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Love at risk Episode 46

Love At Risk
Episode 46
( A short episode)
They all stood up for Adrian
more tears rolled down my cheeks
I turned and he was standing behind me
his face was impossible to read
he turned and headed to the room
” Adrian”
I followed him
” what’s wrong”
I asked when I got to him
his phone rang and he picked it up
” dad?
You bothered to call
his dad
he suddenly looked interested
I wish I could listen to what he’s saying too
” okay
send me the address”
he said and dropped his phone
” where are you going?
I asked as he pulled on his jacket
” stay here okay?
He said and gave me a light kiss
he took his phone and car keys and headed out
should I follow him
I’ll just wait here
I sat on the bed
my heart pounding so fast.
Stella’s POV
When Adrian left with Malia
the FBI came and we got arrested
Amy was there
she gave them the full report
Derek was stupid to expose everything to her
thinking he would kill her after everything
now we’re in the hospital with the FBI everywhere
the doctors don’t think I can walk again
I’ll be taken to court on a wheel chair
I ruined my life
tears escaped my eyes.
Adrian’s POV
I drove to the address
it was a tall building,
I turned off the engine and stepped out,
I took an elevator stairs to the room number dad gave me.
He was standing with a man in a white lab coat
” nice to see you Adrian”
he stretched his hand for a hand shake but I didn’t take it
he went on
” I’m mr Corbett
I’ve been a scientist for thirty four years
when you got bitten by the strange spider sixteen years ago
your father came to me”
he turned on a big screen
there was a black spider with some red tiny spots
” I’ve been doing researchs and I found out that this was the spider that bite you
it’s called the Black Spider
it was supposed to be extinct for many years
we don’t know how it survived in the cave”
he changed it to another picture
still the black spider but without the red spots
” this is the male
only the female carry the dangerous poison
sixteen years ago we went to the cave and found a strange egg
the spider’s egg
unlike other spiders we know of
it’s egg hatches only one at a time
it hatched some months ago
really strange
it had the male black spider
we’ve been studying it for a long time
and we discovered that it’s poison is an antidote for the female’s”
” it’s a cure for the female poison”
dad said,
a cure?
there’s actually a cure.


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