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Love in a coat of hate 2 Episode 17 & 18

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Season 2 episode 17/18


🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀


😘👄CHAPTER 17👄😘



She let her legs down into the water and played with it as she ate her ice-cream and cake.


“what do you want?” Jason asked Goldie as soon as he noticed her presence beside him.


“Jay first of all, I’m so sorry for entering that room, I had no idea it was your painting room and…..”


“why do you find it so difficult to obey simple instruction, I warned you, I told you, do not open that door but you prefer to disobey.” Jason asked coldly.


“I’m sorry Jay” Goldie pleaded in broken voice.

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He looked up at her and wanted to yell at her but those eyes, those two sugar eyes always hunts him. He shut his eyes with his head facing the sky.


Goldie watched him, she could perceive the guilty conscience burning through him. She remembered what Vanilla instructed and she began. “Jay…. She’s dead and there’s nothing you can do about it”


“what do you know?” Jason asked with his head still facing upwards.


“everything” Goldie replied and sat down beside him.


“you don’t understand” he whispered.


“I understand Jay….. but you didn’t kill her”


“I did, she died because of my selfishness…. How could I be so cruel to hurt an innocent soul…. I could have taken her home that night.. but I was too selfish…. Too stupid…. Too wicked that I didn’t think of anything else” he barked and threw his glass of wine into the pool as tears dropped from his eyes.

The memories flew by as if he could see it.



*jackson, please it’s just to take me home*


*babe I’m really sorry but I’ve got a competition to win*


*but Jack, it’s just to take me home, I’m super tired… and besides you didn’t attend my party and neither did you give me any birthday gift… just see this as my gift and take me home* Kira pleaded, her silky dark hair flowing with the rhythm of the cool night. She looked like she was gonna faint any moment but still her beauty could sweep any man off his feet.


*I’m so sorry Kira but I have to go inside now*


*ok, fine… you can drive really fast and still make it back to the competition*


*I’ll be on stage in five minutes, why don’t you come and stay and then after the Competition, I can take you home* Jason suggested.


*are you even listening to me Jackson, I’m so tired that it’s only a miracle I’m still standing here… please take me home*


*I’m so sorry babe, but I need to win this competition*


*Jack are seriously choosing an ordinary competition over me?*


Jason sighed and tried to explain. *It’s not like that Kira, I just….*


*Jack, Competition or no Competition, you are still fvcking talented…. But no problem, since you have chosen the Competition over me, I will just go home by myself….. but just have it in mind that I’m super angry with you and when you get back, you will explain to me exactly why you chose that Competition over me, you better have a good explanation otherwise I won’t forgive you, have a nice show, I’m outta here*


*I’m so sorry cutie K, I’ll make it up to you, I promise*


*whatever* she replied and stormed out.



“she made it so clear that she won’t forgive me Goldie” Jason lamented in tears.


“but that’s not a good reason why you shouldn’t forgive yourself” Goldie stated but Jason didn’t reply.


“hey, I have an idea, she wants an explanation and an apology right?” she asked him, he nodded childishly.


Goldie stood up and dragged him up. “come with me”


“what do you want to do” Jason asked her but she didn’t reply, she just dragged him back to the house.


When they entered the house, they didn’t see Vanilla, they only saw an ice-cream bowl on the floor, her shoes and her purse were scattered on the floor, but Goldie didn’t take note of that yet, all she was thinking about is freeing her husband from the guilt of his dead girlfriend.


She opened the painting room and gently dragged him in.


“what are we doing here?” Jason asked in a very uncomfortable tone, he was shivering a little bit.


“we are here so that you could apologize to Kira” Goldie replied.


“but she’s not here, can we leave” he pleaded uncomfortably.


“but her picture is.. my mother told me that the picture of a dead person has some kind of connection with the spirit”


“and you believed that… you are so dumb” Jason teased.


