Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 9 & 10

Season 2 episode 9/10..
🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
🕺👰SEASON 2👰🕺
“if you don’t enter that kitchen, I’ll cut off 10% of your allowance for this month, I meant it” he threatened.
“I’m alre-ady in the kitchen” Andora stood up and rushed into the kitchen while Vanilla gro-an ed as she followed behind.
“mmh, wow! This food is so delish”
Goldie complimented Belinda as she took another spoonful into her mouth.
“sis B knows the right recipe for any food” Vanilla hyped.
“I’ve realized” Goldie replied.
“so how was Enugu?” Dr Jackson asked.
“fantastic, it’s so beautiful, the statues, the streets, the important event places like okpara square, the malls, everything was just so beautiful” Goldie blurted out.
“umh, so how many times did you guys go out, you know, to have fun” Andora asked.
Everyone looked at them curiously expecting an answer.
Jason stared at her to know if she will cover him up or say everything.
*what if she covers me up, then that would be a lie and an insult to my parents….. maybe she won’t cover me up cause she’s definitely angry with me right now, I bet she will report the whole thing to them…. No I don’t think so, I think she will cover me… I can’t let her lie… this was all my fault, so I have to take the blame* he thought to himself.
“well.. wel…we…we…..” Goldie started to say but Jason cut her off.
“….did not go anywhere”
“what”! everyone exclaimed except Vanilla.
“but son, you promised to take her to Nike lake and water falls, what are you now saying?” Mrs. Jackson fired at him.
“I’m sorry mum, but I was cut up with work so much that I didn’t have time for break”
“Jason you went there for two reasons and you accomplished one and c@m£ back to tell us stories” Belinda fired.
“that’s being selfish Jay” Andora added.
“I’m sorry ok? I’ll try and make it up to her”
“whatever, are you guys slee-ping over” Mrs. Jackson asked.
“I don’t want anymore questions from my nosy sisters… so I guess not… Goldie can sleep over if she wants to……”
“Jason” they all exclaimed not believing his guts and he laughed and Goldie rolled her eyes.
“it was just a suggestion and a joke…. Fine, I’m sorry. We will go today” he corrected.
“that should be after dinner.” Mrs. Jackson stated
“whatever you say mum”
After lunch, Goldie went with Belinda to Andora’s room while Jason went to his room.
“hey there girl” Goldie called when they entered the room, Andora looked up from her phone.
“sup sisters” she asked.
“cool, just wanted to check up on you” Goldie said as she sat on the be-d while Belinda sat on the arms chair.
“awww, that’s nice of you but I’m good” Andoraa replied.
“so, have you started rehab?” Goldie asked.
“yes, I started on Tuesday, thanks a lot Gold”
“you are welcome girl, so how’s school”
“school’s fine, I’m doing my best”
“that reminds me, Lady B it seems like your husband has gone back?” Goldie asked Belinda
“yes, he has a lot to attend to at his hospital, and he left with Summer cause of school… well I’ll be joining them in two days” Belinda answered.
“awww, we are so gonna miss you”
“yea if she leaves now, mum will start forcing me to cook this and that, I will totally faint if she ever ask me to cook with Vanilla, that girl is bone lazy, I’m not sure she can even wash plate” Andora complained.
“maybe you should teach her” Goldie suggested.
“I’m not good at teaching, also, teaching Vanilla how to cook is like pouring water on stone, how many times has mum tried teaching her and yet she hasn’t learnt anything, she’s just too lazy, the only things she knows are her instagram, tik-tok, facebook and textbooks except biology” Andora listed and they laughed.
“I heard that” Vanilla said as she pas-sed the open door, heading to Jason’s room.
“oh and you forget to add that the third thing she knows is her bestie, Jason”
Belinda whispered and they laughed again.
“hey I heard that too” Vanilla shouted from the hallway.
“so you are gonna stay in Nigeria for how long” Jason asked Richa-rd over the phone.
The door opened and Vanilla entered, she sat down beside Jason on the be-d, Jason rampaged her hair and she whimpered like a dog, warning him not to do it again.
