Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 5 & 6

Season 2episode 5/6
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🕺👰SEASON 2 👰🕺
“if you want to mock me, just start from you will make a good pastor” Jason replied as he sli-pped his legs into his white suit trou-ser.
“you look beautiful” Belinda said to Goldie after applying her make up.
“thanks lady B” Goldie replied with a slight smile.
“you look worried”
“I’m just scared”
“have you talked to your mother?”
“yes, we had a chat this morning” Goldie answered. They went silent silent for a while before Goldie broke it.
“tell me lady B, how is marriage like”
Belinda sat down on the be-d opposite Goldie who was sitting in front of the table mirror, Goldie turned and faced her.
“to be honest with you my dear, it’s not easy, at first it’s a very beautiful road filled with candies and French fries forest, but as time goes on, you will realize that just as life, it’s not a be-d of roses, if you don’t keep walking straight, you will divert to a rou-gh road filled with bushes and thorns, but if you keep walking straight…..”
“you will keep enjoying it” Goldie finished Belinda’s speech as the words sank into her mind.
“exactly, but in your case, it might be the otherway round” Belinda said.
“how do you mean?” Goldie asked in confusion.
“I mean that your won marriage will start in a rou-gh road filled with bushes and thorns, but as time goes on, it might turn around for good” Belinda answered.
“I’m so scared” Goldie confessed, she bent her head and tears almost escaped her eyes but she drew them back.
“don’t be, so that you won’t coll@pse on the way” Belinda patted her on the back and stood up.
“thank you so much lady, you didn’t give me orange jui-ce like everyone else did, instead you gave me bitter leaf jui-ce so that my fear sickness will be treated, thank yo so much”
“you are welcome angel, now get up and wear your dress, it’s almost ten” she dragged Goldie up.
“but I still wonder why they want us to go on a honeymoon, I mean, what’s the deal? Honeymoon in an arranged marriage, that’s ridiculous” Goldie blurted out s she sli-pped into her silver wedding dress which was designed with tiny diamond crystals and gold tiny glitters.
“you will enjoy it” Belinda stated as she helped her into the big ball go-wn.
“yea right” Goldie replied sacarstically.
“hahaha, let me call your bride’s maids and your ph0togra-pher for pictures” Belinda walked to the door, she turned back to Goldie. “Goldie, you are a very beautiful bride, Jason is gonna freeze when he sees you” she said and Goldie smiled broadly. Belinda opened the door and left.
3 minutes later, Vanilla and Andora rushed into the room all dressed up.
“I want to see her first” Andora giggled.
“no I will see her first” Vanilla argued. Goldie heard their voices and stood up, she turned to them and smiled.
They both froze.
“O M G” they exclaimed.
“wow, you look stunning” Andora commented.
“and you dress is fire” Vanilla added.
“your make up is to die for” Andora stated.
“selfie time” Vanilla screamed excitedly and ran to Goldie, Andora followed.
“not without me” Ciara screamed as she entered the room with the other girls.
They all took selfies together before Belinda c@m£ in with the ph0togra-pher and they took real pictures.
“you all look beautiful” Goldie commented.
Ciara was in a gold silky long off shoulder go-wn with diamond shoes. Andora and Daisy were in de-ep gold long and sleeveless go-wn with blue shoes, Vanilla and Tifiny were in blue long and go-wn with silver shoes and gold belts. While Emmanuella and Destiny were in white knee level Barbie go-wns, more like a wedding dress but short and off shoulder as well, matching with golden shoes and gold ear rings dangling on each of their ears, they indeed look sweet and beautiful. But not as beautiful as the bride.
“not as beautiful as you, babe you are rocking that go-wn” Ciara commented.
“thanks C.J” Goldie replied.
They heard Vanilla muttering to herself on the be-d.
“I’ll post this one facebook and this one on instagram and I am definitely gonna tag Bella Naija, and I’ll post this one on like and I’ll use this one to make a video for tik to……” she was still talking when they bur-st into laughter. “what” she asked rhetorically and joined them in laughing.
“alright enough of it, come on guys, I have to make sure that you are on your way to church before going to dress up, so let’s go. And I also have to take Betty’s breakfast to the reception hall and help her with some certain things.” Belinda announced.
“that means you won’t be in church” Vanilla asked.