“really, are we doing this now… besides I was just a kid, so I believe anything anyone tells me”


“it’s ok, just tell me your idea”


Goldie picked the picture and gave it to him.


“apologize to her and explain why you chose the competition over her since that’s the last thing she asked of you”


Jason stared down at the pictures and remembered the times he had with her and tears dropped from his eyes and landed on the portrait.


“Cutie K, I feel so ashamed and guilty for causing your death… but I just want to say I’m sorry…. Please forgive me”


he sobbed. “and you asked why I chose the competition over you…. Cutie it wasn’t because of the money but because of the yacht I could have won… you have always dreamt of sailing in a yacht and I promised you that I will make that dream come true at all cost…. So when I saw the yacht as one of the prices, I decided that nothing will stop me from winning that yacht, I didn’t want the money that would come with it, I just wanted the yacht, I know I had the money to buy it but I just wanted to win it for you, you were my first supporter when I started painting outdoor…. I couldn’t tell you that night because I wanted it to be a surprise, but you didn’t wait… in fact you were so angry with me that when you died, your spirit made me lose…. But it was for the best.”

He cleaned his eyes with his hand but instead the tears came pouring down like over flown river.


“I admit I was so selfish… I wanted to be happy for fulfilling your dream, little did I know that taking you home that night would have made you happier. But I guess it’s too late now… and I’m deeply sorry, please cutie K find it in your angelic heart to forgive me” he cried out.


Goldie hugged him in tears and he leaned on her shoulder and cried.


“will she forgive me”


“I’m sure she has, especially after hearing your explanation, she must have forgiven you” Goldie replied.


When the crying died down, Jason asked her. “what next”


“you might not like the idea” Goldie confessed with twisted brows.


“just spill it” Jason whispered.


“we will burn the portrait and throw the ashes into a river” Goldie stated expecting the worst, but his response made her legs lose balance.


“ok” Jason responded quietly.


Goldie almost fainted.


“why are you staring at me like that” he asked her.


“did you actually say ok” she asked him


“are we doing this or not” jason fired.


“of course yes, let’s go”


They walked out and shut the door.


When they got to the living room, Goldie noticed that Vanilla’s shoes were still there, with her ice-cream cup and purse.


“if this is what she does in your father’s house, I will certainly not condone this in my house” Goldie fired and Jason chuckled weakly.


“you haven’t seen anything.” He replied.


“Vanilla, Vanilla!!” Goldie screamed.


Few minutes later, Vanilla came down stairs, robbing her eyes cause she was woken up by Goldie’s voice.


“easy on the volume sis, what gives” she complained.


“ice-cream you are a woman, and as such, you are expected to keep the house clean and not to scatter your stuff around. Now pick all this things” Goldie barked at her.


“is this why you interrupted my beauty sleep… fine, I’ll pick ‘em up first thing tomorrow morning” Vanilla replied as she climbed the first step.


“is she serious” Goldie asked rhetorically.

“V will you pick this things or should I make you?”


“arrrhhg, sometimes I wish my brother is still a bachelor… but I’m also happy he’s not, cause I’ll no longer be eating pizza every night.” Vanilla said and Goldie giggled. But Jason didn’t have the strength to talk again.


Vanilla picked her stuff and took the bowl to the kitchen, she came back to the living room and asked Goldie “am I free to go now”


“sure, good night, but I want to see you down here by 6:30 am”


“it better be a joke” Vanilla said as she climbed the stairs.


“no kidding” Goldie replied as she took Jason outside.


They went outside and burnt the portrait, Goldie packed the ashes into a can.


“so which river should we go” Jason asked as they entered Goldie’s Rolls Royce.


“we will head to the main land bridge and pour it in that river” Goldie replied.


When they got to the bridge, only few cars were passing by, they stepped out.

“anything else” Goldie asked Jason and he shook his head.


“ok then, take the can and pour the ashes” she instructed.


