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January 20, 2021


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Love at risk Episode 47

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Love At Risk

Episode 47

( semi final)


Mrs Allen POV

I nearly blanked out when I heard the news

Adrian has a cure

tears rolled down my cheeks

a cure for a nightmare of sixteen years

I cried and laughed at the same time.


Malia’s POV


Adrian wasn’t home and it was night already, I kept on walking around the room

he wasn’t picking up his phone

what’s going on

the guys haven’t heard from him either,

I sat in the sitting room

waiting for him to come home

my eyelids became heavy, I curled up on the couch to sleep.

I woke up in the room

I saw some flowers by the bedside


Adrian came in with breakfast

” Adrian”

I jumped on him before he could even drop the food

” careful”

he said and I punched him on the shoulder

” you got me worried

what happened”

” eat up first”

he said and kissed my forehead before going out

I looked at the food

it was just coffee with bread and hamburger

I went on to eat

then I stopped to carry the flowers

I took it to my nose and breathed in the scent

it was so lovely.


After breakfast

I went out to meet Adrian in the sitting room

he was dressed up

” are we going somewhere”

” yeah”

he said with a captivating smile

there’s something he’s not telling me

We got into his car and he drove out

he took me to a very tall building

no one bothered to look at him

or maybe they can’t recognise him

he took me to the top

” what are we doing here”

the sun was really high

” did anyone ever tell you that vampires get burnt by the sun”


” for sixteen years

I forgot how this felt like”

I don’t understand

” shouldn’t you be burnt?

I asked with puzzled eyes

” I don’t look burnt so what do you think”

I gasped

” your no longer a vampire?

How is that possible”

” there was a cure”

oh my God

oh my

I jumped on him hugging him tight

” but your wanted by the FBI”

” not anymore

Derek spilled everything

as his plan”

tears rolled down my cheeks

so this is all over

he held me close

” We should spend the night together

don’t you think”

he said with his spoilt look

I giggled

” Uhhh

if you mean in the bedroom then it’s no”

he chuckled

” has anyone ever told you that you have a dirty mind”


” I think your the first”

he kissed me lightly

” party tonight

starts by twelve midnight”

I chuckled

” best way to spend your first free night huh?

I kissed him again

” count me in”.



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