“dude I know why you want to stay…. Don’t pl@ydumb with me.. I saw the way you were looking at her” Jason said with a teasing sm-irk.
“forget about my love life dude, let’s talk about you, how is your honeymoon going?” Richa-rd asked him.
“I would have said it’s going fine if not that we are back in Lagos” Jason replied,
Richa-rd went silent for few minutes before he regained his voice.
“it’s a joke right?” He asked in astonishment.
“maybe you should come to my house tomorrow and confirm, I mean my own house not my parents’
“this my guy don dey craze oo, anyway i’m coming tomorrow to see things for myself.”
By the way, I have another d@t£ with Ciara tomorrow night, what do you think I should give to her as a gift?”
“Dude, this is not your grandmother’s airtime, I have to hang up now”
“fine, we will talk about it tomorrow, and if I get there and see any bit of sadness in Goldies eyes, I will…..”
Jason hung up as he was still talking.
“crazy guy”
Vanilla hit him on the shoulder.
“hey, what was that for?” he asked in a whimper.
“that’s for tou-ching my hair as if I’m still a baby”
“was that why you whimpered like a dog?”
“I didn’t want to interrupt your call”
“ezigbo mmadu ka chinchi”
“mmmh, first time you are speaking igbo in ages”
“lol, I guess Enugu changed me”
“speaking of, what did you bring for me”
“I brou-ght Goldie for you, isn’t she enough gift” Jason replied as he reached for a black jewelry box on his table, he picked it up and handed it over to her.
She g@sped when she opened.
“a silver wrist watch, it’s beautiful, I never knew Enugu was this expensive, I guess iw ill spend my next vacation over there”
“suit yourself” Jason said as he got busy with his phone.
Vanilla stared at him for a while.
“will you quit eye-ra-ping me V, or should I call the cops” he asked, and Vanilla hit him on the shoulder.
“n@ûghty boy”
Jason laughed, when the laughter died down, he turned and asked her.
“what is it, what did you want to say”
“I just want to ask you a question and plea-se be honest with me” she pleaded and Jason nodded.
“why are you treating Goldie like this?” she asked.
“like what?”
“like you hate her”
“Of course I hate her”
“don’t give me that cra-p, you know you don’t”
“fine, I don’t but I don’t like her either”
“you are lying, plus you haven’t answered my question, but maybe someday you will, but can you plea-se do me a favour”
“which is”
“plea-se take care of her” Vanilla stated, Jason stared at her.
“she’s sacrificing her happiness just for this marriage……”
“and so am I, why can’t anyone think about me for once” jason barked.
“I think about you brother Jay, that’s why I want you to take care of her, if you do, you will be fulfilled and happy, but if you don’t…..”
“I’ll still be happy, get that” he barked and stood up.
He paced around angrily, Vanilla sat there and watched him, after some minutes, he sat down at the edge of the be-d, Vanilla stood up, she walked to him and faced him.
“if you are done with your anger, you go down there and take your wife home, she’s probably tired cause of the long journey, we will talk later” she stated and walked out of the room.
“Goldie, Goldie all the time, that’s all I hear, Goldie” Jason complained and buried his face in his hands.
Vanilla caught Andora, Belinda and Goldie at Andora’s door, looking at her when she c@m£ out of Jason’s room.
“what was that all about” Belinda asked.
“what” Vanilla asked, pretending not know what she’s talking about.
“we heard Jason shouting, what happened in there?” Goldie asked.
Vanilla sm-irked and replied
she walked out.
“she said something to him” Belinda said as they stared at Jason’s door.
“I trust the bit-ch” Andora added.
They all walked down stairs.
“let’s go prepare dinner” Belinda suggested.
“ok, you guys should go ahead while I go and prepare the TV” Andora replied and made to walk out but Goldie drew her back.
“to the kitchen Andora, it’s gonna be fun, come on”
They entered the kitchen.
“so, what are we preparing?” Goldie asked.
“yours and your husband’s favorite” Belinda replied.
“wait, yam and egg sauce is your fave?” Andoraa asked and Goldie nodded.
“aww, you two were born for each other.”
