Love at risk Episode 7

Love At Risk
Episode 7
His mom had a driver drop me off
she’s very kind, I keep on thinking of what might have been in the basement
The look in her eyes
looks like they are keeping a big secret.
” where did you spend the night Malia
you didn’t even bother to call
you got me worried”
” I’m fine
I tried calling you
your phone was off”
“Yah, sorry
I had a wild night with Ben yesterday”
” Yah”
she said smiling
” I don’t like him”
” but I do, so it doesn’t matter
where did you spend the night”
” I don’t know”
” just tell me
cause I guess it was mr handsome’s house”
” huh?
” I know it”
” fine
but I didn’t mean to
the rain tra-pped me in”
” so did you guys share the same be-droom”
she asked
” Amy”
I threw a pillow on her
” hey
I’m just asking”
“we’re not even friends
“that’s ha-rd to believe”
I rolled my eyes
” go away Amy
I nee-d to rest”
” rest from what”
I threw another pillow on her and she threw it back
soon we were pouncing on each other with pillows.
Prom is just by the corner, I know I’m not going
so I really don’t care about it.
I got to clas-s and the j£rk was sitting there
holding another phone
I scoffed
I bet he threw the other one away
but who cares.
A girl walked up to him
” hi Adrian”
he didn’t look up
” my name is Tasha
I was hoping you would go to Prom with me”
he didn’t still look up
he’s such a snub
” plea-se”
the girl said looking desperate
I chuckled
how can you ask a guy out for Prom
” Adrian can you hear me”
she t©uçhed his arm and he looked up
looks like she’s in for trouble
” did you just t©uçh me”
he’s an as-s-hole, what’s so special about his skin
” I’m sorry”
the girl said
” who knows if you’ve given me some bacteria alre-ady”
Why does he think he’s so special
” can you just quit it
your ma-king a lot of noise here”
I said
” hey mrs poker
this ain’t none of your business”
” well? It is
your ma-king my ear hurt”
” I dont waste my words on bit-ches
get yourself a toothbrush
your mouth stinks”
I was about snapping back when a teacher walked in
I folded my mouth in anger
he’s going to pay.
After school I stood by his car
it was drizzling
everywhere was extremely cold
it just rained heavily.
I waited for a long time then I saw him walk out
He got to the car
” what do you think your doing” he asked coldly
I have no idea
I just want to pick on him
” get off”
he said
” not until you apologise”
I said and he chuckled
I folded my arms and looked away
” apologise for what”
” First
for pouring paint on me and also for talking trash to me”
He scoffed
” your obviously insane”
” your gonna have to f0rç£ me off your car”
He stepped closer
” you think I cant”
He won’t dare
He scooped me up
” let me go”
I screamed hitting his back
now we’re causing a scene
he opened the back door and threw me in
hold on
what the hell is he doing
he got in and drived out
” hey
where are you taking me to”
he didn’t say anything
oh my God
does he want to r@p£ me
I should have mind my business
now I’m in a mess
I started sobbing
” plea-se just let me go
I promise never to pick on you again”
So Malia can cry and even beg
where is he taking her to.