“I don’t think so, let’s go” Belinda opened the door and the girls walked out, except Ciara and Goldie, Ciara turned to her.
“Goodluck bestie” she said and hvgged her.
“thanks C.J” they dis£ngaged.
“now go out there and show that arrogant bird br@in that you can do anything throu-gh Christ that strengthens you” Ciara gestured and Goldie giggled.
“I will, let’s go” Goldie said and walked out the door while Ciara followed, holding her extremely long vail.
When they got down stairs, her parents hvgged ti-ghtly.
“Good luck my baby” her mother said to her.
“thanks mum” Goldie whispered.
Her parents entered their car and zoomed off.
Goldie and her bridal train walked to the parking lot, there were two cars waiting for them, a white 2018 model Rolls Royce for the bride and maid of honor which was decorated with gold ribbons and gold and blue flowers in love shape. A white range rover sp©t for the bride’s maids. But Vanilla and Andora jumped into the bride’s car while the other girls went for the range rover.
Chief Anderson held his daughter as they walked down the isle towards the alter, everyone stood up for her, her eyes were fixed on Jason but she couldn’t re-ad his mind cause he was staring blankly at her,
*how can he be so good at hiding his feelings*
she muttered to herself. Though he was smiling brightly at her, but she could tell that it was fake, although people might not notice cause he looks so charming.
*damn, he is breath takingly cute*
Goldie cursed un-der her breath and she knew she was blu-shing ha-rd , his friends were behind him all in whit suit with gold fascinators on their n£¢ks. Richa-rd took the lead.
Her bride’s maids were on her own side waiting for her with smiles on their faces and of course Ciara took the lead, she exchanges glances with Richa-rd at intervals which made Goldie want to laugh out loud but she managed to comport herself.
When they got to the alter, her father let go off her hand, and looking into Jason’s blank cold eyes made her want to hold her father again and make him take away from the alter, but she kept still, she kept looking at those cute dark eyes, he smiled at her and that made her shiver, not in cold, not in love but in fear.
The priest started re-ading out the marriage vows for them and not for once did Jason take his eyes off her.
“if there is anyone who believes this two should not be joined as husband and wife, such person should speak now and forever remain silent.
Jason and Goldie turned to everyone, they all stared back at them with smiles in their faces,
Goldie kept looking around for someone she didn’t know she would be thinking about at that moment, but when she sighted her parents and didn’t see her, she took a de-ep breath, as she was about to tear her eyes off and turn back to the priest, she sighted the least person she expected to see, her husband’s bit-ch or ex bit-ch, whichever one it is, she didn’t like her pres£nce there.
The girl was wearing a white handless go-wn which showed her ripe beautiful cleavages, her makeup made her look like some beauty goddess, she smiled at Goldie and that got her infuriated but she managed to look away, she turned to Jason and saw his eyes fixed on the girl, the girl sm-irked at him and Goldie was expecting him to smile back but instead he rolled his eyes and turned back to her, when his eyes caught her, he doubled the eye roll and turned to the priest.
*this dude is just confused.* she muttered to herself.
She looked at the girl again before finally looking back to the priest.
“well since no one talked, I think I like her, can I borrow” the priest asked humorously and everyone laughed including Jason who shook his head negatively while laughing.
“you are so stingy” the priest added and the laughter continued.
“ok, well Miss Goldie Anderson do you take Jason Jackson to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poor till death do you ap@rt?” he asked.
Goldie looked at him and for a second she felt his eyes pleading with her for what she can’t really un-derstand, but she also felt another p@rt of him asking her to say yes, she bec@m£ confused and didn’t speak for a while.
“maybe I should repeat the question, don’t worry, it happens all the time. Miss Goldie Anderson do you take Jason Jackson to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poor till death do you ap@rt?” the priest asked again.
Goldie turned to the congregation and found her parents staring at her with concerned eyes, she saw her mum mouth ‘it’s gonna be ok baby’ to her.
Her father smiled at her.
Ciara, Andora, Vanilla, Richa-rd and the rest were grinning at her and urging her to speak.
She finally turned back to the priest. *if I perish for stupidly falling in-love with you Jason, let me perish* she thought to herself.
“I do”
she finally answered and everyone cl@pped in excitement.
