love cube episode 49 & 50

( two crazy lovers but he’s a jerk )



EPISODE 49 & 50

Writer’s pov

Nella rushed in and saw her sitting on the floor .

” Nan what happened?” she asked and immediately hugged her

” I’m so stupid” Nan continue cursing at herself

” just stop and tell me what’s wrong” Nella said .

” I…i..i….

” it’s okay .it’s okay , don’t say anything” Nella said and kissed her head .

” Nella I.,.

” I said you should stop talking. it’s okay” Nella said .

she cried silently for so long till she finally got hold of her self .

” I’m okay now ” she said and sniffs

” I will get you water ” Nella said and disengaged from the hug .

she went to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water .

” here ” she said and gave it to her .

Nan gulped everything down and handed the cup back to her.

she kept it on the dining table and looked at her.

” do you wanna take a nap ?” she asked .

” no I’m okay ” Nan replied

” can you talk now ?” Nella asked and she nodded.

” what happened?” she asked .

Nancy told her everything while tears running down her cheeks.

” I’ll be back ” Nella said angrily as soon as she was done .

” Nel no please ” She immediately stopped her

” what ? he hurts you ” Nella said angrily

” it’s my fault. you wanna go and confront him ? about what ? that I allowed myself to be used by him ?” Nan asked .

” Nan you deserve more ” Nel said

” I know ,but I can’t seems to get that . I thought he loved me . I allowed myself to be used Nel” She said

” I’m sorry” Nel said and hugged her .

” I will just consider it a night stand . I don’t know but I suddenly hate him ” she said .

” you still love him ,but don’t worry you will get over him ” Nel said .

” I love you” Nan muttered

” I love you too ” she replied and they disengaged from the hug

“I feel so ashame” Nan muttered

” you don’t have to be . just ignore him like it ever happened and you’ll be fine ” Nel said

” are you sure ?” she asked .

” Nan I know you more than you know yourself. you can get him out of your head in a week ” Nel said with a smile .

” thanks” she muttered

” cheer up . you shouldn’t waste your tears for a motherfxcker” Nella said

” I’m okay ” she said with a smile .

” so you said something over the phone earlier” Nan said.

” I don’t know please remind me ” Nella said , her ears turning red .

” even if you can lie but your cheeks and ears won’t” Nan said and they burst out laughing

” I slept in his room yesterday” she said

” hmm..and dreamt about him ?” she asked .

” yeah . we kissed and I don’t even know why I can’t get it outta my Head” she said .

” don’t tell me you’re liking him now ” Nan said .

” No way . he’s not my type . he look like a Playboy and you can tell Willow like him ” Nella said .

” oh right . i wanted to say the same thing. the way she always look at him and being too touching with him ” Nan said .

” I’m surprised he doesn’t know ” Nel said .

” or maybe he does but just decided to pretend cause he doesn’t feel the same way ” Nan said .

” wait that’s true ” Nella said .

” tell me about Arian. how’s he ?” she asked .

” are you the girl crying an hour ago ?” Nel teased and they laughed

” tell me ” she insisted

” no ” Nella said and went to the kitchen to prepare something for them .

” tell me ” Nan insisted and followed her .


” you know I’m still tryna understand why you wanted to have s3$ with him ” Melinda said

” I like him and I think he feel the same ” Kira replied

” why then did you cry yourself to sleep?” Linda asked

” who said I did ” she said

” your eyes ” Melinda said

” okay fine , I did but he called me this morning to apologize” Kira said .

” oh I see ” Linda said

” I told you he’s a nice dude . you’ll fall in love with him if you really get to know him ” Kira said .

” good for you ” Linda said and left her room .

she smiled and called him .

📞” hey ”

📞” I will call you when I get home . I’m in a business class ” he said .

📞” okay . take care ” she said .

📞” same . talk to you later ” he said and ended the call .

Kira smile and looked at his photo which was her wallpaper

” I love you” she said and kissed her phone .

” Kira get your @$$ to this place ” she heard Melinda yelled

” yeah she’s like that ” she muttered and rolled her eyes before standing up to go

*** president’s house ****

Jude smile as Mr handed the key to him .

” give it to her ” Mr Lee said .

” yes sir. I knew she can do it ” Jude said .

” not really sure cause they don’t have that siblings bond ” Mr Lee said

” I think she can do it sir . it’s just two months and they talk to each other now but not often. a maid told me how Arian was asking of Ashton when he didn’t see him for days ” Jude said .

” wow ” Mr Lee smile .

Jude was about to say something, but as soon as he saw Yoa, he stopped

” sir ” Jude call .

” it’s okay . you can go ” Mr Lee said.

” thank you” Jude said and stood up .

he bow slightly at Yoa and the president before leaving.

Yoa smile slightly and looked at him .

she noticed how his eyes went to Lillian’s frame .

she went behind him and wrapped her hand around his neck .

” honey I know how you’ve been so busy all this while” she said .

” hmm” Mr Lee replied

” why not shower and take a nap ?” she. asked.

” I will do ” he replied and looked at her .

” Yoa ” he called .

” not even honey ” she thought

” hmm” she replied

” thank you” he said and a wide smile appeared on her face .

” for what ?” she asked .

” for always being there when I want you to be ” he replied and kissed her .

Yoa looked away after the kiss , different emotions running through her head.

” he kissed me again” she thought smiling

” are you blushing?” he asked .

” I’m not ” she said and they laughed .

” stop acting like a teenager in love” he said

” I can’t help it ” she muttered and smile

“can you promise me something?” he asked and she nodded .

” please try to make the children come together. that way we will have a big happy family” he said .

” so promise me , you will do what a mother would do for Ashton and Alfie ” he said .

” I…I ..I have always loved them , but they still think I am responsible for Li….

” It Okay ” mr Lee said and rubbed her hand .

” I promise to try my best to bringg them together” she said with a smile .

” thank you ” Mr Lee said

” if that will make you consider me as your wife then I will do it ” she thought

” let’s go and take a cold shower together and then take a nap ” Mr lee said

” OMG ” she smiled .

he stood up and then held her hand and went upstairs

some of the domestic workers pretending to clean couldn’t stop smiling


” @$$hole ” Alfie Punched Dean slightly

” OMG Alfie is here ”
” Alfie is here again ”
” we miss you Alfie ”

” pu$$yfxcker” Dean replied and hugged him

he smiled at everyone which kinda surprised them .

” I think he won lottery” one person
” I think so ” another added

Alfie kinda finds it funny that they all think he’s cold

” you should go and see the boss ” Dean said .

” yeah ” he muttered

” come back let’s race ” Dean said .

” I’ll be back ” he said and went to Romeo’s office.