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Love at risk Episode 48

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Love At Risk
Episode 48
( Final)


Mrs Allen’s Pov

” take the flower over there…….I just need everything to be perfect”
my phone rang and I pulled it out
” hi mom
are you sure you can make it in time…….sure
I’ll be looking forward to see you”
I couldn’t have been more excited
my first party with Adrian in sixteen years
I almost acted like a teenager
the news was on air
the scientist spoke out
who would have thought, his father was actually doing something about it and we had no idea
I can’t blame him for being strict
he was just trying to protect him but Adrian got it all wrong
I hope they put the past behind them and move on
” Georgia
I hope everything is in place”
I glanced at my wrist watch
” it’s almost time”
Mom came with aunt Alice
my younger sister came too with her kids
I invited a lot of friends
his paternal relatives too.

Adrian’s POV

I pulled on my jacket and picked my car keys
I turned to see Malia by the door
she gave me a smile
” ready?
I went close and held her
” just a minute”
I said hugging her tight
I heard her chuckle
” we’ll be late for your party”
she looked up at me
her lips looked so soft
I couldn’t resist it
I kissed her desperately
she giggled and pulled back
” we should get going
you don’t want to keep your mom waiting”
she said and turned to the door
I looked at the room one last time before walking out.

Malia’s POV

I turned on the music in his car and sat back singing along and shaking my body on the seat
I turned to see a smile cross his beautiful lips
it was killing and I blushed
why is he so cute
” hey”
he said
” you don’t mind showing me those moves you tried in my room
the wiggling of butt stuff”
he said with his spoilt look
oh my gosh
I forgot all about that
but I couldn’t help but blush
” your the one with the dirty mind Adrian”
he scoffed
” I never told you to try those moves in my room”
” and I never told you to look”
he chuckled
” couldn’t help it
you’ve got some big butt”
I gasped and he smirked
spoilt brat.
He drove into the mansion and we stepped down together
I felt kinda of anxious to meet his family,
we walked into the sitting room and lights went on
” welcome home
a lot of people shouted as baloons fell on us
some were old
some teenagers and little children too
this is so lovely
” grandma”
he said and hugged an old lady very tight
she had silver hair and I noticed tears on her face too
” you’ve grown so tall ”
she said sniffing
she touched his cheeks
” and handsome”
she said with a smile
” thanks grandma”
” Adrian…….”
a tiny voice screamed
” Kristy”
a little girl ran into his arms
” Malia”
I turned to see his mom
” ma’am”
I said with a smile
” mom sounds better to me”
she said and I looked down to stop myself from blushing
the old lady came to us
” and this must be Adrian’s girl”
she held my hands
” such a beautiful girl”
she kissed me on both cheeks
they went red
” hope your up to eighteen
because I’m ready for great grand children”
his mom laughed
” mom?
” what”
I couldn’t stop blushing
I love them already
D came to us
” grandma”
he kissed her on both cheeks
is she a french lady
he turned to me
” hey Malia
we have a big competition in three months time”
” really?
Too bad we’re now six”
I said and he chuckled
” we’re still a crew
see you tomorrow at practice”
” sure”
I said and he walked away
a pretty girl with white hair came to me
” hi
I’m Tori, Adrian’s cousin
nice to meet you”
” thanks
I’m Malia”
” I know your name already
we all do
the lucky girl who stole Adrian’s heart”
my cheeks went red
” we can be friends right ?
” yeah sure”
I said liking her already
” anyway
welcome to the family”
they are acting like I’m engaged to him.

He managed to slip out dragging me with him
we went somewhere quiet
the side of the pool
” I have something for you”
he said hiding something behind him
” what’s that”
I asked with curious eyes
he brought out a painting
Oh my…….
It’s the painting
the one I found in his painting room
” you were always on my mind Malia and I didn’t even realise it”
I swallowed tears
” I love you so much”
he held my hand
” promise me you’ll never leave me”
tears rolled down
“of course not”
I said wiping it off
” not after everything
the crazy things we did”
” like locking me up with you ”
” coming to Prom to drag me out ”
” not as crazy as going after the guy you went with”
I laughed and looked into his eyes
I held it there for a long time then
his lips came down urgently on mine
I wrapped my arms around his neck and melted into his soft body .



( six years later)

The kids came for a sleep over
Amy’s kids and Tori’s
just before bedtime
I decided to checked on them
I heard Ben’s voice
and stopped to lean on the door
” and there was this big giant spider
it was so big and scary with long fangs”
I arched an eyebrow
” and then it ran out of the cave and attacked everyone in the camp ”
” it was growling
oh my God
” Ben!!!
He turned
” mom
I was just telling them dad’s story”
” I think that was your own story……. Okay guys time for bed
no more stories”
I said and turned to the door
” Aunt Malia
Ben just took my blanket”
Evelyn said
was Adrian this naughty
I turned to him
” I just gave it back”
he said as I opened my mouth to say something
I closed it back
” I’m the only boy among five girls
it feels ridiculous”
he said acting matured when he’s just four
I held my forehead
” get some sleep Ben”
I turned and heard some giggles
I turned back
” all of you”
I added and walked out.

I fell on the bed feeling exhausted
Adrian turned and held my waist
kissing my neck
” want to make more babies?
” if they won’t be like Ben”
” he’s just like his mom”
I scoffed and turned
” don’t tell me that
he’s just like you ”
” he has your barb mouth”
” no way ”
he kissed me
best way to shut me up
I pulled out his top
” mom dad”
we freezed
” Nancy just said I have cute lips ”
oh brother !!
” what were you doing?
He asked and we exchanged looks.

their story goes on
but I’ll have to end it here because Ben might just make me go on with a different story

thanks for reading along
luv u all.

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