The priest turned to Jason and asked the same thing. He looked around and turned back to the priest, he opened his mouth to talk but closed it again, he bent his head and closed his eyes, he noticed Goldie staring at him with almost tearful eyes, he shut his eyes ti-ghter to avoid seeing her. He finally lifted his head up and replied.
“I do…..”
The priest turned to Jason and asked the same thing. He looked around and turned back to the priest, he opened his mouth to talk but closed it again, he bent his head and closed his eyes, he noticed Goldie staring at him with almost tearful eyes, he shut his eyes ti-ghter to avoid seeing her. He finally lifted his head up and replied.
“I do…..i .. I don’t see why not, of course I do” he breathed out. Goldie gave him a smile of relief and he rolled his eyes at her, but instead her smile increa-sed, he had to look away to avoid smiling back.
After the rings were exchanged the priest pronounced them to everyone.
“having taken your vows before God and your family and friends I hereby pronounce you husband and wife, you may now k!ssyour bride” he clasped his hands together and watched them with an amused smile.
Goldie and Jason slowly turned to the priest and whispered “you say what now?”
“I said k!ssthe bride, should I use the microphone?”
Jason sighed, he didn’t want this but he had to, to avoid embarras-sment, Goldie’s head was alre-ady running wild.
*this man should better st©p this, it’s one thing to f0rç£ a cow to the stream, and it’s another to f0rç£ him to drink, if he knows how this dude was f0rç£d here he will just respect himself and skip this k!ssyour bride thing to avoid him from running away* Goldie thought to herself. She looked up at Jason and realized he’s been watching her the whole time or wait, not her, he’s been watching herl-ips, she shivered.
*what is he thinking now, I swear if this guy run away from here, I’ll kill this priest* as she was thinking, she didn’t know when Jason’s hands landed on her cheek and one on her w@!st, he slowly drew her closer and took herl-ips into hers, his warnl-ips tingled hers and his hands did things she couldn’t comprehend with her back, and her cheeks were on red fire. He k!$$£d her for over 2 minutes and it felt heavenly.
“alright you guys, we are still in church, you have all night to do whatever you like.” The priest’s voice brou-ght her back to reality, Jason dis£ngaged from her and she felt like burying the priest alive. Jason smiled at her but slowly the smile turned into a sm-irk and that got her a little scared.
The priest announced the recession and they were accompanied by the bridal train and groom’s men out of the church.
“you are gonna regret this, and quit blu-shing” Jason whispered into her ear as they walked out the door.
At the wedding p@rty, when they were alre-ady settled in their couple’s chairs, Jason turned to Goldie and said. “you look so ugly”
“that’s an irony and yea, it seems like you are so jealous of me” Goldie replied. Richa-rd and Ciara who were sitting beside each of them giggled.
“why will I be jealous of a hag like you?”
Goldie was about to reply when Jason’s phone beeped, Richa-rd gave it to him, he re-ad the text.
“damn it, change of plans” He cursed.
“what is it” Goldie asked with concern.
“come with me” he said to her.
“to where”
“listen I hope you know that I’m your husband now right?”
“so when I say ‘come with me’ you do as I say without question” he fired.
“last time I checked, that’s not the definition of marriage” Goldie argued.
“and last time I checked you were a NERD” he fired again.
Richa-rd and Ciara giggled again.
“Richy go find my parents and ask them to meet us in the dressing room. And you, maid of honor……”
“her name is Ciara” Goldie corrected.
“and your name is zombie” jason fired at her, he turned back to Ciara. “I’m sorry Ciara, plea-se go and find this punk’s parents and tell them to meet us in the dressing room, and you come with me” he stated and dragged Goldie out.
“well it looks like we have a job to do together my love” Richa-rd said to Ciara and held her hand.
“go away from me” Ciara snapped but didn’t move her hand from his.
“how about we go out on a d@t£ tomorrow night” Richa-rd asked but Ciara didn’t say anything, she just smiled to herself hoping that Richa-rd won’t see it.
“I guess that’s a yes” he said as they continued their search.
“what’s the problem” Goldie asked Jason in the dressing room.
“no more Miami beach house for you girl” he announced.
“I don’t un-derstand” Goldie complained.
“and neither do we” Dr Jackson said as he entered the room with his wife and Goldie’s parents.
