love cube episode 51 & 52

( two crazy lovers but he’s a jerk )


EPISODE 51 & 52

Writer’s pov

Alfie came out after having a talk with Romeo

” let’s do this . I gotta go soon ” he said .

” okay ” dean replied

Dean motorcycle was already out but since Alfie didn’t bring his , he took another one .

thy settled on the starting point and got on thier motorcycles.

they wore the helmets and started the motorcycle waiting patiently for the Go word

” GO” they heard and drove off on high speed .

” woah ”

the race was so fun to watch as they kept moving passed each others

” I know he will win ”
” yeah we know . he’s always gonna be the winner”

Dean was taking the lead this time around and got everyone surprised

” I hope you win ” Alfie thought , increasing the speed

” I knew I will win ” Dean thought and in a twinkle of an eye Alfie drove passed him .

” sh*t ” he muttered and also increased the speed .

He couldn’t keep up so he gave up . Alfie slowed down a little bit for him , but he seems to be far behind.

Alfie smile and finished the race .

” I knew it ” they said and started cheering

he stopped and got down , remove his helmet and saw Romeo standing

” you are not on your racing suit , but racing with Dean who have it on ” Romeo scolded

Alfie Chuckled and watched Dean also finish the race .

” I gotta go ” he said

” take care ” Romeo said and he nodded

” bye Alfie”
” bye cutie”
” we will miss you ”

the girls kept saying and he smiled and walked to where his car was parked.

he got in and drove off .


Nella and Nan laughed so hard while talking about the boys .

” Nan why don’t you come and spend a week with me ?” she asked .

” huh ? I would have done that if you were to be at your house” Nan said .

” you don’t have to worry . I told Jude about you staying for sometime and he said there’s no problem with it as long as I fulfill what’s on the contract paper ” Nella said .

” oh really?” she asked

” so will you ? I just don’t want you to keep seeing him . that will help you get him outta your head “Nell said.

” thanks bestie” Nan said and smiled .

” I love you . c’mon let’s arrange your few personal stuffs . we can share my clothes” Nella said

they stood up and went to the room while holding each others hands.

Nella and Nancy walked out and saw Theresa in front of Grey’s apartment

they walked closer and Nella tried to speak but Nan immediately pinched her

“ouch ” Nel glared at her .

” hi ” Reza said with a smile .

” hey . who are you looking for ?” nella asked .

” Grey ..umm…he’s my boyfriend” Reza replied

” oh !! so you’re that fxcker’s girlfriend” Nella said .

” what ??” Reza asked

” Nel let’s go ” Nan said .

” baby girl you are too pretty for him . don’t you see ?” Nel Asked .

” what do you mean ? ” Reza asked .

” nothing, but tell that b@$tad that I don’t wanna see his face ” Nel said and walked away angrily with Nan immediately running after her .

” how dare this b#tch talk about Grey like that ?” Reza said

” I guess she’s one of the b#tches who tried to force themselves on him, but got rejected ” she said and smile .

” why did he changed his door password gosh I’m tired of waiting” she muttered.

after about 20 more minutes of waiting, she saw him .

” babe ” she immediately ran into his arms .

” you took so long ” she added .

” I’m sorry” he said and kissed her .

they disengaged and he opened the door and they went in .


Nella and Nan walked in and saw Arian pacing to and fro .

” what’s happening??” Nella thought and exchange glances with Nan

“what’s happening? why are you ……

” hey you are here ! ummm…come with me ” Arian said and rushed to them .

” huh?” Nel Asked .

” just come with me ” he said and held her hand .

Alfie walked in as soon he was pulling her .

” fine …I will come with you ” Nel said and followed him .

Alfie’s eyes followed them till they were out of sight.

” good evening” Nancy’s voice brought him back .

” evening” he said and walked passed her .

” your almost buried the both of them with your eyes ” Nancy said and he turned around

” really?” he asked and she nodded

” I guess I was too obvious” he said and smirked .

” I know you like her or should I say lov….

he quickly shushed her.

” am I right ?” Nancy asked with a smile .

” how did you know ?” he asked .

” like you said . it’s obvious” she replied.

” does she know ?” he asked referring to Nella and she shook her head .

” keep it a secret” he said and she nodded .

“well you have a lot of competitors so watch out ” Nan said .

“Arian and Dan? well fxck them ” he said and she chuckled

” Aiden ” she added and walked away .

” what ? Aiden ?” he asked .

” why are you calling my name ?” Aiden asked as he walked in .

” nothing” he replied

” good for you ” Aiden said and walked passed him .

” umm… where’s Nella?” Aiden asked .

“Why are you looking for her ?” Alfie asked .

” do I have to tell you ?” Aiden asked and he nodded .

” nevermind” Aiden said and walked away .

” what the fxck ! can’t they just like someone else ?” he thought

” why didn’t you like someone else?” his thoughts replied

” fxck ” he groaned and walked away .


” I’m really sorry” Arian kept saying

” I said it’s fine . I’m no longer mad at you ” she replied and hugged him .

” thank you ” he said and wrapped his hands around her tightly.

” Arian you’re hugging me too tightly” she said and they disengaged.

he move closer to kiss her ,but ended up kissing her cheek.

” I love you ” he said and she looked at him .

” I really do . I was just trying to get rid of the feelings,but I couldn’t” he said .

” Nella I love you so much ” he said .