Jason collected the can, remove the cover. “this isn’t goodbye Kira, we shall meet again someday” he breathed out and turned the can, the whole content went spilling into the river.


*please Kira, I know I have taken that which would have been yours.. but please help me take care of him… let’s love him together, Lord give us the strength, and thank you for forgiven us* Goldie thought to herself.


“hey, I’ve been calling you.. what are you thinking” Goldie jerked up when she felt Jason’s touch on her shoulder.




“then let’s go”

They entered the car and left.


“Goldie, thank you so much” jason said as soon as Goldie joined him in bed.

“you are welcome” Goldie replied with a smile.


“hey, we are still not friends yet” he said with a teasing smile.


Goldie giggled, she kissed him without warning. “to me, we are” she said and leaned on his chest, Jason leaned in and kissed her forehead and a smile crept on her face, she looked up at him and he smiled down at her.


“good night crazy wife”

“good night naughty husband”

“I’m not naughty” he argued.

“I’m not crazy” Goldie replied.

They laughed and slept off.




Vanilla sprang up from the bed as a result of the cold water that was splashed on her.


“what the butt, where the hell did that water come from, Jupiter?” she screamed.


“no, Neptune” Goldie replied with her hand akimbo.


Vanilla checked her desk clock and screamed out.


“what!, it’s still 7:30 am and you are disturbing my sleep, and also today is Friday, let me rest”


“thanks for the time and date, but the dishes in the kitchen won’t wash themselves. So get up” Goldie commanded.


“no way, you want me to wash plates… this is not happening.” Vanilla lamented.


Goldie sprinkled more water on her and she jumped out of the bed completely.


“do you have any idea how cold that water is?” she asked.


“no, you tell me” Goldie said and wanted to sprinkle more water on her but she screamed and ran around the room.


“ok…ok..ok… please no more water, I’ll go do the dishes.” She pleaded and picked up her night jacket, she slipped it on and walked to the door. “one of these days, I’m gonna have to run away from this house” she complained as she walked out.


“I’ll help you pack your bags” Goldie replied and followed her, she turned to Goldie and stuck out her tongue for her and Goldie did the same thing to her.


😘👄CHAPTER 18👄😘


“ok…ok..ok… please no more water, I’ll go do the dishes.” She pleaded and picked up her night jacket, she slipped it on and walked to the door. “one of these days, I’m gonna have to run away from this house” she complained as she walked out.

“I’ll help you pack your bags” Goldie replied and followed her, she turned to Goldie and stuck out her tongue for her and Goldie did the same thing to her.


“what are you doing?” Goldie asked Vanilla who was dipping all the dishes into the sink.

“you said I should wash them” Vanilla gestured. “that’s what I’m trying to do”

“by dipping them all into the sink at once”

“what else do you want me to do eh?” Vanilla whined, she picked a towel and cleaned her hands, she turned to Goldie and folded her hands as she watched her.

Goldie breathed out and shook her head. She walked to the sink and turned to Vanilla. “look I don’t have time for this, I have a court case this morning”

“more reason why you should do the dishes yourself so that you can be able to meet up” Vanilla advised, trying so hard to run away from washing the dishes.

“you are not gonna run away from this girl, you will wash this damn plates, I’d rather miss the court hearing.” Goldie insisted and Vanilla palmed her face.

“unpack all this plates you dumped inside the sink and pick them one after the other, and if anyone breaks, I’ll break one of your fingers, so if you don’t want your precious manicured fingers to start missing one after the other, then be careful and don’t break my plates, you grab” Goldie threatened and Vanilla swallowed hard.

She sighed and turned to the sink, she unpacked all the dishes and dropped them on the wet table meant for dirty dishes.

“what next” she asked.

“switch on the tap and when the water gets to the half the brim of the sink, you switch it off” Goldie instructed and Vanilla adhered.

“done” she stated with a smile.