“what’s the matter son” he asked.
“dad I’m so sorry, I really wish we could go to Miami but I just got a call, I forgot I have a very important business to attend to in Enugu” Jason explained.
“so are you saying that you will cancel the honeymoon?” Chief Anderson asked.
“of course not, he won’t do that….. Jason what is this, you are putting your business first before your honeymoon, you can’t do that” Dr Jackson complained.
“that’s not what I’m saying dad, I’m saying that ‘your honeymoon…..’ sorry, I mean the honeymoon should no longer be in Miami but in Enugu. She will enjoy, trust me, there are so many beautiful places in Enugu, we will go mountain climbing, we will visit cave, we will go for a picnic in Nike lake, it’s very wonderful and we will visit Ezeagu water fall and good restaurants.” Jason tried to convince them.
“Jason did you ask how your wife will feel before changing everything?” Mrs. Jackson asked.
“it’s ok mum, Nike lake sounds like fun, so no problem, besides I’ve gone to Miami before but I’ve never been to Enugu” Goldie stated.
“are you sure my angel?” Mrs. Jackson asked and Goldie nodded.
“well Jason, what do you say to that” Dr Jackson asked with his hands akimbo.
“umh.. let’s go back to the p@rty.” He blurted out.
“Jason say thank you” Mrs. Anderson said.
“fine, thanks Goldie” Jason breathed out and Goldie smiled.
“alright, let’s go back” Chief Anderson said.
“you all can go back, let me book a h0tel for them.” Dr Jackson stated and the rest left the room.
When they got back to their seat, Richa-rd and Ciara were alre-ady there. Jason said to Goldie. “I hope you know that what I said back there about taking you to Nike lake and water falls are all lies? I won’t take you anywhere, I hope you know that”
“don’t you dare mess with me Jackson Jay” Goldie fired, shooting him a deadly glare.
“wow, first time of you calling my name with so much respect, I guess getting on your nerves will make you to be respectful, and guess what, that’s exactly what I’ll always do, cause I hate you’
“and I’ll always heal myself with my personal antidote, which is ‘loving you’” Goldie thought to herself.
Around 7:pm, it looked like the p@rty was about to start cause a lot of guest were trooping in, although a few were alre-ady leaving.
The both families went outside to bid their children goodbye, they had to hurry so they won’t miss their flight, since the Jackson’s jet was out of the country on a business trip, while the Anderson’s jet was in repairs, they had to book first clas-s flight.
“I booked a suite for you at Golden Royale h0tel, and I s£nt my friend’s driver, Tony, to pick you up from the airport, you know Tony right” Dr Jackson asked.
“yes” Jason answered.
“good, safe journey, and Jason take care of her”
Goldie was on the other side with her mother, Belinda, Ciara and Vanilla who hvgged her so ti-ghtly before running to Jason.
“hey buddy” she called him.
“I’ll miss you so much” she said and hvgged him.
“I’m alre-ady missing you ‘Anita’” Jason poked her.
“don’t start Mr.” she warned and he laughed while she just giggled.
“alright, you should get going, it’s almost 7:30” Chief Anderson announced after hvgging his daughter. They both entered the car and the driver zoomed off.
“bye” they all chorused.
“I’ll miss my bestie” Ciara muttered to herself.
“don’t worry love, I’m here for you” Richa-rd whispered to her, and for the first time, Ciara willingly leaned on his che-st and shed a few tears, after few minutes of standing there, they all went back inside.
After the p@rty.
Around 10:pm in the Anderson’s house
“I never knew that it will be this boring without her, I miss her so much” Mrs. Anderson complained.
“but she just left” Chief Anderson said.
“don’t judge me Mark, it’s not my fault”
“ok, but there are so many people in the house”
“they will soon leave Mark”
“well I’m here with you, and lest I forget, Jason’s sisters has gone back home, and Ciara said she would stay for a while, though she has a d@t£ tomorrow” Chief Anderson announced.
“with Richa-rd , I know”
“go and freshen up and rest, st©p thinking about Goldie, she has gone to start her own life anf family, I’ll call them later to know if they have gotten to Enugu” he urged her, she nodded and went to the bathroom.
In the Jackson’s mansion.