😘👄CHAPTER 10👄😘
“so, what are we preparing?” Goldie asked.
“yours and your husband’s favorite” Belinda replied.
“wait, yam and egg sauce is your fave?” Andoraa asked and Goldie nodded.
“aww, you two were born for each other.”
Few minutes after dinner, the couple bid the family goodbye and left.
Goldie was admiring Jason vast compound in which a gigantic mansion la-id, decorated with flood lights of blue and forest green colors. The entrance of the mansion was to die for, the trees that provided shelter and cool breeze, the beautiful sweet colorful flowers surrounding the entrance was enough to win an award for whoever the gardener is.
The three step fountain at the center of the compound was a little big and purple flood light shown from its water.
The parkin lot had about 5 cars lying in it, a de-ep blue Lamborghini, 2 black G-wagons, an oxblood Rolls Royce, and a Range Rover sp©t.
The house was something Goldie has never seen before, it was indeed a wow.
“wow! Your house is very beautiful” she commented.
“of course it is, what were you expecting” Jason replied in a fake rude tone and Goldie rolled her eyes at him.
They entered the house and Goldie couldn’t hold back the compliment that f0rç£d its way out of her mouth.
“you really have a clas-sic taste”
“well I’m not old fashioned like you so…”
“must you always reply rudely?” Goldie fired.
“must you always talk”
“fine, I won’t talk again”
“you just did”
Goldie giggled, Jason didn’t know when a smile crept up hisl-ips, it was as if her smile was contagious, but when he realized he was smiling, he quic-kly frowned.
Goldie looked around the living room which had almost all the furniture in gold and blue.
“so where’s my kitchen?” she asked.
“find it yourself” Jason replied nonchalantly.
Goldie glared at him and walked away.
Few minutes later she c@m£ back beaming with smiles.
“well, I found it” she announced.
“in fact I looked around, but that door over there is locked, it seems to be the only locked door here. Why is it locked?” she asked.
Jason turned to her with fire blazing eyes.
“do you have a death wish?” he asked with a threatening cold voice. Goldie shook her head vigorously.
“then don’t open that door” he stated and began climbing the gold stairs.
“why, are you a ritualist?” Goldie asked as she followed him.
“yes” he answered without looking back at her.
Goldie sm-irked and asked. “so will you use me for ritual”
“of course yes, why else are you here.”
“mmh, then you are wasting your time, cause I won’t produce a Kobo for you”
“I will even be surprised if you produce a Kobo cause you are not worth up to a Kobo”
“is that supposed to be an insult” Goldie asked.
“that’s supposed to be the truth” Jason realized and opened a door Goldie didn’t even realize they were standing in front of.
She looked around the master be-droom she just walked into, it was mas-sive, it was beautiful.
“dude, I love your taste” She tea-sed and Jason sm-irked a little.
He walked to the makeup table and dropped his phone and car key, he re-moved his shi-t and hung it on a drying chair, he had nothing else on, his biceps were so thick and tempting that Goldie didn’t realize she was staring, actually drooling.
“st©p eye-ra-ping me, I don’t like it when people do that” he said without looking at her.
“you are really cute” Goldie said abs£nt mindedly and Jason blu-shed but he hid it and walked to the bathroom.
*We have eaten alre-ady, so I don’t think he would want to eat anything else tonight, but in the list, no 10 says, he likes to take h0t or iced tea in the night before he sleeps and h0t coffee every morning. So which one should I make now, h0t or iced tea, maybe I should ask him… no if I ask him, he will tell me not to make any tea for him. I will make iced tea for him, the weather is a little h0t* Goldie thought to herself, she made her way to the kitchen.
*how can I be sharing a room with someone I’m not used to, maybe I should ask her to go to another room, no, that won’t be fair, I’ll just manage until I get used to it* Jason muttered to himself.