“now add the soap and deep the sponge into the water”

Vanilla dipped the sponge into the water, she picked up the liquid soap, she turned to Goldie and asked. “where should I add the soap”

“inside your mouth, then shake it and pour it into the water” Goldie stated, not believing the stupid question.

Vanilla squeezed her face and asked. “won’t it affect my stomach”

“no, it will only kill you dummy…. So you can’t use your common sense and note that the soap should be added to the water… what is your problem Vanilla” Goldie fired. Vanilla whimpered and turned to the sink.

Goldie walked to the coffee pot, she picked some sachets of coffee and poured it into the pot, she added water and 2 table spoons of milk, and 1 teaspoon of sugar, she switched its socket on and left it to boil.

She turned back to Vanilla and saw her pour almost all the liquid soap inside the water she ran to her and stopped her.

“are you kidding me” Goldie screamed.

“but you didn’t tell me the quantity to add”

“ok, fine, that’s fair for starters….. well, you can now start washing, remember one after the other, no breaking… just hold the dish like this..” Goldie picked up a plate, dipped it into the water, brought it out and scrubbed it with the sponge, removing the food remnant from it, she dipped it into the water again and removed it, she dropped into the twin sink, switched on the tap and rinsed the plate, then she dropped it in the dish rack.

“just like that, continue with it until it’s over”

“that is so much work mehn” Vanilla complained. Goldie rolled her eyes at her and walked to the door, she leaned on it and watched Vanilla.

Vanilla finally got used to the dishes after washing two.

“not that bad” she stated with a smile.

“I told you, you are good at it, it’s like your new talent” Goldie replied.

“see? I’m not as lazy as you guys think” she giggled.

“good to know, because you will prepare lunch today” Goldie informed her, Vanilla didn’t know when the plate she was holding shattered on the floor.

“and I’m gonna be needing more plates while someone will be losing a finger” Goldie complained.

“please tell me you were joking, cause I’m not cooking”

“relax… it’s just to boil spaghetti, there’s tomato sauce in the fridge… just microwave it and lunch is served” Goldie assured her.

“phew…. Well that’s not a problem, but where did you say you were going again”

“weren’t you listening, I said I have a case at the court today, I’ll be leaving by 9:am”

“woooow, law court” Vanilla shrieked.

“you seem so excited, do you love courts” Goldie asked and Vanilla nodded vigorously.

“wanna be a lawyer?” Goldie asked and she shook her head.

“why not?”

“duh!…. I hate it, too much argument, too much thinking, too uch looking for evidence.. to much sense…” she complained as she continued with the dishes.

“ok… you are really lazy” Goldie said.

She felt Jason behind her, she could perceive him any time, always smelling like flower.

She felt him closer to her, her ears in fact, he whispered.

“did you bribe her with a bowl of sundae to do the dishes?”

Goldie giggled.

“I heard that” Vanilla complained, Jason laughed, he saw his coffee still boiling, he entered the kitchen and walked towards it, Goldie knowing what he was going for ran after him.

“Jay wait, the coffee is still hot, you might get hurt” she protested but Jason ignored her and picked his mug. Vanilla stared at them.

Jason switched off the coffee pot and poured some into the mug, he face Goldie and gently sipped a little.

“coffee is more nourishing when it’s hot, especially in cold weather” He said and sipped again.

“yeea, whatever, let me taste it” Goldie said and wanted to collect the mug from him, but Jason lifted his hands up,, making her jump up.

“dude don’t be stingy, let me just taste it”

“this is not yours, stop dragging for it”

“but I made it”

“then go make yours” Jason stated, still raising his hands up.

“forget it” Goldie said, she stopped jumping and leaned on a table.

“you guys seem to be getting along, I like it” Vanilla said as she rinsed the last plate, she kept it on the rack and cleaned the dish wet table with a small towel.

“I am getting along, but he’s not, otherwise he could have giving me a sip… just a sip of coffee, stinginess is a virtue in your life Jay” Goldie complained.

