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March 7, 2021


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Love at risk Episode 6

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Love At Risk

Episode 6


It wasn’t such a bad idea, I was given the guest room,

” wow”

I said looking around

the door opened and his mom walked in

” hi Malia

care to join me for dinner”

so I’ll have to eat with that jerk

but I can’t turn his mom down

” okay”

I said with a smile

she turned out .


I headed down feeling anxious, he wasn’t at the table and I felt kinda of disappointed

” Adrian doesn’t eat dinner with us”

his mom said like she read my mind

” oh”

that was the only thing I could say.

His dad wasn’t at the table too

I guess she wanted company

after eating I went to my room

but on a second thought

I decided to look around.

There were so many things to see, the pools

tennis court

they even had a pool game room


after looking around, I decided to head back

then I got lost

I didn’t know which way led to my room

I took a staircase

God knows where its leading me to

I got to a long passage

with beautiful flowers by each door


I guess I’m in the wrong place

but there’s no harm looking around

I walked in

looking at each door

I got to a door with a different design

must be a special room

I opened it and walked in



you’ve got to be kidding me

its much more beautiful

” wow”

I said looking around

but where the hell is he

I got to another door and opened it

there was a staircase leading down

maybe to a basement

I headed in

there was another door

I heard chains making a lot of noise inside

what’s inside

I was about opening it when I heard a voice behind me

” what do you think your doing”

I turned to see his mom

” I was just looking around”

” looking around? This is my son’s room”

she looked angry


” I’m sorry”

” get out”

I looked back at the door

what’s in there.


I met him at the dining the next morning

” come join us Malia”

His mom said

I thought she’d still be mad at me

” oh? Thanks”

I said and joined them

I stole a glance at him, he looked extra cute with a damp hair

He looked up and I quickly looked at my food


he caught me staring

” so Malia

I’m very glad Adrian now has a friend”

” what?

We both said at the same time

” we’re not friends”

he said

” but you can still be friends”

” not with a cheap brat like her”

” and who would want an ugly moron for a friend”

I said

” that’s enough”

she said

I stole a glance at him and he gave me a deadly look.




Those two won’t kill each other with their eyes.

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