*and arrrhghg, this freaking weather, its really h0t tonight, maybe I should ask Goldie to make some tea for me…. No, if I ask her, she will start feeling like Cleopatra of year, I’ll just make the tea myself after this bath, uuurgrrhh, but I’m really tired, all I nee-dnow is alre-ady made iced tea and enough rest. If only I had a maid, good idea, I’ll get a maid… but will Goldie like that…. Wait since when did I start caring about how someone feels about what I do in my own house… but things has changed, I’m married not… gush marriage is totally ha-rd .*
after some minutes of rolling in the bath tub, he got out and walked to the closet, he wore a night robe that expo-sed his sp©tless bronze che-st.
He entered the room only to be greeted by a glas-s of minty iced tea that sat peacefully on the table.
He heard splashes of water and concluded that Goldie must be taking her bath.
“how does she know that I love iced tea for h0t weather…. Wait… THE LIST, lol, crazy, I won’t drink this tea, so that she will know how serious I am about this whole thing…. But I’m seriously in nee-d of iced tea… no I won’t drink it, I want her to think that she’s doing everything wrong” he muttered to himself.
He la-id on the be-d and closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.
Few minutes later, Goldie c@m£ out of the closet wearing a diamond blue silky above the knee night go-wn with the jacket, she saw the tea on the table and sighed.
“I guess the tea was a bad idea after all” she lamented. “maybe he didn’t just ignored it, maybe he was too tired to drink it, tomorrow I’ll try and make the tea earlier”
Jason watched as she picked up the tea and walked out of the room.
“arrrrghhh, if only I had swallowed my pride, my throat won’t be burning for that tea right now….. I wish she will just change her mind and bring back the tea.. she’s coming” he thought and closed his eyes immediately.
Goldie sli-pped into be-d beside him, she looked at him and his eyes were peacefully closed ma-king him look more cute.
“mum said that a good wife should always k!ssher husband good night so tha he can sleep peacefully…. But what if he kicks me out of this be-d if I k!sshim… whatever, he should do his worse, I’ll k!sshim” Goldie muttered to herself.
She bent toward him, he felt her so close to him, her warm breath was so tempting, herl-ips were almost on his bur he turned and the k!sslanded on his cheeks instead, the k!sswas so warm and it made him relax, hell it felt good, but he waved it off.
Goldie turned to the other side, Jason turned and stared at her for a while before he sle-pt off.
Jason f0rç£d his eyes open when the sweet aroma of creamy coffee attacked his sleep and turned his dry dream into a land filled with milk an honey (coffee actually).
He stretched himself and yawned, he stepped out of the be-d and ran out, he got to the stairs and leaned on the banister rail, he breathed in that fresh aroma before climbing down completely.
“well, I must confess, this is one of the advantages of marriage…. But I can’t drink that coffee cause she’ the one who made it… arrrghh, why is she doing everything right, why can’t she do something bad so that I can get angry and yell at her… I won’t drink that coffee… arrgh, but it smells so good, to hell with pride.. I’ll just drink the coffee and then pretend like I don’t like it, yes good idea* he muttered to himself and headed for the kitchen.
“I just hope he will drink this coffee, Lord plea-se, let him drink it and let him like it, I beg you Lord” Goldie prayed.
The kitchen door opened, Jason’s head pooped out before he completely walked in.
“umh, good morning, fresh morning coffee” she pointed at the cu-p, jason stared at her and then at the coffee.
“you don’t have to worry or get scared of poison, I ordered for it online this morning, so there’s nothing to worry about” Jason stared confusedly at her.
*why is she lying, this girl is so crazy, isn’t that the coffee pot over there* Goldie traced his eyes to the coffee pot.
“umh, I used the pot to warm the coffee” she defended.
“* how did she know what I was thinking… smartie…. But are those not the coffee thin and the milk thin… hahaha. She can’t even lie” Jason thought without realizing the smile on hisl-ips.
Goldie noticed his smile and traced his eyes again, she giggled when she realized he had caught her.
“ok, you caught me, I know you hat lies and I’m sorry, but plea-se drink your coffee, you love your early morning coffee , don’t ignore it because it was brewd by me”
“I wasn’t gonna leave it you duck, of course I’ll drink it* he thought to himself. He picked the cu-p and sipped from it.
“aarrghhh, why the hell is it so bitter……