The family were chilling near the pool when Belinda walked in with some papers in her hands.
“mum, dad, these are the receipts and ph0tocopies of Andora’s alre-ady filled form for the rehab, Goldie gave them to me this morning. She starts in three days and it will last for a year, and since she’s still going to school, Goldie made it possible for her to be going from home…..”
“wooooow, I love her so much” Andora wowed excitedly.
Dr Jackson collected the papers and went throu-gh it. “this is good, I’ll call her later” he said and pas-sed the form to Andora. “go keep it in your room, I’ll take you there on Tuesday”
Adnora collected the papers and left.
“we should call them now daddy” Vanilla requested.
“not now angel, later will be fine” Mrs. Jackson stated.
“wow, it’s so beautiful” Goldie commented on the statue at Ogui Junction, she was still staring at it when the car drove past fire service and down to Otigba junction.
“OMG, this one is so wonderful, amazing. The drummer looks funny but it’s beautiful, I bet an artist will not miss to paint such a thing, unless the artist is a stupid one who gave up his talent for no reason” Goldie blurted and eyed Jason with the corners of her eyes, she sm-irked when she caught him shooting her a dagger eye.
“madam, it’s like you have not been to Enugu before, cause you started commenting from the airport” Tony, the driver asked as he turned the stearing down to independence layout road.
“yea, it’s actually my first ime”
“well, welcome to Enugu, the coal city state, one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria”
“I can see that”
“and welcome to Golden Royale h0tel, one of the most wonderful h0tels in town, I hope you will enjoy your stay here and Tony is always at your service.” Tony concluded as he turned off the engine in the parking lot of the h0tel, he alightd from the car.
“Jay we are here, we are here, we are here, we actually here” Goldie whined excitedly and hit Jason’s shoulder as she admires the building.
“get away from me” Jason instructed and alighted from the car.
“st©p being co-rky” Goldie yelled at him and alighted as well and they walked inside.
They were checked into their suit by the receptionist. The suit was mas-sive, very clas-sy and wi-de, it had two wine bars on the wall which was filled with expensive wines, it has about two pas-sages, the east and west wing pas-sages, the east wing consist of the mas-sive toilet and bathroom, the west wing consist of the extremely large closet and the mas-sive be-droom which was decorated with red and white furry rug on the ground, a 22 inches flat screen TV, a red and white rose flower curtains. And the be-dside was a sight to behold, there were sweet smelling candle lights carefully set around the be-d area, the be-d was covered in white be-d sheet almost like silver, the gold and red rose pedals that were littered around it gave it more ro-mantic color, and the Mexican flowers that rained down towards the be-d from the ceiling made it more colorful. It was indeed a honeymoon suite.
“it’s beautiful” Goldie breathed out, fighting her tears from falling.
She looked at the window side and saw a round table for two, there were red and white rose pedals littered on the table, a bottle of wine and two champaign flutes sat quietly on the table. She saw jason going towards the table and waited to know if he will call her to join him, but instead, he just unco-rked the wine, he picked a glas-s and poured some into it, he took a gulp and stood there for a while, then he went and sat on one of the arms chair by the window.
“I hope you know that drink was meant for the both of us Jay” she aksed him, still not believing his guts. Jason walked back, he dropped the bottle on the table and went to the bathroom with his glas-s filled with wine.
“if only this was a true relationsh!p, tonight would have been a memorable one, I would have stories to tell mum, Ciara, lady B, Andora and anyone who cares to listen, but no, just no, it will be my worst night ever, I really thought this would be easy, I never knew I was entering the lions’ den, and it still beaffles me that I love him and want to stay, God plea-se help me stay” Goldie muttered to herself as she paced around the room. Few minutes later, Jason entered the room wearing another dress, they heard a phone beep, they turned to know whose phone it was and it was Jason’s. he picked it up and re-ad the text. “I’m going out” he said to Goldie without looking at her.
“you are going to meet her aren’t you?” Goldie asked in a hurt voice.
Jason turned to her and asked “to meet who”
“June, you thought I didn’t see her at the airport?”
Jason froze.
*June, what the hell is she doing here…….* he muttered to himself.
Jason k!$$£d Goldie 🙆‍♀️💃
That’s all i saw oo 😏. Me i don’t know who June is 🙄🤷‍♀️