” Arian …umm…I’m sorry but …I think my feelings for you is moving to another direction” she muttered

” what do you mean ?” he asked .

” I think I like someone else …I’m sorry but let’s be friends” she muttered

” Nella you feel something for me and I know , please let’s …

” Please excuse me ” she said and tried to walk away but he pulled her back .

” is it because you’re still mad at me ?” he asked .

” no Arian. please let me go ” she said .

” I will wait patiently for your reply” he said and let go off her .

she walked away hurriedly and bumped into Aiden .

” Nella I….

” excuse me ” she muttered quickly.

” are you okay ?” Aiden asked .

” yes…yes I…I’m fine ” she stuttered

” Nella take a deep breathe and exhale” he said .

she did that immediately and was kinda relieved

Aiden pulled her into a hug with a smile

” why are y’all acting all strange ?” she asked .

” strange ? no I’m not …I just can’t stop inhaling your smell ” he said

” really?” she asked .

he nodded and wiped off the lipstick close to lip.

he stopped and touched her lips and then lean closer .

” excuse me ” Nella said and immediately walked away .

” what’s wrong with everyone?” she thought and headed to her room .

she was about to open her door when Alfie opened his and pulled her in and the shut the door

” ahh!!!” She Screamed

” what the heck ! you scared me ” she said.

” really?” he asked and she nodded

” Alfie I gotta go please ” she said and he raised his brows .

” why ?” he asked .

” there’s a lot going through my head right now and I just wanna be alone” she replied

” okay . I will let you leave the room on one condition” he said .

” and what’s that ?” she asked .

” kiss me ” he said .

” are you crazy ? just because we kissed the other time doesn’t mean we will do it again. we were only tryna make Arian jealous remember?” she said .

” and guess what it’s works . so let’s end everything, the pretence and everything. let’s just be friends” she said .

” wow ” Alfie said and laughed

” it’s not funny” she said

” I won’t end it and remember you owe me . so I’m saying in order for you to leave the room , kiss me ” he said .

” if I kiss you . will that make us stop the fake dating stuff ?” she asked .

” maybe ” he said and smirked .

she lean closer and kissed him . he immediately wrapped his arms around her waist and deepen the kiss .

Nel tried to break it , but that gave him full access over her lips .

he sucked on her lips gently, with his tongue now inside her mouth while his hand caress her waist

Nel was getting out of breath and he noticed and then stopped.

” you can go now ” he said and pecked her and arranged her hair .

” fxck you ” she said and left

” y
I want you to !” he said and fell on his bed with a smile .


” wow ” Nan smiled as soon as Nel finished talking

” what’s wow ?” Nella asked .

“nothing” she muttered

” Nan I don’t know what to do . I still kinda like him , I feel something for Dan too and I have that strong feelings for Alfie for sometime now ” she said and roughed her hair .

” what about Aiden ?” Nan asked .

” what about him ? I just like him as a friend but for Arian, I still kinda like him and there is Dan who’s still waiting for my reply and now Alfie ” she said .

“which one of them do you like more ?” Nan asked .

” Alfie ” she muttered and touched her lips .

” why ?” Nan asked.

” he’s handsome , although he’s rude and proud. I like his intelligence and smartness, I like his features and he’s caring,but just trying to act like he’s not ” she replied with her cheeks turning all red

” what about Dan?” Nan asked .

” umm..he’s cute but not like Alfie tho , he’s really caring and fun to be with ” she replied

” and for Arian ?” Nan asked .

” I don’t really know , but he’s the first person I fell for here despite he’s rudeness” she muttered

” with all your replies, just think and you will know what to do ” Nan said .

” I’m confused as fxck ” she groaned

they heard a knock followed by a voice.

” dinner is served ma’am ”

” okay ” they replied

” let’s go ” Nan said .

” h*ll no . i wouldn’t be able to look at them “she said .

” I will . I’m hungry” Nan said and left the room leaving Nel.

::::: DINNING ROOM ::::::

they ate silently while looking at the staircase for her to show up .

” is she really not hungry?” Aiden asked .

” she’s not ” Nan replied and continue eating

” the boys all looked at each other and then look away.

” where’s Ashton?” Nan asked .

” he went out ” they all replied and Ashton walked in .

” he’s here ” Arian said .

” why are suddenly talking about me ?” Ashton asked .

” don’t think I care ” Arian said and scoffed

” Ashton you should come and sit for dinner” Alfie said .

” I have eaten” Ashton replied

” at where ?” Alfie asked .

” stop asking dumb questions. he probably ate at where he went to ” Aiden said .

” thanks for the reply” Ashton said and walked away .

Alfie glared at Aiden and then continue eating.

they all stood up and left one after the other when they were done .


Nan walked in with a trey of food and water.

Nel looked up with her hair all messy

” you look frustrated” Nan said and laughed

” cause I am ” she muttered and pouted

” guess what Happened at the dining table ” Nan said .

” what ?” Nel asked .

” the boys talked to each others” Nan said and Nel jumped up in excitement.

” really?” she asked and Nan nodded.

” about what ?” she asked and her stomach made a loud noise .

” hmm” Nan stare at her .

” I..I..I guess I’m hungry. the food is for me right ?” she asked with a smile .

” yeah ” Nan replied

” see why I will always love you ” Nel said and sat down to eat .

while she eat, they talked and laughed about the boys .