“and laziness is the one in your life Gold, otherwise you would have made your own coffee” Jason stated as he sipped his coffee. “by the way, I thought you said you are going to work to day?” he asked her.

“yea, by 9 am, are you missing me already?” she flirted.

He scoffed and sipped his coffee. “you wish”

“admit it, you are missing her already” Vanilla teased.

“I’m outta here” Jason said and walked to the door.

“what would you like for breakfast” Goldie asked. “Vanilla owns the kitchen today”

“Vanilla? Yea, I don’t think I’m that hungry” Jason twisted his brow.

Goldie laughed and he joined her, Vanilla whimpered.

“but seriously, what would you like for breakfast, you had nothing last night” Goldie asked.

“fine…. Fried plantain and scrambled egg” he replied.

“hey, dude, this is not a restaurant where you can order anything you like, whatever that is in the kitchen menu is what we aill prepare” Vanilla stated with an eye roll. She turned to Goldie. “sis, what’s in your kitchen menu”

“uh, I didn’t draft a kitchen menu” Goldie replied.

“so you want to be cooking anything he wants? Not cool Jay” Vanilla fired.

“was I the one who told her not to draft kitchen menu, why are you so against me this morning?” Jason asked.

“fine… it’s ok V, I’ll draft a kitchen menu, ok?” Goldie assured her and she nodded.

“well, Jay, you can go now, fried plantain coming up”

“I’m starting to hunger for this fried plantain also” Vanilla muttered but Jason and Goldie heard it, they laughed, while she giggled.


During breakfast, Vanilla was typing on her phone while Goldie was busy with her palm top, Jason stared at them both, but didn’t want to distract Goldie, so he went for Vanilla instead.

“is that your boyfriend” he asked her, Goldie was forced to look up at them.

Vanilla twisted her brows at him. “you say what now?” she asked him.

“is that your boyfriend”

“I gat no time for boys, you know it” Vanilla stated and Jason chuckled.

“lies, but I’ll let it pass, who’s that then” he asked.

“a friend, and no it’s not a boy, it’s a girl… she’s hosting her birthday party and she wants me to be the leader of her planning committee” she confessed.

Goldie shrugged and went back to her work, although her mind was half with them.

“since when did you turn birthday planner?” Jason asked.

“no be today oo” Vanilla replied. “I don graduate for that department” she added.

Goldie spit the water she was drinking, Jason turned to her immediately.

“are you ok?” he asked her.

“she speaks broken English…. You….you speak broken?” she asked in amazement.

Jason chuckled.

“there’s a lotta things you don’t know about me sister in-law” Vanilla giggled.

“yea, we will settle that later, I gotta go. Make sure you clear the table when you guys are done, and wash the dishes” Goldie instructed, she stood up and ran upstairs.

“wow, she’s pretty bossy, I love her” Vanilla stated as she watched the stairs.

Jason didn’t reply.


Few minutes later, Goldie walked down stairs.

She was wearing a white leather pants, a white Italian jacket with diamond beads decorating the her left breast part, her white stiletto was almost 6 inches tall, her silver and diamond bangles decorated her right wrist, while a bold but simple diamond wrist watch laid quietly on the right wrist. 2 pairs of silver ear rings dangled from each of her beautiful light colored ears. Her #300,000 human hair sprawled down to her hips like that of a sea princess, and her white Gucci hand bag which stood proudly on her right hand completed the ‘Boss Lady’ outfit. She was holding her law suit, which was in a hanger, in her left hand as she climbed down the stairs.

Jason’s jaw dropped as he beheld his boss lady wife, his lips separated from each other in a wide smile and soon the smile turned into a naughty grin. He pictured the both of them in a white yacht in the middle of the ocean, and she was in a white bikini while he was in a swim suit, and they did things together, things his imagination can never comprehend.

The splashing of camera light brought him back to reality. He shook his head several times and blinked rapidly. He realized it was Vanilla taking pictures of Goldie. Well he doesn’t blame her, she does look like a law model.

