised” Goldie retorted
“urg, you make me sick” Rosita fired.
“you are the worse” Goldie replied.
Rosita glared at her “I don’t have time to listen to dumb heads like you, excuse me” she said and pushed past Goldie.
“I’m sure you are here to buy…”
“what I’m here to buy is none of your business Goldie” she turned and shouted at her.
“sorry ma, I will be on my way, my regards to your family, bye” Goldie turned and left.
“stupid girl from stupid parents” Rosita cursed un-der her breath.
As Goldie opened the door to step out, she bu-mped into a [email protected], broad welcoming che-st of a man, she felt like remaining there for the rest of her life, although she heard an object shattering on the floor but she preferred to stay in his arms than to look. But the angry breathing of the guy made her step away immediately, she looked up at his furious looking face and wished for death immediately. She finally looked down to know what shattered on the floor and realized it was his phone, *Diamond Dora* she thought, *pretty expensive*
“are you blind” she heard the guy furiously ask.
“I’m… I’m… I… I’m so sorry, plea-se forgive me, it was an accident” she stammered.
“sorry? You are sorry? Will your stupid sorry bring back my phone, you just shattered my phone and you stand there to tell me sorry”. The guy yelled.
“I’m so sorry, I’ll buy another one for you, I promise” she pleaded.
“go to hell with your fv¢king phone” he fired.
*ok, if not that this guy is dangerously cute, and smoking h0t, like oh my God he’s steaming h0t. And also, if not that it was kinda my fault that his phone broke, I would have given him the piece of my mind. Seriously, this malaria drug has really caused me a lot tonight, this is the last day I’ll set my feet in this drug store, is just as if all my enemies, both the ones I know and the cute ones I’ve never met before shop here, so to avoid more trouble, I’ll st©p coming here, that is if Mr. handsome did not kill me here and now* Goldie said to herself as the guy bent down to pick up the remains of his phone.
“let me help you” she .
“if you t©uçh this phone, I’ll kill you” he barked and she j£rked up.
“sorry sir”
After picking the phone, he brushed past her, going into the store and Goldie wished she had met him in a different cir¢vmstance as she walked to her car.
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