“woaw, sister in-law, you look amazing” Vanilla shrieked.

“actually amazing doesn’t cut it” Jason cuts in.

Goldie looked at him in shock. Did he just complement her without using indirect ways.

“you look stunning” he confessed.

*and the dream continues* Goldie thought to herself.

“you are not dreaming naughty” Jason chuckled.

“wait.. I thought aloud” Goldie asked and Jason and Vanilla nodded.

she smiled shyly and shrugged. “did you mean that?” she asked.

Jason shrugged and activated the crazy Jason. “not really, maybe.. I mean kinda”

“and they goes the real Jason” Vanilla and Goldie breathed out and Jason laughed.

“come see me off you guys” Goldie said as she got to the door.

“see you off to where?” Jason asked.

“the car lot of course”

“you are ins……” he didn’t finish before Goldie dragged him out.

“wait… I’m not done taking pictures yet” Vanilla whined and ran after them.


“alright, I’ll see you when I get back hubby, and you too ice-cream” Goldie said, she put her law suit at the back of her car and walked back to them.

“be a good boy” she said as she caressed Jason’s chest.

He scoffed. “I’m not a baby, and besides, you are only leaving for few hours” he whined.

“don’t worry sis, I’ll take care of him for you” Vanilla promised and Jason rolled his eyes.

“good” she leaned in and kissed him, he wanted to reciprocate but he was stuck in his dream as he watched those beautiful brown sugar eyes. He only blinked at her.

“see ya” Goldie said when she disengaged, she walked to her car and drove off.

Jason watched the car drive out of the compound, suddenly he a bright light flashed on his face and he jerked back, he turned and saw Vanilla pointing her phone at him.

“did you just take a picture of me?” he asked her.

She shrugged. “you should see your face right now, it’s all flushed, like pure cherry red, I never knew you blush” she teased him.

“delete it”

“make me” she replied and ran inside, he chased after her.





“I can’t believe my plan failed” June said angrily as she paced around tha living room.

“I thought we’ve passed that stage June” Rosita asked her.

“passed it? Are you listening to yourself Rose? …. I just don’t understand how it is possible… I mean, it’s gas, who survives gas, the gas didn’t even explode, why” she fired.

“it most have cleared before she went back into the kitchen, let it go June” Rosita advised.

“I’m starting to doubt your loyalty Rose, what are you saying, I should let it go? So that she can be with my J.J, never, I come this far to give up Rose”

“well, what are you gonna do now?” Rosita asked.

“there has to be something, there has to be a way Rose, a way to get that bitch out” June said with a thoughtful gesture.

“what way, it’s not like you could drag her to the road and shoot her or something” Rosita asked nonchalantly and June snapped at her.

“that’s it… that’s it Rose.. you are a genius” she shrieked and twirled.

“what are you talking about” Rosita asked her.

“we just have to shoot her on the road, it would be as if she was shot by armed robbers and no one will suspect us” June stated.

“Jason will kill you” Rosita warned.

“what are you saying, who’s gonna tell him I did it… unless…” she walked closer to Rosita and bent towards her. “will you?” she asked her.

Rosita shuddered “of course not”

“good, and also, he would be very happy if Goldie dies, he wants her out of the way though” June said as she backed away from Rosita.

“I highly doubt that” Rosita stated.

“and what do you mean”

“Jason may not like Goldie but he certainly doesn’t want her dead, killing Jason will be just like killing Kira, he might shut down again” Rosita informed.

“not this time, I don’t see Goldie where Kira was in Jason’s life, her case is very simple.”

“ok” Rosita replied as she typed on her phone.

“who have you been chatting with that has made you lose focus”

“no one” Rosita replied, she immediately locked her phone when June wanted to peep.

“whatever, but how do we unleash our plan?” June asked.

“your plan.. and we will find a way, I’m sure” Rosita replied and picked her phone again.




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